What Happened in 1940 (Part 3)

Historical Events

Events 201 - 300 of 550

  • Jun 2nd Heavy German bombing on Dunkirk beach
  • Jun 3rd Last British/French troop leave Dunkirk
  • Jun 4th 1st NL night game at Sportsman's Park (Dodgers 10, Cardinals 1)
  • Jun 4th 1st night game at Forbes Field (Pirates 14, Braves 2)
  • Jun 4th British complete the "miracle of Dunkirk" by evacuating 300,000 allied troops from France

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Jun 4th Winston Churchill says "We shall fight on the seas & oceans"

Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill
  • Jun 5th A synthetic rubber tire exhibited Akron, Ohio by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.
  • Jun 5th American Negro Theater organizes
  • Jun 5th Battle of France begins in WW II
  • Jun 5th Gen Von Bock starts German offensive in Somme

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Jun 5th General Charles de Gaulle becomes French junior minister of Defense

French President Charles de Gaulle
French President
Charles de Gaulle
  • Jun 5th Gov of Suriname & Neth Antilles refuse entry to Jewish refugees
  • Jun 5th Netherlands rations petroleum
  • Jun 7th British/French troops evacuate Narvik
  • Jun 8th 72nd Belmont: Fred A Smith aboard Bimelech wins in 2:29.6
  • Jun 8th Discovery of element 93, neptunium, announced
  • Jun 8th Last British troops leave Narvik Norway
  • Jun 9th 44th US Golf Open: Lawson Little shoots a 287 at Canterbury GC OH
  • Jun 9th General Charles de Gaulle's 1st meeting with Winston Churchill
  • Jun 9th Norway surrenders to Germany during WW II
  • Jun 10th French government moves to Bordeaux
  • Jun 10th German "Dutch" Q-ship Atlantis sinks Norwegian tanker
  • Jun 10th German 5th Armoured division occupies Rouen
  • Jun 10th Italy declares war on France & Britain during WW II
  • Jun 10th Norway surrenders to Nazis
  • Jun 10th Canada declares war on Italy.
  • Jun 11th Italy declares war on allies/raids Malta
  • Jun 11th British Premier Winston Churchill flies to Orleans
  • Jun 11th World War II: British forces bomb Genoa and Turin in Italy.
  • Jun 11th World War II: First attack of the Italian Air force on the island of Malta.
  • Jun 13th Paris evacuates before German advance
  • Jun 14th German forces enter Paris during WWII
  • Jun 14th Auschwitz concentration camp opens in Nazi controlled Poland with Polish POWs (approx. 3 million would eventually be killed )
  • Jun 14th German U-47 sinks airship Balmoral
  • Jun 15th 38 Italian Fiat bombers bomb Luc-en-Province
  • Jun 15th Bread & flour rationed in Holland

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Jun 15th World War II: France surrenders to NAZI Germany, German troops occupy Paris

Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler
  • Jun 15th Soviet Army occupies Lithuania
  • Jun 16th Communist government installed in Lithuania
  • Jun 16th General De Gaulle arrives in Bordeaux
  • Jun 17th France asks Germany for terms of surrender in WW II
  • Jun 17th General De Gaulle departs Bordeaux for London
  • Jun 17th Germany occupiers ration bread in Holland
  • Jun 17th USSR occupies Estonia
  • Jun 17th World War II: sinking of the RMS Lancastria by the Luftwaffe near Saint-Nazaire, France.
  • Jun 18th Gen Charles de Gaulle on BBC tells French to defy Nazi occupiers
  • Jun 18th German occupiers slaughter cattle, pigs & chickens
  • Jun 18th Winston Churchill's "this was their finest hour" speech urging perseverance during Battle of Britain delivered to British House of Commons
  • Jun 19th "Brenda Starr", 1st cartoon strip by a woman, appears in Chicago

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Jun 19th German 7th Armoured division under command of Rommel occupies Cherbourg

German WWII Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
German WWII Field Marshal
Erwin Rommel

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Jun 19th Hermann Goering orders seizure of Dutch horses, car, buses & ships

Nazi Politician Hermann Goering
Nazi Politician
Hermann Goering

Sport-defeatBoxing Title Fight

Jun 20th Joe Louis TKOs Arturo Godoy in 8 for heavyweight boxing title

Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion
Joe Louis
  • Jun 21st German occupiers disband Dutch States-General/Council of State
  • Jun 21st The first successful west-to-east navigation of Northwest Passage begins at Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Jun 22nd France falls to Nazi Germany; armistice signed, France disarms
  • Jun 22nd SS rounds up 31 German/Polish/Dutch Jews in Roermond, Netherlands
  • Jun 22nd About 10,000 Afrikaner women march to the union buildings in protest of South Africa's involvement in WWII
  • Jun 23rd Marcel Louette seeks opposition group "White Brigade" on Antwerp
  • Jun 23rd RAF bombs Schiphol, Netherlands
  • Jun 24th France signs an armistice with Italy during WW II
  • Jun 25th Adolf Hitler views Eiffel tower & grave of Napoleon in Paris, France
  • Jun 26th End of USSR experimental calendar; Gregorian readopted 6/27
  • Jun 27th Soviet Army attacks Romania
  • Jun 27th USSR returns to Gregorian calendar
  • Jun 28th "Quiz Kids?" premieres on radio
  • Jun 28th Romania cedes Bessarabia to Soviet Union
  • Jun 29th Anjer (Carnation) Day-anniversary of Prince Bernhard
  • Jun 29th US passes Alien Registration Act requiring Aliens to register
  • Jun 29th Batman Comics, mobsters rubbed out a circus highwire team known as the Flying Graysons, leaving their son Dick (Robin) an orphan
  • Jun 30th "Brenda Starr" cartoon strip, by Dale Messick, 1st appears
  • Jun 30th 58 U-boats (284,000 ton) sunk this month
  • Jun 30th US Fish & Wildlife Service forms
  • Jun 30th German troops begin the invasion of the undefended Channel Islands.
  • Jul 1st Australia refuses entry to Dutch Jewish refugees
  • Jul 2nd Dutch PM Colijn publishes "Borders of 2 Worlds" (German victory)
  • Jul 2nd Hitler orders invasion of Britain (Operation Sealion)
  • Jul 2nd Lake Washington (Seattle) Floating bridge dedicated
  • Jul 2nd British PM Churchill meets Major General Bernard Montgomery
  • Jul 2nd Indian independence leader Subhas Chandra Bose is arrested and detained in Calcutta.
  • Jul 3rd ARP-leader/ex-premier Colijn argues cooperation with Germany
  • Jul 3rd British Royal Navy sinks French fleet in Mers-el-Kebir, Algeria, to prevent Germany seizing it.
  • Jul 3rd German occupiers forbid using Dutch royal names
  • Jul 4th British destroys French battle fleet at Oran, Algeria, 1267 die
  • Jul 4th German occupiers forbids anti-Nazi speeches
  • Jul 5th Diplomatic relations broken between Britain & Vichy government in France
  • Jul 9th 8th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 4-0 at Sportsman's Park, St Louis
  • Jul 9th German Evangelist Church protests against euthanasia pogroms
  • Jul 9th RAF bombs Germany
  • Jul 10th Battle of Britain begins as Nazi forces attacked shipping convoys in English Channel
  • Jul 11th British & German dogfight above Lyme Bay
  • Jul 11th Marshall Henri Petain, French hero of World War One, becomes head of the collaborative Vichy government of France.
  • Jul 14th Due to beanball wars, Spalding advertises batting helmet with earflaps
  • Jul 14th Lithuania becomes Lithuanian SSR
  • Jul 15th 1st betatron placed in operation, Urbana, Il
  • Jul 15th Nazi occupiers seize library of IISG Amsterdam
  • Jul 15th Physicist Donald Kerst becomes the first person to accelerate electrons using electromagnetic induction, reaching energies of 2.3 MeV, when his betatron device (for particle acceleration) becomes operational
  • Jul 16th NSB'er Woudenberg appointed as NVV-trustee

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Jul 18th Democratic Convention nominates FDR for a 3rd term

32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt
32nd US President
Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Jul 19th Hitler orders Great Britain to surrender
  • Jul 19th Nazi occupiers imprison 231 prominent Dutch citizens in Buchenwald

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 201 - 300 of 726

  • Apr 4th Bijan, Iran, mens apparel designer (Beverly Hills, London), born in NYC, New York
  • Apr 4th Robby Mueller, cinematographer (Breaking the Waves, Dead Man, Korczak)
  • Apr 4th Vladimir Timofeyevich Isakov, Russia, cosmonaut
  • Apr 4th Richard Attwood, British racing driver
  • Apr 4th Sharon Sheeley, American songwriter
  • Apr 5th Aliza Kashi, Israel, actress/singer (Merv Griffin regular)
  • Apr 6th Anne Campbell, MP
  • Apr 6th Homero Aridjis, Mexican poet (La Tumba de Filidor)
  • Apr 6th Pedro Armend├íriz Jr., Mexican actor
  • Apr 7th Jan Wilhelm Morthenson, composer
  • Apr 7th Patricia Paay, Dutch singer (You are not hip)
  • Apr 8th John Havlicek, Martin's Ferry Ohio, NBA hall-of-famer (Boston Celtics)
  • Apr 9th Jimmy [James] Roberts, NHL defenceman (1st Blues draft pick), born in Toronto (d. 2015)
  • Apr 9th Vasily Dmiotriyevich Shcheglov, Russian cosmonaut
  • Apr 10th Gloria Hunniford, British broadcaster/actress (Old Curiosity Shop)
  • Apr 12th Herbie Hancock, pianist (I Thought it Was You), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Apr 12th John Hagee, American pastor and televangelist
  • Apr 13th Lester Chambers, Ms, vocalist (Chamber Brothers-Time Has Come Today)
  • Apr 13th Mike Beuttler, British racing driver (d. 1988)
  • Apr 13th Jim McNab, Scottish footballer (d. 2006)
  • Apr 14th Patricia Bruder, American actress (Ellen-As the World Turns), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • Apr 15th Edy Hubacher, Switzerland, 4-man bobsled (Olympic-gold-1972)
  • Apr 15th Jeffrey Archer, England, (Tory-Commons)/author (Matter of Honor)
  • Apr 15th Robert Walker Jr, actor (Ceremony, Ms Don Juan, Ensign Pulver), born in NYC, New York
  • Apr 15th Woodie Fryman, American baseball player
  • Apr 15th Robert Lacroix, French Canadian professor of economics
  • Apr 16th David Holford, cricketer (cousin of G S Sobers WI leg-spin all-rounder)
  • Apr 16th Lord Camoys, deputy CEO (Barclays de Zoete Wedd)
  • Apr 16th Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark (1972- )
  • Apr 16th Paul Cox, actor (Exile, Golden Braid, Touch Me)
  • Apr 16th Stephen Lawrence Pruslin, composer
  • Apr 16th Beno├«t Bouchard, French-Canadian politician
  • Apr 17th Anja Silja, German soprano
  • Apr 18th Ed Garvey, American labor leader (NFL Players Association), born in Burlington, Wisconsin
  • Apr 18th Ira von Furstenberg, [Virginia Caroline] Rome Italy, Princess (Monaco)
  • Apr 18th Joseph L Goldstein, Sumter SC, physician (Nobel-1985)
  • Apr 18th Skip Stephenson, comedian (Real People), born in Omaha, Nebraska (d. 1992)
  • Apr 19th Algy Cluff, CEO (Spectator, Cluff Resources)
  • Apr 19th Genya Ravan, American vocalist (Goldie & the Gingerbreads, Ten Wheel Drive)

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Apr 20th George Takei, actor (Sulu-Star Trek, Green Berets), born in Los Angeles, California

  • Apr 20th James Gammon, Newman Ill, actor (Cool Hand Luke, Nick-Nash Bridges)
  • Apr 20th Jan Cremer, Dutch writer/sculptor (I, John Cremer)
  • Apr 20th Pilar Miro, director (Wether, Beltenebros)
  • Apr 21st Souleymane Cisse, director (Waati, Yeelen, Finye, Baara)
  • Apr 22nd Peter Goldstein, joint founder (Superdrug)
  • Apr 23rd Richard Monaco, US, sci-fi author (Grail War, Final Quest)
  • Apr 23rd Michael Copps, American Federal Government official
  • Apr 24th David Larter, cricketer (two-metre tall England pace bowler)
  • Apr 24th Sue Grafton, American author

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

Apr 25th Al Pacino, actor (And Justice For All, The Godfather, Scorpio), born in NYC, New York

Actor Al Pacino
Al Pacino
  • Apr 25th Marian Norrie
  • Apr 25th O B McClinton, [Burnett], country singer (Keep your arms around me)
  • Apr 26th Giorgio Moroder, composer (Let it Ride, Cat People, Top Gun)
  • Apr 29th Brian Taber, cricket wicket-keeper (Australian between Grout & Marsh)
  • Apr 30th Burt Young, actor (Convoy, Rocky), born in NYC, New York
  • May 1st Elsa Peretti, Italian jewelry designer
  • May 2nd Bryan Davis, cricketer (bro of Charlie WI batsman v Australia 1965)
  • May 2nd Sari van Heemskerck Pillis-Duvekot, Dutch MP (VVD)
  • May 3rd Konrad "Conny" Plank, German record producer and musician
  • May 3rd Clemens Westerhof, Dutch football manager
  • May 3rd David Koch, American businesman and philanthropist (Koch Industries), - 6th= richest person in the world (2015), born in Wichita, Kansas
  • May 4th Dick Curl, Chester Pa, offensive coordinator coach (Barcelona Dragons)
  • May 4th Robin Cook, American novelist
  • May 5th Lance Henriksen, actor (Aliens, Pumpkinhead, Knights, Hard Target)
  • May 6th Henry Habibe, Arubian poet (Kerensentenchi)
  • May 6th Murray Sidlin, American conductor (National Symphony 1973-77), born in Baltimore, Maryland
  • May 7th Armando Krieger, composer
  • May 7th John Irvin, actor (Moment in Time)
  • May 7th Angela Carter, English novelist and journalist (d. 1992)
  • May 7th Jim Connors, American Radio personality (d. 1987)
  • May 8th James Blyth, CEO (Boots)

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

May 8th Peter Benchley, novelist (Jaws, The Deep), born in NYC, New York (d. 2006)

Jaws Novelist Peter Benchley
Jaws Novelist
Peter Benchley
  • May 8th Ricky Nelson, NJ, rock star (Hello Mary Lou, It's Late, Garden Party)
  • May 8th Irwin Cotler, Canadian politician
  • May 8th Toni Tennille, American singer
  • May 9th Dick Morrissey, saxophonist
  • May 9th James L Brooks, producer/director (Broadcast News, Taxi, Critic)
  • May 10th Wayne Dyer, American psychologist and author (Universe Within You) (d. 2015)
  • May 10th Arthur Alexander, US singer/songwriter (Lonely Just Like Me)
  • May 10th Taurean Blacque, Newark New Jersey, actor (Neal Washington-Hill Street Blues)
  • May 10th William Cash, MP
  • May 10th Wayne A. Downing, retired United States Army general
  • May 11th Ronald Anthony Pellegrino, composer
  • May 11th Juan Downey, Chilean video artist (d. 1993)
  • May 13th Bruce Chatwin, England, writer (On the Black Hill)
  • May 13th Richard Brooks, singer (Impressions)
  • May 14th Chay Blyth, English sailor (Alone in Order to the World)
  • May 14th Troy Shondell, American singer
  • May 14th 'H'. Jones, British Soldier (VC recipient) (d. 1982)
  • May 15th Beth Stone, LPGA golfer
  • May 15th Mireille Darc, Toulon France, actor (Week End, Hurried Man)
  • May 15th Paul Rudd, actor (Conn Yankee in King Arthur's Court), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • May 16th Gareth Roberts, chancellor (Sheffield University)
  • May 17th Alan Kay, American computer scientist
  • May 18th A Marshall Stoneham, FRS, physicist
  • May 18th Pat Trimborn, cricket pace bowler (South African in 4 Tests 1966-70)
  • May 19th Carlos Diegues, actor (Xica)
  • May 19th Frank Lorenzo, airline executive (Continental, Texas Air, Eastern)
  • May 19th Joan Staley, playmate (Nov, 1958)
  • May 19th Mickey Newbury, rocker

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