What Happened in 1956

Significant Events

  • Jan 8 Elvis Presley's "Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog" single goes #1 & stays #1 for a record 11 weeks (for a single)
  • Feb 25 Nikita Khrushchev denounces Stalin at 20th Soviet Party Conference
  • Mar 2 Morocco tears up the Treaty of Fez, declaring independence from France
  • Apr 26 First modern container ship, the Ideal X, leaves Port Newark, New Jersey for Houston, Texas
  • Jun 13 After 72 years Britain gives up Suez Canal to Egyptian control
  • Sep 4 IBM RAMAC 305 is introduced, the first commercial computer that uses magnetic disk storage
  • Sep 13 IBM introduces the RAMAC 305, 1st computer with a hard drive, weighs over a ton
  • Sep 14 1st prefrontal lobotomy performed in Washington, D.C.
  • Sep 25 First transatlantic telephone cable goes into operation from Newfoundland to Oban
  • Oct 6 Dr Albert Sabin discovers oral polio vaccine
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Did You Know?

Elvis Presley's 1st hit record, "Heartbreak Hotel", becomes #1

On April 21, 1956

World Leaders in 1956

Famous People in 1956

Famous Weddings

  • Jan 1 Actor Gene Hackman (25) weds Fay Maltese
  • Jan 28 Science student later astronaut Neil Armstrong marries fellow student Janet Elizabeth Shearon in Wilmette, Illinois
  • Feb 14 MLB center fielder Willie Mays (24) weds Margherite Wendell Chapman in NYC, New York
  • Mar 3 Prime Minister of Australia Bob Hawke (26) weds first wife Hazel Masterson (26) at Perth Trinity Church in Australia
  • Mar 19 Author Aldous Huxley (62) weds musician and author Laura Archera (45)
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