What Happened in 1934

Significant Events

  • May 13 Great dustbowl storm sweeps across US prairies
  • Jun 22 John Dillinger is informally named America's first Public Enemy Number One
  • Jun 30 "Night of Long Knives" - Hitler stages a bloody purge of the Nazi party
  • Jul 4 Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard patents the chain-reaction design for the atomic bomb.
  • Aug 3 Adolf Hitler merges the offices of German Chancellor and President, declaring himself "F├╝hrer" (leader)
  • Oct 16 Mao Zedong & 25,000 troops begin 6,000 mile Long March
  • Dec 1 Leningrad mayor Sergey Kirov assassinated, Stalin uses as excuse to begin the Great Purge of 1934-38
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Did You Know?

Dr Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, is knighted

On June 3, 1934

World Leaders in 1934

Famous People in 1934

Famous Weddings

  • Jan 7 Princess Juliana marries German prince Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld
  • Jan 30 Actor and comedian Lou Costello marries burlesque dancer Anne Battler
  • Jan 30 Painter Salvador Dali (30) weds Gala Dali (39) in a civil ceremony in Paris
  • Feb 10 British born actor "North by Northwest" Cary Grant (30) weds "City Lights" actress Virginia Cherrill (26)
  • Feb 19 US entertainer Bob Hope weds fellow entertainer Dolores DeFina

Famous Divorces

  • May 23 First wife Marguerite Van Kessel divorces NFL player Curly Lambeau (36) after 14 years of marriage
  • Nov 7 Actress Gloria Swanson (35) divorces Michael Farmer after 3 years of marriage
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