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Historical Events

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Jan 1st - Last day of the Julian calendar in Finland
Jan 1st - 4th Rose Bowl: Mare Island - USMC beats Camp Lewis - US Army 19-7
Jan 2nd - Dodgers trade Casey Stengel & Cutshaw to Pitts for Grimes & Mamaux
Jan 2nd - NHL Montreal Wanderers disband after Westmount arena burns down
Jan 3rd - US Employment Service opens as a unit of Deptartment of Labor
Jan 5th - British premier Lloyd George demand for unified peace
Jan 8th - Mississippi becomes 1st state to ratify 18th amendment (prohibition) of the US Constitution
Jan 8th - US President Wilson outlines his Fourteen Points for peace after the Great War
Jan 12th - Montreal Canadien Joe Malone scores 5 goals beating Ottawa 9-4
Jan 12th - Finland's "Mosaic Confessors" law went into effect, making Finnish Jews full citizens.
Jan 14th - Finland & USSR adopt New Style (Gregorian) calendar
Jan 16th - Austria and Germany are disrupted by strikes as people express impatience with leaders continuing the war
Jan 19th - Soviets disallow a Constitution Assembly
Ice Hockey Player Joe MaloneIce Hockey Player Joe Malone Jan 19th - Finnish Civil War: The first serious battles between the Red Guards and the White Guard.
Jan 22nd - Ukraine proclaimed a free republic (German puppet)
Jan 25th - Russia declared a republic of Soviets
Jan 26th - Herbert Hoover, US Food Administrator, calls for "wheatless" & "meatless" days for war effort
Jan 27th - "Tarzan of the Apes", 1st Tarzan film, premieres at Broadway Theater
Jan 27th - The first hostilities occurred in the Finnish Civil War.
Jan 28th - Strike on Berlin ammunition factory
Jan 28th - Finnish Civil War: Rebels seized control of the capital, Helsinki, and members of the Senate of Finland go underground.
Jan 31st - A series of accidental collisions on a misty Scottish night leads to the loss of two Royal Navy submarines with over a hundred lives, and damage to another five British warships.
31st US President Herbert Hoover31st US President Herbert Hoover Feb 1st - Franz Lehars opera "Wo die Lerche singt," premieres in Budapest
Feb 1st - Kern, Bolton & Wodehouse's musical premieres in NYC
Feb 1st - Russia adopts Gregorian calender (becomes Feb 14)
Feb 3rd - Twin Peaks Tunnel longest (11,920 feet) streetcar tunnel begins service
Feb 5th - 1st US pilot to down an enemy airplane, Stephen W Thompson
Feb 5th - Separation of church & state begins in USSR
Feb 6th - Britain grants women (30 & over) vote
Feb 8th - "Stars & Stripes,", weekly US armed forces newspaper, 1st published
Feb 9th - US Army chaplain school organizes at Ft Monroe, Va
Feb 9th - Sacha Guitry's "Deburan" premieres in Paris
Feb 10th - In Finland, General Carl G. Von Mannerheim gathers an army known as the 'White Guard' to mount a counter revolution against the Bolshevik 'Red Guard'
Russian Revolutionary Leon TrotskyRussian Revolutionary Leon Trotsky Feb 10th - Trotsky declares that Russia is leaving the war
Feb 11th - US President Wilson makes another speech before Congress and announces 'the Four Principles' - freedom of navigation, and end to secret diplomacy, and similar items - that supplement his Fourteen Points
Feb 14th - H Atteridge & S Rombergs musical "Sinbad," premieres in NYC
Feb 14th - USSR adopts New Style (Gregorian) calendar (originally Feb 1)
Feb 15th - US army troop ship torpedoed & sunk by Germany off Ireland
Feb 15th - Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania adopt Gregorian calendar
Feb 16th - Lithuania declares independence from Russia & Germany (National Day)
Feb 18th - Germany renews its offensive against the Russians, making dramatic gains against disorganized and dispirited Russian troops
Feb 21st - Australians chase Turkish troop out of Jericho, Dutch Palestine
Feb 21st - The last Carolina parakeet dies in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo.
Feb 22nd - Germany claims Baltic states, Finland & Ukraine from Russia
Feb 23rd - First victory of Red Army over the Kaiser's German troops near Narva and Pskov. Since 1923 this date become the Day of Red Army in honour of this victory.
Feb 24th - Estonia declares independence from Russia
Feb 26th - Stands at Hong Kong Jockey Club collapse & burn, killing 604
Mar 2nd - NY Yankees purchase 1st baseman George Burns from Detroit Tigers & immediately trades him to Phila A's
Mar 3rd - Richard Goering's "Seeschlacht" premieres in Berlin
Mar 3rd - Facing pressure from internal counterrevolutionary forces and an external German offensive, the Bolsheviks are forced to signs the harsh Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany and Austria
Mar 4th - Terek Autonomous Republic established in RSFSR (until 1921)
Mar 6th - US naval boat "Cyclops" disappears in Bermuda Triangle
Mar 7th - H Carroll & J McCarthy's musical "Oh, Look!" premieres in NYC
Mar 7th - Pres Wilson authorizes US Army's Distinguished Service Medal
Mar 7th - World War I: Finland forms an alliance with Germany.
Mar 8th - The first case of Spanish flu occurs, the start of a devastating worldwide pandemic.
Mar 9th - Russian Bolshevik Party becomes the Communist Party
Mar 9th - Ukrainian mobs massacre Jews of Seredino Buda
Mar 9th - Wageningen Agricultural College Neth opens
Mar 11th - Moscow becomes capital of revolutionary Russia
Mar 11th - Save the Redwoods League founded
Mar 11th - First confirmed cases of the Spanish Flu in the US are reported at Fort Riley, Kansas.
Mar 13th - Trotsky gains control of the Red Army
Mar 13th - American Red Magen David (Jewish Red Cross) forms
Mar 13th - 1st NHL championship: Mont Canadiens beat Toronto Arenas, outscoring them 10-7 in a 2 game set
Mar 14th - 1st concrete ship to cross the Atlantic (Faith) is launched, SF
Mar 16th - Geoffrey O'Hara's "K-K-K-Katy" song published
Mar 17th - US Ladies' Figure Skating championship won by Rosemary Beresford
Mar 17th - US Men's Figure Skating championship won by Nathaniel Niles
Mar 18th - Soccer team SON OF Meerssen forms
Mar 18th - Socialist Youth AJC organizes in Amsterdam
Mar 19th - US Congress authorizes time zones & approves daylight saving time
Mar 19th - S Potter becomes 1st US pilot to shoot down a German seaplane
Mar 21st - -28] During WW I Germany launches Somme offensive
Mar 23rd - Alick Wickham dives 200' into Australia's Yarra River
Mar 23rd - Crépy-en-Laonnoise: German artillery shells Paris, 256 killed
Mar 23rd - Lithuania proclaims independence
Mar 23rd - Paris bombs "Thick Bertha's Dike" (nickname for the widow Krupp)
Mar 23rd - German forces advance 14 miles to the Somme River
Mar 25th - The Belarusian People's Republic is established.
Mar 27th - Moldova and Bessarabia join Romania.
Mar 30th - Stanley Cup: Toronto Arenas (NHL) beat Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA), 3 games to 2
Mar 31st - 1st daylight savings time in US goes into effect
Author Henry MillerAuthor Henry Miller Apr 1st - Henry Miller's Theater opens at 124 W 43rd St NYC
Apr 1st - United Kingdom: the Royal Air Force is created from the Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Flying Corps.
Apr 3rd - US House of Representatives accepts American Creed written by William Tyler
Apr 4th - Battle of Somme ends
Apr 4th - Food riot in Amsterdam
Apr 9th - Latvia proclaims independence
Apr 13th - Electrical fire kills 38 mental patients at Oklahoma State Hospital
Apr 14th - Douglas Campbell is 1st US ace pilot (shooting down 5th German plane)
Apr 15th - Clemenceau publishes secret French/Austrian documents
Apr 16th - The British House of Commons passes a new Military Service Bill, taking men up to 55 years old and extending to Ireland
Apr 18th - Cleveland center fielder Tris Speaker turns an unassisted double play
Pilot The Red BaronPilot The Red Baron Apr 20th - Manfred von Richthofen, aka The Red Baron, shoots down his 79th and 80th victims marking his final victories before his death the following day.
Apr 21st - World War I: German fighter ace Baron Manfred von Richthofen, known as "The Red Baron", is shot down and killed over Vaux sur Somme in France. Canadian pilot Captain Arthur Roy Brown was credited with the kill.
Apr 23rd - Battle of Zeebrugge ends
Apr 23rd - Dover Patrol overthrows Germany U-boat in East Sea
Apr 23rd - National Urban League forms
Apr 27th - Giants' 9-0 winning start & Dodgers' 0-9 losing streak are stopped

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 496

Jan 1st - Willy den Ouden, Dutch swimmer, (WR 100m, 1:04.06)
Jan 1st - Patrick Anthony Porteous, Scottish Victoria Cross recipient (d. 2000)
Jan 2nd - Willi Graf, German anti-Nazi activist (d. 1943)
Jan 3rd - Maxene Andrews, Minn, singer (Andrew Sisters-Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy)
Jan 6th - Buddy Weed, Ossining NY, pianist (Penthouse Party)
Jan 6th - Caspar MB "Cas" Baas, Dutch actor/playwright/director (Ciske the Rat)
Jan 7th - Alessadro Natta, Italian political leader (Communist Party)
Jan 7th - Colin Snedden, cricketer (Test NZ v England 1947, 0-46, did not bat)
Jan 10th - Arthur Chung, President of Guyana (d. 2008)
Jan 11th - Albert Weisser, composer
Jan 13th - Lester Sill, pioneer music publisher/record producer
Jan 13th - Steve Dunne, Northampton Mass, actor (Professional Father)
Jan 13th - Ted Willis, prolific English screenwriter (It's Great to be Young)
Jan 15th - Andreas M Donner, Dutch jurist (constitutional law)
Jan 15th - Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt (1954-1971)
Jan 15th - João Figueiredo, President of Brazil (d. 1999)
Jan 16th - Stirling Silliphant, screenwriter
Jan 16th - Nel Benschop, Dutch poet (d. 2005)
Jan 16th - Clem Jones, Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Australia (d. 2007)
Jan 17th - Joseph Walker Barr, banker/politician
Jan 18th - Adriano Mandarino Hypolito, priest
Jan 18th - Bohuslav Jeremias, composer, dies at 58
Jan 18th - Ton Brandsteder, CEO/founder (Sony Nederland)
Jan 18th - Gustave Gingras, French Canadian physician (d. 1996)
Jan 19th - John H Johnson, US, publisher (Negro Digest, Ebony, Jet)
Jan 21st - Geoffrey Dawes, physiologist
Jan 21st - Richard D. Winters, American war hero
Jan 21st - Chichay, Filipino actress (d. 1993)
Jan 22nd - Richard Eastham, Opelousas La, actor (Falcon Crest) [or Jun 22]
Jan 22nd - Elmer Lach, Canadian ice hockey player, born in Nokomis, Saskatchewan
Jan 23rd - Gertrude Belle Elion, biochemist/drug researcher (Nobel 1988), born in NYC, New York
Jan 24th - Gottfried von Einem, Bern Switzerland, Austrian composer (Dantons Tod)
Jan 24th - John McLiam, Alberta, actor (Parker-Men From Shiloh)
Jan 24th - Oral Roberts, Pontotoc County Oklahoma, American Televangelist, founder Oral Roberts College
Jan 25th - Ken Mayers, actor (Robbie Robertson-Space Patrol)
Jan 25th - Ernie Harwell, American baseball sportscaster
Dictator of Romania Nicolae CeausescuDictator of Romania Nicolae Ceausescu (Jan 26th) Jan 26th - Nicolae Ceausescu, Communist dictator of Romania (1967-89) (d. 1989)
Jan 26th - Philip José Farmer, Terre Haute Indiana, American science fiction novelist (Riverworld)
Jan 27th - Elmore James, musician (Dust My Broom)
Jan 27th - Skitch Henderson, orchestra leader (Tonight Show), born in Birmingham, England
Jan 27th - William Seawell, United States Army Brigadier General (d. 2005)
Jan 28th - Harry M Corbett, Bradford, puppeteer/entertainer (Sooty, Some People)
Jan 28th - Suzanne Flon, Paris France, actress (One Deadly Summer, Moulin Rouge)
Jan 28th - Trevor Skeet, British MP
Jan 28th - Vito Scotti, actor (Flying Nun, Barefoot in the Park), born in San Franciso, California
Jan 28th - Wilson Ferreira Aldunate, Uruguayan politician/human rights worker
Jan 29th - John Forsythe, actor (Bachelor Father, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty), born in Penns Grove, New Jersey (d. 2010)
Jan 29th - William Rigney, baseball manager (SF Giants)
Jan 30th - David Opatoshu, actor (Bonino, Secret Empire, Masada), born in NYC, New York
Jan 30th - Jarl Andre Bjerke, [Bernhard Borge], Norwegian poet/writer
Feb 1st - Maurice Laing, life president (John Laing)
Author Muriel SparkAuthor Muriel Spark (Feb 1st) Feb 1st - Muriel Spark, Edinburgh Scotland, novelist (Prime of Miss Jean Brodie)
Feb 2nd - Hella [S Lelyveld-]Haasse, Dutch author (Cider for Poor People)
Feb 3rd - Joey Bishop, [Gottlieb], talk show host (Joey Bishop Show), born in The Bronx, New York
Feb 3rd - Helen Stephens, Fulton Mo, American 100m runner (double Olympic gold-1936)
Feb 4th - Ida Lupino, actress screenwriter director/producer (Jennifer)
Feb 4th - Norman Wisdom, comedian (Kraft Music Hall), born in London, England
Feb 4th - Luigi Pareyson, Italian philosopher (d. 1991)
Feb 4th - Janet Waldo, American actress
Feb 5th - Charles J "Tim" Holt, US actor (Treasure of Sierra Madre)
Feb 5th - Kara Abulfazogli Karayev, composer
Feb 5th - Tim Holt, Beverly Hills CA, actor (Stagecoach, Hitler's Children)
Feb 6th - Lothar-Günther Buchheim, German author (d. 2007)
Feb 7th - Markey Robinson, Northern Irish painter (d. 1999)
Feb 8th - John Intoxication, resistance fighter
Feb 8th - Lord Maxd Rayne, English broker/multi-millionaire
Feb 8th - Fred Blassie, American professional wrestler (d. 2003)
Feb 10th - Gordon Pirie, England, Group Captain
Feb 10th - Idwal Pugh, British ombudsman
Feb 12th - Dominic DiMaggio, baseball outfielder (Boston Red Sox)
Feb 12th - Julian S Schwinger, US physicist
Feb 13th - Patty Berg, Minneapolis MN, LPGA golfer (1938 US Amateur)
Feb 15th - Alan Arbus, actor (Dr Sidney Freedman-M*A*S*H), born in NYC, New York (d. 2013)
Feb 16th - Patty Andrews, Minneapolis, Minnesota, American vocalist (Andrews Sisters)
Feb 17th - Charles A Hayes, (Rep-D-IL, 1983- )
Feb 17th - Olive Gibbs, peace campaigner
Feb 18th - Jane Loevinger, American psychologist (d. 2008).
Feb 20th - Leonore Annenberg American Billionaire
Feb 22nd - Charles O Finley, baseball team owner (Oakland A's)
Feb 22nd - Don Pardo, Westfield Mass, TV announcer (Jeopardy, Saturday Night Live)
Feb 22nd - Robert Wadlow, Alton Ill, tallest known human (2.72 m, 8' 11.1")
Feb 22nd - Sid Abel, Melville, Saskatchewan, Canadian NHL hockey player (1948-49 Hart Trophy)
Feb 22nd - Charlie Finley, American sports entrepreneur (d. 1996)
Feb 23rd - Dom Aelred Watkin, headmaster (Downside School)
Feb 23rd - Richard G. Butler, American fascist (d. 2004)
Feb 25th - Henry Norwood Ewell, Harrisburg Pa, 4x100m runner (Olympic-gold-1948)
Feb 25th - Barney Ewell, American athlete (d. 1996)
Feb 25th - Rena Kyriakou, Greek pianist (d. 1994)
Tennis Player and Three-Time Major Champion Bobby RiggsTennis Player and Three-Time Major Champion Bobby Riggs (Feb 25th) Feb 25th - Bobby Riggs, American tennis player ("The Battle of the Sexes", US Open 1939, 41), born in Los Angeles, California (d. 1995)
Feb 26th - Edwin Charles "Preacher" Roe, baseball pitcher (Bkln Dodgers)
Feb 26th - Otis R Bowen, US Sec of Health & Human Services (1985-89)
Feb 26th - Theodore [Hamilton] Sturgeon, US, sci-fi author (Hugo, It, Caviar)
Feb 28th - Alfred Burke, actor (Backfire), born in London, England
Mar 1st - Roger Delgado, actor (Agent 8 3/4, Hot Enought for June), born in London, England
Mar 1st - Gladys Noon Spellman, American politician (d. 1988)
Mar 2nd - Peter O'Sullevan, horse racing commentator 'the voice of racing', born in County Kerry, Northern Ireland (d. 2015)
Mar 3rd - Arnold Newman, photographer (Faces USA)
Mar 3rd - Arthur Kornberg, US biochemist (Nobel 1959)
Mar 3rd - Frank Wigglesworth, composer
Mar 3rd - Fritz Thiedemann, German equestrian (d. 2000)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 9 of 9

Jazz Musician Louis ArmstrongJazz Musician Louis Armstrong (Mar 19th) Mar 19th - Jazz musician Louis Armstrong (17) weds Daisy Parker (21)
Apr 12th - American Playwright Eugene O'Neill marries second wife novelist Agnes Boulton
Jul 2nd - Jazz orchestra band leader Duke Ellington (19) weds high school sweetheart Edna Thompson
Jul 12th - Artist Pablo Picasso (36) marries ballet dancer Olga Khokhlova (27)
Aug 18th - Italian tenor Enrico Caruso (45) weds socialite Dorothy Benjamin (25)
Sep 17th - Abbott and Costello's Bud Abbott (22) weds Betty Smith
Oct 23rd - Actor Charlie Chaplin (29) weds Mildred Harris (17)
Dec 17th - Philippine Senator (and later 2nd President) Manuel L. Quezon (40) weds first cousin Aurora Aragon (30) in Hong Kong
Dec 30th - Gangster Al Capone (19) marries Mae Josephine Coughlin, mother of his child

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 130

Jan 2nd - Sijbe K Bakker, vicar/theologist (Christian-Socialism), dies at 42
Jan 6th - Georg F L P Cantor, German mathematician: collection, dies at 72
Jan 8th - Michael Hertz, composer, dies at 73
Jan 8th - Ellis H. Roberts, American politician (b. 1827)
Jan 9th - Émile Reynaud, French scientist (b. 1844)
Jan 24th - George Arthur Crump, Founder of the Pine Valley Golf Club in Clementon NJ (b. 1871)
World War I Soldier & Poet John McCraeWorld War I Soldier & Poet John McCrae (Jan 28th) Jan 28th - John McCrae, Canadian poet/physician/soldier, dies of pneumonia at 45
Feb 2nd - John L Sullivan, Mass, heavyweight boxing champ, dies at 59
Feb 6th - Gustav Klimt, Austrian painter/cartoonist, dies at 55
Feb 7th - Alexander Sergeyevich Taneyev, composer, dies at 68
Feb 9th - Emiel van der Straeten, [Delrue], Flemish playwright, dies at 30
Feb 10th - Abdul Hamid II Ottoman Sultan (b. 1842)
Feb 10th - Ernesto Teodoro Moneta, Italian pacifist, Nobel Prize Laureate, dies at 84
Feb 17th - Wilfrid Laurier, Canadian PM (1896-1911), dies
Mar 1st - Johan Gustaf Emil Sjogren, composer, dies at 64
Mar 4th - Eugene D'Harcourt, composer, dies at 58
Mar 9th - [Benjamin] Franc[lin] Wedekind, German writer/press sec, dies at 53
Mar 10th - Jim McCormick, Scottish-born American baseball player, dies at 61
Prime Minister of Canada Wilfrid LaurierPrime Minister of Canada Wilfrid Laurier (Feb 17th) Mar 13th - Karel Stecker, composer, dies at 57
Mar 13th - William Courtleigh, actor (Susie Snowflake), dies at 26
Mar 15th - Jose Silvestre de los Dolores White Lafitte, composer, dies at 82
Mar 15th - Juliette Marie Olga Lili Boulanger, composer, dies at 24
Mar 15th - Lili Boulanger, composer, dies at 24
Mar 18th - Willem Coenen, composer, dies at 80
Mar 19th - Willem H de Beaufort, Dutch historian/liberal politician, dies at 73
Mar 20th - Lewis A. Grant, American Civil War General (b. 1828)
Mar 23rd - Cesar Cortinas, composer, dies at 27
Mar 24th - Theophile Ysaye, composer, dies at 53
Mar 25th - Claude Debussy, French composer (Iberia/La Mer), dies in Paris at 55
Mar 26th - Caesar A Cui, Lithuanian fort builder/composer, dies at 83
Apr 1st - Karl Fritjof Valentin, composer, dies at 64
Apr 5th - Paul Vidal de la Blanche, French geographer, dies at 73
Composer Claude DebussyComposer Claude Debussy (Mar 25th) Apr 11th - Arthur Ochse, cricketer (WW I played for S Afr in 1889 aged 19), dies
Apr 13th - Lavr Georgevich Kornilov, Russian general (b. 1870)
Apr 20th - Reginald Harry Mybirgh Hands, cricketer (1 Test for SA), dies
Apr 21st - "Red Baron", [Manfred von Richtofen], shot down in WW I at 25
Apr 21st - Manfred von Richthofen [The Red Baron], German pilot dies after his plane his shot down at 25
Apr 23rd - Percy Thomson Dean, lt-commander, killed at Zeebrugge, dies
Apr 29th - Gavrilo Princip, Bosnian murderer of arch duke Ferdinand, dies at 22
May 3rd - Charlie Soong, Christian Missionary
May 9th - George Coşbuc, Romanian poet (b. 1866)
May 14th - James Gordon Bennett, Jr., American newspaper publisher (b. 1841)
May 16th - Eusapia Palladino, Napolitan, dies at 64
May 18th - Toivo Kuula, composer, dies at 34
Pilot The Red BaronPilot The Red Baron (Apr 21st) May 19th - Raoul Lufbery, French-American World War I fighter pilot and flying ace (b. 1885)
May 24th - Evan Williams, American oratorio tenor
May 27th - Henry Adams, US literature historian (Esther), dies at 80
May 30th - Georgi V Plechanov, Russian revolutionary theorist, dies
Jun 1st - Friedrich Richard Faltin, composer, dies at 83
Jun 1st - Jaroslav Novotny, composer, dies at 32
Jun 10th - Arrigio Enrico Boito, composer, dies at 76
Jun 17th - Derek Barber, CEO (Countryside Commission), dies
Jun 25th - Jake Beckley, baseball player (b. 1867)
Jun 26th - Peter Rosegger, Austrian poet and Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1843)
Jul 2nd - Mohammed V Resjad, sultan of Turkey (1909-18), dies
Jul 3rd - Sultan Mehmed V of the Ottoman Empire (b. 1844)
Jul 6th - Count von Mirbach, German ambassador to Moscow, dies
Jul 12th - Dragutin Lerman, Croatian explorer (b. 1864)
Jul 17th - Aleksei N Romanov, son and heir of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, executed at 13
Jul 17th - Alexandra Fjodorova, wife of Tsar Nicholas II, shot to death at 46
Grand Duchess of Russia Anastasia NikolaevnaGrand Duchess of Russia Anastasia Nikolaevna (Jul 17th) Jul 17th - Anastasia Nikolaevna, daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, executed at 17
Jul 17th - Botkin, personal physician of Tsar Nicholas II, shot to death
Jul 17th - Charitonov, cook of Tsar Nicholas II, shot to death
Jul 17th - Demidova, lady in waiting of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, shot to death
Jul 17th - Maria Romanova, daughter of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, shot to death
Jul 17th - Nicholas II Alexandrovich, last Tsar of Russia, executed at 50
Jul 17th - Olga Romanova, daughter of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, shot to death
Jul 17th - Tatyana Romanova, daughter of RussianTsar Nicholas II, shot to death
Jul 17th - Trupp, lackey of Tsar Nicholas II, shot to death
Jul 18th - Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna (b. 1864)
Jul 19th - Joost van Vollenhoven, Neth, gov-gen (French West-Africa), dies
Jul 22nd - Indra Lal Roy, Indian pilot (b. 1898)
Jul 25th - Carlos Guido y Spano, Argentine poet (Mexico, canto epico), dies
Jul 25th - Franiska zu Reventlow, writer, dies at 47
Jul 26th - Eduard "Mick" Mannock, British WW I flyer (Victoria Cross), dies
Tsar Nicholas IITsar Nicholas II (Jul 17th) Jul 29th - Ernest William Christmas, Australian painter (b. 1863)
Jul 30th - Chaim Soloveitchik, Rabbi of Brisk, talmudic scholar, dies
Jul 30th - Joyce Kilmer, American poet, dies at 31
Aug 1st - John Riley Banister, American cowboy and Texas Ranger (b. 1854)
Aug 3rd - Albert P Hahn, Dutch political cartoonist (Het Volk), dies at 41
Aug 8th - Gertrude E Durden Rush, US composer/playwright, dies at 38
Aug 10th - Erich Lowenhardt, Germany flying ace of World War I (b. 1897)
Aug 12th - Anna Held, Polish-born actress and singer (b. 1872)
Aug 15th - Peter Gast, composer, dies at 64
Aug 22nd - Korbinian Brodmann, German neurologist (b. 1868)
Aug 29th - Max Dauthendey, writer, dies at 51
Aug 31st - Joe English, Irish/Flemish signaler (WW I), dies at 36
Sep 3rd - Fanya Kaplan, Russian who shot at Lenin on Aug 30th, executed
Poet Joyce KilmerPoet Joyce Kilmer (Jul 30th) Sep 4th - Max Dauthendy, German painter/author (Raubmenschen), dies at 51)
Sep 12th - George Reid, fourth Prime Minister of Australia (b. 1845)
Sep 18th - Ernest Bristow Farrar, composer, dies at 33
Sep 19th - Liza Nina Mary Frederica Lehmann, composer, dies at 56
Sep 25th - John Ireland, Irish/US archbishop of St Paul, dies at 80
Sep 25th - Mikhail Alekseev, Russian general (b. 1857)
Sep 28th - Georg Simmel, German sociologist and philosopher (b. 1858)
Sep 28th - Freddie Stowers, American soldier (b. 1896)
Oct 5th - Roland Garros, French stunt flyer, dies
Oct 7th - C Hubert H Parry, Engl musicologist/composer (Jerusalem), dies at 70
Oct 9th - Michail V Alekseyev, Russian general (WW I), murdered at 60
Oct 13th - Gerrit Engelke, German writer (Briefer der Liebe), dies

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