What Happened in 1912 (Part 2)

Historical Events

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Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 18 A's beat Tigers 24-2, who use amateurs protesting Ty Cobbs suspension

MLB Legend Ty Cobb
MLB Legend
Ty Cobb
  • May 18 Maurits Binger establishes 2 Dutch movie companies
  • May 19 AL Pres Ban Johnson tells Tigers if they continue protest of Ty Cobb's suspension, they will be banned from baseball
  • May 28 Jackie Matthews takes 2 cricket hat-tricks same day Aust v South Africa
  • May 29 15 young women fired by Curtis Publishing for dancing "Turkey Trot" during their lunch break
  • May 29 Ballets Russes premieres their ballet L'apr├Ęs-midi d'un faune (The Afternoon of a Faun) in Paris, choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky
  • May 30 US Marines sent to Nicaragua
  • May 30 Indianapolis 500: Joe Dawson wins in 6:21:06.144 (120.060 km/h)
  • May 31 US marines land on Cuba
  • Jun 1 Stormvogels soccer team forms in Ijmuiden
  • Jun 4 Cone of Mount Katmai (Alaska) collapses
  • Jun 4 Massachusetts passes 1st US minimum wage law
  • Jun 5 US marines invade Cuba (3nd time)
  • Jun 6 The eruption of Novarupta in Alaska begins. It is the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century.
  • Jun 7 St Pius X encyclical "On Indians of South America"
  • Jun 7 US army tests 1st machine gun mounted on a plane
  • Jun 8 Carl Laemmle incorporates Universal Pictures.
  • Jun 13 NY Giant Christy Mathewson wins his 300th game
  • Jun 15 26th U.S. Women's National Championship: Mary Browne beats Eleonora Sears (6-4, 6-2)

Electoral defeatPresidential Convention

Jun 18 The Chicago national Republican Convention splits between President Taft and Theodore Roosevelt; after Taft is nominated, Roosevelt and progressive elements of the Party form the Progressive Party (also known as the 'Bull Moose Party')

26th US President Theodore Roosevelt
26th US President
Theodore Roosevelt
27th US President William Howard Taft
27th US President
William Howard Taft
  • Jun 19 Tennessee University opened as Tennessee A & L State College
  • Jun 20 NY Giant Josh Devore steals 4 bases in an inning (2nd & 3rd twice)
  • Jun 20 NY Giants lead Bost Braves 14-2 into 9th, Giants win 21-12
  • Jun 25 52nd British Golf Open: Ted Ray shoots a 295 at Muirfield
  • Jun 26 Gustav Mahler's 9th Symphony premieres in Vienna
  • Jul 3 NY Giant pitcher Rube Marquard ties record of 19 game win-streak
  • Jul 4 Detroit Tiger George Mullen no-hits St Louis Browns, 7-0
  • Jul 4 Jack Johnson TKOs Jim Flynn in 9 for heavyweight boxing title
  • Jul 6 Donald Lippincott runs world record 100m (10.6)
  • Jul 8 G E V Crutchley (Oxford) 99 retired measles v Cambridge
  • Jul 8 Giants Rube Marquard loses after winning 21 straight

Sport awardTennis Open

Jul 8 29th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Ethel Larcombe beats Charlotte Cooper (6-3 6-1)

Tennis Champion Charlotte Cooper
Tennis Champion
Charlotte Cooper
  • Jul 8 36th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Anthony Wilding beats A Gore (6-4 6-4 4-6 6-4)
  • Jul 10 Hannes Kolehmainen runs world record 5000m (14:36.6)
  • Jul 12 1st foreign feature film exhibited in US-"Queen Elizabeth"-NYC
  • Jul 14 Kenneth McArthur runs Olympic record marathon (2:36:54.8)
  • Jul 15 British National Health Insurance Act goes into effect
  • Jul 16 Naval torpedo launched from an airplane patents by B A Fiske
  • Jul 17 IAF (Intl Amateur Athletic Federation) forms in Sweden
  • Jul 18 Chicago Cubs get 21 hits but lose to Philadelphia Phillies in 11 innings
  • Jul 19 A meteorite of estimated 190kg mass explodes over Holbrook in Navajo County, Arizona, causing approximately 16,000 pieces of debris to rain down on the town.
  • Jul 20 Phillies Sherry Magee steals home twice in 1 game
  • Jul 22 5th Olympic games in Stockholm, Sweden closes
  • Jul 22 In the face of ever-increasing German naval power, the British Admiralty decides to recall British warships from the Mediterranean and base them in the North Sea
  • Jul 25 Comoros proclaimed a French colonies
  • Jul 28 10th Tour de France won by Odile Defraye of Belgium
  • Jul 31 RBC soccer team forms in Roosendaal
  • Jul 31 US government prohibits movies & photos of prize fights (censorship)
  • Aug 2 18th US Golf Open: John McDermott shoots a 294 at CC of Buffalo NY
  • Aug 5 Japan's first taxicab service begins in Ginza, Tokyo.
  • Aug 7 Progressive (Bull Moose) Party nominates Theodore Roosevelt for US President
  • Aug 14 2,500 US marines invade Nicaragua; US remains until 1925
  • Aug 15 Yankee Guy Zinn sets record by stealing home twice in a game
  • Aug 19 Percy Aldridge Grainger's "Shepherd's Key" premieres
  • Aug 20 Plant Quarantine Act goes into effect
  • Aug 20 Wash Senator Carl Cushion no-hits Cleve Indians, 2-0 in 6 innings
  • Aug 21 Mr Carter-Cotton chosen 1st chancellor of Univ of British Columbia
  • Aug 22 England defeat Australia to win the Triangular Tournament

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 24 NYC ticker tape parade for Jim Thorpe & victorious US Olympians

Versatile Athlete Jim Thorpe
Versatile Athlete
Jim Thorpe
  • Aug 24 District of Alaska becomes an organized incorporated territory of the United States
  • Aug 24 US passes Anti-gag law, federal employees right to petition government
  • Aug 25 1st time an aircraft recovers from a spin
  • Aug 25 Different nationalities battle with each other in Macedonia
  • Aug 25 The Kuomintang, the Chinese nationalist party, is founded.

Sports record brokenBaseball Record

Aug 26 Walter Johnson's 16-game winning streak ends

MLB Pitcher Walter Johnson
MLB Pitcher
Walter Johnson
  • Aug 26 32nd U.S. Men's National Championship: Maurice McLoughlin beats Wallace F. Johnson (3-6, 2-6, 6-2, 6-4, 6-2)
  • Aug 27 Edgar Rice Burroughs publishes "Tarzan of the Apes"
  • Aug 30 St Louis Brown Earl Hamilton no-hits Detroit Tigers, 5-1

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Sep 3 Arnold Schoenberg's "Funf Orchesterstucke" premieres

Composer and Painter Arnold Schoenberg
Composer and Painter
Arnold Schoenberg
  • Sep 4 First accident (collision) in London Underground: 22 people injured
  • Sep 6 NY Giant Jeff Tesreau no-hits Philadelphia, 3-0

Sports record brokenBaseball Record

Sep 7 Eddie Collins steals record 6 bases in 9-7 Athletics win over Detroit

Baseball Legend Eddie Collins
Baseball Legend
Eddie Collins
  • Sep 9 J Verdrines becomes 1st to fly over 100 mph (107 mph/172 kph)
  • Sep 11 Netherland Olympic Committee forms
  • Sep 11 Philadelphia A's Eddie Collins steals 6 bases in 1 game
  • Sep 12 Dutch Olympian Committee forms (NOC)
  • Sep 15 Red Sox pitcher Joe Wood ties then record of 16 straight wins
  • Sep 15 War between Turkey & Montenegro breaks out in Albania
  • Sep 17 Center fielder Casey Stengel breaks in with Brooklyn & hits 4 singles
  • Sep 19 Pius X encyclical Singular quadam, against interconfess unions
  • Sep 19 Soccer team NAC (Noad Advendo Combination) forms in Breda
  • Sep 22 Eddie Collins repeats record of stealing 6 bases in a game (9/7/12)
  • Sep 23 1st Mack Sennett "Keystone Comedy" movie released
  • Sep 23 Mack Sennet presents 1st Keystone Cops film (Cohen Collects a Debt)
  • Sep 25 Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism is founded in New York, New York.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Sep 27 W. C. Handy publishes "Memphis Blues", considered the 1st blues song

Musician and Father of the Blues W. C. Handy
Musician and Father of the Blues
W. C. Handy
  • Sep 28 SS Kichemaru disappears in storm off Japanese coast, 1,000 die
  • Sep 29 French/British troops lands on Samoa
  • Oct 1 Yanks lose game #100 en route to a 50-102 season

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 2 Gopal Krishna Gokhale, at invitation of Gandhi, arrives in South Africa on a 26-day tour; he also visits Tolstoy Farm

Pacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandhi
Pacifist and Spiritual Leader
Mahatma Gandhi
  • Oct 5 Red Sox defeat A's 3-0 for then AL record 105th win
  • Oct 5 Yanks win final game at Hilltop stadium
  • Oct 6 Pirates Owen "Chief" Wilson hits record 36th triple of season
  • Oct 7 The Helsinki Stock Exchange sees its first transaction.
  • Oct 8 Montenegro declares war on Turkey, beginning 1st Balkan War
  • Oct 14 Bull Moose Teddy Roosevelt shot while campaigning in Milwaukee
  • Oct 14 Cretan representatives are admitted to the Greek assembly; in doing so the Greek Government challenges the Turkish Government
  • Oct 15 Red Sox Tris Speaker's makes only world series unassisted double play, from the outfield
  • Oct 16 Arnold Schoenberg's "Pierrot Lunaire," premieres
  • Oct 16 Boston beats NY Giants, 4 games to 3 with a tie in 9th World Series

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 101 - 200 of 526

  • Mar 4 Carl Marzani, American documentarian (d. 1994)
  • Mar 6 Madge Adam, astronomer
  • Mar 8 Preston Smith, Governor of Texas (d. 2003)
  • Mar 9 Alan David Melville, polymath
  • Mar 11 Robert Clifford Latham, pepys Scholar
  • Mar 11 Xavier Montsalvatge, Spanish composer (El gato con botas)
  • Mar 12 James McKay, lord provost of Edinburgh
  • Mar 12 Kylie Tennant, novelist (Battlers, Lost Haven)
  • Mar 12 Paul Weston, orchestra leader (Jim Nabors Hour), born in Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Mar 12 Irving Layton, Canadian poet (d. 2006)
  • Mar 13 Ernst Hess, Swiss composer, born in Schaffhausen (d. 1968)
  • Mar 13 Igor Youskevitch, dancer
  • Mar 13 James Friell, political cartoonist
  • Mar 14 Les Brown, Reinerton Pa, American bandleader (d. 2001)
  • Mar 15 Duncan Stuart Wilson-MacDonald, fighter pilot

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Mar 15 Lightnin' [Sam] Hopkins, American blues musician (Ball of Twine), born in Centerville, Texas (d. 1982)

Blues Singer Lightnin Hopkins
Blues Singer
Lightnin Hopkins
  • Mar 15 Louis Paul Boon, Flemish writer (Kapellekensbaan)
  • Mar 16 Patricia Nixon, [Thelma Catherine], Ely Nevada, 1st lady (1968-74)
  • Mar 19 Adolf Galland, fighter Pilot
  • Mar 19 Russ Case, Hamburg Iowa, orchestra leader (Julius La Rosa Show)
  • Mar 21 Peter Bull, actor/author (Executioner, Tom Jones, Dr Strangelove)
  • Mar 22 Henri Rousselot, admiral
  • Mar 22 Lord Alport [Cuthbert Alport], politician, cabinet minister, and life peer
  • Mar 22 Wilfrid Brambell, actor (Hard Day's Night), born in Dublin, Ireland
  • Mar 22 Karl Malden, actor (Mike-Streets of SF, American Express), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Mar 23 Alfred Schwarzmann, Germany, gymnist (Olympic-2 golds-1936)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Mar 23 Werner von Braun, German rocket scientist (I Aim at the Stars), born in Wirsitz, Germany (now Wyrzysk, Poland) (d. 1977)

Rocket Scientist Werner von Braun
Rocket Scientist
Werner von Braun

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Mar 24 Dorothy Height, American civil rights and women's rights activist, born in Richmond, Virginia (d. 2010)

Civil Rights and Women's Rights Activist Dorothy Height
Civil Rights and Women's Rights Activist
Dorothy Height
  • Mar 25 Jean Vilar, French stage and film actor (d. 1971)
  • Mar 27 James Callaghan, (L) British PM (1976-79)
  • Mar 27 Reuel Lahmer, composer
  • Mar 27 Robert Watson Hughes, composer
  • Mar 28 A[rthur] Bertram Chandler, UK, sci-fi author (Empress of Outer Space)
  • Mar 28 Marina Raskova, Russian navigator (d. 1943)
  • Mar 29 Hanna Reitsch, German test pilot (d. 1979)
  • Mar 30 Andrew Rodger Waterson, scholar/naturalist
  • Mar 30 Jack Cowie, cricketer (successful NZ fast bowler either side of WWII)
  • Mar 31 Wilhelmus Berkelmans, civil servant/resistance fighter
  • Apr 3 Addeke H Boerma, Dutch dir-gen (FAO)
  • Apr 3 Bert Bakker, Dutch publisher (Free Netherlands)
  • Apr 5 John Le Mesurier, Bedford England, actor (Jabberwocky, Dad's Army)
  • Apr 6 Endre Szekely, composer
  • Apr 6 Wilhelmus H L "Willem" Tollenaar, actor/director (Don Carlos)
  • Apr 7 John Adrian Hope, politician/businessman
  • Apr 8 Sonja Henie, ice skater/actress (Olympic-gold-1928,32,36), born in Oslo, Norway
  • Apr 8 Alois Brunner, Austrian Nazi
  • Apr 9 Lew Kopelew, Russian author (d. 1997)
  • Apr 10 Clarke Hinkle, NFL fullback (Green Bay Packers)
  • Apr 10 Roy Hofheinz, engineer (Houston Astrodome)
  • Apr 11 John Larkin, actor (Saints & Sinners, 12 O'Clock High), born in Oakland, California
  • Apr 12 Eric Feldary, Budapest Hungary, actor (16 Fathoms Deep)
  • Apr 12 Georges Franju, France, director (Judex, L'homme sans visage)
  • Apr 12 Harold Maguire, British air marshal
  • Apr 12 Herbert Mills, singer, (Mills Brothers)
  • Apr 12 Walt Gorney, American actor (d. 2004)
  • Apr 13 Roy Winsor, producer (Search for Tomorrow, Love of Life), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Apr 14 Belinda Quirey, dance historian/teacher
  • Apr 14 Piet van Egmond, Dutch organist/conductor (Neth Chamber Orch)
  • Apr 14 Robert Doisneau, photographer
  • Apr 15 Kim II Sung, Eternal President ("The Great Leader") of North Korea (1945-94)
  • Apr 15 Peter Menzies, CEO (British Electricity Council)
  • Apr 16 David Langton, Scotland, actor (Quintet, St Joan, Abandon Ship)
  • Apr 16 John Halas, Hungarian-American cartoonist and animator (Animal Farm), born in Budapest, Hungary (d. 1995)
  • Apr 16 Garth Williams, American illustrator (d. 1996)
  • Apr 16 Catherine Scorsese, Italian-American actress (d. 1997)
  • Apr 17 Isador Caplan, lawyer/Aldeburgh Festival Pioneer
  • Apr 18 John Lapworth Holt, boat Designer
  • Apr 18 Wendy Barrie, Hong Kong, hostess (Wendy Barrie Show)
  • Apr 19 Glenn T Seaborg, American chemist (AEC, Plutonium, Nobel 1951)
  • Apr 19 William Murray, teacher/educationalist
  • Apr 20 David Townsend, cricketer (3 Tests Eng v WI 1935)
  • Apr 20 Ed Jones, (Rep-D-TN, 1969- )
  • Apr 20 Frederick Craig Riddle, violist
  • Apr 20 Soewarsil Djojopoespito, Indonesia, writer (Toe the Line)
  • Apr 21 Feike P Asma, Dutch organist
  • Apr 21 Marcel Camus, French director, Orfeu negro)
  • Apr 21 Nell [Petronella GS] Koppen, actress, Kniertje-Op Hoop van Zegen)
  • Apr 21 Eve Arnold, photojournalist (Marilyn Monroe) (d. 2012), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Apr 22 Gavalda Miguel Querol, composer
  • Apr 22 Kathleen Mary Ferrier, England, contralto (Orfeo Ed Evridice)
  • Apr 25 Gladys L Presley, mother of Elvis
  • Apr 26 A. E. van Vogt, Canada, sci-fi author (Wizard of Linn) (d. 2000)
  • Apr 27 Franz Weyergans, Belgian literary (Les Gens Heureux)
  • Apr 27 Frederick Rand Weissman, philanthropist
  • Apr 27 Renato Rascel, actor (7 Hills of Rome, Secrets of Santa Vittoria)
  • Apr 28 Odette Hallowes, British classified agent in France (WW II)
  • Apr 29 Italo Valenti, Italian sculptor
  • Apr 29 Richard Carlson, MN, actor (All I Desire, Flat Top, Valley of Gwangi)
  • Apr 29 Terence de Vere White, novelist/critic
  • Apr 30 Manuel Gutierrez Mellado, soldier/politician
  • May 1 Anna Pollak, mezzo-soprano
  • May 1 Felipe Padilla de Leon, composer
  • May 1 Otto Kretschmer, German U-Boat commander (d. 1998)
  • May 2 Axel Springer, German newspaper magnate
  • May 2 Marten Toonder, writer/cartoonist (Mr Bommel)
  • May 3 Virgil Fox, American organist (d. 1980)
  • May 4 Lou Brown, Bkln, orchestra leader (Jerry Lewis Show)
  • May 5 Alice Faye [Ann Leppert], American actress (Barricade, State Fair), born in NYC, New York
  • May 5 W Fenton Morley, preacher
  • May 6 Barend Roest Crollius, painter/writer (Chronicle Sins of Youth)

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