What Happened in 1966 (Part 4)

Historical Events

Events 301 - 400 of 653

  • Jun 12 Dave Clark Five sets record as they appear for 12th time on Ed Sullivan
  • Jun 12 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Bluegrass Ladies Golf Invitational
  • Jun 13 Supreme Court's Miranda decision; suspects must be informed of rights
  • Jun 14 Dutch police beat construction workers, 60 injured
  • Jun 14 Miami beats St Petersburg (Florida State League) 4-3 in 29 innings longest uninterrupted game in organized baseball
  • Jun 16 Rowan & Martin host The Dean Martin Show, Summer Series, on NBC-TV
  • Jun 16 20th Tony Awards: Marat/Sade & Man of La Mancha win
  • Jun 17 Peter Green joins John Mayall's Bluebreakers
  • Jun 19 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Milwaukee Jaycee Golf Open
  • Jun 20 66th US Golf Open: Billy Casper shoots a 278 at Olympic CC in SF
  • Jun 20 Sheila Scott completes 1st round-the-world solo flight by a woman
  • Jun 21 Queen Juliana opens Coen tunnel in Amsterdam
  • Jun 22 South African Bishop Alphaeus Hamilton Zulu, is refused a passport and thus permission to attend an international church conference by the South African government
  • Jun 24 Period of relative peace following WW II exceeds that following WW I
  • Jun 24 16th Berlin International Film Festival: "Cul-de-Sac" wins the Golden Bear
  • Jun 25 Beatles' "Paperback Writer" single goes #1 & stays #1 for 2 weeks
  • Jun 25 Dmitri Shostakovitch's 13th Symphony, premieres in Leningrad
  • Jun 25 Kosmos 122, 1st Soviet weather satellite, launched
  • Jun 26 "Time for Singing" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 41 performances
  • Jun 26 Carol Mann wins LPGA Waterloo Women's Golf Open Invitational
  • Jun 26 Kanton Bazel leads female suffrage in Switzerland
  • Jun 27 1st sci-fi soap opera, "Dark Shadows," premieres on ABC-TV
  • Jun 27 4th Mayor's Trophy Game; Yanks beat Mets 5-2
  • Jun 28 Ernie Terrel beats Doug Jones in 15 wba for heavyweight boxing title
  • Jun 29 In the Vietnam War, US planes bombed Hanoi & Haiphong for 1st time
  • Jun 29 KBSC (now KVEA) TV channel 52 in Corona-Los Angeles, CA begins
  • Jun 29 US bombs fuel storage facilities near North Vietnamese cities
  • Jun 30 Beatles land in Tokyo for a concert tour
  • Jun 30 Leopoldville Congo is renamed Kinshasa
  • Jun 30 Richard Helms promoted from deputy director to 8th director of US Central Intelligence Agency
  • Jun 30 Test cricket debut of Derek Underwood, v WI Trent Bridge, wicketless
  • Jun 30 Vice Adm William F Raborn Jr, USN, ends term as 7th director of CIA
  • Jul 1 80th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: M Santana beats D Ralston (64 11-9 64)
  • Jul 1 Construction crews begin tearing up Market St to build BART
  • Jul 1 NASA launches spacecraft Explorer 33
  • Jul 1 Medicare goes into effect
  • Jul 1 VVV soccer team forms in Venlo
  • Jul 1 The first color television transmission in Canada takes place from Toronto.
  • Jul 2 1st France nuclear test on Mururoa atoll

Sport awardTennis Open

Jul 2 73rd Wimbledon Women's Tennis Singles: Billie Jean King (Miss Moffat) beats Maria Bueno (6-3 3-6 6-1)

Tennis Legend Billie Jean King
Tennis Legend
Billie Jean King
Tennis Champion Maria Bueno
Tennis Champion
Maria Bueno
  • Jul 3 21st US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Sandra Spuzich
  • Jul 3 Brave pitcher Tony Cloninger, is 1st NL to hit 2 grand slams in a game
  • Jul 3 Race riots in Omaha Nebraska

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 4 Beatles attacked in Philippines after (unintentionally) insulting Imelda Marcos

First Lady and Politican Imelda Marcos
First Lady and Politican
Imelda Marcos

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 4 LBJ signs Freedom of Information Act

36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson
36th US President
Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Jul 5 NYC transit fare rises from 15 cents to 20 cents
  • Jul 5 National Guard mobilizes in Omaha after 3rd night of rioting
  • Jul 5 Saturn I rocket launched at Cape Kennedy
  • Jul 6 Malawi becomes a republic, Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda becomes president
  • Jul 8 US airline strike (until Aug 19th)
  • Jul 8 King Mwambutsa IV Bangiriceng of Burundi is deposed by his son Prince Charles Ndizi.

Sport awardGolf Major

Jul 9 95th British Golf Open: Jack Nicklaus shoots 282 at Muirfield Gullane to become only the 4th person in history to win 4th to win all 4 majors

  • Jul 10 Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Buckeye Savings Golf Invitational
  • Jul 10 US launches Orbiter 1 to the Moon
  • Jul 12 10.51" (26.70 cm) of rainfall, Sandusky Ohio (state record)
  • Jul 12 37th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 2-1 in 10 at Busch Stad, St Louis
  • Jul 12 All star MVP: Brooks Robinson (Balt Orioles)
  • Jul 12 Start of 3 day race riot in Chicago, looting brings out National Guardsmen
  • Jul 12 US Treasury announces it will buy mutilated silver coins at silver bullion price at Philadelphia & Denver mints
  • Jul 13 Richard Speck murders 8 nurses in Chicago
  • Jul 14 Richard Speck rapes & kills 8 nurses in a Chicago dormitory
  • Jul 14 53rd Tour de France won by Lucien Aimar of France
  • Jul 16 "Half a Sixpence" closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 512 performances
  • Jul 16 Number of banned persons in South Africa totals 936; the individuals are banned under various laws, most prominently the Suppression of Communism and Riotous Assembly Acts
  • Jul 16 Nigeria becomes the first Anglophone independent state in Africa to become an associate member of European Economic Community
  • Jul 17 "It's a Bird... It's Superman" closes at Alvin NYC after 129 performances
  • Jul 17 Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open
  • Jul 17 Indians set club record by hitting 7 HR in 15-2 win over Detroit
  • Jul 17 Jim Ryun sets mile record (3m51s3)
  • Jul 18 Carl Sagan turns 1 billion seconds old
  • Jul 18 Gemini 10 launched (John Young & Michael Collins)
  • Jul 19 France performs nuclear Test at Fangataufa Island
  • Jul 19 Gov James Rhodes declares state of emergency in Cleveland (race riot)
  • Jul 21 Gemini X returns to Earth
  • Jul 21 USSR performs nuclear Test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Jul 23 Cavern Club in Liverpool reopens
  • Jul 23 John Pennel pole vaults record (5.34 m)
  • Jul 23 Napoleon XIV releases "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha! Ha!"
  • Jul 24 48th PGA Championship: Al Geiberger shoots a 280 at Firestone CC Akron
  • Jul 24 Gloria Ehret/Judy Kimball wins LPGA Yankee Women's Golf Open
  • Jul 25 Brian Jones final perfomance as a Rolling Stone

Music releaseMusic Recording

Jul 25 Eric Clapton records guitar tracks for George Harrison's "While My Guitar..."

Rocker, Blues Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter Eric Clapton
Rocker, Blues Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter
Eric Clapton
Singer-Songwriter George Harrison
George Harrison

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 25 Mao Zedong swims the Yangtze River

Chinese Communist Revolutionary Mao Zedong
Chinese Communist Revolutionary
Mao Zedong
  • Jul 25 Supremes release "You Can't Hurry Love"
  • Jul 25 Yankee manager Casey Stengel elected to Hall of Fame
  • Jul 26 WRLH TV channel 31 in Lebanon, NH (NBC) begins broadcasting
  • Jul 26 Lord Gardiner issues the Practice Statement in the House of Lords stating that the House is not bound to follow its own previous precedent

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 29 Bob Dylan hurt in motorcycle accident near Woodstock NY

Singer-Songwriter Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
  • Jul 29 Nigerians chief of staff Jakubu Gowon makes coup
  • Jul 30 Beatles' "Yesterday... & Today" album goes #1 & stays #1 for 5 weeks
  • Jul 30 FIFA World Cup: England beats West Germany 4-2 for football's 8th World Cup in London
  • Jul 30 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Supertest Ladies Golf Open
  • Jul 30 US airplanes bombs demilitarized zone in Vietnam

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 31 Alabamans burn Beatle products due to John Lennon's anti-Jesus remark

Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
  • Aug 1 Charles Whitman wounds 31 & kills 16 at University of Texas
  • Aug 2 Radio Vila (New Hebrides) begins transmitting
  • Aug 3 South African government bans Beatle records
  • Aug 4 8th British Empire Games and Commonwealth Games open in Kingston, Jamaica
  • Aug 5 33rd NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Green Bay 38, All-Stars 0 (72,000)
  • Aug 5 Jose Torres beats Eddie Cotton to retain light-heavyweight boxing title

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 301 - 400 of 1,054

  • Apr 3 John de Vries, Australian racing driver
  • Apr 4 Michal Clingman, Indio California, WPVA volleyballer (Nationals-9th-1994)
  • Apr 4 Myriam Schropp, West Germany, tennis star
  • Apr 4 Nancy McKeon, Westbury NY, actress (Jo Polniazek-Facts of Life)
  • Apr 4 Stanislav Medrik, Nitra CZE, hockey defenseman (Team Slovakia)
  • Apr 4 Mike Starr [Michael], musician (Alice in Chains bassist), born in Honolulu, Hawaii (d. 2011)
  • Apr 5 Brent Hughes, New Westminster Ca, NHL left wing (Buffalo Sabres)
  • Apr 5 Larry Norman, canoeist (Olympics-19-92, 96), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • Apr 5 Scott Dill, NFL tackle/guard (Tampa Bay Bucs, Minnesota Vikings)
  • Apr 6 Kymberly Paige, playmate (May, 1987), born in Newport Beach, California
  • Apr 6 Young Man Kang, South Korean film director
  • Apr 7 Teri Ann Linn, actress (Kristen-Bold & Beautiful), born in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Apr 7 Gary Wilkinson, English snooker player

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Apr 8 Robin Wright Penn, actress (Santa Barbara, Princess Bride), born in Dallas, Texas

  • Apr 8 Mazinho, Brazilian footballer
  • Apr 8 Bobby Ologun, Nigerian television personality

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Apr 9 Cynthia Nixon, actress (Addams Family Values, Pelican Brief), born in NYC, New York

Actress Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Nixon
  • Apr 9 Oliver Barnett, NFL defensive end (SF 49ers)
  • Apr 10 Neil Smith, NFL defensive end (KC Chiefs, Den Broncos-Super Bowl 32)
  • Apr 11 Dave Richards, NFL guard (Atlanta Falcons)
  • Apr 11 Kara McGaw, softball rightfielder (Olympics-96), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • Apr 11 Lisa Stansfield, English pop singer (Around the World)
  • Apr 11 Mark Higgs, NFL running back (Arizona Cardinals)
  • Apr 11 Steve Scarsone, Anaheim CA, infielder (SF Giants)
  • Apr 11 Mason Reese, American actor
  • Apr 11 Dustin Patrick Runnels, American professional wrestler
  • Apr 12 Jeffrey Hunter, WLAF DE (London Monarchs)
  • Apr 12 Lorenzo White, NFL running back (Cleveland Browns)
  • Apr 12 Theo Blanco, WLAF receiver (Amsterdam Admirals)
  • Apr 13 Ali Boumnijel, Tunisian football player
  • Apr 13 Marc Ford, American musician

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Apr 14 David Justice, American baseball player (Atlanta Braves), born in Cincinnati, Ohio

MLB Outfielder David Justice
MLB Outfielder
David Justice

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Apr 14 Greg Maddux, pitcher (Atlanta Braves), born in San Angelo, Texas

MLB Pitching Legend Greg Maddux
MLB Pitching Legend
Greg Maddux
  • Apr 14 Greg Myers, Riverside CA, catcher (Minnesota Twins)
  • Apr 14 Ricky Andrews, WLAF linebacker (Rhein Fire)
  • Apr 14 André Boisclair, Quebec politician (Parti Québécois)
  • Apr 15 Andrei Olhovskiy, Moscow Russia, tennis pro
  • Apr 15 Graeme Clark, bassist (Wet Wet Wet-Angel Eyes, Love is All Around)
  • Apr 15 Samantha Karen Fox, East End singer (Touch Me), born in London, England
  • Apr 16 Lewis Tillman, NFL running back (Chicago Bears)
  • Apr 17 Lela Rochon, actress (Waiting to Exhale)
  • Apr 17 Susie Redman, Salem OH, LPGA golfer (1995 Nabisco Dinah Shore-2nd)
  • Apr 17 Vikram [Kennedy John Victor], Indian actor (I), born in Madras, Tamil Nadu
  • Apr 18 Chuck Wade, Menomonee Falls Wisc, diver (Olympics-96)
  • Apr 18 Michelle Chryst, WPVA volleyballer (Santa Cruz-17th-1994)
  • Apr 18 Valeri Kamensky, Voskresensk Russia, NHL left wing (Avalanche, Oly-S-98)
  • Apr 18 Trine Hattestad, Norwegian athlete
  • Apr 19 Paul Reiffel, cricketer (Victorian & Australian pace bowler)
  • Apr 19 Randolph Keys, NBA forward (Milwaukee Bucks)
  • Apr 19 Véronique Gens, French soprano
  • Apr 20 David Chalmers, Australian philosopher
  • Apr 21 Judy Diduck, ice hockey defenseman (Canada, Oly-98)
  • Apr 21 Michael Franti, American musician
  • Apr 22 Glenn Parker, NFL offensive tackle (Buffalo Bills, KC Chiefs)
  • Apr 22 Serge Poudrier, hockey defenseman (Team France 1998)
  • Apr 22 Mariana Levy, Mexican actress (d. 2005)
  • Apr 23 Jacques "Jacq" Koumans, soccer player (NAC)
  • Apr 23 Richard Greenwood, Canadian Tour golfer (1990 Napa Valley), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Apr 23 Wayne Drinkwalter, CFL defensive tackle (BC Lions)
  • Apr 23 Jim Stynes [James], Hall of Fame Australian rules footballer (only foreigner to win Brownlow medal), born in Dublin, Ireland (d. 2012)
  • Apr 24 Margashayam Venkataramana, cricketer (Indian off-spinner 1989)
  • Apr 24 Pascale Paradis-Mangon, France, tennis star
  • Apr 24 Theo Adams, WLAF tackle (Frankfurt Galaxy)
  • Apr 24 Pierre Brassard, Quebec humorist and actor
  • Apr 24 Alessandro Costacurta, Italian footballer
  • Apr 25 Darren Holmes, pitcher (Colorado Rockies), born in Asheville, North Carolina
  • Apr 25 Isabelle Pasco, France, actress (Ave Maria)/model (Elle, Vogue)
  • Apr 26 Andrea Temesvari, Budapest Hungary, tennis star (1985 US Clay Courts)
  • Apr 26 Yoshihiro Togashi, Mangaka who created YuYu Hakusho
  • Apr 27 Peter McIntyre, cricketer (Australian leg-spinner 1995)
  • Apr 28 Jim Poole, pitcher (Cleveland Indians), born in Rochester, New York
  • Apr 28 John Patrick Daly, PGA golfer (1995 British Open), born in Sacramento, California
  • Apr 28 Too Short, American rapper

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Apr 28 John Daly, American golfer (1991 PGA Championship, 1995 Open Championship), born in Carmichael, California

Golfer and Two-Time Major Champion John Daly
Golfer and Two-Time Major Champion
John Daly
  • Apr 29 John VanderWal, outfielder (Colorado Rockies), born in Grand Rapids Michigan
  • Apr 29 Phil Tufnell, cricketer (England slow lefty & slower fieldsman)
  • Apr 30 Aundray Bruce, defensive end (Oakland Raiders)
  • Apr 30 David Meggett, NFL running back (NY Giants, NE Patriots)
  • Apr 30 Jeff Brown, NHL defenseman (Hartford Whalers), born in Ottawa, Ontario
  • May 1 Armando Reynoso, San Luis Potosi Mexico, pitcher (Colorado Rockies)
  • May 1 Charlie Schlatter, actor (18 Again, Heartbreak Hotel), born in NYC, New York
  • May 1 Johnny Colt, Cherry Point NC, rock bassist (Black Crowes)
  • May 1 Mark Coogan, Manhaset NY, marathoner (Olympics-96)
  • May 1 Olaf Thon, German football player
  • May 2 Belinda Stronach, Canadian politician
  • May 3 Paul Stevenson, Victoria Australia, badminton player (Olympics-96)
  • May 3 Peter Abbay, American actor
  • May 3 Firdous Bamji, Indian-American actor
  • May 3 Darren Morgan, Welsh snooker player
  • May 3 M-16 [Ernest Mateen], Cruiserweight boxing champion, born in Brooklyn, New York (d. 2012)
  • May 4 Monica Tranel [Michini], Billings Mont, rower (Olympics-96)
  • May 4 Jane McGrath, co-founder of the McGrath Foundation for breast cancer (d. 2008)
  • May 5 Mike Stapleton, Sarnia, NHL center (Winnipeg Jets)
  • May 5 Shawn Drover, Canadian drummer (Megadeth)
  • May 7 Anderson Cummins, cricketer (in Packer's Valley Barbados & WI quickie)
  • May 8 Eddie Brown, CFL slot back (Edmonton Eskimos)
  • May 8 Claudio Taffarel, Brazilian footballer
  • May 8 Marta Sánchez, Spanish singer
  • May 9 Mark Tinordi, Red Deer, NHL defenseman (Washington Capitals)
  • May 10 Jonathan Edwards, Britain, triple jumper (Olympics-gold/silver-92, 96)

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