What Happened in 1965

Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 679

  • Jan 1 International Cooperation Year begins
  • Jan 1 Palestinian al-Fatah organization forms
  • Jan 1 The People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan is founded in Kabul.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 1 American actor George Murphy begins his term as Senator of California

Actor and Senator George Murphy
Actor and Senator
George Murphy
  • Jan 1 51st Rose Bowl: #4 Michigan beats #8 Oregon State, 34-7
  • Jan 1 31st Sugar Bowl: #7 LSU beats Syracuse, 13-10
  • Jan 1 31st Orange Bowl: #5 Texas beats #1 Alabama, 21-17
  • Jan 2 Ayub Khan elected president of Pakistan

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 2 Martin Luther King Jr. begins a drive to register black voters

Civil Rights Activist Martin Luther King Jr.
Civil Rights Activist
Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Jan 2 NY Jets sign quarterback Joe Namath
  • Jan 2 Obverse design of all Canadian coins is changed to depict present-day

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 4 LBJ's "Great Society" State of the Union Address

36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson
36th US President
Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Jan 6 Geoff Boycott takes 3-47 against South Africa, his best Test bowling
  • Jan 7 France announces it will convert $150 million of its currency to gold
  • Jan 7 Twin brothers are in held in custody in London charged with abduction and murder
  • Jan 8 Senator Everett Dirksen introduces a bill to make marigold the American natonal flower (it does not pass)
  • Jan 8 Star of India returned to American Museum of Natural History
  • Jan 9 Beatles' 65 album goes #1 & stays #1 for 9 weeks
  • Jan 10 Bollingen prize for poetry awarded to Horace Gregory
  • Jan 10 NFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 34-14
  • Jan 10 WKBD TV channel 50 in Detroit, MI (IND) begins broadcasting
  • Jan 12 "Hullabaloo" premieres on NBC-TV
  • Jan 12 At 10:58 am PST burn up a nuclear rocket in Nevada
  • Jan 13 15th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 124-123 at St. Louis
  • Jan 15 Rock group Who releases first album "I Can't Explain"
  • Jan 15 Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan, forms
  • Jan 15 Soviet underground nuclear test creates the atomic lake Chagan, Kazakhstan
  • Jan 16 "Oh What a Lovely War" closes at Broadhurst NYC after 125 performances
  • Jan 16 "Outer Limits" last airs on ABC-TV
  • Jan 16 AFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 38-14
  • Jan 16 The Searchers' "Love Potion Number 9" peaks at #3
  • Jan 16 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Jan 18 H L de Vries appointed Dutch governor of Suriname
  • Jan 20 The Beatles appear on Shindig (ABC-TV)
  • Jan 20 The Byrds record "Mr Tambourine Man"
  • Jan 20 The US Jet Propulsion Laboratory proposes modified Apollo flight to fly around Mars & return

Conference meetingMeeting of Interest

Jan 20 Generalissimo Francisco Franco meets with Jewish representatives to discuss legitimizing Jewish communities in Spain

Spanish Dictator and General Francisco Franco
Spanish Dictator and General
Francisco Franco
  • Jan 21 Iranian premier Hassan Ali Mansur assassinated by 17-year-old Mohammad Bokharaei, a member of the Fadayan-e Islam.
  • Jan 22 US launches TIROS 9 weather satellite
  • Jan 23 "King Family Show" (musical variety) premieres on ABC TV
  • Jan 23 BPAA All-Star Tournament won by Dick Weber

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 23 Boston Celtic center Bill Russell misses all 14 shots in loss to Philadelphia Warriors led by Wilt Chamberlain

Basketball Player Bill Russell
Basketball Player
Bill Russell
NBA Legend Wilt Chamberlain
NBA Legend
Wilt Chamberlain
  • Jan 26 South Vietnam military coup under general Nguyen Khanh
  • Jan 27 1st ground station-to-aircraft radio communication via satellite
  • Jan 27 Ground breaking for "Dragon Gateway" at Grant Avenue
  • Jan 28 The Who make their 1st appearance on British TV
  • Jan 30 "The Name Game" by Shirley Ellis hits #3

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 30 State funeral of Winston Churchill at St Paul's Cathedral in London. Largest ever state funeral.

Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill
  • Jan 31 Pud Galvin elected to baseball Hall of Fame
  • Feb 1 Dutch Queen Juliana opens Brienenoord Bridge in Rotterdam
  • Feb 1 Martin Luther King Jr. & 700 demonstrators arrested in Selma Ala

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 1 Peter Jennings, 26, becomes anchor of ABC's nightly news

Journalist and T.V. News Anchor Peter Jennings
Journalist and T.V. News Anchor
Peter Jennings
  • Feb 1 NL adopts emergency team replacement plan to restock any club struck by disaster

Sport awardTennis Open

Feb 1 53rd Women's Australian Championships: Margaret Court beats Maria Bueno (5-7, 6-4, 5-2 ret.)

Tennis Champion Maria Bueno
Tennis Champion
Maria Bueno

Sport awardTennis Open

Feb 1 53rd Men's Australian Championships: Roy Emerson beats Fred Stolle (7-9, 2-6, 6-4, 7-5, 6-1)

Tennis Player Roy Emerson
Tennis Player
Roy Emerson
  • Feb 2 Joe Orton's "Loot" premieres in Brighton
  • Feb 3 105 USAF cadets resigned for cheating in exams
  • Feb 3 Geraldine McCullough wins Widener Gold Medal for Sculpture
  • Feb 3 Orbiting Solar Observatory 2 launches into Earth orbit (552/636 km)
  • Feb 3 Braves offer Milwaukee $500,000 to terminate their lease a year earlier, the proposal is turned down
  • Feb 4 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Feb 5 Beursschouwburg opens in Brussels
  • Feb 6 "Kelly" opens & closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC
  • Feb 6 Righteous Brothers "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" hits #1

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 7 George Harrison's tonsils removed

Singer-Songwriter George Harrison
George Harrison
  • Feb 7 Operations begin at Grupo Folklorico Antiyano on Curacao
  • Feb 7 US begins regular bombing & strafing of N Vietnam
  • Feb 7 WVIZ TV channel 25 in Cleveland, Ohio (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 8 Eastern DC-7B crashes into Atlantic off Jones Beach NJ, kills 84
  • Feb 8 Supremes release "Stop In the Name of Love"

Film tv awardsFilm and TV Awards

Feb 8 22nd Golden Globes: Becket, Peter O'Toole, & Anne Bancroft win

Actress Anne Bancroft
Anne Bancroft
  • Feb 11 Braves propose to pay 5 cents from each ticket to bring a new team to Milwaukee
  • Feb 12 KHFI (now KBVO) TV channel 42 in Austin, TX (NBC) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 12 Nuclear test at Pacific Ocean
  • Feb 13 Peggy Fleming, 16, wins ladies senior figure skating title
  • Feb 13 US female Figure Skating championship won by Peggy Fleming
  • Feb 13 US male Figure Skating championship won by Gary Visconti
  • Feb 14 7th Daytona 500: Fred Lorenzen wins (141.539 MPH)
  • Feb 15 Canada replaces Union Jack flag with Maple Leaf
  • Feb 15 John Lennon passes his driving test
  • Feb 15 Maple Leaf becomes official flag of Canada
  • Feb 16 "Baker Street" opens at Broadway Theater NYC for 313 performances
  • Feb 16 Pegasus 1 launched to detect micro-meteors
  • Feb 17 US Ranger 8 launched, will transmit 7,137 lunar pictures
  • Feb 17 US-Japan baseball relations suspended over Masanori Murakami dispute
  • Feb 18 "Fade Out-Fade In" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 72 performances
  • Feb 18 27 copper miners die in avalanche, Granduc Mountain, BC
  • Feb 18 Frank Gifford announces his retirement from football for broadcasting
  • Feb 18 The Gambia becomes independent from the United Kingdom.
  • Feb 19 NFL adds 6th official,- the line judge
  • Feb 20 Beatles record "That Means a Lot"
  • Feb 20 Ranger 8 makes hard landing on the Moon, returns photos, other data
  • Feb 20 Turkish government of Uerguplu forms

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 21 Rights activist Malcolm X is shot dead by Nation of Islam followers at Audubon Ballroom in New York City

African American Activist Malcolm X
African American Activist
Malcolm X
  • Feb 22 USSR launches Kosmos 57 into earth orbit (Voskhod Test)
  • Feb 23 Constance Baker Motley elected Manhattan Borough president
  • Feb 24 Beatles begin filming "Help" in Bahamas
  • Feb 24 East German president Ulbricht visits Egypt
  • Feb 26 Dutch government of Marijnen falls
  • Feb 26 West Germany ceases military aid to Tanzania

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 1,028

  • Jan 1 Andrew O Valmon, 400m runner, born in Brooklyn, New York
  • Jan 1 Harry Galbreath, NFL guard (Green Bay Packers)
  • Jan 1 Mark Dewey, US baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • Jan 2 Greg Swindell, pitcher (Houston Astros, Cleve Indians), born in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Jan 2 Russ Courtnall, Duncan, NHL right wing (Vancouver Canucks)
  • Jan 3 Daniel Stubbs, NFL defensive end (Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins)
  • Jan 3 Mark Dewey, pitcher (SF Giants), born in Grand Rapids Michigan
  • Jan 4 David Glasper, rocker (Breathe-All I Need)
  • Jan 4 Guy Forget, Morocco, tennis star
  • Jan 4 Jergus Baca, Liptovsky Mikulas CZE, IHL defenseman (Team Slovakia 98)
  • Jan 4 John Jackson, NFL offensive tackle (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Jan 4 Julia Ormond, actress (Sabrina, Legends of the Fall), born in London, England
  • Jan 4 Kevin Wickander, US baseball pitcher (Cincinnati Reds)
  • Jan 4 Mitch Booth, Australian tornado sailor (Olympics-96)
  • Jan 4 Yvan Attal, French actor and director
  • Jan 4 Beth Gibbons, English singer (Portishead)
  • Jan 4 Cait O'Riordan, British musician (The Pogues)
  • Jan 4 Rick Hearst, actor (General Hospital), born in Howard Beach, New York
  • Jan 5 Rick Tuten, NFL punter (Seattle Seahawks)
  • Jan 5 Vinnie Jones, English-born Welsh footballer and actor
  • Jan 6 Christine Wachtel, E German running star (world indoor record 800m)
  • Jan 6 Jose Dejesus, US baseball pitcher (Kansas City Royals)
  • Jan 6 Lindsay H Burns, Big Timber Mont, rower (Olympics-silver-96)
  • Jan 6 Tim McDonald, NFL player (SF 49ers)
  • Jan 6 Bjorn Lomborg, Danish mathematician
  • Jan 6 Muhammed al-Ahari, American Muslim writer
  • Jan 6 Konnan, Cuban-born professional wrestler
  • Jan 7 Mark Rushmere, cricketer (South African opening bat in comeback Test 1992)
  • Jan 8 Champaka Ramanayake, cricketer (Sri Lankan opening bowler)
  • Jan 8 Eric Wohlberg, Sudbury Ontario, cyclist (Olympics-96)
  • Jan 8 Michelle Forbes, actress (Julianna Cox-Homicide)
  • Jan 9 Atsuo Kudo, hockey defenseman (Team Japan 1998)
  • Jan 9 Carin Garbarra, soccer forward (Olympics-96), born in East Orange, New Jersey
  • Jan 9 Cindy Brooks, East Hampton CT, rower (Olympics-96)
  • Jan 9 Darren Bennett, NFL punter (San Diego Chargers)
  • Jan 9 Georg Franz, Straubing GER, hockey forward (Team Germany, Landshut)
  • Jan 9 Muggsy Bogues, NBA guard (SF Warriors)
  • Jan 9 Vincent Brown, NFL inside linebacker (NE Patriots)
  • Jan 9 [Tyrone] Muggsy Bogues, NBA guard (Charlotte Hornets, Wash Bullets)
  • Jan 9 Eric Erlandson, American musician
  • Jan 10 James Washington, NFL safety (Dallas Cowboys, Wash Redskins)
  • Jan 10 Nathan, rocker (Brother Beyond-Can You Keep a Secret)
  • Jan 10 Butch Hartman, American animator
  • Jan 11 Barbara Belding, San Diego Cal, WPVA volleyballer (US Open-17th-1994)
  • Jan 11 Joely Richardson, actress (Body Contact, Wetherby), born in London, England
  • Jan 11 Karl Van Calcar, Torrance California, 3k steeplechase
  • Jan 11 Loredana Romito, Benevento Italy, model/actress (Fatal Temptation)
  • Jan 11 Olivia Barash, actress (Laura-Out of the Blue), born in Miami, Florida
  • Jan 11 Steve Vancil, Oregon City Ore, golfer (1989 City of Portland)
  • Jan 11 Roland Scholten, Dutch Darts Player
  • Jan 12 Henry Thomas, defensive tackle (Detroit Lions, New England Patriots)
  • Jan 12 Mark Moore, rocker (S'Express-Winter Course)
  • Jan 12 Rob Zombie, American musician
  • Jan 14 Dave Lowry, Sudbury, NHL left wing (Florida Panthers)
  • Jan 14 Desiree Nosbusch, Luxembourg, actress (The Fan)
  • Jan 14 Jemma Redgrave, actress (Buddha of Suburbia), born in London, England
  • Jan 14 Shamil Basayev, Chechen rebel (d. 2006)
  • Jan 14 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, British chef
  • Jan 15 Derek B, rocker (Bullet from a Gun)
  • Jan 15 Michael Clemons, CFL running back (Toronto Argonauts)
  • Jan 15 Maurizio Fondriest, Italian cyclist
  • Jan 15 Bernard Hopkins, American boxer
  • Jan 15 James Nesbitt, Northern Irish actor
  • Jan 17 Nikos Nioplias, Greek footballer
  • Jan 17 Sylvain Turgeon, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Jan 18 Richard Dunwoody, British(?) jockey)
  • Jan 18 Dave Attell, American writer and comedian
  • Jan 19 Ricky Reynolds, NFL cornerback (NE Patriots)
  • Jan 20 Brad Brink, US baseball pitcher (SF Giants, Philadelphia Phillies)
  • Jan 20 Anton Weissenbacher, Romanian footballer
  • Jan 20 Colin Calderwood, Scottish footballer
  • Jan 20 Greg Kriesel, American bassist (The Offspring)
  • Jan 20 John Michael Montgomery, American singer
  • Jan 21 Brian Bradley, NHL center (Tampa Bay Lightning), born in Kitchener, Ontario
  • Jan 21 Cordell Crockett, rocker (Ugly Kid Joe-Mad Man, Too Bad)
  • Jan 21 Eric Moore, NFL tackle (Cleveland Browns)
  • Jan 21 Tania Abitbol, LPGA golfer (1994 US Women's Open-4th), born in Madrid, Spain
  • Jan 21 Jam Master Jay, American disc jockey (d. 2002)
  • Jan 22 Diane Lane, American actress (The Perfect Storm, Lady Beware, Lonesome Dove), born in NYC, New York
  • Jan 22 Jazzy Jeff Townes, rapper (Parents Just Don't Understand)
  • Jan 22 Ray Mayhew, rocker (Sigue Sigue Sputnik-Love Missile F-111)
  • Jan 22 Steven Adler, drummer (Guns & Roses-Sweet Child), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Jan 22 Tim Prukop, WLAF linebacker-secondary coach (Amsterdam Admirals)
  • Jan 22 Brian McCardie, Scottish actor
  • Jan 22 Chintara Sukapatana, Thai actress
  • Jan 23 Tim Berrett, Tunbridge Wells Engl, Canadian 20k walker (Oly-14-92, 96)
  • Jan 24 Ross MacDonald, star sailor (Olympics-96), born in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Jan 24 Carlos Saldanha, Brazilian film director
  • Jan 25 Brian Holman, Winfield Ks, pitcher (Cincinnati Reds, Seattle Mariners)
  • Jan 25 Esa Tikkanen, Helsinki FI, NHL left wing (Panthers, Canucks, Oly-B-98)
  • Jan 26 Allison Hossack, Manitoba, actress (Olivia-Another World)
  • Jan 26 Lou Frazier, US baseball outfielder (Montreal Expos)
  • Jan 26 Tim McDonald, safety (San Francisco 49ers)
  • Jan 26 Natalia Yurchenko, Soviet gymnast
  • Jan 26 Thomas Östros, Swedish politician
  • Jan 27 Igor Matoushkin, NHL defenseman (Belarus, Oly-98)
  • Jan 27 Alan Cumming, Scottish actor
  • Jan 27 Mike Newell, English football manager
  • Jan 28 Lynda Boyd, American actress
  • Jan 29 Dominik Hasek, Pardubice CZE, NHL goalie (Czech Oly-Gold-98, Buffalo)

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

Jan 1 Novelist Michael Crichton (22) weds high school sweetheart Joan Radam

HeartWedding of Interest

Feb 11 Beatle Ringo Starr marries Maureen Cox

Beatles Drummer Ringo Starr
Beatles Drummer
Ringo Starr

HeartWedding of Interest

Mar 26 Playwright Tom Stoppard (28) weds nurse Josie Ingle

Playwright Tom Stoppard
Tom Stoppard

HeartWedding of Interest

May 15 Director Martin Scorsese (22) weds Laraine Brennan in New York

Film Director Martin Scorsese
Film Director
Martin Scorsese

HeartWedding of Interest

May 25 Boxing champion Sugar Ray Robinson (44) weds Millie Bruce in Los Angeles

Middle/welterweight championship boxer Sugar Ray Robinson
Middle/welterweight championship boxer
Sugar Ray Robinson

HeartWedding of Interest

Jun 18 Actress and singer Rita Moreno (33) weds cardiologist Leonard Gordon

Singer/Dancer/Actress Rita Moreno
Rita Moreno

HeartWedding of Interest

Jun 19 NBA forward Bob Pettit (32) weds Carole Crowell in Alexandria, Louisiana

NBA Forward Bob Pettit
NBA Forward
Bob Pettit

HeartWedding of Interest

Jun 28 Country singer Merle Haggard (28) weds singer Bonnie Owens (35)

Country Music Singer and Songwriter Merle Haggard
Country Music Singer and Songwriter
Merle Haggard

HeartWedding of Interest

Jul 15 Actress Joan Rivers (32) weds TV producer Edgar Rosenberg

Actress, Comedian and T.V. Host Joan Rivers
Actress, Comedian and T.V. Host
Joan Rivers

HeartWedding of Interest

Aug 14 Former fashion model and fitness guru Jane Fonda (27) weds director/producer Roger Vadim (37) in Las Vegas

Actress Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda

HeartWedding of Interest

Aug 26 Mobster and nbi informant Henry Hill (22) weds Karen Friedman in North Carolina

Mobster and FBI informant Henry Hill
Mobster and FBI informant
Henry Hill

HeartWedding of Interest

Sep 17 Tennis star Billie Jean King (21) weds attorney Larry King (20) in Long Beach, California

Tennis Legend Billie Jean King
Tennis Legend
Billie Jean King

HeartWedding of Interest

Sep 25 Novelist Danielle Steel (18) weds banker Claude-Eric Lazard

Novelist Danielle Steel
Danielle Steel

HeartWedding of Interest

Oct 3 Paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould (23) weds artist Deborah Lee

Paleontologist and Evolutionary Biologist Stephen Jay Gould
Paleontologist and Evolutionary Biologist
Stephen Jay Gould

HeartWedding of Interest

Oct 7 Actress and comedian Phyllis Diller (48) weds actor Warde Donovan

Comedienne and Actress Phyllis Diller
Comedienne and Actress
Phyllis Diller
  • Oct 16 Singer Leslie Uggams marries Grahame Pratt in NYC
  • Nov 10 Neth 2nd Chamber accept marriage of Princess Beatrice & Claus von Amsberg

HeartWedding of Interest

Nov 22 Bob Dylan weds Sara Lowndes

Singer-Songwriter Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

HeartWedding of Interest

Dec 2 Comedian Tony Hancock (40) weds publicist Freddie Ross (35)

Comedian Tony Hancock
Tony Hancock

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 274

  • Jan 1 Gertrude Michael, actress (Caged, Cleopatra), dies at 53
  • Jan 1 Juan Bautista Plaza-Alfonzo, composer, dies at 66
  • Jan 3 Betty Harte, entertainer, dies at 82
  • Jan 3 Julius Tannen, comedian, dies at 84

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 4 T. S. Eliot, American-born British poet (The Waste Land) and Nobel laureate (1948), dies in London at 76

Poet, Author and Nobel Laureate T. S. Eliot
Poet, Author and Nobel Laureate
T. S. Eliot
  • Jan 5 Neil Craig, actor (Calling Dr Kildare), dies at 73
  • Jan 5 Paul Arntzenius, painter/graphic artist/etcher, dies at 81
  • Jan 6 John Larkin, dir (Circumstanial Evidence), dies of heart attack at 52
  • Jan 8 Aloys-Henri-Gerard Fornerod, composer, dies at 74
  • Jan 12 Lorraine Hansberry, US playwright, dies in NYC, dies at 34
  • Jan 12 Porcupine, in Washington, D.C. zoo, dies at 27; oldest known rodent
  • Jan 14 Jeanette MacDonald, soprano (When I'm Calling You), dies at 63
  • Jan 15 Pierre Ngendandumwe, premier of Burundi, murdered
  • Jan 17 Hans Marchwitza, German writer and communist, dies at 75
  • Jan 19 Frank Reicher, actor (King Kong, Nazi Agent, Son of Kong), dies at 89
  • Jan 20 Alan Freed, DJ (Big Beat), dies at 42
  • Jan 21 Harvey Zorbaugh, doctor/TV host (Play the Game), dies at 68

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 24 Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain (C) (1940-45, 51-55) British leader during WWII dies at 90

Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill
  • Jan 25 Staf Gustaf Frans Nees, composer, dies at 63
  • Jan 25 Staff Nees, Flemish composer (Maria-oratorio), dies at 63
  • Jan 26 Ali Mansoer, premier of Persia, murdered
  • Jan 27 Theo Uden Marsman, Dutch orchestra leader, dies at 63
  • Jan 28 Jef van Durme, composer, dies at 57
  • Jan 28 Johan Fiolet, Dutch actor/director, dies at 63
  • Jan 28 Tich Freeman, cricket (3776 FC wickets leg-spin, 304 in 1928), dies
  • Jan 28 Maxime Weygand, French soldier (b. 1867)
  • Jan 29 John Larkin, actor (Saints & Sinners, 12 O'Clock High), dies at 52
  • Jan 29 Michael Spisak, composer, dies at 50
  • Jan 30 Vic Jackson, cricketer (NSW/Leicerstershire off-spinner), dies in car
  • Feb 2 Richard P Blackmur, US, critic/publisher (Good European), dies at 61
  • Feb 2 Richard Wurz, composer, dies at 79
  • Feb 4 U C Greyhound, champion trotter (horse), dies at 33
  • Feb 5 Irving Bacon, actor (Fort Ti, Petticoat Fever), dies at 71
  • Feb 6 Jack Wagner, actor (Jive Junction), dies at 68
  • Feb 7 Nance O'Neil, actor (Cimarron, Royal Bed, Rogue Song), dies at 90
  • Feb 12 Henry Kulky, actor (Otto-Life of Riley), dies at 53
  • Feb 13 Jerry Burke, pianist (Lawrence Welk Show), dies
  • Feb 13 William H Kilpatrick, US mathematician/philosopher, dies at 93
  • Feb 14 Desire-Emile Inghelbrecht, French composer/conductor, dies at 84

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 15 Nat King Cole, American singer (Unforgettable, Mona Lisa), dies at 49

Musician Nat King Cole
Nat King Cole
  • Feb 19 Forrest Taylor, actor (This is Life, Man Without a Gun), dies at 81
  • Feb 19 Gheorge Gheorghiu Dej, Romanian president, dies at 63
  • Feb 20 Fred Immler, German actor (b. 1880)


Feb 21 Malcolm X [Little], African American human rights activist and Muslim minister, assassinated in New York City at 39

African American Activist Malcolm X
African American Activist
Malcolm X
  • Feb 22 Felix Frankfurter, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (b. 1882)
  • Feb 23 Stan Laurel, comedian (Laurel & Hardy), dies of heart attack at 74

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 26 Jimmie Lee Jackson, civil rights activist, dies from gunshot wounds at 26

Civil Rights Protestor Jimmie Lee Jackson
Civil Rights Protestor
Jimmie Lee Jackson
  • Feb 28 Adolf Scharf, president of Austria (1957-65), dies at 74
  • Mar 1 Boleslav Vomacka, composer, dies at 77
  • Mar 3 Carlo Gatti, Italian composer, dies at 88
  • Mar 5 Chen Cheng, Chinese politician (b. 1897)
  • Mar 5 Pepper Martin, American baseball player (b. 1904)
  • Mar 6 Margaret Dumont [Daisy Baker], actress (Animal Crackers), dies at 75
  • Mar 6 Ruvim Pergament, composer, dies at 58
  • Mar 8 Esther Howard, actress (Detour), dies of heart attack at 72
  • Mar 9 Anthon van der Horst, Dutch organist/composer, dies at 65
  • Mar 9 Kazys Boruta, writer, dies
  • Mar 11 James Reeb, US vicar/civil rights activist, murdered
  • Mar 13 George Calinescu, Romanian author (Lauda Lucrorilor), dies at 65
  • Mar 13 Corrado Gini, Italian statistician (b. 1884)
  • Mar 13 Fan S. Noli, Albanian bishop, poet, and politician (b. 1882)
  • Mar 13 Vittorio Jano, Italian engineer (b. 1891)
  • Mar 17 Nancy Cunard, British writer and activist, dies at 69
  • Mar 17 Almos Alonzo Stagg, football coach (University of Chicago), dies in California at 102
  • Mar 17 Quentin Reynolds, newscaster (Its News to Me)/author (FBI), dies at 62
  • Mar 18 Farouk I, last King of Egypt (1936-52), dies at 45
  • Mar 23 Mae Murray, actress (Bachelor Apartment), dies of heart ailment at 75
  • Mar 25 Giorgio Federico Ghedini, composer, dies at 72
  • Mar 25 Viola Gregg Liuzzo, US civil rights activist, murdered
  • Mar 28 VAA Mary, English princess, dies at 67
  • Mar 28 Jack Hoxie, American actor and rodeo performer (b. 1885)
  • Mar 28 Clemence Dane, British novelist and playwright (b. 1888)
  • Mar 30 Philip Showalter Hench, American physician, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1896)
  • Apr 1 Henry D G Crerar, Canadian general (WW I, Normandy), dies at 76
  • Apr 1 Helena Rubinstein, Polish-born American cosmetics manufacturer (b. 1870)
  • Apr 2 Renzo Bossi, Italian composer, dies at 81
  • Apr 3 Ernst Kirchweger, Austrian communist and resistance fighter (born 1897 or 1898)
  • Apr 8 Erik A Blomberg, Swedish art historian/poet/author, dies at 70
  • Apr 8 Jack Durston, cricketer (one Test for England, 4-102 & 1-34), dies
  • Apr 8 Lars Hanson, Swedish actor (Flesh & Devil), dies after illness at 78
  • Apr 10 Linda Darnell, American actress (Unfaithfully Yours), dies from burns received in a house fire at 41
  • Apr 10 Lloyd Casner, American race car driver and owner (b. 1928)
  • Apr 14 Leonard Mudie, dies of heart ailment at 82
  • Apr 14 Perry E Smith, US murderer (In Cold Blood), hanged
  • Apr 14 Robert E Hickok, US murderer (In Cold Blood), hanged
  • Apr 15 Syd Chaplin, dies at 80
  • Apr 18 Guillermo González Camarena, Mexican inventor (b. 1917)
  • Apr 19 George Davis, actor (Private Lives, Devil May Care), dies at 75
  • Apr 20 Dick Wessel, dies of heart attack on 52nd birthday
  • Apr 21 Edward V Appleton, English physicist (Nobel Prize 1947), dies at 72
  • Apr 23 Josephina J "Fien" de la Mar, Dutch actress (Pygmalion), dies at 67
  • Apr 24 Louise Dresser, actress (State Fair, Ship Comes In, Mammy), dies at 86
  • Apr 26 Aaron Avshalomov, composer, dies at 70
  • Apr 27 Alan Bunce, actor (Albert-Ethel & Albert), dies at 61
  • Apr 27 Edward R Murrow, newscaster (Person to Person), dies at 57
  • Apr 28 Ferdinand Bordewijk, Dutch lawyer/writer (Character), dies at 80
  • Apr 30 Helen Chandler, American actress (Dracula, Salute, Last Flight), dies at 59
  • May 1 Leo Spies, Russian-born German composer, dies at 65
  • May 1 Spike Jones, composer (Spike Jones Show), dies at 53
  • May 3 Howard Spring, British author (Heaven Lies About Us), dies at 76