What Happened in 1943 (Part 6)

Historical Events

Events 501 - 600 of 633

  • Sep 19 Fanny Whiteers-Koen breaks jumping world record
  • Sep 19 Liberator bombers sinks U-341
  • Sep 20 Liberator bomber sinks U-338
  • Sep 21 Arundel (Solomon Island) in US hands
  • Sep 21 Lynch Triangle (Square) in Bronx named
  • Sep 21 Russian 13th/61st Army reconquer Chyernigov
  • Sep 21 Soviet forces reach Dnjepr
  • Sep 22 British dwarf submarines attack Tirpitz
  • Sep 22 Destroyer HMS Itchen torpedoed & sinks
  • Sep 22 Destroyer HMS Keppel sinks U-229
  • Sep 24 Soviet forces reconquer Smolensk
  • Sep 25 Russian troops liberate Smolensk
  • Sep 27 Anti-fascism opposition begins in Naples
  • Sep 27 Dutch opposition newspaper "The Slogan" publishes KZ-Lower letter
  • Sep 29 1st Silbertanne-murder by German occupiers in Meppel

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Sep 29 Eisenhower & Italian Marshal Pietro Badoglio sign an armistice

34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th US President & WWII General
Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Sep 29 German riots at Amsterdam Jews
  • Sep 29 Zjadovs 5th Gardeleger/Managarovs 53rd Army reconquer Kremenchug
  • Sep 30 Pope Pius XII encyclical on Divine spirit
  • Oct 1 Allied forces captured Naples during WW II
  • Oct 1 Averell Harriman named US ambassador to Moscow
  • Oct 1 Germans attack Jews in Denmark
  • Oct 1 1st King's Dragoon Guards (Royal Amoured Corps) liberates suburbs of Naples
  • Oct 2 Japanese troops leave Kolombangara, Solomon Island
  • Oct 2 Yankees sweep 14th doubleheader of year, beating Browns, 5-1 & 7-6
  • Oct 3 British 8th army lands at Termoli, East Italy
  • Oct 3 Operations begin at PETA Java, defending (Japanese) fatherland
  • Oct 4 Corsica freed by Free French
  • Oct 4 German occupiers forbid flying of kites (6 month jail sentence)
  • Oct 5 US air raid on Wake, Japanese execute 98 US prisoners in retaliation
  • Oct 6 Battle at Vella Lavella, Solomon Island
  • Oct 6 Himmler wants acceleration of "Final Solution"
  • Oct 7 Weill/Perelman/Nash' musical "One Touch of Venus" premieres in NYC
  • Oct 8 Great Britain establishes bases on Azores
  • Oct 10 US bombers accidentally strike Enschede, Netherlands, causing 151 deaths
  • Oct 11 NY Yankees beat Cards 4 games to 1, in 40th World Series, to become 1st team to win 10 World Series
  • Oct 12 US bombs Rabaul, New Britain
  • Oct 13 Italy declares war on former Axis partner Germany
  • Oct 14 600 Jews escape during an uprising at the Nazi concentration Camp in Sobibor, Poland
  • Oct 14 Japan declares Philippine Independence (premier/pres Jose Laurel)
  • Oct 14 US 8th Air Force loses 60 B-17s during assault on Schweinfurt
  • Oct 16 Anti Jewish riot in Rome
  • Oct 16 Chicago Mayor Ed Kelly opens city's new subway system
  • Oct 16 Jewish quarter of Rome surrounded by Nazis, they are sent to Auschwitz
  • Oct 16 US 1st Army establishes headquarter in Bristol
  • Oct 17 Liberators sink U-540 & U-631
  • Oct 17 Burma railway completed, built by allied POWS and Asian labourers for the Japanese army
  • Oct 18 US bombing of Bougainville, Solomon Island
  • Oct 19 Conference of foreign ministers in Moscow
  • Oct 19 Theater Guild presentation of "Othello" opens at Shubert
  • Oct 19 Yankee 2nd baseman Joe Gordon announces his retirement
  • Oct 19 Streptomycin, the first antibiotic remedy for tuberculosis, is isolated by researchers at Rutgers University
  • Oct 23 First Jewish transport out of Rome reaches camp Birkenau
  • Oct 24 Anti-nazi Clandestine Radio Soldatsender Calais begins transmitting
  • Oct 25 Burma railroad completed & opens
  • Oct 26 World War II: First flight of the Dornier Do 335 "Pfeil".
  • Oct 28 German submarine U-220 sunk by US aircraft in the Atlantic
  • Oct 29 Three allied officers escape out camp Stalag Luft 3
  • Oct 30 Molotov-Eden-Cordell Hull accord over operations at UN
  • Oct 30 Soviet forces under Fyodor Ivanovich Tolbukhin commenced offensive on the 4th Ukranian Front

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 31 Washington Redskin Sammy Baugh passes for 6 touchdowns vs Bkln (48-10)

American Football Player and Coach Sammy Baugh
American Football Player and Coach
Sammy Baugh
  • Oct 31 World War II: F4U Corsair accomplishes the first successful radar-guided interception.
  • Nov 1 Dim-out ban lifted in SF Bay area
  • Nov 1 US troops land on Bougainville Island on Solomon Island
  • Nov 2 Jewish ghetto of Riga Latvia is destroyed
  • Nov 3 Dmitri Sjostakovitch's 8th Symphony premieres in Moscow
  • Nov 3 P-47D Thunderbolt shot down above North Holland
  • Nov 5 Vatican in Rome bombed by unknown source
  • Nov 6 Soviet troops land on Kertsj peninsula
  • Nov 6 Soviet forces reconquer Kiev

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 6 Stalin says: "The issue of German fascism is lost"

Soviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin
Soviet Union Premier
Joseph Stalin
  • Nov 7 Detroit Lions 0, NY Giants 0; last scoreless tie in NFL
  • Nov 8 France arrests government of Lebanon after they abolish the French mandate

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 11 Spud Chandler wins AL MVP; Stan Musial wins NL MVP

MLB Legend Stan Musial
MLB Legend
Stan Musial
  • Nov 11 US air raid on Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
  • Nov 12 Landwacht (NSB-political party) forms in Netherlands
  • Nov 14 Chic Bear Sid Luckman passes for 7 touchdowns vs NY Giants (56-7)
  • Nov 14 J Postma, C Schalker, D Goulooze arrested for leading illegal CPN
  • Nov 16 World War II: American bombers strike a hydro-electric power facility and heavy water factory in German-controlled Vemork, Norway.
  • Nov 18 First US ambassador to Canada, Ray Atherton, nominated
  • Nov 18 444 British bombers attack Berlin
  • Nov 18 U-211 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
  • Nov 19 U-536 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
  • Nov 20 U-538 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
  • Nov 20 US forces land on Tarawa & Makin Atoll in Gilbert Island
  • Nov 21 7 Belgian ministers in London criticise King Leopold III for surrendering to Germany

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 22 FDR, Churchill & Chiang Kai-shek meet to discuss ways to defeat Japan

32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt
32nd US President
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Chinese Military and Political Leader Chiang Kai-shek
Chinese Military and Political Leader
Chiang Kai-shek
  • Nov 22 France officially recognises the independence of Lebanon, releasing the imprison Lebanese government
  • Nov 22 RAF begins air bombing of Berlin
  • Nov 22 US troops land on Abemada, Gilbert Island
  • Nov 23 1st printing of illegal "Warheid"
  • Nov 23 British Forces Broadcasting Service begins operation
  • Nov 23 US forces take control of Tarawa, Gilbert Island & Makin from Japanese
  • Nov 23 Phils owner William D Cox is permanently banned from baseball for having bet on his own team
  • Nov 25 U-600 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
  • Nov 27 31st CFL Grey Cup: Hamilton Flying Wildcats defeat Winn Bombers, 23-14
  • Nov 27 Conference of Tehran (Churchill-Roosevelt-Stalin)
  • Nov 28 FDR, Churchill & Stalin met at Tehran to map out strategy
  • Nov 29 Partisan Tito forms temporary government in Jajce, Bosnia
  • Nov 29 U-86 sinks in Atlantic Ocean

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 501 - 600 of 854

  • Jul 31 Stephanie Forrester (Bold & the Beautiful)
  • Jul 31 Susan Flannery, actress (Leslie Stewart-Dallas), born in NYC, New York
  • Jul 31 William Bennett, US Secretary of Education (1985-88)/drug tsar
  • Jul 31 Sab Shimono, Japanese-American actor
  • Aug 1 Andy Roxburgh, football player, coach and manager, born in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Aug 1 Denis Payton, rock musician (Dave Clark Five - Glad All Over), born in London, England
  • Aug 2 Jeltje van Nieuwenhoven, Dutch MP (PvdA)
  • Aug 2 Kathy Lennon, singer (Lennon Sisters)
  • Aug 2 Max Wright, actor (Buffalo Bill, Alf, Misfits of Science), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • Aug 2 Rose Tremain, British novelist/playwright (Restoration)
  • Aug 2 Tom Burgmeier, American baseball player
  • Aug 2 Max Wright, American actor
  • Aug 4 David Carr, rock keyboardist (The Fortunes), born in Leyton, London (d. 2011)
  • Aug 4 Michael J McCulley, Cmdr USN/astronaut (STS-34), born in San Diego, California
  • Aug 4 Rodney Stuart Pattison, British yachtsman (Olympics)
  • Aug 4 Tina Cole, singer (King Cousins)/actress (Katie-My 3 Sons), born in Hollywood, California
  • Aug 4 Bjørn Wirkola, Norwegian ski jumper
  • Aug 5 Sammi Smith, American country music singer (Help Me Make It Through the Night), born in Orange County, California (d. 2005)
  • Aug 6 Michael Anderson Jr, actor (Clay-The Monroes), born in London, England
  • Aug 6 Ray Buktenica, Greenwich Village actor (Rhoda, House Calls), born in NYC, New York
  • Aug 6 Jon Postel, American computer scientist (d. 1998)
  • Aug 7 Alain Corneau, director (Choice of Arms)
  • Aug 7 Lana Cantrell, Australian singer (Those Were the Days), born in Sydney, New South Wales
  • Aug 7 Giorgio Alverà, Italy, bobsledder (WC 1975 gold), (d. 2013)
  • Aug 9 Ken Norton, American heavyweight boxer, born in Jacksonville, Illinois (d. 2013)
  • Aug 10 Ronnie Spector, [Veronica Bennett], singer (Be My Little Baby), born in NYC, New York
  • Aug 10 Shafqat Rana, Pakistani cricket batsman (5 Tests 1964-69)
  • Aug 10 Veronica Bennett, rocker
  • Aug 10 Michael Mantler, American trumpeter and composer
  • Aug 11 James Kale, rocker (Guess Who)
  • Aug 11 Kenny Gamble, US songwriter (Me & Mrs Jones)
  • Aug 11 Krzysztof Meyer, composer
  • Aug 11 Abigail Folger, American heiress and Manson murder victim (d. 1969)
  • Aug 11 Pervaiz Musharaf, Delhi India, General and politician, 10th President of Pakistan (2001-2008)
  • Aug 12 William Mac Lance "Tiny" McCloud, musician/songwriter
  • Aug 13 Gary Ilman, US, 100m freestyle (Olympic-4th-1964)
  • Aug 13 Susan Jameson, actress (Secret World of Polly Flint)
  • Aug 13 Yuri Fedorovich Isaulov, Russia, cosmonaut
  • Aug 14 Barrie Leadbeater, English cricketer and umpire, born in Harehills, Leeds
  • Aug 14 Jon Andrew McBride, Charleston WV, Capt USN/astronaut (STS 41G)
  • Aug 14 Keith Hampson, British politician (C), arrested, not charged for sexual assault, born in
  • Aug 15 Barbara Bouchet, Reichenberg Czech, actress (Casino Royale)
  • Aug 15 Eni F H Faleomavaega, (Rep-D-American Samoa)
  • Aug 15 María Rojo, Mexican actress and politician
  • Aug 17 Edward Cowie, composer
  • Aug 17 Koos Postema, editor-in-chief (Vrije Volk)/Dutch TV host

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Aug 17 Robert De Niro, actor (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull), born in NYC, New York

  • Aug 17 Yukio Kasaya, Japan, 70m ski jumper (Olympic-gold-1972)
  • Aug 17 Dave "Snaker" Ray, American musician (d. 2002)
  • Aug 18 Martin Mull, actor/comedian (Bad Manners, Flick, Serial), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Aug 18 Gianni Rivera, Italian footballer and politician
  • Aug 19 Billy J Kramer, rock vocalist (The Dakotas-Bad to Me), born in Liverpool, England
  • Aug 20 Sylvester McCoy, Scottish actor
  • Aug 21 Hugh Wilson, American director, writer and actor
  • Aug 22 Alun Michael, MP (Labour)
  • Aug 22 Masatoshi Shima, Japanese computer scientist
  • Aug 23 Bobby Diamond, actor (Duncan Gillis-Dobie Gillis), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Aug 23 Dale Campbell-Savours, MP (Lab)
  • Aug 23 Peter Lilley, MP/sect of state for British social security
  • Aug 23 Nelson DeMille, American novelist
  • Aug 24 John Cipollina, SF Cal, rock guitarist (Quicksilver Messenger Service)
  • Aug 24 Pini Zahavi, Israeli football agent
  • Aug 26 Ulf Sundelin, Sweden, yachtsmen (Olympic-gold-1968)
  • Aug 27 Bob Kerrey, (Sen-D Nebraska)
  • Aug 27 [Susan] Tuesday Weld, actress (Dobie Gillis, Wild in Country), born in NYC, New York
  • Aug 28 Anne "Honey" Lantree, rocker
  • Aug 28 David Soul, [Solberg] actor (Starsky & Hutch), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Aug 28 Lou Pinella, Yankee manager (1969 AL rookie of the year)
  • Aug 28 Surayud Chulanont, Thai 24th Prime Minister (former)
  • Aug 29 Mohamed Amin, cameraman
  • Aug 29 Richard Halligan, Troy NY, rock vocalist (Blood Sweat & Tears)
  • Aug 30 David Henry Maslanka, composer
  • Aug 30 Jean Claude Killy, alpine skier (Olympic-3 golds-1968), born in Paris, France

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Aug 30 Robert Crumb, American cartoonist (Father Time, Fritz Cat), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cartoonist Robert Crumb
Robert Crumb
  • Aug 31 Leonid Ivashov, Russian general
  • Sep 1 Pat Connolly-Daniels-Winslow-Banks, US pentathlete (Olympics-7th-1968)
  • Sep 1 Don Stroud, American actor (Coogan's Bluff, Buddy Holly Story), born in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Sep 2 Glenn Sather, NHL coach (Edmonton Oiler)
  • Sep 2 Joe Simon, US singer (Power of Love)
  • Sep 2 Rosalind Ashford, rock vocalist (Martha Reeve & Vandellas), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • Sep 3 Dave Eichelberger, Waco TX, PGA golfer (1971 Greater Milwaukee Open)
  • Sep 3 Michael D Barnes, (Rep-D-MD, 1979-86)
  • Sep 3 Mick Farren, UK, sci-fi author (Synaptic Manhunt, Citizen Phaid)
  • Sep 3 Valerie Perrine, American actress and model (Steam Bath, Superman, Lenny), born in Galveston, Texas
  • Sep 3 Frank Lister, English footballer
  • Sep 4 Giuseppi Gentile, Italy, triple jumper (Olympic-bronze-1968)
  • Sep 5 Joe "Speedo" Frazier, rocker (Impalas)
  • Sep 5 Dulce Saguisag, Filipino politician and former DSWD Secretary. (d. 2007)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Sep 6 George Roger Waters, English rock bassist and vocalist (Pink Floyd-Brick in the Wall), born in Cambridge, England

Rock Bassist/Vocalist George Roger Waters
Rock Bassist/Vocalist
George Roger Waters
  • Sep 6 Richard J. Roberts, English biochemist and molecular biologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  • Sep 7 Lena Valaitis, Lithuanian-German Schlager singer
  • Sep 7 Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada
  • Sep 8 Adelaide C. Eckardt, American politician
  • Sep 9 Art LaFleur, American actor
  • Sep 10 Garrett List, composer
  • Sep 10 Eldridge Coleman ("Superstar" Billy Graham), American professional wrestler
  • Sep 10 Daniel Truhitte, American actor
  • Sep 10 Neale Donald Walsch, American author
  • Sep 11 Mickey Hart, drummer (Grateful Dead)
  • Sep 11 Raymond Villeneuve, Canadian terrorist

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