What Happened in 1924

Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 317

  • Jan 1st Grossdeutsche Volksgemeinschaft/Volkische Block replaces NSDAP
  • Jan 1st 10th Rose Bowl: Washington ties Navy, 14-14
  • Jan 6th Poulenc/Nijinska's ballet "Les Biches" premieres in Monte Carlo
  • Jan 11th A republic is proclaimed in Greece; King George II is deposed and Eleutherios Venizelo is named Prime Minister of the Greek National Assembly
  • Jan 12th History of Science Society organized at Boston
  • Jan 13th Nationalist Wafd-party wins Egyptian parliament elections
  • Jan 14th Allies direct Fiume (Rijeka) in Italy
  • Jan 15th 3rd Dutch government Ruijs de Beerenbrouck forms
  • Jan 22nd Government of Stanley Baldwin resigns in Great Britain
  • Jan 22nd Dutch Blast Furnace & Steel Factory opens
  • Jan 22nd KGO-AM in San Francisco CA begins radio transmissions
  • Jan 23rd Ramsey MacDonald forms 1st Labour government in Britain
  • Jan 23rd Upon Stanley Baldwin's resignation. Ramsay MacDonald forms the first Labour Government, climaxing 24 years of effort by that party

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 24th Benito Mussolini disallows non-fascists work union

Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini
Italian Dictator
Benito Mussolini
  • Jan 24th Russian city of St Petersburg renamed Leningrad; it was changed back in 1991
  • Jan 25th 1st Winter Olympic games open in Chamonix, France
  • Jan 26th Charles Jewtraw, US 500m skater, takes 1st Winter Olympics gold medal
  • Jan 26th 17th Women's Australasian Championships: Sylvia Lance Harper beats Esna Boyd Robertson (6-3, 3-6, 8-6)
  • Jan 26th 17th Men's Australasian Championships: James Anderson beats Richard Schlesinger (6-3, 6-4, 3-6, 5-7, 6-3)
  • Jan 27th Egyptian king Foead nominates Saad Zaghloel Pasja premier

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 27th Lenin placed in Mausoleum in Red Square, Moscow

Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir Lenin
Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader
Vladimir Lenin
  • Jan 27th The Natal Indian Congress and the Natal Indian Association jointly organise a mass meeting in Durban, South Africa in opposition to the Class Areas Bill
  • Jan 29th Ice cream cone rolling machine patented by Carl Taylor, Cleveland
  • Jan 30th Ponsford scores second 110 of the game in Vic win over NSW
  • Feb 1st Amsterdam's Netherlands Press Museum opens
  • Feb 1st Ramsay MacDonald's incoming Labour government formally recognizes the Soviet Union
  • Feb 1st Soccer team VSV Tonido forms in Voorburg
  • Feb 2nd International Ski Federation (FIS) forms
  • Feb 3rd Alexei Ryko elected as President of People's commission (succeeds Lenin)
  • Feb 4th 1st Winter Olympic games close at Chamonix, France
  • Feb 4th George Kelly's "Show-Off," premieres in NYC
  • Feb 5th The Royal Greenwich Observatory begin broadcasting the hourly time signals known as the Greenwich Time Signal or the "BBC pips".
  • Feb 7th Benito Mussolini government exchanges diplomats with USSR
  • Feb 8th 1st US coast-to-coast radio hookup: Gen John Joseph Carty speech in Chic
  • Feb 9th Nakhichevan ASSR constituted within Azerbaijan SSR
  • Feb 10th Bucky Harris, 27, becomes youngest baseball manager (Wash Senators)
  • Feb 12th George Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue" premieres at Aeolian Hall, NYC
  • Feb 12th George Kaufman's "Beggar on Horseback" premieres in NYC
  • Feb 14th IBM Corporation founded by Thomas Watson
  • Feb 15th A deputation for the South African Indian Congress (SAIC) meets with the Minister of the Interior, Sir Patrick Duncan, and presents him with a memorandum setting out their objections concerning the Class Areas Bill
  • Feb 17th Johnny Weissmuller sets 100-yard freestyle record (52.4 seconds)
  • Feb 18th US Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Theresa Weld Blanchard
  • Feb 18th US Mens Figure Skating championship won by Sherwin Badger
  • Feb 18th US, min of marine Edwin Denby ends term due to Teapot Dome-scandal
  • Feb 24th Greek parliament proclaims republic
  • Feb 24th Johnny Weissmuller, swims 100m record (57 2/5 secs)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 24th Mahatma Gandhi released from jail

Pacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandhi
Pacifist and Spiritual Leader
Mahatma Gandhi
  • Feb 25th Marie Boyd scores 156 points in Maryland HS basketball game (163-3)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 26th Trial against Hitler in Munich begins

Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler
  • Feb 27th Belgium's Theunis government falls
  • Feb 28th US begins intervention in Honduras
  • Mar 1st Germany's prohibition of Communist Party KPD lifted
  • Mar 3rd German & Turkish friendship/trade treaty signed
  • Mar 3rd Sean O'Casey's "Juno & the Paycock" premieres in Dublin
  • Mar 4th "Happy Birthday To You" published by Claydon Sunny
  • Mar 5th Computing-Tabulating-Recording Corp becomes IBM
  • Mar 5th Frank Carauna, becomes 1st to bowl 2 successive perfect 300 games
  • Mar 5th King Hussein of Hedzjaz appoints himself kalief
  • Mar 6th British Labour government cuts military budget
  • Mar 8th Coal mine explosion kills 171 at Castle Gate Utah
  • Mar 9th South Slavia aproves Italy's annexation of Fiume (Rijeka)
  • Mar 11th 3rd term of Belgium Theunis government begins
  • Mar 11th Eden Phillpotts' "Farmer's Wife" premieres in London
  • Mar 11th NHL Championship: Montreal Canadiens sweeps Ottawa Senators in 2 games
  • Mar 16th The free port of Fiume is formally annexed by Mussolini's fascist regime.
  • Mar 17th Eugene O'Neill's "Welded" premieres in NYC
  • Mar 17th Netherlands & USSR begin talks over USSR recognition
  • Mar 17th Sweden & USSR exchange diplomats
  • Mar 20th Finnair begins scheduled flight of Helsinki-Tallinn
  • Mar 20th Stanley Cup: Mont Canadiens (NHL) sweep Vanc Millionaires (PCHA) in 2
  • Mar 21st 1st foreign language course broadcast on US radio (WJZ, NYC)
  • Mar 21st Mass Investors Trust becomes 1st mutual fund set up in US
  • Mar 24th Greece becomes a republic
  • Mar 25th Greek parliament selects admiral Paul Koundouriotis as premier
  • Mar 25th Stanley Cup: Mont Canadiens (NHL) sweep Calgary Tigers (WCHL) in 2
  • Mar 26th Premiere of Bernard Shaw's "Saint Joan" in London
  • Mar 27th Canada recognizes USSR
  • Mar 27th New French government of Poincaré begins
  • Mar 28th WGN-AM in Chicago IL begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 28th 83rd Grand National: Bob Trudgill aboard Master Robert wins
  • Mar 29th Bayern & Vatican reach accord
  • Mar 31st Croydon Airport, London: Imperial Airways established
  • Mar 31st London public transport strike ends
  • Apr 1st Crown takes over Northern Rhodesia from British South Africa Co
  • Apr 1st Hitler sentenced to 5 years labor but Gen Ludendorff acquitted
  • Apr 1st Imperial Airways forms in Britain
  • Apr 1st The Royal Canadian Air Force is formed.
  • Apr 6th 4 planes leave Seattle on 1st successful around-the-world flight
  • Apr 6th Italy fascists receives 65% of vote of parliament
  • Apr 6th Völkische Block (Nazis) receives 17.8% of vote in Bavaria
  • Apr 8th South African State pass the Industrial Conciliation Act No 11: the act provided for job reservation, excluded blacks from membership of registered trade unions,and prohibited registration of black trade unions
  • Apr 10th Tubular steel golf club shafts approved for championship play
  • Apr 11th 1st men's college swimming championships begin
  • Apr 11th Socialists win Danish parliamentary elections
  • Apr 11th WLS-AM in Chicago IL begins radio transmissions
  • Apr 12th WLS-AM in Chicago begins radio transmissions
  • Apr 13th Greek plebiscite for a republic
  • Apr 15th Flemish-Walloon riots in Louvain, Belgium, 1 dead
  • Apr 15th WHO-AM in Des Moines Iowa begins radio transmissions
  • Apr 15th Rand McNally publishes its first road atlas.

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 615

  • Jan 1st Roberts Blossom, American actor and poet
  • Jan 3rd Andre Franquin, cartoonist
  • Jan 3rd Henry M Fazzie, South African Union/UDF-leader
  • Jan 3rd Roy Harding, British teacher
  • Jan 3rd Nell Rankin, American singer (d. 2005)
  • Jan 3rd Doug Ellis, British entrepreneur
  • Jan 4th Sebastian Kappen, Indian theologian (d. 1993)
  • Jan 5th Dr Gilbert Bogle, Australian scientist who died in the Bogle-Chandler case (1963)
  • Jan 6th Earl Scruggs, NC, bluegrass musician (& Flat-Ballad of Jed Clampett), (d. 2012)
  • Jan 7th Roloff Beny, Alberta, painter/photographer (A Time of Gods)
  • Jan 7th Pablo Birger, Argentine racing driver (d. 1966)
  • Jan 8th Antai Ribari, composer
  • Jan 8th Benjamin Lees, [Lysniansky], Harbin Manchuria, composer
  • Jan 8th Robert Starer, composer, born in Vienna, Austria
  • Jan 8th Ron Moody, actor (12 Chairs, Oliver!), born in London, England (d. 2015)
  • Jan 9th Sergei Parajanov, Armenian film director (d. 1990)
  • Jan 10th Ludmilla Chiraeff, ballet dancer
  • Jan 10th Maxwell Roach, Jazz drummer, born in Newland, North Carolina
  • Jan 11th Don Cherry, Wichita Texas, singer (Dean Martin Summer Show)
  • Jan 11th Slim Harpo [James Moore], Lobdell, Louisiana, American blues musician
  • Jan 11th Sam B. Hall, American politician (d. 1994)
  • Jan 12th Jan Willem Radecker, sculptor/son of John Raedecker
  • Jan 13th Philip Rawson, artist/teacher
  • Jan 13th Paul Feyerabend, Austrian-born philosopher (d. 1994)
  • Jan 14th Guy Williams, actor (Zorro, Lost in Space), born in NYC, New York (d. 1989)
  • Jan 16th Katy Jurado, Mexico, actress (High Noon, Trapeze, Barabbas, AKA Pablo)
  • Jan 17th Jewel Plummer Cobb, educator/pres (California State U at Fullerton)
  • Jan 18th Donald Baverstock, TV producer
  • Jan 19th 7th earl of Carnarvon, English large landowner
  • Jan 19th Jean Francois Revel, French journalist/author (Ni Marx ni Jesus)
  • Jan 19th Nicholas Colasanto, Providence RI, actor (Coach Ernie-Cheers)
  • Jan 20th Yvonne Loriod, Houilles France, pianist
  • Jan 21st Benny Hill, Southampton England, comedian (Benny Hill Show)
  • Jan 22nd J J Johnson, composer/jazz trombonist
  • Jan 23rd Frank R Lautenberg, (Sen-D-NJ, 1982-2001, 2003-2013), (d. 2013)
  • Jan 24th 8th earl Spencer, English large landowner/father of Diane
  • Jan 24th David Craighead, composer
  • Jan 24th Klaus George Roy, composer
  • Jan 24th Marvin Kaplan, actor (Top Cat, Henry-Alice), born in Brooklyn, New York (d. 2016)
  • Jan 24th Robert Kastenmeier, Politician (Rep-D-WI, 1959-91), born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  • Jan 25th Lou "The Toe" Groza, AAFC, NFL tackle, kicker (Cleveland Browns)
  • Jan 26th Warren Frank Benson, composer
  • Jan 26th Annette Strauss, American philanthropist and politician (d. 1998)
  • Jan 26th Alice Babs, Swedish singer
  • Jan 27th Alexander Georgiyevich Chugayev, composer
  • Jan 27th Kenneth Corfield, CEO (STC)
  • Jan 27th Rauf Denktasj, Turkish-Cypriot politician
  • Jan 27th Brian Rix [Lord Rix], English actor, born in Cottingham, Yorkshire (d. 2016)
  • Jan 27th Sabu, [Dastagir], India, actor (Elephant Boy, Drum)
  • Jan 27th William van Straubenzee, British MP
  • Jan 29th Brian Trubshaw, British test pilot
  • Jan 29th John Gregson, British Labour politician and Lord
  • Jan 29th Luigi Nono, Venice Italy, composer (Canonic Variations)
  • Jan 29th Marcelle Ferron, Quebec painter and stained glass artist (d. 2001)
  • Jan 29th Peter Voulkos, American artist (d. 2002)
  • Jan 30th Margaret Beda Nicholson, author (No Medals for the Major)
  • Jan 30th Lloyd Alexander, American writer (d. 2007)
  • Jan 30th Margaret Yorke [Margaret Beda Nicholson], Compton, Surrey, author (Patrick Grant novels), (d. 2012)
  • Jan 31st Robert Gatehouse, former High Court judge
  • Jan 31st Tengiz Abuladze, filmmaker
  • Feb 1st H. Richard Hornberger, American writer (d. 1997)
  • Feb 1st Ben Weider, Quebec businessman and author
  • Feb 2nd Tine Balder, [Clementine AL Cobbaut], Flemish actress (Antigone)
  • Feb 2nd Elfi von Dassanowsky, Austrian-American producer and musician
  • Feb 5th Robert Lynn, anarchist
  • Feb 6th Billy Wright, English soccer player
  • Feb 6th Paolo Volponi, Italian communist/author (Road to Rome)
  • Feb 6th Jin yong, Chinese novelist
  • Feb 7th Cathy Long, (Rep-D-LA, 1985-86)
  • Feb 7th Dora Bryan, [Broadhurst], English actress (Taste of Honey), born in Southport England, (d. 2014)
  • Feb 7th Johnny Jordaan, [Jan van Musscher], Amsterdam folk vocalist
  • Feb 8th Joe Black, baseball player
  • Feb 9th George Guest, British organist
  • Feb 10th Bud (Norman) Poile, NHLer
  • Feb 10th Randy Van Horne, vocalist (Nat King Cole Show), born in El Paso, Texas
  • Feb 11th Mary Tregear, Oriental art historian
  • Feb 12th Hans Berghuis, Dutch author/poet (3 Women, Adam)
  • Feb 13th Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, French economist/politician
  • Feb 14th Arghyris Kounadis, composer
  • Feb 14th Countess Mountbatten, of Burma
  • Feb 16th James Swaffield, director-general (Swaffield & Clerk to the GLC)
  • Feb 16th Peter Webster, British High Court Judge
  • Feb 17th Margaret Truman, Mo, pres daughter/writer (Murder at FBI)/pianist
  • Feb 17th Gevork Vartanian, Iran, Soviet intelligence agent (Operation Long Jump), (d. 2012)
  • Feb 18th Humberto Fernández Morán, Venezuelan scientist (d. 1999)
  • Feb 18th Louis Laberge, Quebec labour union leader (d. 2002)
  • Feb 19th Bruce Norris, NHL owner (Detroit Red Wings)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 19th Lee Marvin, actor (Paint Your Wagon, Cat Ballou), born in NYC, New York

Actor Lee Marvin
Lee Marvin
  • Feb 19th David Bronstein, Ukrainian chess player (d. 2006)
  • Feb 20th Gloria Vanderbilt, don't my jeans look great (poor little rich girl)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 21st Robert Mugabe, president (Zimbabwe, 1988- )

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe
Zimbabwean President
Robert Mugabe
  • Feb 23rd Lejaren Hiller, composer
  • Feb 24th Lionel Dakers, director (Royal School of Church Music)
  • Feb 24th William Pillar, British admiral
  • Feb 25th Peg Ridge, peace campaigner
  • Feb 26th Mark Bucci, composer (1959 Arts & Letters Award), born in NYC, New York
  • Feb 26th Noboru Takeshita, Japanese PM (1987-89)
  • Feb 27th M M Shearer, former Lord Lieutenant of Shetland
  • Feb 27th Norman Marshall, cricketer (brother of Roy, one Test for WI 1955)
  • Feb 28th Robert A Roe, (Rep-D-NJ, 1969- )

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

Jan 11th Novelist Hermann Hesse (36) weds singer Ruth Wenger

Nobel Laureate Novelist Hermann Hesse
Nobel Laureate Novelist
Hermann Hesse

HeartWedding of Interest

Feb 4th Jazz musician Louis Armstrong (22) weds pianist Lil Armstrong (26)

Jazz Musician Louis Armstrong
Jazz Musician
Louis Armstrong

HeartWedding of Interest

Feb 26th Astronomer Edwin Hubble (34) weds Grace Burke in Pasadena, California

Astronomer Edwin Hubble
Edwin Hubble
  • Mar 19th American poet e.e. (Edward Estlin) Cummings marries first wife Elaine Orr. The marriage lasts less than 9 months.

HeartWedding of Interest

Jun 4th Physician Frederick Banting (32) weds Marion Robertson

HeartWedding of Interest

Jun 17th Golfer Bobby Jones (22) weds high school sweetheart Mary Rice Malone (22) in Atlanta, Georgia

Golfer Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones

HeartWedding of Interest

Jun 21st Inventor Robert H. Goddard (41) weds secretary Esther Christine Kisk (23) at St. John's Episcopal Church in Worcester

Rocket Pioneer Robert H. Goddard
Rocket Pioneer
Robert H. Goddard

HeartWedding of Interest

Jun 24th American writer Henry Miller (31) marries 2nd wife June Smerth (21) in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Author Henry Miller
Henry Miller
  • Aug 28th British children's writer Enid Blyton (27) marries editor Major Hugh Alexander Pollock, DSO (36)

HeartWedding of Interest

Nov 26th Comic actor Charlie Chaplin (35) weds "The Kid" actress Lita Grey (16) in Mexico

Comedian/Actor/Filmaker Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
Actress Lita Grey
Lita Grey

Famous Divorces

Broken heartDivorce of Interest

Oct 16th American writer ("Gone with the Wind") Margaret Mitchell divorces 1st husband Berrien (Red) Upshaw

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 108

  • Jan 2nd Sabine Baring-Gould, English composer and novelist (b. 1834)
  • Jan 4th Alfred Grünfeld, Austrian pianist, composer (b. 1852)
  • Jan 13th Georg H Quincke, German physicist (Test of Quincke), dies at 89
  • Jan 14th Arne Garborg, Norwegian playwright (Mannfolk), dies at 72
  • Jan 15th Geza Zichy, Hungarian composer and one-armed pianist, dies at 74
  • Jan 16th Winifred Cochrane, Countess of Dundonald, philanthropist (b. 1859)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 21st Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin, Russian Revolutionary leader and Premier, dies of a stroke at 53

Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir Lenin
Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader
Vladimir Lenin
  • Jan 24th Thephilo Braga, Portuguese poet/politician, dies at 80
  • Jan 24th Marie-Adélaïde, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (b. 1894)
  • Jan 28th Simon Abramsz, Dutch writer (Artist book), dies at 56
  • Jan 29th Joseph Ludwig, composer, dies at 79

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 3rd Woodrow Wilson, 28th US president (1913-21), dies at his home in Washington at 67

28th US President Woodrow Wilson
28th US President
Woodrow Wilson
  • Feb 5th Alexis Hollander, composer, dies at 83
  • Feb 8th Gee John, US mobster (1st executed in gas chamber-Nevada), dies
  • Feb 9th Nils Kj'r, Norwegian playwright (Det Lykkelige Valg), dies at 53
  • Feb 15th Lionel Monckton, English composer (Country Girl), dies at 62
  • Feb 17th Oskar Merikanto, composer, dies at 55

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 17th Henry Bacon, American architect, dies at 57

Architect Henry Bacon
Henry Bacon
  • Feb 21st Salvatore Auteri Manzocchi, composer, dies at 78
  • Feb 24th Edmond Picard, Fren/Belgium writer (Ambidextre journalist), dies at 87
  • Mar 1st Louise MA, princess of Belgium, dies at 66
  • Mar 6th Meyer E van Beem, actor (Moittige Janus), dies at 85
  • Mar 7th Pat Moran, manager (Cincinnati Reds), dies of Bright's Disease
  • Mar 12th Hilaire Comte de Chardonnet, inventor (rayon), dies
  • Mar 18th John Frederick Bridge, composer, dies at 79
  • Mar 19th Charles Villiers Stanford, Irish composer/author, dies at 71
  • Mar 22nd R G Nivelle, French general (Verdun), dies at 67
  • Mar 25th John Reedman, cricketer (Test for Aust 1894, 17 & 4, 1 for 24), dies
  • Mar 26th Augusto de Oliviera Machado, composer, dies at 78
  • Mar 27th Walter Parratt, composer, dies at 83
  • Mar 29th Charles Villiers Stanford, Irish composer/writer, dies at 71
  • Apr 2nd Johannes E. B. Warming, Danish Botanist (plant ecology, environment-organism interactions), dies at 82

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Apr 14th Louis Sullivan, architect (father of skyscrapers), dies at 67

Architect and Father of Skyscrapers Louis Sullivan
Architect and Father of Skyscrapers
Louis Sullivan
  • Apr 14th Roland Napoleon Bonaparte, Fr officer/explorer (Surinam), dies at 65
  • Apr 15th Eduardo Caudella, composer, dies at 82
  • Apr 16th Jack Board, cricket wicket-keeper (Eng in 6 Tests 1898-1906), dies
  • Apr 21st Eleanora Duse, Italian actress (La Gioconda, La Locandiera), dies at 64
  • Apr 24th George Street, English cricket wicket keeper (1 Test 1923), dies
  • Apr 24th G. Stanley Hall, American psychologist (b. 1844)
  • Apr 26th Josef Labor, Austrian composer, dies at 82
  • May 1st August Cuppens, Flemish author (Limburgs Driemanschap), dies at 62
  • May 6th Carel S Adama van Scheltema, poet/writer (socialism), dies at 47
  • May 8th Lev N Lunts, Russian writer (Outside the Law), dies at 23
  • May 10th Adolfo Albertazzi, Italian writer (L'ave), dies at 58
  • May 12th Charles Henri Marechal, composer, dies at 82
  • May 15th Paul d'Estornelles de Constant, French diplomat/pacifist, dies at 71
  • May 19th Billy Zulch, cricketer (South African batsman scored 2 Test centuries), dies
  • May 21st Bobby Franks, killed by Leopold & Loeb, at 14
  • May 25th Theodore Morse, composer, dies at 51
  • May 25th Lyubov Popova, Russian painter (b. 1889)
  • May 26th Johann Heinrich Beck, composer, dies at 67
  • May 26th Victor Herbert, Irish/US cellist/composer/conductor, dies at 65
  • May 29th Pierre-Paul Cambon, French diplomat (Madrid/London), dies

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jun 3rd Franz Kafka, Czech writer (Trial, Amerika, Metamorphosis), dies at 40

Writer Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka
  • Jun 8th Andrew Irvine, English mountain climber (climbing accident) (b. 1902)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jun 8th George Leigh Mallory, English mountain climber (climbing accident) (b. 1886)

Mountain Climber George Mallory
Mountain Climber
George Mallory
  • Jun 10th Giacomo Matteotti, Italian socialist deputy, assassinated by fascists
  • Jun 11th Alexander F de Savornin Lohmann Jr, Dutch minister (CHU), dies at 87
  • Jun 11th Theodore Dubois, composer, dies at 86
  • Jun 23rd Cecil [James] Sharp, English folk musician, dies at 64
  • Jun 30th Jacob Israel de Haan, Dutch poet/writer (Pypelyntjes), dies at 42
  • Jul 10th Johannes B van Heutsz, gov-gen of Dutch Indies (1904-09), dies at 73
  • Jul 23rd Frank Frost Abbott, American classical scholar (b. 1850)
  • Jul 27th Ferruccio Busoni, Italian pianist/composer, dies at 58

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Aug 3rd Joseph Conrad, Polish/British writer (Heart of Darkness), dies at 66

Novelist Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad
  • Aug 6th John Henry Roberts, composer, dies at 76
  • Aug 7th Camille Zeckwer, composer, dies at 49
  • Aug 9th Jacob P Vis, Dutch founder (NV Royal Salt Industries), dies at 66
  • Aug 13th Julian Aguirre, composer, dies at 56
  • Aug 17th Pavel S "Paul" Urysohn, Russian mathematician, drowns at 26
  • Aug 17th Tom Kendall, cricketer (14 wickets in Australia's 1st two Tests), dies
  • Aug 25th Mariano Álvarez, Filipino general (b. 1818)
  • Sep 10th Walter Lees, cricketer (26 wkts on 5 Tests Eng v SA 1905-06), dies
  • Sep 11th Mieczyslaw Surzynski, composer, dies at 57
  • Sep 13th Pekka Hannikainen, composer, dies at 69
  • Sep 15th Anthony Johnson Showalter, composer, dies at 66
  • Sep 18th Francis Herbert Bradley, British philosopher (neo-idealism), dies
  • Sep 19th Alick Bannerman, cricketer (28 Tests for Australia, 1108 runs), dies
  • Oct 5th Joseph Vezina, composer, dies at 75
  • Oct 5th Tom Campbell, cricketer (5 Tests for South Africa, ct 7 stp 1), dies
  • Oct 6th Jacques Oppenheim, lawyer, dies at 75
  • Oct 7th Clemens Baeumker, German historian (Christian Philosophy), dies at 71
  • Oct 9th Valery Bryusov, Russian writer and critic (b. 1873)
  • Oct 12th Anatole France, writer, dies at 80
  • Oct 12th Monroe A Althouse, composer, dies at 71
  • Oct 13th Anatole France, [Jacques Thibault], writer (Ecrivain Francais), dies
  • Oct 21st Martin Pierre Joseph Marsick, composer, dies at 76
  • Oct 29th Frances Hodgson Burnett, British born American playwright and children's author ("Little Lord Fauntleroy"), dies at 74
  • Nov 4th Gabriel Urbain Faure, French composer (Requiem), dies at 79
  • Nov 4th Richard Conner, American Civil War Medal of Honor Recipient (b. 1843)
  • Nov 7th Hans Thoma, German painter, dies at 75
  • Nov 8th Sergey Mikhaylovich Lyapunov, composer, dies at 64
  • Nov 9th Henry Cabot Lodge, American Senator (b. 1850)
  • Nov 16th Alexander Andreyevich Archangel'sky, composer, dies at 78
  • Nov 16th Edward Everett Rice, composer, dies at 75
  • Nov 19th Lee Stack, British sirdar in Egypt/gov-gen of Sudan, murdered
  • Nov 19th Thomas Ince, American film director (b. 1882)
  • Nov 21st Florence Harding, American First Lady (b. 1860)
  • Nov 22nd Herman Heijermans Jr, author (On Hope, Heap of Blessing), dies

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Nov 29th Giacomo Puccini, Italian composer (Mme Butterfly), dies in Brussels at 65

Composer Giacomo Puccini
Giacomo Puccini