What Happened in 1969 (Part 5)

Historical Events

Events 401 - 500 of 740

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 1 John Lennon and Yoko Ono are admitted to hospital after a car crash

Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
Artist & Musician Yoko Ono
Artist & Musician
Yoko Ono
  • Jul 1 Shelby Singleton buys Sun Records from Sam Phillips
  • Jul 2 Ireland bowl out West Indies for 25 at Londonderry, win by 9 wkts
  • Jul 2 Leslie West & Felix Pappalardi form rock group Mountain
  • Jul 3 78,000 attend Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, RI
  • Jul 4 "Give Peace a Chance" by Plastic Ono Band is released in UK

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 4 140,000 attend Atlanta Pop Festival featuring Led Zep & Janis Joplin

Singer-Songwriter Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin

Sport awardTennis Open

Jul 4 76th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Ann Jones beats Billie Jean King (3-6 6-3 6-2)

Tennis Legend Billie Jean King
Tennis Legend
Billie Jean King
  • Jul 4 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Jul 4 The Ohio Fireworks Derecho kills 18 Ohioans and destroys over 100 boats on Lake Erie.

Sport awardTennis Open

Jul 5 83rd Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Rod Laver beats John Newcombe (64 57 64 64)

Tennis Player Rod Laver
Tennis Player
Rod Laver
  • Jul 5 Rolling Stones play a free concert in London's Hyde Park

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 6 Filming begins on "Ned Kelly" starring Mick Jagger

Rock Star Mick Jagger
Rock Star
Mick Jagger
  • Jul 6 Frente Obrero y Liberacion (FOL) forms in Curacao
  • Jul 7 Canada's House of Commons approves equality of French-English lang
  • Jul 7 German newspaper Der Spiegel reveals Bishop Defregger of Munich is a war criminal
  • Jul 8 US troop withdrawal begins in Vietnam
  • Jul 8 IBM CICS is made generally available for the 360 mainframe computer.
  • Jul 9 Tom Seaver's no-hit bid against Cubs ends with 1 out in 9th
  • Jul 10 Chilean Association of Librarians created

Music releaseMusic Single

Jul 11 David Bowie releases the single "Space Oddity" 9 days before Apollo 11 lands on the moon

Singer-Songwriter David Bowie
David Bowie
  • Jul 11 Rolling Stones release "Honky Tonk Woman"
  • Jul 12 98th British Golf Open: Tony Jacklin shoots a 280 at Royal Lytham
  • Jul 12 As the 'marching season' reaches its height there is serious rioting in Derry, Belfast and Dungiven; many familles in Belfast are forced to move from their homes
  • Jul 13 Russia launches unmanned Luna 15 to Moon
  • Jul 13 Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Ladies' Supertest Golf Open
  • Jul 13 North Ireland loyalist Ian Paisley addresses a crowd at Loughgall, County Antrim, and is reported to have said: "I am anti-Roman Catholic, but God being my judge, I love the poor dupes who are ground down under that system."
  • Jul 14 "Futbol War" between El Salvador & Honduras begins
  • Jul 14 Soccer war - Salvador-Honduras (1000 dead)
  • Jul 14 WMUL (now WPBY) TV channel 33 in Huntington, WV (PBS) 1st broadcast
  • Jul 14 The United States $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills are officially withdrawn from circulation.
  • Jul 14 A 67-year-old Catholic civilian dies after being attacked by RUC officers in Dungiven; many consider this the first death of 'the Troubles'
  • Jul 14 Francis McCloskey, a Catholic civilian, dies one day after being hit on the head with a baton by an officer of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) during street disturbances in Dungiven, County Derry
  • Jul 15 Cincinnati Red Lee May hits 4 HRs in a doubleheader
  • Jul 15 Rod Carew ties record with his 7th steal of home in a season

1stApollo 11 Bootprint

Jul 16 Apollo 11 launched, carrying 1st men to land on Moon

  • Jul 18 Joe Namath agrees to sell interest in Bachelors 3, to stay in NFL
  • Jul 19 Apollo 11 goes into Moon orbit

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 20 1st Moon Landing: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin from Apollo 11, 530 million watch live global broadcast

Astronaut & 1st Man on the Moon Neil Armstrong
Astronaut & 1st Man on the Moon
Neil Armstrong
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin
  • Jul 20 Carol Mann wins LPGA Danbury Lady Carling Golf Open
  • Jul 20 56th Tour de France won by Eddy Merckx of Belgium
  • Jul 21 Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to step on the Moon at 2:56:15 AM (GMT)
  • Jul 21 Russia's Luna 15 impacts moon after 52 lunar orbits
  • Jul 22 Aretha Franklin arrested for disturbing the peace in Detroit
  • Jul 22 USSR launches Sputnik 50 & Molniya 1-12 communications satellite
  • Jul 23 40th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 9-3 at RFK Memorial, Wash DC
  • Jul 23 All star MVP: Willie McCovey (SF Giants)
  • Jul 23 USSR performs nuclear Test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Jul 24 Apollo 11 returns to Earth
  • Jul 24 Hoyt Wilhelm pitches in a record 907th major league game

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 24 Muhammad Ali is convicted for refusing induction in US Army on appeal

Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali
Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Muhammad Ali
  • Jul 25 1st performance of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Fillmore East, NY)
  • Jul 25 70,000 attend Seattle Pop Festival
  • Jul 25 Edward Kennedy pleads guilty to leaving scene of an accident a week after the Chappaquiddick car accident that killed Mary Jo Kopechne
  • Jul 26 Sharon Sites Adams, 39, becomes 1st lady to solo sail the Pacific

Sport awardGolf Major

Jul 27 15th LPGA Championship won by Betsy Rawls

LPGA Golfer Betsy Rawls
LPGA Golfer
Betsy Rawls
  • Jul 29 Mariner 6 begins transmitting far-encounter photos of Mars
  • Jul 30 Astros Denis Menke & Jim Wynn hit grandslams in 9th inn vs Mets

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 30 Barbra Streisand opens for Liberace at International Hotel, Las Vegas

Singer-songwriter & Actress Barbra Streisand
Singer-songwriter & Actress
Barbra Streisand
Pianist Liberace
  • Jul 30 KAEC TV channel 19 in Lufkin, TX (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Jul 31 KWIH TV channel 44 in Winona, MN (IND) begins broadcasting
  • Jul 31 Mariner 6 makes its closest approach to planet Mars at 3410 km
  • Jul 31 National Guard mobilizes in racial disturbances in Baton Rouge, La
  • Aug 1 110,000 attend Atlantic City Pop Festival
  • Aug 1 36th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: NY Jets 26, All-Stars 24 (74,208)
  • Aug 1 Mariner 6 sends close-up photos of Mars

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 2 Bob Dylan makes surprise appearance at Hibbing HS Minn 10th reunion

Singer-Songwriter Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 2 US President Richard Nixon visits Romania

37th US President Richard Nixon
37th US President
Richard Nixon
  • Aug 3 Reds beats Phillies 19-17
  • Aug 3 Sandra Spuzich wins LPGA Buckeye Savings Golf Invitational
  • Aug 4 Willie Stargell is 1st to hit a HR outside of Dodger Stadium
  • Aug 5 Mariner 7 flies past Mars
  • Aug 5 Pirate Willie Stargell is 1st to hit a ball out of Dodger Stadium
  • Aug 5 The UVF plant their first bomb in the Republic of Ireland, damaging the RTÉ Television Centre in Dublin
  • Aug 6 Balt Orioles pull their 3rd triple play (5-4-3 vs KC Royals)
  • Aug 9 "Zorba" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 305 performances
  • Aug 9 Manson family commits Tate-LaBianca murders
  • Aug 10 Don Sutton breaks his 13-game losing streak to Cubs with a 4-2 win
  • Aug 10 Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Stroh's-WBLY Golf Open
  • Aug 11 Don Drysdale retires because of damage to his right shoulder
  • Aug 11 Pittsburgh Steelers beat NY Giants 17-13 in Montreal (NFL expo)
  • Aug 12 Boston Celtics sold for an NBA record $6 million
  • Aug 12 Battle of the Bogside: RUC officers, backed by loyalists, entered the nationalist Bogside in armoured cars and tried to suppress the riot by using CS gas, water cannon and eventually firearms; the almost continuous rioting lasted for two days
  • Aug 13 Balt Oriole Jim Palmer no-hits Oakland A's, 8-0
  • Aug 13 Temp Commissioner Bowie Kuhn elected for 7-year term by unanimous vote
  • Aug 14 NY Mets fall 9½ games back, later to win pennant
  • Aug 14 In response to events in Derry, Irish nationalists hold protests throughout Northern Ireland, some of these became violent
  • Aug 14 British Army deploys on the streets of Northern Ireland, marking the beginning of Operation Banner

Music concertWoodstock Music and Art Fair

Aug 15 Woodstock Music & Art Fair opens in New York State on Max Yasgur's Dairy Farm

  • Aug 16 WATL TV channel 36 in Atlanta, GA begins broadcasting
  • Aug 16 Second day of the Woodstock rock festival in NY
  • Aug 17 Hurricane Camille strikes US coastline and kills 259 people (mainly in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana)

Sport awardGolf Major

Aug 17 51st PGA Championship: Ray Floyd shoots a 276 at NCR GC Dayton Ohio

Golfer and Four-Time Major Championship Winner Ray Floyd
Golfer and Four-Time Major Championship Winner
Ray Floyd
  • Aug 17 Carol Mann wins LPGA Southgate Ladies' Golf Open
  • Aug 17 NY Jets beat NY Giants 37-14 in their 1st meeting (pre season)
  • Aug 18 Mick Jagger accidentally shot while filming "Ned Kelly"

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 18 Woodstock Music & Art Fair closes with Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys as the final act

Rock Guitarist Jimi Hendrix
Rock Guitarist
Jimi Hendrix
  • Aug 19 Chicago Cub Ken Holtzman no-hits Atlanta Braves, 3-0
  • Aug 20 69 cm rainfall in Nelson County, Virginia (state record)
  • Aug 21 Fire in Al-Aksa-mosque in Jerusalem

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 401 - 500 of 1,336

  • Apr 11 Gavin Briant, cricketer (Zimbabwe Test batsman 1993)
  • Apr 11 J Nick Adamson, Freeport Bahamas, US laser sailor (Olymp-21st-1996)
  • Apr 11 Janeth Arcain, WNBA forward (Houston Comets)
  • Apr 11 Jesse Campbell, NFL safety (NY Giants, Washington Redskins)
  • Apr 11 Cerys Matthews, Welsh singer
  • Apr 11 Chisato Moritaka, Japanese singer
  • Apr 12 Michael Jackson, NFL wide receiver (Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens)
  • Apr 13 Harold Pruett, American actor (Sybil, Embrace of the Vampire), (d. 2002)
  • Apr 14 Brad Ausmus, catcher (Detroit Tigers), born in New Haven, Connecticut
  • Apr 14 Brad Pennington, Salem IN, pitcher (California Angels)
  • Apr 14 David Archibald, Chilliwack, NHL center (Ottawa Senators)
  • Apr 14 Mark Macon, NBA guard (Detroit Pistons)
  • Apr 14 Tim Roberts, NFL defensive end (NE Patriots)
  • Apr 14 Vebjørn Selbekk, Norwegian journalist
  • Apr 14 Martyn LeNoble, Dutch musician
  • Apr 15 Chris Smith,Nike golfer (1993 BC Open-8th), born in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Apr 15 Jeromy Burnitz, Westminster CA, outfielder (Cleveland Indians)
  • Apr 15 Michael Jones, NFL linebacker (Oakland Raiders, St Louis Rams)
  • Apr 15 Phillippi Sparks, NFL cornerback (NY Giants)
  • Apr 16 Fernando Vina, infielder (Milwaukee Brewers), born in Sacramento, California
  • Apr 16 Melinda Rich, Muskegon Mich, WPVA volleyballer (US Open-13th-1993)
  • Apr 18 Vladimir Tsyplakov, Inta Russia, NHL left wing (LA Kings, Belarus 1998)
  • Apr 18 Princess Sayako of Japan
  • Apr 18 Keith R.A. DeCandido, American author
  • Apr 19 Danelle Marie Folta, Hammond IN, playmate (Apr, 1995)
  • Apr 19 James Westphal, Oak Park Illinois, 10k runner
  • Apr 19 Jesse James, American television personality and motorcycle builder
  • Apr 20 John van Halst, soccer player (FC Twente)
  • Apr 20 Takayuki Kobori, hockey defenseman (Team Japan 1998)
  • Apr 20 Chris Jarvis, children's TV personality
  • Apr 21 Conrad Clarks, NFL center (Indianapolis Colts)
  • Apr 21 Dwight Hollier, NFL linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
  • Apr 21 Robin Meade, American reporter
  • Apr 22 Bobby Olive, NFL wide receiver (Indianapolis Colts)
  • Apr 22 Craig Logan, Scotland, rock bassist (Bros Front, Bon Jovi-New Jersey)
  • Apr 22 George Williams, Lacrosse WI, catcher (Oakland A's)
  • Apr 22 Roger Jones, NFL center (Cin Bengals)
  • Apr 22 Dion Dublin, English footballer
  • Apr 23 Nadeem Shahid, cricketer
  • Apr 23 Yelena Shushunova, Russian gymnast
  • Apr 23 Richard Wolstencroft, Australian Filmmaker
  • Apr 23 Martin López-Zubero, Spanish swimmer
  • Apr 24 Elias Atmatsidis, Greek footballer
  • Apr 24 Melinda Clarke, American actress
  • Apr 24 Viveca Paulin, Swedish actress
  • Apr 25 Darren Woodson, NFL safety (Dallas Cowboys)
  • Apr 25 Gavin Bruk-Jackson, cricketer (Zimbabwe Test batsman 1993)
  • Apr 25 Jon Olsen, US, 100m freestyle/400m/800m medley (Olymp-gold-1992, 96)
  • Apr 25 Marisa Pedulla, Bellefonte PA, half-lightweight judoka (Olympics-96)
  • Apr 25 Nir Shental, Israel, Men's 470 sailor (Oly-15th-1996)
  • Apr 25 Sanjeeva Ranatunga, cricketer (Sri Lankan Test batsman 1994- )
  • Apr 25 Travis Fryman, Lexington KY, infielder (Detroit Tigers)
  • Apr 25 Joe Buck, American sports broadcaster
  • Apr 25 Renée Zellweger, American actress
  • Apr 27 Brett Steven, Bermuda, NZ tennis player (Olympics-96)
  • Apr 27 Francine "Frankie" McRae, Australian softball outfielder (Oly-br-96)
  • Apr 27 Mica Paris, British Rhythm & Blues singer (So Good), born in London
  • Apr 27 Tyrone Rodgers, CFL defensive linebacker (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
  • Apr 27 Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey
  • Apr 27 Darcey Bussell, British ballerina
  • Apr 27 Grahame Cheney, Australian boxer
  • Apr 28 Merlelynn Lange-Harris, basketball center (Oly-96), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • Apr 29 Arthur Marshall, NFL wide receiver (NY Giants)
  • Apr 29 Paul Adelstein, American actor
  • Apr 30 Dexter Rogers, volleyball opposite hitter (Oly-96), born in St Petersburg, Florida
  • Apr 30 Joey Restivo, rocker (Linear-I Never Felt This Way, Lies), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • Apr 30 Warren Defever, American musician, composer
  • May 1 Billy Owens, NBA forward/guard (Sacramento Kings)
  • May 1 Bryan Marchment, Scarborough, NHL defenseman (Edmonton Oilers)
  • May 1 Carrie Stevens, playmate (June 1997), born in Buffalo, New York
  • May 1 Wes Anderson, American director and writer
  • May 2 Brian Lara, cricketer (WI left-hand bat Smashed world records in 1994)
  • May 2 Glen Young, NFL linebacker (San Diego Chargers)
  • May 3 Karen Kraft, San Mateo California, rower (Olympics-silver-96)
  • May 3 Daryl F. Mallett, American writer/editor
  • May 4 Micah Aivazoff, Canadian ice hockey player
  • May 4 Ryan Shamrock, American wrestling valet
  • May 5 Bryan Ivie, Torrance California, volleyball middle blocker (Oly-br-92, 96)
  • May 6 Mark Thomas, NFL defensive end (Carolina Panthers, Packers, Bears)
  • May 6 Pascall Davis, WLAF linebacker (Amsterdam Admirals)
  • May 6 Jim Magilton, Northern Irish footballer
  • May 7 Katerina Maleeva, Bulgaria, tennis player (US Open Junior 1984)
  • May 7 Melanie Valerio, 400m freestyle swimmer (Olympics-96)
  • May 7 Eagle Eye Cherry, Swedish musician
  • May 7 Rick Porras, American co-producer
  • May 8 Brad Culpepper, NFL defensive tackle (Tampa Bay Bucs)
  • May 8 Duane Forde, CFL fullback (Calgary Stampeders)
  • May 8 Swift Burch, CFL defensive end (Montreal Alouettes)
  • May 8 Akebono Taro, sumo wrestler
  • May 9 Carla Overbeck, soccer defender (Olympics-96), born in Pasadena, California
  • May 9 Renn Crichlow, canoeist (Olympics-8-92, 96), born in Ottawa, Ontario
  • May 9 Amber [Marie-Claire Cremers], Dutch-born German singer-songwriter, born in Ubbergen, the Netherlands
  • May 10 Curtis Whitley, NFL center (Panthers, Packers, Raiders)
  • May 10 Dennis Bergkamp, Amsterdam Neth, soccer player (Ajax)
  • May 10 Judson Mills, Purcellville Va, actor (Hutch-As The World Turns)
  • May 10 Martin Driever, WLAF tight end (Rhein Fire)
  • May 10 Pete Schourek, pitcher (Cincinnati Reds), born in Austin, Texas
  • May 10 John Scalzi, American writer
  • May 11 Amy Legacki, Terrytown NY, 10k runner
  • May 12 Kim Fields Freeman, actress (Tootie-Facts of Life), born in Los Angeles, California

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