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Historical Events

Events 1 - 30 of 30

4th - 1st radioactive substance produced synthetically (radium E)
5th - National Wildlife Federation forms
6th - 4th Winter Olympic games open in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
6th - Pravda criticizes Shostakovitch' ballet "Clear Brook"
7th - A flag is authorized for US Vice President
7th - Felix the Cat, Cartoon Character, by Van Beuren from Otto Messmer
8th - 1936 NFL Draft (first ever): Jay Berwanger from University of Chicago first pick by Philadelphia Eagles
8th - 1st ski jumping tournament, Red Wing, Minn
8th - 1st successful Toronto Maple Leaf penalty shot, Conacher vs Rangers
8th - Pandit Jawaharlal follows Gandhi as chairman of India Congress Party
11th - Pumping begins to build Treasure Island in SF Bay
14th - National Negro Congress organizes in Chicago
14th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Maribel Vinson
14th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Robin Lee
15th - -60°F (-51°C), Parshall, North Dakota (state record)
15th - Hitler announce building of Volkswagens (starting slug-bug game)
15th - Sonja Henie, Norway, wins 3rd consecutive Olympic figure skating gold
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler 16th - 4th Winter Olympic games close at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
16th - Spanish Frente Popular (People's Front) wins elections
17th - -58°F (-50°C), McIntosh, South Dakota (state record)
17th - S. N. Behrman's play "End of Summer" premieres in NYC
17th - The world's first superhero, The Phantom, a cartoon strip by Lee Falk, makes his first appearance in comics.
18th - NHL record 32 points scored, NY Americans (28) & Mont Maroons (24)
19th - Manuel Azaña becomes Spanish premier
22nd - Construction on Ypenburg Neth airport begins
23rd - 1st rocket air mail flight, Greenwood Lake, NY
26th - Hitler introduces Ferdinand Porsche's "Volkswagen"
26th - Military coup in Japan
27th - Willy den Ouden swims world record 100 m free style (1:04.6)
29th - FDR signs 2nd neutrality act

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 55 of 55

1st - G H Blake, Principal (Collingwood College, Durham U)
1st - Azie Taylor Morton, 35th Treasurer of the United States (d. 2003)
2nd - Duane Jones, American actor
3rd - Bob Simpson, Australian cricketer (1965 Wisden Cricketer of the Year)
4th - Daan van Golden, Dutch sculptor
4th - Gary Conway, actor (Burke's Law, Land of the Giants), born in Boston, Massachusetts
4th - David Brenner, American comedian
6th - Otis Williams, rocker (Charms)
6th - J. Howard Marshall III, American businessman
8th - Cletis Boyer, 3rd baseman (NY Yankees)
8th - Larry Verne, singer (Custer)
8th - Manohar Hardikar, cricketer (batted in 2 Tests India v WI 1958-59)
9th - Clive Swift, actor (Frenzy, Passage to India), born in Liverpool, England
9th - Stompin' Tom Connors, Canadian country singer, (d. 2013)
10th - Olwyn Bowey, painter
10th - Sylvia Williams, museum director/curator
11th - Burt Reynolds, Mich, actor (Evening Shade, Strip Tease, Cannonball)
12th - Arnost Parsch, composer
12th - Fang Lizhi, Beijing China, Chinese astrophysicist/dissident (Tiananmen Square, 1989), (d. 2012)
12th - Joe Don Baker, Groesback Tx, actor (Eischied, Walking Tall, Fletch)
12th - Paul Shenar, Milwaukee Wisc, actor (Carrington-Roots)
13th - John Harris, British(?) cricket player
13th - Leamon King, Tulare California, 4X100m relayer (Olympic-gold-1956)
14th - Andrew Pine, Jennings Fla, actor (V, WEB, Wide Country)
14th - Fanne Foxe, [Annabella Battistella], Argentina, (Wilbur Mills affair)
14th - Andrew Prine, American actor
15th - Andrew Miller, British principal (Stirling U)
16th - Jill Kinmont, American skier
Corporate Raider Carl IcahnCorporate Raider Carl Icahn (16th) 16th - Carl Icahn, American businessman (Icahn Enterprises), born in NYC, New York
17th - Barry Jarman, cricketer (Australian wicket-keeper in 60's)
17th - Jim Brown, St. Simons Georgia, NFL running back (Cleveland Browns)
17th - Peter Walker, cricket all-rounder (Glamorgan did little for Eng 1960)
18th - Marin Sorescu, poet/dramatist
18th - Ronald William Eastman, cinematogrpaher
18th - Jean Auel, American writer
19th - Bob Engemann, singer
19th - Ione Mylonas Shear, archeologist
20th - Larry Hovis, Wapito Wash, comedian (Gomer Pyle, Hogan's Heroes)
20th - Marj Dusay, [Mahoney], Russell Ks, actress (Kate-Bret Maverick)
20th - Roy Beggs, British MP
21st - Barbara Jordan, (Rep-D-Tx, 1972-78), born in Houston, Texas
NFL Legend Jim BrownNFL Legend Jim Brown (17th) 22nd - Ernie K-Doe [Ernest Kador Jr], African-American R&B singer (Mother-in-Law"), born in New Orleans, Louisiana
22nd - J. Michael Bishop, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate
25th - Jonnie Nicely, playmate (Aug, 1956)
25th - Norman Orville Scribner, composer
26th - Eduard Ivanovich Buinovski, cosmonaut
26th - Manmohan Desai, filmmaker
27th - Chuck Glaser, Spalding Neb, singer (Glaser Bros-Getting to Me Again)
27th - Roger M Mahoney, Hollywood Ca, archbishop of Los Angeles (1985- )
27th - Virginia Maskell, actress (Suspect, Doctor in Love, Man Upstairs)
27th - Ron Barassi, Australian rules footballer
29th - Alex Rocco, American actor (The Godfather, The Famous Teddy Z), born in Cambridge, Massachusetts (d. 2015)
29th - Alwin Schockemohle, Germany, equestrian jumper (Olympic-gold-1976)
Ice Hockey Great Henri RichardIce Hockey Great Henri Richard (29th) 29th - Henri "Rocket" Richard, NHL center (Montreal Canadiens)
29th - Jack R Lousma, Grand Rapids Mich, Col USMC/astronaut (Skylab 3, STS-3)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 1 of 1

Physicist and Nobel Laureate Emilio G. SegrèPhysicist and Nobel Laureate Emilio G. Segrè (2nd) 2nd - Physicist Emilio G. Segrè (31) weds jewish woman Elfriede Spiro at the Great Synagogue of Rome in Italy

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 14 of 14

1st - Georgios Kondylis, general of the Greek army and Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1878)
3rd - Sophie of Schönburg-Waldenburg, consort of William of Wied, Prince of Albania (b.1885)
4th - Wilhelm Gustloff, German leader of the Swiss Nazi party (b. 1895)
9th - Jacques Bainville, French historian/essayist/journalist, dies at 57
16th - Tommy Ward, South African cricket wicket keeper (23 Tests), electrocuted
17th - Erich Schaeder, German theologist (Theozentrische), dies at 74
19th - Charles Harding Firth, British historian (b. 1857)
20th - John Hope, president of Atlanta University, dies at 67
20th - Max Schreck, German actor (Count Orlok-Nosferatu), dies of a heart attack at 56
22nd - Johan M Skjoldborg, Danish writer (Dynaes Digte), dies at 74
Physiologist Ivan PavlovPhysiologist Ivan Pavlov (27th) 27th - Ivan Pavlov, Russian physiologist (reflexes, Nobel 1904), dies at 86
27th - Joshua W. Alexander, U.S. Secretary of Commerce under Woodrow Wilson (b. 1852)
28th - Pedro Munoz Seca, La Caraba/La oca, dies at 55
28th - Charles Nicolle, French bacteriologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1866)

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