What Happened in 1924

Significant Events

  • Jan 27 Lenin placed in Mausoleum in Red Square, Moscow
  • May 11 Mercedes-Benz is formed by Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz, merging the two companies
  • Aug 26 The Catastrophe of Smyrna: known as the Asia Minor Catastrophe to Greeks. The Ottoman army expels Greeks and other non-Turks from Asia Minor. (August 13 OS)
  • Oct 28 Miner M.de Bruin discovers the infant fossil skull, "Taung child" in a lime quarry in Taung, South Africa. Paleoanthropologist Raymond Dart identifies the fossil as a new hominin species, Australopithecus africanus.
  • Dec 30 Astronomer Edwin Hubble formally announces existence of other galactic systems at meeting of the American Astronomical Society
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"Happy Birthday To You" published by Claydon Sunny

On March 4, 1924

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