What Happened in December 1945

Historical Events

  • Dec 1 CFL Grey Cup: Toronto beats Winnipeg 35-0 at Toronto
  • Dec 4 11th Heisman Trophy Award: Doc Blanchard, Army (FB)
  • Dec 4 Senate approves US participation in United Nations
  • Dec 5 Flight 19 the "Lost Squadron" of 5 torpedo bombers and 14 airmen is lost east of Florida in the supposed Bermuda Triangle
  • Dec 5 Special Council of Annulment affirms death sentence of Max Blokzijl
  • Dec 10 Aust Services lose 3rd Victory Test Cricket to India by 6 wkts
  • Dec 10 Preston Tucker reveals plan to produce the Torpedo, a new 150 MPH car
  • Dec 11 Het Parool publishes 1st Captain Rob-strip
  • Dec 12 Special Court of justice convicts Dutch Nazi leader Mussert to death
  • Dec 14 Elmer Rice' "Dream Girl" premieres in NYC
  • Dec 15 John J "Cardinal" O'Connor, ordained as a priest
  • Dec 16 Cleveland Rams win NFL championship
  • Dec 18 Uruguay joins the United Nations
  • Dec 19 Austrian Republic re-establishes
  • Dec 19 Jean Giraudoux' "La Folle de Chaillot" premieres in Paris
  • Dec 20 Rationing of auto tires ends in US
  • Dec 21 "Billion Dollar Baby" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 219 performances
  • Dec 21 Gould/Comden/Green's "Billion Dollar Baby" premieres in NYC
  • Dec 22 Utrecht: Catholic People's party (KVP) established
  • Dec 23 Frederick Astons "Cinderella" premieres in London
  • Dec 23 Pope Pius XII encyclical Orientals omnes, about Rutheense church
  • Dec 26 CFP franc and CFA franc created
  • Dec 27 Arthur Laurent's "Home of the Brave" premieres in NYC

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Dec 27 International Monetary Fund formally established by 29 member countries based on ideas of Harry Dexter White and John Maynard Keynes

  • Dec 27 The World Bank was created with the signing of an agreement by 28 nations.
  • Dec 28 Congress officially recognizes "Pledge of Allegiance"

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Dec 31 Bradman scores 112, his 1st post-War century, SA v Aust Services

Cricket Legend Donald Bradman
Cricket Legend
Donald Bradman

AgreementUnited Nations Charter

Dec 31 Ratification of United Nations Charter completed

Famous Birthdays

  • Dec 1 John Densmore, LA, drummer (Doors-C'mon Light My Fire)
  • Dec 1 Ross Edwards, cricketer (Aussie middle-order bat of the 70's)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 1 Bette Midler, American actress and singer (Beaches, Wind Beneath my Wings), born in Honolulu, Hawaii

Actress/Singer Bette Midler
Bette Midler
  • Dec 2 Alan "Froggy" Thomson, cricketer (Australian quickie 1970-71)
  • Dec 2 Penelope Spheeris, American film director
  • Dec 3 Laura Dean, Staten Island composer/choreographer (Drumming), born in NYC, New York
  • Dec 4 Michael Gerzon, mathematician
  • Dec 4 Pam Higgins, LPGA golfer
  • Dec 4 Roberta Lynn Bondar, Ontario, astronaut (STS 42)
  • Dec 5 J W "Corkey" Fornof, stunt coordinator (Octopussy), born in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Dec 5 Jocelyn, Italian entertainer
  • Dec 6 James Naughton, American actor (Stranger is Watching, Trauma center), born in Middletown, Connecticut
  • Dec 6 Larry Bowa, 2nd baseman (Phillies)
  • Dec 6 Dan Harrington, American poker player
  • Dec 6 Shekhar Kapur, Indian filmmaker
  • Dec 7 Marion Rung, Finnish singer
  • Dec 8 John Banville, Irish novelist and journalist
  • Dec 9 Michael Nouri, actor (Beacon Hill, Bay City Blues), born in Washington, D.C.
  • Dec 9 Matti M√§ntyl√§, Finnish actor
  • Dec 10 Eric Boom, Dutch guitarist/producer
  • Dec 11 Robert Pickett, rocker
  • Dec 12 Alan Ward, rock musician
  • Dec 12 Karl Edward Wagner, American sci-fi author (Bloodstone, Night Winds)
  • Dec 12 Leslie Holbert, LPGA golfer
  • Dec 12 Susi Hush, English television producer, born in Thurgoland, Yorkshire (d. 1995)
  • Dec 12 Tony Williams, jazz musician
  • Dec 13 Kathy Garver, American actress (Cissy in Family Affair), born in Long Beach, California
  • Dec 13 Brian McGuire, Australian racing driver, born in Melbourne (d. 1977)
  • Dec 15 Thaao Penghlis, actor (Mission Impossible, Tony-Days of Our Life)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 15 Michael King, New Zealand historian and author (Penguin History of New Zealand), born in Wellington, New Zealand

Historian and Author Michael King
Historian and Author
Michael King
  • Dec 16 Patti Deutsch, American actress and Match Game panelist
  • Dec 16 Bobby George, English professional darts player
  • Dec 16 Yukio Hattori, Japanese Iron Chef commentator
  • Dec 17 Christopher Cazenove, England, actor (Ben-Dynasty)
  • Dec 17 Ernie Hudson, Benton Harbor MI, actor (Ghostbusters, Weeds)
  • Dec 17 Chris Matthews, American journalist
  • Dec 17 Jacqueline Wilson, English author
  • Dec 18 Birenda Bir Bikram, King of Nepal (1972- )
  • Dec 18 Carolyn Wood, American 4 X 100m freestyle swimmer (Olympic gold 1960)
  • Dec 19 Elaine Joyce, actress (City of Angels, Mr Merlin), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Dec 19 John McEuen, rocker (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
  • Dec 20 Peter Criss [George Peter John Criscuola], American drummer and singer (Kiss), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • Dec 21 Doug Walters, cricketer (Aussie batting genius 1965-81 Extrovert)
  • Dec 21 Millie Hughes-Fulford, Wells Tx, astronaut (STS 40)
  • Dec 22 Diane Sawyer, newscaster (60 Minutes, ABC Prime Time), born in Glasgow, Kentucky
  • Dec 22 Joris J C Voorhoeve, Dutch Defense minister (1994-, VVD)
  • Dec 22 Marianne van Wijnkoop, [Bosscher], Dutch actress (Les Miserables)
  • Dec 23 Georges Aperghis, composer
  • Dec 23 Richard C Wohlhuter, 800m runner (Olympic bronze 1976)
  • Dec 23 Ronald Bushy, rocker (Iron Butterfly-Ina gada davida)
  • Dec 24 Lemmy [Ian Kilminster], heavy metal musician (Motorhead), born in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire (d. 2015)
  • Dec 24 Nicholas Meyer, director (Star Trek II Wrath of Khan)
  • Dec 25 Rick Berman, [Richard], televison producer (Star Trek Generations), born in New York
  • Dec 25 Gary Sandy, actor (Andy-WKRP in Cincinnati), born in Dayton, Ohio
  • Dec 25 Ken "The Snake" Stabler, NFL quarterback (Oak Raiders, Super Bowl XI), born in Foley, Alabama (d. 2015)
  • Dec 25 Noel Redding, rocker (The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Purple Haze)
  • Dec 25 Steve Mancha, [Clyde Wilson], US singer/songwriter (Too Many Cooks)
  • Dec 25 Mike Pringle, Scottish politician
  • Dec 26 John Walsh, activist/TV host (America's Most Wanted)
  • Dec 28 Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Deva, King of Nepal (1972- )
  • Dec 28 Dwight Bement, rocker (Gary Puckett & Union Gap-Young Girl)
  • Dec 28 Max Hastings, British editor-in-chief (Daily Telegraph)
  • Dec 28 Mike Gibbons, American rocker (Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods-Billy Don't be a Hero), (d. 2016)
  • Dec 29 Adje Roland, Dutch disc-jockey

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 30 Davy Jones, singer (Monkees-Last Train to Clarksville), born in Manchester, England (d. 2012)

Singer Davy Jones
Davy Jones
  • Dec 30 John Kevin Moorhouse, test pilot
  • Dec 30 Preston Andrew Trombly, composer
  • Dec 30 Concetta Tomei, American actress
  • Dec 30 Vernon Wells, Australian actor
  • Dec 31 Claude D Marks, Buenos Aires Argent, FALN member (FBI most wanted)

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

Dec 5 Actor Eddie Albert (39) weds actress Margo (28)

HeartWedding of Interest

Dec 24 Actress Mary Astor (39) weds Thomas Gordon Wheelock

Actress Mary Astor
Mary Astor

Famous Divorces

Broken heartDivorce of Interest

Dec 21 American author and journalist "The Old Man and the Sea" Ernest Hemingway and journalist Martha Gellhorn divorce after 5 years of marriage.

Broken heartDivorce of Interest

Dec 25 Actor John Wayne (38) divorces Josephine Saenz (37) after 12 years of marriage

Actor John Wayne
John Wayne

Famous Deaths

  • Dec 1 Harvey Bartlett Gaul, composer, dies at 64
  • Dec 4 Thomas Hunt Morgan, American evolutionary biologist, geneticist and embryologist (Nobel Prize 1933), dies at 79
  • Dec 8 Alexander Siloti, Russian pianist and composer, dies at 82
  • Dec 10 Theodor Dannecker, SS officer (b. 1913)
  • Dec 11 Charles Fabry, French physicist (b. 1867)
  • Dec 13 Robert van Genechten, Dutch Nazi (NSB), commits suicide
  • Dec 13 Vittorio Mario Vanzo, composer, dies at 83
  • Dec 13 Elisabeth Volkenrath, supervisor at concentration camps (b. 1919)
  • Dec 14 Constantino Gaito, composer, dies at 67
  • Dec 14 Forrester Harvey, actor (Tarzan & Mate, Chump at Oxford), dies at 61
  • Dec 14 Henry van Goudoever, Dutch lawyer/judge, dies on his 69th birthday
  • Dec 14 Josef Kramer, known as "The Beast of Belsen," & 10 others, hanged
  • Dec 16 Fumimaro Konu, Japanese prince/PM (1937-39, 40-41), commits harakiri
  • Dec 20 Charles Eady, cricketer (Tasmanian player for Aust 1896-1901), dies

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 21 George S. Patton, American WWII general (Sicily, Italy and Normandy) known as "Old Blood & Guts", dies of congestive heart failure at 60

US WWII General George S. Patton
US WWII General
George S. Patton
  • Dec 22 Otto Neurath, Austrian/British philosopher, dies at 63
  • Dec 23 Mogens Klitgaard, Danish author (Brunkul), dies at 39
  • Dec 24 Francisco Pujol, composer, dies at 67
  • Dec 28 Theodore Dreiser, novelist (An American Tragedy), dies at 74
  • Dec 31 Don Douglas, Scottish actor (The Black Castle), dies at 40