What Happened in 1922

Significant Events

  • Feb 2 James Joyce's "Ulysses" published in Paris (1,000 copies)
  • Feb 21 Great Britain grants Egypt independence
  • Mar 18 British magistrates in India sentence Mahatma Gandhi to 6 years imprisonment for disobedience
  • Apr 3 Joseph Stalin appointed General Secretary of the Russian Communist Party by Vladimir Lenin
  • Sep 21 US President Warren G. Harding signs a joint resolution of approval to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine
  • Oct 5 Yankees and Giants play an infamous 3-3 tied World Series game
  • Oct 18 British Broadcasting Company (BBC) founded, later called British Broadcasting Corporation
  • Nov 4 Howard Carter discovers tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt
  • Nov 14 BBC begins domestic radio service from 2LO at Marconi House
  • Nov 17 The last sultan of the Ottoman Empire Mehmed VI is expelled to Malta on British warship
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Did You Know?

Insulin first used on humans to treat diabetes - Leonard Thompson, 14, of Canada

On January 11, 1922

World Leaders in 1922

Famous People in 1922

Famous Weddings

  • Feb 14 Soldier Douglas MacArthur (42) marries 1st wife heiress Louise Cromwell Brooks (32)
  • Feb 18 Football player George Halas (27) weds Minnie Bushing
  • Feb 28 English princess Mary marries Viscount Lascelles at Westminster Abbey
  • May 2 Dancer Isadora Duncan (44) weds Sergei Esenin (26)
  • May 13 "Latin Lover" silent actor Rudolph Valentino (27) weds film costume and set designer Natacha Rambova (25) in Mexicali, Mexico

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