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Historical Events

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Sep 16th - Police shoots at strikers at Maastricht, 2 killed
Sep 17th - British troops begin withdrawal from occupied Germany
Sep 18th - Pirates loss to Braves & clinch NL pennant for the Cubs
Sep 18th - Preston Sturges' "Strictly Dishonorable" premieres in NYC
Sep 19th - Latvia dictator A Woldemaras chased out
Sep 21st - 1st legal pass in Canada was thrown by Gerry Seiberling & 1st reception by Ralph Losie of Calgary Altomah-Tigers against Edmonton
Sep 24th - Lt James Doolittle guides a Consolidated N-Y-2 Biplane over Mitchell Field in NY in 1st all-instrument flight
Sep 24th - Yanks Tom Zachary ends season 12-0
Sep 25th - Queen-mother Emma opens Antonie van Leeuwenhoek House in Amsterdam
Sep 26th - John Schrober becomes chancellor of Austria
Sep 28th - 1st CF interception return for a touchdown (Joe Hess-U of Alberta)
Sep 30th - 1st manned rocket plane flight (by auto maker Fritz von Opel)
Oct 3rd - British Labour government recovers diplomatic relations with USSR
Oct 3rd - Julius Curtius succeeds Stresemann as German foreign minister
Aviation Pioneer Jimmy DoolittleAviation Pioneer Jimmy Doolittle Oct 3rd - Kingdom of Serbs, Croats & Slovenes changes name to Yugoslavia
Oct 6th - 12th PGA Championship: Leo Diegel at Hillcrest CC Los Angeles
Oct 7th - Ramsay MacDonald is first British premier to address US Congress
Oct 8th - A's Howard Ehmke (7-2) sets World Series record striking out 13 Cubs
Oct 8th - Mohammed Nadir Khan occupies Kabul Afghanistan/drives out H Ghazi
Oct 9th - G Kaufman & R Lardner's musical "June Moon" premieres in NYC
Oct 11th - Sean O'Casey's "Silver Tassle" premieres in London
Oct 11th - JC Penney opens store #1252 in Milford, Delaware, making it a nationwide company with stores in all 48 U.S. states.
Oct 12th - Cubs blow 8-0 World Series lead, A's score 10 in 1 inning
Oct 14th - Phila A's beat Chicago Cubs, 4 games to 1 in 26th World Series
Oct 14th - Philadelphia A's set World Series record of 10 runs in an inning
Oct 18th - Women are considered "Persons" under Canadian law.
Oct 20th - Bayshore Highway opens (SF)
Department Store Founder James Cash PenneyDepartment Store Founder James Cash Penney Oct 22nd - French government of Briand falls
Oct 22nd - James H Scullin forms Australia government
Oct 24th - "Black Thursday", start of stock market crash, Dow Jones down 12.8%
Oct 24th - Rudy Vallee's "The Fleishmann's Yeast Hour" begins broadcasting on NBC radio
Oct 24th - Belgian princess Marie-Jose & Italian crown prince Umberto get engaged, assassination attempt on Umberto fails
Oct 25th - Former Interior Sec albert fall convicted of accepting $100,000 bribe
Oct 28th - Dow Jones plummets 38.33 pts (13%) to 260.64
Oct 29th - "Black Tuesday" Stock Market crashes triggers "Great Depression"
Oct 30th - The Stuttgart Cable Car is constructed in Stuttgart, Germany.
Nov 1st - Lundy Island, part of British Isles, issue its own stamps
Nov 4th - John Baldridge' "Berkeley Square" premieres in NYC
United States Senator Albert B. FallUnited States Senator Albert B. Fall Nov 4th - Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Laurence McKinley Gould, and their polar expedition team begin a 2½ month, 1500-mile dog-sledge journey into the Queen Maud Mountains, the first exploration of the interior of Antarctica
Nov 7th - NYC Museum of Modern Art opens in Hecksher Building
Nov 8th - Jean Giraudoux' "Amphitryon '38" premieres in Paris
Nov 17th - Pascual Ortiz Rubio elected president of Mexico
Nov 17th - Stalin throws Nicolai Bucharin out of Politburo
Nov 18th - Dr Vladimir K Zworykin demonstrates "kinescope"
Nov 18th - Large earthquake in Atlantic breaks transatlantic cable in 28 places
Nov 18th - Stalin routes troops to Manchuria
Nov 20th - First broadcast of "Goldbergs" on US radio
Nov 20th - Salvador Dali's first one-man show
Nov 22nd - Bradman scores 157 for NSW against the MCC at cricket SCG
Nov 28th - Adm Richard E Byrd makes 1st South Pole flight
Cricket Legend Donald BradmanCricket Legend Donald Bradman Nov 28th - Ernie Nevers scores all 40 pts for Chic Cards vs Bears (NFL record)
Nov 29th - Lt Cmdr Richard E Byrd sends "My calculations indicate that we have reached vicinity of South Pole" (He was wrong)
Nov 30th - 17th CFL Grey Cup: Hamilton Tigers defeats Regina Roughriders, 14-3
Dec 1st - Game of Bingo invented by Edwin S Lowe
Dec 2nd - First skull of Peking man found, 50 km out of Peking at Tsjoe Koe Tien
Dec 3rd - Boston Bruins begins then NHL record 14 game winning streak
Dec 5th - 1st US nudist organization (American League for Physical Culture, NYC)
Dec 6th - Turkey introduces female suffrage
Dec 7th - Bradman scores 124 for Woodfull's XI against Ryder's XI 166 mins
Dec 7th - Leo Diegel wins PGA golf tournament
Dec 10th - Bradman scores 225 in 2nd inn of Test Cricket trial after 124 in 1st
Physician and Nobel Laureate Christiaan EijkmanPhysician and Nobel Laureate Christiaan Eijkman Dec 10th - Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine jointly awarded to Christiaan Eijkman and Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins for the discovery of vitamins
Dec 14th - Alexander Zaimis elected president of Greece
Dec 15th - Walter Mittelholzer flies as 1st about the Kilimanjaro
Dec 16th - Chic Blackhawks 1st game at Chicago Stadium, beat Pittsburgh Pirates, 3-1
Dec 20th - Heinie Wagner replaces Bill Carrigan as Red Sox manager
Dec 20th - Mount Davidson dedicated as a SF city park
Dec 21st - 1st group hospital insurance plan offered (Dallas Tx)
Dec 25th - Grimmett takes 6-146 for SA, Queensland all out 380 Crowd 5,390
Dec 29th - Dutch colonial authorities arrest Sukarno and other key PNI leaders in Java
Dec 30th - Cole Porter's musical "Wake Up & Dream" premieres in NYC
Dec 30th - Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority incorporates
1st President of Indonesia Sukarno1st President of Indonesia Sukarno Dec 31st - Pope Pius XI publishes encyclical Divini illius magistri

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 201 - 300 of 689

Apr 10th - Max Von Sydow, Lund Sweden, actor (Hawaii, Exorcist, Dune, Dreamscape)
Apr 11th - Lawrence Coughlin, (Rep-R-PA, 1969- )
Apr 12th - Elspet Gray, (Lady Rix), actress (4 Weddings & a Funeral, Solo, Tenko), (d. 2013)
Apr 13th - Marilynn Smith, Topeka KS, LPGA golfer (1972 Pabst Open)
Apr 14th - William Edgar Thornton, Faison NC, MD/astronaut (STS-8, 51-B, sk:49)
Apr 14th - Gerry Anderson, English television producer, (d. 2012)
Apr 14th - Paavo Berglund, Finnish conductor (works of Sibelius)
Actor Max Von SydowActor Max Von Sydow (Apr 10th) Apr 15th - Adrian Cadbury, confectionery manufacturer (Cadbury) and author of report on Corporate Governance, (d. 2015)
Apr 15th - Jocelyn Barrow, deputy chair person (British Broadcast Standards)
Apr 16th - Roy Hamilton, singer (You'll Never Walk Alone)
Apr 17th - Eileen Stamers-Smith, headmistress (Malvern Girls' College)
Apr 17th - James Last, German-born composer and big band leader, born in Bremen, Germany (d. 2015)
Apr 17th - Lady (James) Mellon, CEO (Volunteer Development Scotland)
Apr 18th - Peter Hordern, British CEO (Fina)
Apr 18th - Peter Jeffrey, actor (Dr Phibes Rides Again, Twinsanity)
Apr 19th - Edward Crook, middleweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1960), born in Detroit, Michigan
Apr 20th - Bob Braun, Ludlow Ky, singer (Dotty Mack Show)
Apr 22nd - Geoffrey Marshall, Provost (Queen's College, Oxford)
Apr 22nd - Margaret Pereira, forensic scientist
Apr 22nd - Michael Atiyah, educator (Trinity College - Cambridge England)
Apr 22nd - Robert Wade-Gery, diplomat/exec director (Barclays de Zoete Wedd)
Apr 22nd - Victoria Opoku-Ware, Ghanaian queen
Apr 23rd - George Steiner, professor (English)
Apr 24th - Ferit Tuzun, composer
Apr 24th - Dr.Rajkumar, Kannada actor
Apr 25th - Jose Angel Valente, Spanish poet (A modo the esperanza)
Apr 25th - Yvette Corlett, athlete
Apr 25th - Yvette Williams, NZ, long jumper (Oly-gold-52)
Apr 26th - Richard Mitchell, American author and professor (d. 2002)
Apr 27th - Nina Ponomareva Romaschkova, USSR, discus thrower (Oly-gold-1952, 60)
Apr 28th - Carolyn Jones, Amarillo Texas, actress (Morticia-Addams Family)
Apr 29th - Peter Joshua Sculthorpe, composer
Apr 29th - Vaclav Kucera, composer
Apr 29th - W Kempowski, writer
Apr 29th - [John] Jeremy Thorpe, British MP (Liberal)
Apr 29th - Mickey McDermott, American baseball player (d. 2003)
Apr 30th - Peter Carsten, Weissenberg Bavaria, actor (Mr Super Invisible)
May 1st - Sonny James, [James Loden], Hackelburg AL, rocker (Young Love)
May 1st - Sonny Ramadhin, cricket spin bowler (great WI)
May 2nd - Edward Levy Irving, composer
May 2nd - Luc Ferrari, composer
May 2nd - Sydney Gedye, cricketer (opening batsman in four Tests for NZ 1964)
May 2nd - Link Wray, American rock guitarist (d. 2005)
May 3rd - Hendrik L van Beek, Dutch vice-admiral
May 3rd - Jaharna Imam, Bangladeshi writer/political activist
Actress Audrey HepburnActress Audrey Hepburn (May 4th) May 4th - Audrey Hepburn, Brussels Belg, (Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady), (d. 1993)
May 4th - Sidney Lamb, American linguist
May 5th - John S Ragin, Newark NJ, actor (Dr Astin-Quincy ME)
May 6th - John Polk Allen, Carnegie Oklahoma, CEO (Biosphere 2)
May 6th - John Taylor, bishop (St Albans)/Lord High Almoner to Queen
May 6th - Rosemary Camp, president (Council for British Archaeology)
May 7th - Dick Williams, baseball player, manager (including Seattle 1986-87)
May 7th - Sally L Smith, educator/founder (Lab School of Wash)
May 7th - Babe Parilli, American football player
May 8th - V N M Korte-van Hemel, Dutch Secretary of Justice (CDA)
May 8th - Claude Castonguay, Quebec politician
May 9th - Anthony Lloyd, Lord Justice of Appeal
May 9th - Kay Dotrice, British actress (d. 2007)
May 10th - Brian Corby, CEO (Prudential)
May 10th - Robin Hill, 8th Marquess of Downshire, Irish peer and the Hereditary Constable of Hillsborough Fort
May 11th - Edward Anson, British vice-admiral
May 12th - Dollard St. Laurent, Canadian ice hockey player
May 12th - Sam Nujoma, first President of Namibia
May 14th - Vladimir Antoshin, USSR, International Chess Grandmaster (1964)
May 14th - Henry McGee, British actor (d. 2006)
May 14th - Gump Worsley, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2007)
May 14th - Barbara Branden, Canadian writer and lecturer, (d. 2013)
May 15th - Jack Flavell, cricketer (England pace bowler in 4 Tests 1961-64)
May 16th - Adrienne Cecile Rich, Balt Md, feminist writer (Diamond Cutters), (d. 2012)
May 16th - John Conyers Jr, (Rep-D-MI, 1965- )
May 16th - Osmo Uolevi Lindeman, composer
May 16th - Claude Morin, French Canadian politician
May 17th - Raymond Hide, geophysicist
May 18th - Kai Winding, Denmark, American Jazz composer, (d. 1983)
May 18th - Johan N Block, aviation pioneer (Martinair/Transavia/Air Holland)
May 18th - Norman St John-Stevas, Baron St John of Fawsley, British MP (C) (1964-1987), born in London
May 18th - Roger Matton, composer
May 19th - Harvey Cox, US theologist (Secular City)
May 19th - Michael Adamis, composer
May 19th - John Stroger Chicago politician
May 20th - Andre Carolus Cirino, Suriname/Indian poet
May 21st - Charles Wadsworth, Barnesville Georgia, pianist (Lincoln Center)
May 21st - Paul Winslow, cricketer (big-hitter for South Africa, 108 v England 1955)
May 21st - Robert Welch, designer/silversmith (Robert Welch flatware)
May 22nd - Asher Ben-Yohanan, composer
May 23rd - Joe Modise, South African commandant of Umkhonto we Sizwe (1965- )
May 23rd - Ulla Jacobson, Swedish actress (One Summer of Happiness)
May 25th - Beverly Sills, [Belle "Bubbles" Miriam Silverman], American soprano, born in Brooklyn, New York
May 25th - David S Ruder, 23rd chairman of Security & Exchange Commission
May 25th - Warren Frost, American actor
May 26th - Hugo Raes, Flemish writer (Horses Jump & Fresh Sea)
May 27th - Donald Howard Keats, composer
May 28th - Leslie Wight, cricketer (one Test WI v India 1953, scored 21)
May 28th - Patrick McNair-Wilson, MP
May 29th - Anthony Grant, British MP
May 29th - Katie Boyle, [Lady Sander Saunders], British broadcaster
May 29th - Peter Higgs, Newcastle upon Tyne, British theoretical physicist (Nobel, 2013)
May 30th - Michael Mellinger, Bavaria, actor (Goldfinger)
May 31st - Aladar Zoltan, composer
May 31st - Elaine Stewart, Montclair NJ, actress (Take the High Ground)

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