What Happened in 1969

Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 741

  • Jan 1st Jack Kent Cooke, owner of NHL's LA Kings, fines each player $100 for "NOT" arguing with the referee
  • Jan 1st People's Democracy (PD) begin a march from Belfast to Derry, inspired by ML King's Selma to Montgomery march in the US
  • Jan 1st 55th Rose Bowl: #1 Ohio State beats #2 Southern California, 27-16
  • Jan 1st 35th Sugar Bowl: #9 Arkansas beats #4 Georgia, 16-2
  • Jan 1st 35th Orange Bowl: #3 Penn State beats #6 Kansas, 15-14
  • Jan 2nd "Fig Leaves Are Falling" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 4 performances
  • Jan 2nd "Soviet Sport" calls Emile Zatopek a public enemy
  • Jan 2nd Lorraine Hansberry's "To be Young, Gifted & Black," premieres in NYC
  • Jan 2nd Luis Ferré becomes the first statehooder Governor of Puerto Rico.
  • Jan 2nd Operation Barrier Reef begins in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 2nd Australian Rupert Murdoch gains control of the 'News of the World'

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch
Media Mogul
Rupert Murdoch

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 3rd John Lennon's "2 Virgins" album declared pornographic in NJ

Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
  • Jan 3rd Rep Adam Clayton Powell Jr seated by Congress
  • Jan 4th "Fig Leaves Are Falling" closes at Broadhurst NYC after 4 performances
  • Jan 4th France begins arms embargo against Israel
  • Jan 4th A People's Democracy march between Belfast and Derry is repeatedly attacked by loyalists and off-duty police officers
  • Jan 5th "Maggie Flynn" closes at ANTA Theater NYC after 82 performances
  • Jan 5th Bollingen prize for poetry presented to John Berryman & Karl Shapiro
  • Jan 5th Neville Williams' "Chronology of the Expanding World" completed
  • Jan 5th USSR Venera 5 launched for 1st successful planet landing (Venus)
  • Jan 6th Supremes release "I'm Livin' In Shame"
  • Jan 6th WLIW TV channel 21 in Garden City, NY (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Jan 7th US Congress doubles president salary
  • Jan 9th First trial flight of Concorde supersonic jetliner, Bristol, England
  • Jan 9th Beatles release "Yellow Submarine" single and its album "Revolver" in the US
  • Jan 9th Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Terence O'Neill travels to London to meet Home Secretary James Callaghan and brief him on the growing violence in Northern Ireland
  • Jan 10th Pirate Radio Station Free Derby begins operation by Northern Ireland
  • Jan 10th Sweden (1st Western country) recognizes North Vietnam
  • Jan 10th USSR's Venera 6 launched for parachute landing on Venus
  • Jan 11th "Hooked on a Feeling" by BJ Thomas peaks at #5
  • Jan 11th Jethro Tull's This Was Jethro Tull album debuts
  • Jan 12th "Golden Rainbow" closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 355 performances
  • Jan 12th Super Bowl III: NY Jets beat Balt Colts, 16-7 in Miami Super Bowl MVP: Joe Namath, NY Jets, QB
  • Jan 14th 25 members of US aircraft carrier Enterprise die during maneuvers
  • Jan 14th Soyuz 4 launched; rendezvous with Soyuz 5 two days later
  • Jan 14th Matt Busby retires from Manchester United
  • Jan 14th 19th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 123-112 at Baltimore
  • Jan 15th Nuclear test at Pacific Ocean
  • Jan 15th Soyuz 5 launched by Soviet Union
  • Jan 15th Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Terence O'Neill announces that an official inquiry will analyse the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland
  • Jan 16th Soviet Soyuz 4 & Soyuz 5 perform 1st transfer of crew in space
  • Jan 17th Debut album of Led Zeppelin released in US
  • Jan 17th Soyuz 5 lands
  • Jan 18th Expanded 4 party Vietnam peace talks began in Paris
  • Jan 18th United Airlines Flight 266 crashes into Santa Monica Bay, killing all 38 people on-board
  • Jan 19th AFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 38-25
  • Jan 19th Joanne Carner wins LPGA Burdine's Golf Invitational
  • Jan 19th NFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 10-7
  • Jan 20th Richard M Nixon inaugurated as US president
  • Jan 20th U of Az reports 1st optical id of pulsar (in Crab Nebula)
  • Jan 21st 22nd NHL All-Star Game: West beat East 3-3 at Montreal
  • Jan 22nd "Celebration" opens at Ambassador Theater NYC for 110 performances
  • Jan 22nd Orbiting Solar Observatory 5 launched into earth orbit

Hall of fameHall of Fame

Jan 22nd Roy Campanella & Stan Musial elected to baseball Hall of Fame

MLB Catcher Roy Campanella
MLB Catcher
Roy Campanella
MLB Legend Stan Musial
MLB Legend
Stan Musial
  • Jan 23rd Cream releases their last album "Goodbye"
  • Jan 24th Queen Juliana of the Netherlands appointed honorary citizen of Addis Ababa

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 24th Spanish dictator General Franco announces state of emergency

Spanish Dictator and General Francisco Franco
Spanish Dictator and General
Francisco Franco
  • Jan 24th Deputy Prime Minister Brian Faulkner resigns from the Northern Ireland cabinet in protest at the lack of 'strong government' on the part of PM Terence O'Neill
  • Jan 24th Students protest the erection of steel gates around the London School of Economics
  • Jan 25th US-North Vietnamese peace talks begin in Paris
  • Jan 26th "Red, White, & Maddox" opens at Cort Theater NYC for 41 performances
  • Jan 26th Minister of Health and Social Services William Morgan resigns from the Northern Ireland government
  • Jan 26th Police break up a march by hundreds of demonstrators in central Prague
  • Jan 27th 14 spies hanged in Baghdad
  • Jan 27th 9 Jews publicly executed in Damascus, Syria
  • Jan 27th Actress Thelma Ritter suffers a heart attack (she dies Feb 5th)
  • Jan 27th Ian Paisley sentenced to 3 years

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 27th Chuck Noll is named head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers (the youngest coach in NFL history at the time)

NFL Head Coach Chuck Noll
NFL Head Coach
Chuck Noll

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 27th 1st Men's Australian Open (57th edition of the tournament): Rod Laver beats Andres Gimeno (6-3, 6-4, 7-5)

Tennis Player Rod Laver
Tennis Player
Rod Laver

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 27th 1st Women's Australian Open (57th edition of the tournament): Margaret Court beats Billie Jean King (6-4, 6-1)

Tennis Legend Billie Jean King
Tennis Legend
Billie Jean King
  • Jan 28th 2nd ABA All-Star Game: West 133 beats East 127 at Louisville
  • Jan 28th Barbara Jo Rubin becomes 1st woman jockey to win in North America
  • Jan 28th 1969 NFL Draft: O.J. Simpson from USC first pick by Buffalo Bills

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 29th Jimi Hendrix & Pete Townshend wage a battle of guitars

Rock Guitarist Jimi Hendrix
Rock Guitarist
Jimi Hendrix
  • Jan 29th Sheahan & Connolly hang on for exciting draw Australia v West Indies
  • Jan 30th US/Canada ISIS 1 launched to study ionosphere
  • Jan 30th The Beatles perform their last live gig, a 42 minute concert on the roof of Apple Corps HQ in London
  • Jan 31st Vice Admiral Rufus L Taylor, USN, ends term as deputy director of CIA

Music concertMusic Concert

Feb 1st Jim Morrison arrested for exposing himself in concert

Rocker Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison
  • Feb 1st US female Figure Skating championship won by Janet Lynn
  • Feb 1st US male Figure Skating championship won by Tim Wood
  • Feb 1st WPGH TV channel 53 in Pittsburgh, PA (IND) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 2nd KMST TV channel 46 in Monterey-Salinas, CA (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 2nd Stan Coveleski & Waite Hoyt are voted into baseball Hall of Fame
  • Feb 3rd "Canterbury Tales" opens at Eugene O'Neill Theater NYC for 122 performances
  • Feb 3rd Northern Ireland Prime Minister Terence O'Neill announces the dissolution of the Stormont parliament and the holding of new elections

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 4th The Palestine National Congress appoints Yasser Arafat chairman of the PLO

Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat
Palestinian Leader
Yasser Arafat
  • Feb 4th 41,163, then largest NBA crowd, watches doubleheader Cin-Det, SD-Bost
  • Feb 4th Beatles appoint Eastman & Eastman, as general cousel to Apple

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 4th John Madden is named head coach of NFL's Oakland Raiders

Football Coach and Sportscaster John Madden
Football Coach and Sportscaster
John Madden
  • Feb 4th Lonne Elder's "Ceremonies in Dark Old Men" premieres in NYC
  • Feb 5th "Turn-On," debuts & cancelled by ABC after flopping so badly
  • Feb 5th US population reaches 200 million
  • Feb 5th Vince Lombardi, becomes part owner, vp, gm & head coach of Redskins
  • Feb 6th Jerry Herman's "Dear World" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 132 performances
  • Feb 6th The New Ulster Movement forms, promoting moderate and non-sectarian policies and to assist those candidates who support Northern Ireland Prime MinisterTerence O'Neill,

Appears on tv showTelevision Debut

Feb 7th "This Is Tom Jones" debuts on ABC TV

Singer Tom Jones
Tom Jones
  • Feb 7th Al-Fatah-leader Yasser Arafat becomes president of PLO
  • Feb 7th Diane Crump becomes 1st woman jockey at a major US racetrack (Hialeah)
  • Feb 7th The original Hetch Hetchy Moccasin Powerhouse is removed from service.

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 1,335

  • Jan 1st Morris Chestnut, actor (Boyz N the Hood)
  • Jan 1st Reemt Pyka, Bremerhaven GER, hockey forward (Team Germany)
  • Jan 1st Christi Paul, American news anchor
  • Jan 1st Verne Troyer, American actor
  • Jan 1st Nicolle Dickson, Australian actress

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 2nd Christy Turlington, model (Calvin Klein Eternity), born in San Francisco, California

Supermodel Christy Turlington
Christy Turlington
  • Jan 2nd Rick Tabaracci, NHL goalie (Calgary Flames), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • Jan 2nd Robert Svehla, Martin Cze, NHL defenseman (Florida Panthers, Slovakia)
  • Jan 2nd Stephen Davies, Aust field hockey forward/vice capt (Oly-sil-92, 96)
  • Jan 2nd Karl-Heinz Grasser, Austrian politician
  • Jan 2nd Glen Johnson, Jamaican boxer

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 2nd Tommy Morrison, American boxer, (d. 2013)

Heavyweight Boxer Tommy Morrison
Heavyweight Boxer
Tommy Morrison
  • Jan 3rd Matt LaBounty, defensive end (Seattle Seahawks)
  • Jan 3rd Nikki Nelson, Topaz Lake Nev, country singer (Highway 101-Cry Cry Cry)
  • Jan 3rd Steve Poapst, Cornwall, NHL defenseman (Washington Capitals)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 3rd Michael Schumacher, Hurth, Germany, Formula One racing driver (seven time world champion)

Formula 1 Racing Driver Michael Schumacher
Formula 1 Racing Driver
Michael Schumacher
  • Jan 4th Corie Blount, NBA forward (LA Lakers)
  • Jan 4th Kees van Wonderen, Dutch soccer player (NEC/NAC)
  • Jan 4th Lindsay Kennedy, actor (Jeb-Little House on the Prairie), born in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Jan 5th David Dixon, NFL guard (Minnesota Vikings)
  • Jan 5th Derrick Ned, NFL fullback (NO Saints)
  • Jan 5th Kurt Barber, NFL defensive end (NY Jets)
  • Jan 5th Marilyn Manson, singer/musician
  • Jan 5th Paul McGillion, Scottish actor
  • Jan 6th Alvin Morman, Rockingham NC, pitcher (Houston Astros)
  • Jan 6th Jason Childs, NFL tackle (Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers)
  • Jan 6th Nick A'Hern, Australian 20k walker (Olympics-22-92, 96)
  • Jan 6th Norman Reedus, American model and actor
  • Jan 7th Chris Hatcher, US baseball outfielder (Houston Astros)
  • Jan 7th Erric Pegram, NFL running back (Pit Steelers, NY Giants, San Diego Chargers)
  • Jan 7th Todd Kinchen, NFL wide receiver (St Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons)
  • Jan 7th David Yost, American actor
  • Jan 8th Brian Boehringer, pitcher (NY Yankees), born in St Louis, Missouri

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 8th R. Kelly [Robert Sylvester Kelly], American R&B singer (I Wish I Could Fly), born in Chicago, Illinois

R&B Singer R. Kelly
R&B Singer
R. Kelly
  • Jan 8th Jeff Abercrombie, American musician
  • Jan 9th Domingo Jean, Dominican/US baseball pitcher (Houston Astros)
  • Jan 9th Johanna Ikonen, ice hockey defenseman (Finland, Oly-98)
  • Jan 10th Doug E Doug, rapper/comedian (Operation Dumbo Drop, Jungle Fever)
  • Jan 10th Juanita Clayton, Manitou Manitoba, softball catcher (Olympics-96)
  • Jan 11th Darren Anderson, NFL cornerback (KC Chiefs)
  • Jan 11th Dave Cruikshank, Northbrook Ill, speed skater (Olympics-1994)
  • Jan 11th Frank Robinson, WLAF defensive back (Scottish Claymores)
  • Jan 11th Reemt Pyka, hockey forward (Team Germany 1998)
  • Jan 11th Kyle Richards, American actress
  • Jan 12th Cam Russell, Halifax, NHL defenseman (Chicago Blackhawks)
  • Jan 12th Robert Prosinečki, Croatian footballer
  • Jan 13th Andre Cason, US runner (world record 50 indoor)
  • Jan 13th Dan Footman, NFL defensive end (Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts)
  • Jan 13th John Flannery, guard/corner (Dallas Cowboys)
  • Jan 13th Katarzyna Nowak, Lodz Poland, tennis star (1994 Futures France)
  • Jan 13th Kevin Foster, US baseball pitcher (Chicago Cubs)
  • Jan 13th Orlando Miller, Changionola Panama, infielder (Houston Astros)
  • Jan 13th Robert Wilson, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins)
  • Jan 13th Stephen Hendry, Edinburgh, Scottish professional snooker player
  • Jan 14th Dave Grohl, drummer (Nirvana, Foo Fighters)
  • Jan 14th David Webb, WLAF linebacker (Frankfurt Galaxy)
  • Jan 14th Jason Kent Bateman, Rye NY, actor (David-Valerie, Hogan Family)
  • Jan 14th Martin Bicknell, cricketer (England pace bowler 1993)
  • Jan 14th Rico Smith, NFL wide receiver (Cleveland Browns)
  • Jan 15th Adam Burt, NHL defenseman (Hartford Whalers), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • Jan 15th Delino DeShields, Seaford DE, infielder (Montreal Expos, LA Dodgers)
  • Jan 15th Demetra Hampton, actress (Valentina)
  • Jan 15th Leonard Wheeler, NFL safety/cornerback (Cin Bengals, Minnesota Vikings)
  • Jan 15th Marsha Miller, WPVA volleyballer (National-17th-1995), born in Rochester, New York
  • Jan 15th Rob van Dijk, Dutch soccer player (Feyenoord)
  • Jan 15th Rod de Highden, Australian 5k/10k/marathoner (Olympics-96)
  • Jan 15th Siupeli Malamala, NFL guard/tackle (NY Jets)
  • Jan 16th Chelan Kozak, Revelstoke BC, equestrian (Olympics-96)
  • Jan 16th Roy Jones, Pensacola Fla, Light-MW boxer (Olympic-silver-1988)
  • Jan 17th Lukas Moodysson, Swedish film writer and director
  • Jan 17th Naveen Andrews, British actor
  • Jan 17th Tijs Verwest, (DJ Tiësto) Dutch DJ
  • Jan 18th Larry Webster, defensive tackle (Baltimore Ravens)
  • Jan 18th Marvin Pope, CFL defensive end (Calgary Stampeders)
  • Jan 18th Jesse L. Martin, American actor and singer
  • Jan 18th Dave Bautista, American professional wrestler
  • Jan 19th Andrew Murray Stone, Open 470 sailor (Olympics-96), born in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Jan 19th Junior Seau, NFL inside linebacker (San Diego Chargers), (d. 2012)
  • Jan 19th Luc Longley, NBA center (Chicago Bulls)
  • Jan 19th Orlando Palmeiro, Hoboken NJ, outfielder (California Angels)
  • Jan 19th Predrag Mijatović, Yugoslavian footballer
  • Jan 19th Edwidge Danticat, Haitian-born American author
  • Jan 19th Steve Staunton, Irish footballer
  • Jan 20th Andre Romal Cason, Virginia Beach VA, 100m runner
  • Jan 20th Melissa Rivers, TV hostess (MTV, CBS Morning News), born in NYC, New York
  • Jan 20th Tia Marie Zorne, Miss Nevada-America (1991), born in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jan 20th Patrick K. Kroupa, American computer hacker
  • Jan 20th Nicky Wire, British Musician (Manic Street Preachers)
  • Jan 21st Ashley Sheppard, NFL linebacker (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Jan 21st Matt Willig, NFL tackle/guard (Atlanta Falcons, NY Jets)
  • Jan 21st Rusty Greer, Ft Rucker AL, outfielder (Texas Rangers)
  • Jan 21st Ted Long, CFL slot back (Hamilton Tiger Cats)
  • Jan 21st Karina Lombard, American actress
  • Jan 21st Tsubaki Nekoi, Japanese manga artist
  • Jan 22nd Olivia d'Abo, actress (Wonder Years, Single Guy), born London, England
  • Jan 22nd Christina Marie Leardini, St Petersburg Fla, playmate (Apr, 1991)
  • Jan 22nd Keith Gordon, US baseball outfielder (Cincinnati Reds)
  • Jan 22nd Ousmane Bary, WLAF cornerback (Barcelona Dragons)
  • Jan 22nd Shelley Sandie, Australian basketball guard (Olympics-88, 96)
  • Jan 22nd Vinnie Clark, NFL cornerback (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

Feb 16th Country singer Tammy Wynette (26) weds musician George Jones (37)

Country singer Tammy Wynette
Country singer
Tammy Wynette
  • Mar 8th Marriage of 12 year old Marcella Rosciglione in Palermo

HeartWedding of Interest

Mar 8th CEO of McDonald's Ray Kroc (66) weds philanthropist Joan Mansfield (40)

McDonald's Entrepreneur Ray Kroc
McDonald's Entrepreneur
Ray Kroc

HeartWedding of Interest

Mar 12th Paul McCartney marries Linda Louise Eastman in London

Musician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartney
Musician & member of the Beatles
Paul McCartney

HeartWedding of Interest

Mar 20th Beatle John Lennon marries Yoko Ono in Gibraltar

Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
Artist & Musician Yoko Ono
Artist & Musician
Yoko Ono
  • Apr 11th South African president Frederik de Klerk marries Marike Willemse

HeartWedding of Interest

May 4th Actor Dustin Hoffman (31) weds actress Anne Byrne (25)

HeartWedding of Interest

Jun 19th Baseball manager Leo Durocher (63) weds socialite Lynne Walker Goldblatt (40) at the Ambassador West Hotel in Chicago

Baseball Player and Manager Leo Durocher
Baseball Player and Manager
Leo Durocher

HeartWedding of Interest

Jun 22nd Writer and producer R. L. Stine (25) weds editor Jane Waldhorn

Children's Book Writer R. L. Stine
Children's Book Writer
R. L. Stine
  • Jul 26th "The 5th Dimension" lead vocalist Marilyn McCoo (25) weds fellow bandmate Billy Davis, Jr. (31)

HeartWedding of Interest

Aug 10th Economist Robert F. Engle (26) weds psychologist Marianne Eger

Economist Robert F. Engle
Robert F. Engle
  • Sep 8th Polish politician and trade-union organizer Lech Walesa (25) weds Danuta Golos (20)

HeartWedding of Interest

Oct 24th "Love Story" actress Ali MacGraw (30) weds film producer Robert Evans (39)

Film Producer Robert Evans
Film Producer
Robert Evans

HeartWedding of Interest

Nov 12th Director Blake Edwards (47) weds "The Sound of Music" actress Julie Andrews (34) in Beverly Hills

Actress/Singer Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews
  • Dec 17th 50m TV viewers saw singer Tiny Tim marry Miss Vicky, on Tonight Show

Famous Divorces

Broken heartDivorce of Interest

Sep 18th Actor Rod Taylor (39) divorces model Mary Hilem after 5 years of marriage

Actor Rod Taylor
Rod Taylor

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 292

  • Jan 1st Barton Maclane, actor (Gen Peterson-I Dream of Jeannie), dies at 68
  • Jan 1st Bruno Söderström, Swedish athlete (b. 1888)
  • Jan 2nd Georges Renevant, actor (Cornered), dies after long illness at 74
  • Jan 3rd Howard McNear, actor (Irma La Douce), dies after long illness at 63
  • Jan 3rd Jean Focas, Greco-French astronomer (b. 1909)
  • Jan 4th Montague Fawcett Phillips, composer, dies at 83
  • Jan 4th Daisy and Violet Hilton, British conjoined twins (b. 1908)
  • Jan 5th Franz T Csokor, Austria author (Gottes General), dies at 83
  • Jan 5th Tom Aherne, actor (Hustler, April Fools), dies of influenza in NY
  • Jan 8th Albert Hill, British athlete (b. 1889)
  • Jan 9th Ladislav Vycpalek, composer, dies at 86
  • Jan 10th John Brownlee, Australian tenor (b. 1900)
  • Jan 11th Richmal Crompton, British author (b. 1890)
  • Jan 13th Fred Price, cricket wicket-keep (England, v Aust Headingley 1938), dies
  • Jan 13th Wilton Graff, actor (Bloodlust, Just Before Dawn), dies at 65
  • Jan 15th Theodor Werner, German painter, dies at 82
  • Jan 16th Jan Palach, protesting Soviet invasion of Czech, self immolates at 20
  • Jan 16th Vernon Duke, American composer (Taking a Chance on Love), dies at 65
  • Jan 17th Grazyna Bacewicz, composer, dies at 59
  • Jan 18th Hans Freyer, German sociologist (b. 1887)
  • Jan 19th Charles Winninger, actor (Cafe Metropole, Coney Island), dies at 84
  • Jan 23rd Jaroslav Kricka, composer, dies at 86
  • Jan 24th Pauline Hall, composer, dies at 78
  • Jan 24th Tom Zachary, baseball pitcher (Wash Senators), dies at 72
  • Jan 25th Irene Castle, English dancer (b. 1887)
  • Jan 27th Charles Winninger, actor (Charlie Farrell Show), dies at 82
  • Jan 27th Hanns Jelinek, composer, dies at 67
  • Jan 30th Allan Welsh Dulles, US diplomat/director (CIA 1953-61), dies at 75
  • Jan 30th Dominique G Pire, clergyman, (Europe village Nobel 1958), dies at 58
  • Jan 31st Alexander Mikhaylovich Dzegelyonok, composer, dies at 77
  • Jan 31st Meher Baba, Indian guru (b. 1894)
  • Feb 2nd Boris Karloff, [Pratt], British actor (Frankenstein), dies at 81
  • Feb 2nd Giovanni Martinelli, opera singer (NY Met), dies at 83
  • Feb 3rd Eduardo C Mondlane, president of Mozambique, murdered
  • Feb 5th Thelma Ritter, American actress (All About Eve, Pillow Talk), dies at 63
  • Feb 7th Bainbridge Crist, composer, dies at 85
  • Feb 9th Manuel Plaza Reyes, Chilean marathoner (Oly-gold 1928), dies at 68
  • Feb 9th [George] Gabby Hayes, actor (Albuquerque, Colorado), dies at 83
  • Feb 11th James Lanphier, actor (Flight of Lost Balloon), dies at 48
  • Feb 12th Johanna EFG Tourniaire, actress (Potasch & Perlemoer), dies at 80
  • Feb 14th Vito Genovese, US mafia chief, dies at 71
  • Feb 14th Wolfe Barzell, actor (Blue Angel), dies of heart attack at 72
  • Feb 18th Dragisa Cvetkovic, Serbian premier of (Yugoslavia 1939-4.), dies at 76
  • Feb 19th Madge Blake, American actress (b. 1899)
  • Feb 20th Ernest Ansermet, Swiss conductor/composer, dies at 85
  • Feb 20th Jack Ingram, actor (Law of the West), dies of heart attack at 66
  • Feb 21st Jose de Capriles, Mexican-born US Olympic fencer, dies
  • Feb 23rd Abd al-Aziz Abd al-Rahman al-Faisal al-Saud, King Saudia, dies at 67
  • Feb 23rd Joseph Messner, composer, dies at 75
  • Feb 24th Kenneth Green, actor (Penrod), dies of heart attack at 61
  • Feb 25th Jan Zajic, Czech student, self incinerates
  • Feb 26th Karl Jaspers, German psychiatrist/philosopher, dies at 86
  • Feb 26th Levi Eshkol, [Sjkolnik], Israeli Prime Minister (1963-69), dies in office of a heart attack at 73
  • Feb 27th John Boles, actor (Stella Dallas, Curly Top), dies at 73
  • Feb 27th Marius Barbeau, French Canadian folklorist (b. 1883)
  • Mar 4th Nicholas Schenck, Russian-born film empresario (b. 1881)
  • Mar 6th Nadya Rusheva, Russian painter (b. 1952)
  • Mar 9th Riad, chief of staff (Egyptian army), dies
  • Mar 9th Richard Crane, actor (Surfside 6), dies at 50
  • Mar 11th John Wyndham, [Parkes Lucas B Harris], author (Chrysalids), dies at 65
  • Mar 13th Felix Locher, actor (Frankenstein's Daughter), dies at 86
  • Mar 14th Ben Shahn, US painter, dies at 70
  • Mar 15th Miles Malleson, actor/writer (Postman's Knock), dies at 80
  • Mar 18th Barbara Bates, actress (Kathy-It's a Great Life), dies at 43
  • Mar 19th Theodor Schaefer, Czech composer, dies at 65
  • Mar 20th Henri Longchambon, French politician (b. 1896)
  • Mar 21st Gerhart Fritsch, writer, dies at 44
  • Mar 22nd Ernst Deutsch, [Dorian], Czech actor (3rd Man, Golem), dies at 78
  • Mar 23rd Rudolf Pannwitz, German author/philosopher (Urblik), dies at 87
  • Mar 24th Joseph Kasavubu, president Congo (1960-65), dies at about 55
  • Mar 25th Alan Mowbray, actor (Dante, Colonel Flack), dies at 72
  • Mar 25th Max Eastman, American critic/essayist (Love and Revolution), dies at 86
  • Mar 25th Norman Gallichan, cricketer (one Test for NZ, 30 & 2, 3-113), dies
  • Mar 25th Billy Cotton, British bandleader & entertainer (b. 1889)
  • Mar 26th Günther Weisenborn, German writer and German Resistence fighter, dies at 66
  • Mar 27th B[runo] Traven, writer (The Treasure of the Sierra Madre), writer whose identity is disputed, dies at possibly 87

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Mar 28th Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th US President (R, 1953-61) and WWII general, dies of a congestive heart failure at 78

34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th US President & WWII General
Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Mar 28th Aryeh Levin [Reb Aryeh], Orthodox Jewish rabbi, dies at 84
  • Mar 30th Lucien Bianchi, Belgian auto racer, dies at 34
  • Apr 2nd Fortunio Bonanova, actor (My Best Gal, Havana Rose), dies at 74
  • Apr 3rd Rex Evans, actor (Frankenstein meets the Wolfman, Zara), dies at 65
  • Apr 5th Gabriel M-E-R Chevallier, French author (La Peur), dies at 73
  • Apr 5th Romulo Gallegos, Venezuela author/president (1947-48), dies at 84
  • Apr 5th Ain-Ervin Mere, Estonian Nazi (b. 1903)
  • Apr 5th Shelby Storck, American television producer (b. 1917)
  • Apr 8th Arthur Walter Kramer, composer, dies at 78
  • Apr 8th Denton Cooley, got 1st fully artificial heart, dies at 48
  • Apr 10th Harley J. Earl, American automobile designer (b. 1893)
  • Apr 11th Ludvig Irgens Jensen, composer, dies at 74
  • Apr 15th Victoria von Battenberg, wife of Spanish king Alfonso, dies at 81
  • Apr 18th Piotr F Scharoff, Russ/Italian actor/director (Chechov), dies at 82
  • Apr 23rd Krzystzof Komeda, composer, dies at 37
  • Apr 25th Margarita Xirgu, actress (Bloody Wedding), dies at 80
  • Apr 26th Morihei Ueshiba, Japanese martial artist and founder of aikido (b. 1883)
  • Apr 27th Dino Terranova, actor (Young Dillinger), dies at 65
  • Apr 27th René Barrientos, President of Bolivia (b. 1919)
  • Apr 28th Johannes Rontgen, composer, dies at 70
  • May 1st Ella Logan, actress (52nd Street, Woman Chases Man), dies at 56
  • May 1st George Parker, cricketer (2 Tests for South Africa 1924), dies
  • May 2nd Franz JHMM von Papen, German chancellor (1932), dies at 89