What Happened in 1970 (Part 7)

Historical Events

Events 601 - 700 of 774

  • Oct 4 Umps return after 1-day walkout in quest of higher wages
  • Oct 4 WFYI TV channel 20 in Indianapolis, IN (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Oct 4 Herbert Schmidtz makes highest parachute jump from a tower by leaping from a 1,984 ft TV mast in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Oct 5 John Creach joins Jefferson Airplane
  • Oct 5 Quebec separatists kidnap British trade commissioner James Cross
  • Oct 5 PBS becomes a US television network.
  • Oct 5 MLB National League Championship: Cincinnati Reds sweep Pittsburgh Pirates, 3 games to 0
  • Oct 5 MLB American League Championship: Baltimore Orioles beat Minnesota Twins, 3 games to 0
  • Oct 8 Soviet author Alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn wins Nobel Prize for Literature
  • Oct 8 The Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) propose that a system of Proportional Representation (PR) should be used in elections in Northern Ireland
  • Oct 9 Khmer Republic (Cambodia) declares independence
  • Oct 10 Fiji gains independence from Britain (National Day)
  • Oct 12 Rock Memorabilia Auction at Filmore East
  • Oct 13 Angela Davis arrested in NYC
  • Oct 13 USSR performs nuclear test at Sary Shagan USSR
  • Oct 13 A man dies in a premature bomb explosion in Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Music awardsMusic Awards

Oct 14 4th Country Music Association Award: Merle Haggard wins

Country Music Singer and Songwriter Merle Haggard
Country Music Singer and Songwriter
Merle Haggard
  • Oct 14 Cleveland Cavaliers lose to Buffalo Braves in their 1st game 107-92
  • Oct 14 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Oct 14 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Oct 15 Anwar Sadat elected president of Egypt
  • Oct 15 Baltimore Orioles beat Cincinnati Reds, 4 games to 1 in 67th World Series
  • Oct 15 Bridge over Yarra River in Melbourne crashes; killing 35
  • Oct 15 Russian passenger flight hijacked to Turkey
  • Oct 16 Anwar Sadat elected president of Egypt, succeeding Gamal Abdel Nasser

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 16 Pierre Trudeau invokes the War Measures Act as a response to the October Crisis, the only peacetime use of the War Measures Act in Canadian history.

Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
Pierre Trudeau
  • Oct 17 Anwar Sadat sworn in as president of Egypt
  • Oct 18 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Quality Chekd Golf Classic
  • Oct 18 Sachio Kinugasa begins 2,215 cons game streak for Hiroshima Carp
  • Oct 19 Amdahl Corp forms at Sunnyvale Calif
  • Oct 19 John Frazier kills Ohta's declares WW 3 has begun
  • Oct 20 American Norman Borlaug awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Oct 20 Zond 8 Launch (Moon Orbit & Return)
  • Oct 21 777 Unification church couples wed in Korea
  • Oct 21 Caledonian Airways takes over British United Airways
  • Oct 21 Nobel prize of peace awarded to Norman E Borlaugh
  • Oct 21 Bernadette Devlin is released from prison having served four months of her six month sentence for riotous behaviour
  • Oct 23 Gary Gabelich sets auto speed record 622.4 mph (1,001 kph)
  • Oct 23 Charles Haughey and two others are found not guilty of illegal arms importation by a Dublin jury; the 'Arms Trial' began on 28 May 1970
  • Oct 24 Nancy Walker creates Ida Morgenstein role on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
  • Oct 24 Salvador Allende Gossens elected president of Chile
  • Oct 25 Marilynn Smith wins LPGA Women's Golf Charities Open
  • Oct 25 21st Formula One WDC: Jochen Rindt wins by five points (the only season in which the World Championship title has been awarded posthumously)
  • Oct 26 "Doonesbury" comic strip debuts in 28 newspapers
  • Oct 26 Tanzania begins building railway Lusaka-Drone ash Salaam
  • Oct 27 "Light, Lively & Yiddish" opens at Belasco Theater NYC for 87 performances
  • Oct 28 NBA Cleveland Cavaliers 1st home game, lose to San Diego 110-99
  • Oct 28 US/USSR sign an agreement to discuss joint space efforts
  • Oct 29 WYEA (now WLTZ) TV channel 38 in Columbus, GA (NBC) 1st broadcast
  • Oct 29 The Electoral Reform Society calls for the introduction of Proportional Representation (PR) in elections in Northern Ireland
  • Oct 30 KVEW TV channel 42 in Kennewick, WA (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Oct 30 There are serious riots in the Catholic Ardoyne area of Belfast which last for three nights
  • Oct 30 Northern Ireland Prime Minister James Chichester-Clark meets with British Home Secretary Reginald Maulling to discuss matters related to reforms and security
  • Nov 1 1st regular season Giants-Jets game, Giants win 22-10 at Shea
  • Nov 1 Discotheque in Grenoble France burns, all exits padlocked & 142 die
  • Nov 1 Fire on Saint-Laurent-du-Pont, France, 144 die
  • Nov 1 KGTF TV channel 12 in Agana, GU (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Nov 2 Cleveland Cavaliers lose by biggest margin-54 pts (Philadelphia 141-87)
  • Nov 3 "President's Daughter" opens at Billy Rose Theater NYC for 72 performances
  • Nov 3 Bob Gibson wins NL Cy Young Award

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 3 US President Richard Nixon promises gradual troop removal of Vietnam

37th US President Richard Nixon
37th US President
Richard Nixon
  • Nov 3 Salvador Allende inaugurated as president of Chile
  • Nov 4 Russian nuclear physicist Sacharov forms Human Rights Comittee
  • Nov 4 Genie, a 13 year old feral child was found in Los Angeles, California having been locked in her bedroom for most of her life.
  • Nov 6 Boog Powell wins AL MVP
  • Nov 6 Twins Jim Perry wins AL Cy Young Award
  • Nov 7 "Purlie" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 689 performances
  • Nov 7 Race riots in Daytona Beach Florida
  • Nov 8 Tom Dempsey of New Orleans Saints kicks NFL record 63 yard field goal
  • Nov 8 5th Rugby League World Cup: Australia beats Great Britain 12-7
  • Nov 9 Trial of Seattle 8 anti-war protesters begins
  • Nov 9 The Irish School of Ecumenics is founded by Michael Hurley
  • Nov 10 "2 by 2" opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 343 performances
  • Nov 10 Luna 17, with unmanned self-propelled Lunokhod 1, is launched
  • Nov 10 R Rodgers/M Charnins musical "Two by Two" premieres in NYC
  • Nov 11 Balt Oriole Boog Powell wins AL MVP
  • Nov 12 240 KPH cyclone hits East Pakistan (Bangladesh); 3-500,000 die
  • Nov 12 Cleveland Cavaliers 1st NBA victory (11th game), beating Portland 105-103
  • Nov 12 Scientists perform 1st artificial synthesis of a live cell
  • Nov 12 Cyclone Bhola makes landfall, deadliest tropical cyclone recorded kills up to 500,000 in East Pakistan (modern Bangladesh),
  • Nov 12 The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) is formed; the NIHE gradually took over control of the building and allocation of public sector housing in Northern Ireland
  • Nov 13 Lt Gen Hafez al-Assad becomes PM of Syria following military coup
  • Nov 13 VP Spiro Agnew calls TV executives "impudent snobs"
  • Nov 14 DC-9 crashes in West Virginia, 75 killed
  • Nov 14 Marshall U football team wiped out in air crash at Kenova WV

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 15 Paul Brown, as head coach of the expansion Cincinnati Bengals, defeats his former team the Cleveland Browns, a moment he calls his "greatest victory"

American Football Coach Paul Brown
American Football Coach
Paul Brown
  • Nov 16 Two men are shot dead by the Irish Republican Army (IRA)
  • Nov 16 South Vietnamese Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky defends operations in Cambodia because communist forces could overrun South Vietnam "within 24 hours" if troops operating there were withdrawn

Music releaseMusic Recording

Nov 16 Elton John records a show in New York City which was later released as his 11-17-70 album

Singer Elton John
Elton John
  • Nov 17 British newspaper Sun puts 1st pinup girl on page 3 (Stephanie Rahn)
  • Nov 17 Russia lands Lunokhod 1 unmanned remote-controlled vehicle on Moon
  • Nov 17 Douglas Engelbart receives the patent for the first computer mouse.

Sport defeatBoxing Title Fight

Nov 18 Joe Frazier KOs Bob Foster in 2 for heavyweight boxing title

Heavyweight Boxing Champion Joe Frazier
Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Joe Frazier

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 18 Johnny Bench wins NL MVP

MLB Catcher Johnny Bench
MLB Catcher
Johnny Bench

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 18 Linus Pauling declares large doses of Vitamin C could ward off colds

Chemist & Peace Activist Linus Pauling
Chemist & Peace Activist
Linus Pauling
  • Nov 18 Netherlands & Albania form diplomatic relations
  • Nov 18 Russia lands self propelled rover on Moon
  • Nov 19 Golden Gate Park Conservatory becomes a Cal state historical landmark
  • Nov 19 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Nov 20 UN General Assembly accepts membership of China PR

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 601 - 700 of 1,472

  • Jun 2 Mike Kelly, baseball player
  • Jun 2 Randy Fuller, NFL defensive back (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Jun 2 B-Real, American rapper (Cypress Hill)
  • Jun 3 Andrea Congreaves, WNBA forward/center (Charlotte Sting)
  • Jun 3 Carl Everett, baseball player
  • Jun 3 Lanee Butler, mistral sailboat sailor (Olymp-11th-1996), born in Manhasset, New York
  • Jun 3 Peter Newton, Kailua Hawaii, sprint kayak (Olympics-96)
  • Jun 3 Esther Hart, Dutch singer
  • Jun 3 Julie Masse, French Canadian singer
  • Jun 3 Peter Tägtgren, Swedish musician (Hypocrisy) and producer
  • Jun 3 Ammon McNeely, American rock climber
  • Jun 4 Gary Lynagh, Australian rower (Olympics-96)
  • Jun 4 Ronnie Harris, NFL wide receiver (Seattle Seahawks)
  • Jun 4 Richie Hawtin, Canadian musician
  • Jun 4 David Pybus, British musician
  • Jun 5 Izabella Scorupco, Bialystok Poland, actress (Golden Eye)
  • Jun 5 Martin Gelinas, Shawinigan, NHL left wing (Vancouver Canucks)
  • Jun 5 Todd Burger, guard (Chicago Bears)
  • Jun 6 Randy Jordan, NFL running back (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Jun 6 Eugeni Berzin, Russian cyclist
  • Jun 6 Sarah Dessen, American author
  • Jun 6 Albert Ferrer, Spanish footballer
  • Jun 6 Anthony Norris, American professional wrestler
  • Jun 7 Andrei Kovalenko, Gorky Russia, NHL right wing (Mont Canadiens, Edmonton)
  • Jun 7 Chad Fann, NFL tight end (Arizona Cardinals, SF 49ers)
  • Jun 7 Mike Modano, Livonia MI, NHL forward (Team USA, Dallas Stars)
  • Jun 7 Cafu, Brazilian football player
  • Jun 8 Troy Vincent, NFL cornerback (Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Jun 8 Gabrielle Giffords, American politician
  • Jun 9 Harry Van Hofwegen, CFL defensive tackle (BC Lions)
  • Jun 9 Russ Romaniuk, Winnipeg, NHL left wing (Philadelphia Flyers)
  • Jun 10 David Wilson, WLAF safety (Scottish Claymores)
  • Jun 10 Laurel Korholz, La Jolla California, rower (Olympics-4th-96)
  • Jun 10 Mike Doughty, American singer
  • Jun 11 Brock Marion, NFL safety (Dallas Cowboys)
  • Jun 11 Roman Kontsek, hockey forward (Team Slovakia 1998)
  • Jun 11 William Selby, Monroeville MI, infielder (Boston Red Sox)
  • Jun 11 Chris Rice, singer/songwriter
  • Jun 12 Damon Buford, outfielder (Texas Rangers), born in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Jun 12 Lee Mayberry, NBA guard (Milwaukee Bucks, Vancouver Grizzlies)
  • Jun 12 Gordon Michael Woolvett, Canadian actor
  • Jun 13 Chris Cairns, cricketer (son of Lance, NZ all-rounder)
  • Jun 13 Lance Ringnald, US gymnist (Olympic-92), born in Des Moines, Iowa
  • Jun 13 Shaun Young, cricketer (Tasmanian all-rounder, Young Aust 1995)
  • Jun 13 Rivers Cuomo, American musician (Weezer)
  • Jun 13 Mikael Ljungberg, Swedish wrestler (d. 2004)
  • Jun 14 Simone Fleurice Eden, Arcadia Ca, playmate (Feb, 1989)
  • Jun 14 Todd Manning, fictional character (One Life to Live)
  • Jun 14 Willie Beamon, NFL cornerback (NY Giants)
  • Jun 15 Amanda Cromwell, soccer midfielder (Olympics-96), born in Washington, D.C.
  • Jun 15 Janie Eickhoff, US cyclist (Olympic-92), born in Long Beach, California
  • Jun 15 Janie Quigley, cyclist (Olympics-96), born in Long Beach, California
  • Jun 15 Zan Tabak, NBA center (Toronto Raptors)
  • Jun 15 Leah Remini, American actress
  • Jun 15 Gaëlle Méchaly, French soprano
  • Jun 16 Michael Husted, NFL place kicker (Tampa Bay Bucs)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jun 16 Phil Mickelson, PGA golfer (five-time major winner), born in San Diego, California

  • Jun 16 Clifton Collins Jr., American actor
  • Jun 16 Cobi Jones, American soccer player
  • Jun 17 Arnold Ale, WLAF linebacker (Scottish Claymores)
  • Jun 17 Jason Hanson, NFL kicker (Detroit Lions)
  • Jun 17 Ron "Popeye" Jones, American NBA forward (Dallas Mavericks, Toronto Raptors), born in Dresden, Tennessee
  • Jun 17 Stephane Fiset, NHL goalie (Colorado Avalanche), born in Montreal, Quebec
  • Jun 17 Will Forte, American writer, actor and comedian
  • Jun 17 Michael Showalter, American comedian
  • Jun 18 Greg Yaitanes, American television and film director
  • Jun 19 Chris Gray, NFL guard (Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears)
  • Jun 19 Claire Mitchell-Taverner, Australian field hockey midfielder (Oly-96)
  • Jun 19 Leonard Humphries, CFL cornerback (BC Lions)
  • Jun 19 Quincy Dushawn Watts, 400m runner, born in Detroit, Michigan
  • Jun 19 Scott Brumfield, guard (Cincinnati Bengals)
  • Jun 19 Rahul Gandhi, Indian politician
  • Jun 19 Brian Welch, American guitarist
  • Jun 19 Antonis Remos, Greek singer
  • Jun 20 Shay-Oren Smadja, Israel, men's half middleweight judoka (Oly-1996)
  • Jun 20 Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco
  • Jun 20 Andrea Nahles, German politician
  • Jun 20 Bruce Woodcock, American computer games analyst
  • Jun 21 Brandon Moore, NFL tackle (NE Patriots)
  • Jun 21 John Roethlisberger, Afton Minn, gymnast (Olympics-5th-96)
  • Jun 21 Pete Rock, American rapper/producer
  • Jun 22 Anne "Annie" Summertime Kakela, US rower (Olympics-4th-96)
  • Jun 22 David Frisch, NFL tight end (NE Patriots)
  • Jun 22 Rastko Cvetkovic, NBA center (Denver Nuggets)
  • Jun 22 Steven Page, Canadian singer (Barenaked Ladies)
  • Jun 22 Michel Elefteriades, Greek-Lebanese politician, artist, producer and businessman
  • Jun 23 A C Earl, NBA center (Toronto Raptors)
  • Jun 23 Kerri Ann Buchberger, Russell Manitoba, volleyballer (Olympics-96)
  • Jun 23 Mike Bartrum, tight end (New England Patriots)
  • Jun 23 Rich Manning, NBA center (Vancouver Grizzlies)
  • Jun 23 Robert Brooks, NFL wide receiver (Green Bay Packers-Super Bowl 31)
  • Jun 23 Roger Knarren, soccer player (MVV)
  • Jun 23 Yann Tiersen, French musician
  • Jun 24 Carlos Yancy, NFL cornerback (NE Patriots)
  • Jun 24 Glenn Medeiros, singer (Someday Love)
  • Jun 25 Aaron Sele, Golden Valley MN, pitcher (Boston Red Sox)
  • Jun 25 Ana Rosa Brito, Miss Puerto Rico Universe (1997)
  • Jun 25 Lucy Benjamin, British actress
  • Jun 25 Ariel Gore, American journalist and author
  • Jun 25 Erki Nool, Estonian decathlete

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