What Happened in 1929

Significant Events

  • Feb 11 Vatican City (world's smallest country) made an enclave of Rome
  • Feb 14 St Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago, 7 gangsters killed, allegedly on Al Capone's orders
  • Feb 18 The first Academy Awards are announced
  • May 16 1st Academy Awards: "Wings", Emil Jannings & Janet Gaynor win
  • Jun 3 Chile and Peru sign the Treaty of Lima, finally resolving their border dispute from the War of the Pacific (1879–83). Chile keeps Arica and Peru regains Tacna.
  • Jun 7 Vatican City becomes a sovereign state
  • Jun 25 US President Herbert Hoover authorizes building of Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam)
  • Jun 27 1st color TV demo, performed by Bell Laboratories in NYC
  • Aug 11 Babe Ruth becomes 1st professional baseball player to hit 500 homers (off Willis Hudlin of Cleveland Indians)
  • Oct 24 "Black Thursday", start of stock market crash, Dow Jones down 12.8%
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World Leaders in 1929

Famous People in 1929

Famous Weddings

  • Jan 28 Mobster Bugsy Siegel (23) weds childhood sweetheart Esta Krakower
  • Jan 30 Mitford sister Diana Mitford (18) marries Irish peer Bryan Walter Guinness (23) in the British society wedding of the year
  • Mar 29 Actress and dancer Ginger Rogers (17) weds her dancing partner Jack Pepper (26)
  • Apr 17 Baseball great Babe Ruth (34) marries 2nd wife Claire Merritt Hodgson (31)
  • May 1 American poet e.e (Edward Estlin) Cummings marries 2nd wife Anne Minnerly Barton

Famous Divorces

  • Jul 3 American Playwright Eugene O'Neill divorces second wife novelist Agnes Boulton after 11 years of marriage
  • Dec 9 Businessman Howard Hughes divorces 1st wife Ella Rice after 4 years of marriage
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