What Happened in January 1970

Historical Events

  • 1st "The Epoch" (Time 0 for UNIX systems, Midnight GMT)
  • 1st Afro-American Historical Calendar Series Established
  • 1st Charles "Chub" Feeney becomes president of baseball's National League
  • 1st Neth Christian Workers Union (NCW) forms
  • 1st Revised calendar for Western (RC) Church goes into effect
  • 1st The University College of Zululand, formerly affiliated to the University of South Africa, attains full academic autonomy as the University of Zululand.
  • 1st The Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR), an infantry regiment of the British Army, comes into existence
  • 1st US Federal oil depletion allowance reduced from 27.5 to 22.0 percent
  • 1st 56th Rose Bowl: #5 Southern California beats #7 Michigan, 10-3
  • 1st 36th Sugar Bowl: #13 Mississippi beats #3 Arkansas, 27-22
  • 1st 36th Orange Bowl: #2 Penn State beats #6 Missouri, 10-3
  • 2nd Dutch premiere of musical "Hair" in Amsterdam
  • 2nd US population is 293,200,000; Black population: 22,600,000 (11.1%)
  • 3rd "Jimmy" closes at Winter Garden Theater NYC after 84 performances
  • 3rd "Mame" closes at Winter Garden Theater NYC after 1508 performances
  • 3rd Marxist government takes over in Congo
  • 3rd WHAG TV channel 25 in Hagerstown, MD (NBC) begins broadcasting
  • 4th Beatles last recording session at EMI studios
  • 4th NYC transit fare rises from 20 cents to 30 cents, new larger tokens used

Event of interestEvent of Interest

4th Walter Cronkite ends hosting weekly documentary

Broadcast Journalist Walter Cronkite
Broadcast Journalist
Walter Cronkite
  • 4th More than 15,000 people are killed in Tonghai County, China after a magnitude 7.7 earthquake
  • 5th 23,000 Belgian mine workers strike
  • 5th KPTS TV channel 8 in Hutchinson-Wichita, KS (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • 5th Soap Opera "All My Children" premieres on ABC

Music concertWoodstock Music and Art Fair

7th Farmers sue Max Yasgur for $35,000 in damages caused by "Woodstock"

  • 9th Constitution of Singapore enacted
  • 10th Preview Center opens at Walt Disney World, Florida - first building to open
  • 11th Super Bowl IV: KC Chiefs beat Minnesota Vikings, 23-7 in New Orleans Super Bowl MVP: Len Dawson, Kansas City, QB
  • 11th Irish republican political party Sinn Féin party splits between those in favor of abstentionism (of not taking any seats won in the parliaments) and those where against
  • 12th Biafran War ends, Biafra surrenders to Nigeria
  • 12th Boeing 747 makes its maiden voyage
  • 12th Biafra capitulates, ending the Nigerian civil war.
  • 13th Riots begin in the Ballymurphy area of Belfast
  • 14th Royal Ulster Constabulary officers patrol the Falls Road area of Belfast for the first time since 1969
  • 15th Milwaukee Brewers make their 1st trade (with Oakland A's)
  • 15th Republic of Biafra disbands and joins Nigeria
  • 15th Riots break out in the Ardoyne area of Belfast

Event of interestEvent of Interest

15th Muammar Gaddafi is proclaimed premier of Libya

Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi
Libyan Leader
Muammar Gaddafi
  • 16th Curt Flood files a civil lawsuit challenging baseball's reserve clause
  • 16th NFL realigns into 3 divisions (down from 4)
  • 16th AAU player Steve Myers makes a basketball field goal of 92'3½" from out of bounds, Tacoma-it shouldn't have counted, but was allowed
  • 16th Buckminster Fuller receives the Gold Medal award from the American Institute of Architects
  • 16th 4 months after leading a coup against monarchy, Muammar Gaddafi takes over rule of Libya
  • 17th 357 baseball players are available in the free-agent draft
  • 17th AFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 26-3
  • 17th John M Burgess installed as bishop of Protestant Episcopals (Mass)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

17th Sporting News names Willie Mays as Player of the Decade for the 1960s

MLB Legend Willie Mays
MLB Legend
Willie Mays
  • 18th Hasse Borjes skates world record 500m in 38.9 sec
  • 18th NFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 16-13
  • 19th Dutch bishops says he is in favor of married priest
  • 19th Nixon nominates G Harold Carswell to Supreme Court (fails)
  • 19th UCLA fires Angela Davis for being a communist
  • 20th 20th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 142-135 at Philadelphia
  • 20th 23rd NHL All-Star Game: East beat West 4-1 at St Louis
  • 20th Super Fight, computer mock championship between Ali & Marciano; Marciano won.
  • 21st PanAm Boeing 747 1st flight NY-London
  • 22nd 1st commercial Boeing 747 flight, New York City to London in 6½ hours
  • 22nd Test debut of Barry Richards, South Africa v Australia, Cape Town
  • 23rd Australia's 1st amateur radio satellite (Oscar 5) launched (California)
  • 23rd Dolle Mina's burns her bra in Amsterdam
  • 23rd US launches 2nd generation weather satellite, ITOS 1
  • 23rd US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 24th 3rd ABA All-Star Game: West 128 beats East 98 at Indiana
  • 24th Valeri Muratov skates world record 500m (38.99 sec)
  • 25th Robert Altman's film M*A*S*H premieres
  • 26th Pendleton, Ford & Cryer's "Last Sweet Days of Isaac," premieres in NYC
  • 27th Movie rating system modifies "M" rating to "PG"
  • 27th 1970 NFL Draft: Terry Bradshaw from Louisiana Tech first pick by Pittsburgh Steelers

Sport awardTennis Open

27th 58th Men's Australian Open: Arthur Ashe beats Dick Crealy (6-4, 9-7, 6-2)

Tennis Player Arthur Ashe
Tennis Player
Arthur Ashe
  • 27th 58th Women's Australian Open: Margaret Court beats Kerry Melville Reid (6-1, 6-3)
  • 28th Lubomír Strougal succeeds Cernik as premier of Czechoslovakia
  • 29th USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • 31st Grateful Dead members busted on LSD charges

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 135

  • 1st Brian Morton, Wollongong Australia, canoeist (Olympics-96)
  • 1st Tom Sier, soccer player (SC Heerenveen)
  • 1st Vadim Glovatskiy, hockey defenseman (Team Kazakhstan Oly-1998)
  • 1st Gabriel Jarret, American actor
  • 2nd Aleksandr Shimin, hockey goaltender (Team Kazakhstan Oly-1998)
  • 2nd Anthony Stuart, cricketer (Australian ODI pace bowler, hat trick 1997)
  • 2nd Glenn Cadrez, NFL linebacker (Denver Broncos-Super Bowl 32)
  • 2nd Royce Clayton, infielder (SF Giants, St Louis Cardinals), born in Burbank, California
  • 2nd Robert Fertitta, American opera singer
  • 2nd Sanda Ladoşi, Romanian singer
  • 3rd James Brown, NFL tackle (NY Jets)
  • 3rd Tony Farmer, NBA forward (Charlotte Hornets)
  • 3rd Trudi Jeffrey, Brisbane QLD, golfer (1990 Australian Jr Champion)
  • 3rd Yogi Johl, 130 kg Greco Roman wrestler (Olympics-96), born in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 3rd Mahaya Petrosian, Iranian actress
  • 3rd Christian Duguay, American comic actor
  • 3rd Matt Ross, American actor
  • 4th Colin Scrivener, CFL defensive tackle (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
  • 4th Sean Lumpkin, NFL safety (NO Saints)
  • 4th Chris Kanyon, American professional wrestler
  • 5th James Patton, NFL defensive end (Buffalo Bills)
  • 5th Rick Campanelli, Canadian TV presenter
  • 6th Daniel Naulty, pitcher (Minnesota Twins), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 6th Gabrielle Reece, Trinidad, volleyball star/model (Extremists)
  • 6th Geert Brusselers, soccer player (NAC)
  • 6th John Gerak, NFL tight end/guide (Minnesota Vikings, St Louis Rams)
  • 6th Keenan McCardell, NFL wide receiver (Cleveland Browns, Jaguars)
  • 6th Kerrin Petty, Townshend Vt, cross country skier (Olympics-1994)
  • 6th René Binken, soccer player (Volendam)
  • 6th Julie Chen, American television presenter
  • 7th Doug E Doug [Douglas Bourne], American actor (Cosby, Cool Runnings), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 7th Darryl Williams, NFL safety (Seattle Seahawks, Cin Bengals)
  • 7th Frank "Cliff" Mannon, Amarillo TX, team handball (Olympics-1996)
  • 7th Paul McCallum, CFL/WLAF kicker/punter (Claymores, Sask Roughriders)
  • 7th Todd Day, NBA guard/forward (Boston Celtics)
  • 7th Joao Ricardo, Angolan footballer
  • 8th Jon Klemm, NHL defenseman (Colorado Avalanche), born in Calgary, Alberta
  • 9th Graciela Schutt, WPVA volleyballer (Deerfield-25th-1995), born in El Paso, Texas
  • 9th Lara Fabian, Belgian singer
  • 9th Alex Staropoli, Italian keyboardist (Rhapsody Of Fire)
  • 10th Cameron MacKenzie, Australian 100m/200m/400m (Olympics-96)
  • 10th Deon Figures, NFL cornerback/PR (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 10th James Wilson, WLAF defensive end (Rhein Fire)
  • 10th Marcus Bagwell, American professional wrestler
  • 11th Franco Davin, Argentina, tennis star
  • 11th Joy Nilo, Filipino Composer
  • 12th Jenny Griffith, WPVA volleyballer (National-13th-1995), born in Burbank, California
  • 12th Nigel Wilson, Canadian/US baseball outfielder (Florida Marlins)
  • 12th Takahiro Ikenoue, WLAF defensive linebacker (Rhein Fire)
  • 12th Raekwon, American rapper
  • 12th Zack de la Rocha, American musician (Rage Against the Machine)
  • 13th Anne-Marie Goddard, Utrechtum Netherlands, playmate (Jan, 94)
  • 13th Frank Kooiman, soccer player (Sparta)
  • 13th Keith Coogan, Palm Springs, California, American actor (Jeffrey-Waltons, Gun Shy)
  • 13th Nachi Abe, WLAF tight end (Scotland Claymores)
  • 13th Marco Pantani, Italian cyclist (d. 2004)
  • 13th Shonda Rhimes, American screenwriter/creator (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal), born in Chicago Illinois
  • 14th Eric Charron, Verdun, NHL defenseman (Washington Capitals)
  • 14th Steve Cooke, Kanai Hawaii, pitcher (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • 14th Tyrone Hughes, NFL cornerback (New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears)
  • 14th Gene Snitsky, American professional wrestler
  • 15th Dan Landry, volleyball opposite hitter (Olympics-96), born in San Diego, California
  • 15th Elroy Kromheer, soccer player (FC Volendam)
  • 15th Michele Granger, Anaheim California, softball pitcher (Olympics-gold-96)
  • 16th Don MacLean, NBA forward (NJ Nets, Denver Nuggets)
  • 16th Ron Villone, pitcher (San Diego Padres), born in Englewood, New Jersey
  • 16th Garth Ennis, Irish comic book author
  • 17th Candace Murray, softball shortstop (Olympics-96), born in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 17th Darnell Walker, NFL cornerback (Atlanta Falcons, SF 49ers)
  • 17th Jeremy Roenick, NHL center (Team USA, Blackhawks, Coyotes), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 17th Genndy Tartakovsky, Russian-born animator
  • 17th James Wattana, Thai snooker player
  • 18th Leo Araguz, NLF/WLAF punter (Oakland Raiders, Rhein Fire)
  • 18th DJ Quik, American rapper
  • 18th Peter van Petegem, Belgian cyclist
  • 19th Ghetty Chasun, Erie Penn, actress (Red Lips)
  • 19th Rick Krivda, Mckeesport PA, pitcher (Baltimore Orioles)
  • 19th T J Mathews, Belleville IL, pitcher (St Louis Cardinals)
  • 19th Kathleen Smet, Belgian triathlete
  • 19th Udo Suzuki, Japanese comedian
  • 20th Anita St Rose, Miss Universe-Great Britain (1996)
  • 20th Dennis Hulshof, soccer player (Go Ahead Eagles)
  • 20th Marvin Benard, Bluefields Nicaragua, outfielder (SF Giants)
  • 20th Rob Gaudreau, Lincoln, NHL center (Ottawa Senators)
  • 20th Ron Carpenter, NFL/WLAF safety (NY Jets, Amsterdam Admirals)
  • 20th Skeet Ulrich, actor (Scream)
  • 20th Terry Kirby, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins, SF 49ers)
  • 20th Thomas "Tom" Murray, rower (Olympics-1996), born in Buffalo, New York
  • 20th Mitch Benn, UK comedian, songwriter, actor
  • 21st Brennan Little, St Thomas Ont, golfer (1994 Western States mini-tour)
  • 21st Ian Salisbury, cricketer (Sussex & England leg-spinner 1992-96)
  • 21st Ken Leung, American actor
  • 21st Mark Trojanowski, American musician (Sister Hazel)
  • 22nd Brian Gaskill, actor (David Michaels-Models Inc, Bob-All My Children)
  • 22nd Keith Wagner, NFL/WLAF tackle (NY Giants, Redskins, Scot Claymores)
  • 22nd Abraham Olano, Spanish cyclist
  • 22nd Alex Ross, American comic book painter (Marvels, Kingdom Come)
  • 23rd Alan Embree, Vancouver WA, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)
  • 23rd Jim Schwantz, NFL linebacker (Dallas Cowboys, SF 49ers)
  • 23rd Mark Wohlers, pitcher (Atlanta Braves), born in Holyoke, Massachusetts

Famous Deaths

  • 2nd Piotr Rytel, Polish composer, dies at 85
  • 3rd Gladys Aylward, British missionary in China; portrayed by Ingrid Bergman in The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (b. 1902)
  • 4th Jean-Étienne Valluy, French general (b. 1899)
  • 5th Joseph A Yablonski, candidate for United Mine Workers pres, murdered
  • 5th Max Born, German/British physicist (Nobel 1954), dies at 87
  • 5th Roberto Gerhard, composer, dies at 73
  • 5th Cyril Fagan, Irish astrologer (b. 1896)
  • 7th Robert [Harriot] Barrat, actor (Bad Lands, Go West), dies at 81
  • 8th Georges Guibourg, French performer (b. 1891)
  • 10th Pavel Ivanovich Belyayev, USSR, cosmonaut (Voskhod II), dies at 44
  • 12th Blanche Stuart Scott, US pilot, dies at 84
  • 14th John J "Johnny" Murphy, US baseball pitcher (NY Yankees), dies at 61
  • 14th William Feller, Croatian mathematician (b. 1906)
  • 16th Armijn Pane, Indonesian writer (Djinak-djinak merpati), dies at 61
  • 17th Billy Stewart, singer (I Do Love You), dies in auto-accident at 32
  • 17th Simon Kovar, Russian-American bassoonist (b. 1890)
  • 18th David O McKay, 9th Mormon president, dies at 96
  • 19th Hal March, actor (Atomic Kit, Outrage, Yankee Pasha), dies at 49
  • 24th James "Shep" Shepherd, rocker (Shep & Limelites), beaten to death
  • 24th Caresse Crosby, American poet (b. 1891)
  • 25th Eunice Hunton Carter, 1st African American female DA in NY, dies at 70
  • 25th Marie Benavente, actress (Paradise), dies at 84
  • 25th Eiji Tsuburaya, Japanese television writer and producer (Ultraman) (b. 1901)
  • 27th Probir Sen, cricket (20 catch & 11 stumpings, 14 Tests for Ind), dies
  • 27th Rita Angus, New Zealand painter (b. 1908)
  • 28th Tommy Andrews (Aust) 16 Tests 1921-26, cricketer (592 runs), dies
  • 29th Basil H Liddell Hart, English military historian, dies at 74
  • 30th Malcolm Keen, English actor (Uncle Chris-Mama), dies at 82
  • 31st Slim Harpo, [James Moore], rocker, dies at 28