What Happened in 1971 (Part 2)

Historical Events

Events 101 - 200 of 724

  • Feb 9 5 men are killed near a BBC transmitter on Brougher Mountain, County Tyrone, in a landmine attack carried out by the Irish Republican Army
  • Feb 10 American Mensa Ltd incorporates in New York
  • Feb 10 Bill White becomes 1st African American baseball announcer (NY Yankees)
  • Feb 10 John Guares "House of Blue Leaves" premieres in NYC
  • Feb 10 Royal Albert Hall bans scheduled concert featuring Frank Zappa
  • Feb 11 Montreal Canadien John Believau scores his 500th NHL goal
  • Feb 11 US, UK, USSR, others sign Seabed Treaty outlawing nuclear weapons
  • Feb 12 Only Test Cricket for Ken Eastwood, who scored 5 & 0 Aust v England
  • Feb 13 12,000 South Vietnamese troops cross into Laos
  • Feb 13 Golfing VP Spiro Agnew hits 2 tee shots into crowd, injuring 2
  • Feb 14 Movie "Ben Hur" 1st shown on television

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 14 Richard Nixon installs secret taping system in White House

37th US President Richard Nixon
37th US President
Richard Nixon
  • Feb 14 Tehran agreement signed; oil companies accept 55 percent tax rate, immediate increase in posted prices, and further successive increases
  • Feb 14 13th Daytona 500: Richard Petty wins (144.462 MPH)
  • Feb 15 After 1,200 years Great Britain abandons pence & shilling system for decimal currency
  • Feb 15 A British soldier dies 7 days after being mortally wounded in an Irish Republican Army attack in North Ireland
  • Feb 17 England regains cricket Ashes with a 2-0 series win

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 19 Paul McCartney releases "Another Day" in UK

Musician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartney
Musician & member of the Beatles
Paul McCartney
  • Feb 19 Walt Wesley becomes 1st Cleve Cavalier to score 50 pts in a game

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 20 Bruin Phil Esposito is NHL's quickest to score 50 goals in a season

NHL Star Phil Esposito
NHL Star
Phil Esposito
  • Feb 20 Major General Idi Amin Dada appoints himself president of Uganda
  • Feb 20 National Emergency Center erroneously orders US radio & TV stations to go off the air. Mistake wasn't resolved for 30 minutes
  • Feb 21 Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Sears Women's World Golf Classic
  • Feb 21 Series of tornadoes cuts through Miss & La killing 117
  • Feb 21 The Convention on Psychotropic Substances is signed at Vienna.
  • Feb 22 Lt Gen Hafiz al-Assad becomes President of Syria
  • Feb 23 Boston Bruins begin 13 NHL game win streak

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 23 George Harrison is fined & his driving license is suspended for 1 year

Singer-Songwriter George Harrison
George Harrison
  • Feb 23 Lt Calley confessed & implicates Captain Medina
  • Feb 24 Algeria nationalizes 51 percent of French oil concessions
  • Feb 25 "Oh! Calcutta!" opens at Belasco Theater NYC for 1,316 performances
  • Feb 25 P Zindel's "And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little" premieres in NYC
  • Feb 25 Northern Ireland Prime Minister James Chichester-Clark holds a meeting with Catholic Cardinal of Ireland William Conway, the first such meeting between men holding these offices since 1921
  • Feb 26 Secretary-General U Thant signs United Nations proclamation of the vernal equinox as Earth Day.
  • Feb 26 Two Royal Ulster Constabulary officers are shot and killed by the Irish Republican Army while on a mobile patrol in the Ardoyne area of Belfast, North Ireland
  • Feb 27 Doctors in the first Dutch abortion clinic (the Mildredhuis in Arnhem) start to perform aborti provocati.
  • Feb 28 WDRB TV channel 41 in Louisville, KY (IND) begins broadcasting

Sport awardGolf Major

Feb 28 53rd PGA Championship: Jack Nicklaus shoots a 281 at PGA National FL Jack Nicklaus wins his 2nd golf grand slam

  • Feb 28 A British soldier dies in Derry after his vehicle had been attacked with petrol bombs (he died as a result of inhaling chemicals from fire extinguisers that were used to put out the fire)
  • Mar 1 Bomb attack on the Capitol in Wash DC
  • Mar 1 Clandestine Radio Deutsche Reich (Germany) begins transmitting on FM
  • Mar 3 South African Broadcasting Corp lifts its ban on the Beatles
  • Mar 3 Winnie Mandela sentenced to 1 year in jail in South Africa
  • Mar 4 "City Command" kidnaps 4 US military men at Ankara, Turkey

Music releaseMusic Premiere

Mar 5 "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin is first played live at Ulster Hall, Belfast by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones.

Rock Vocalist Robert Plant
Rock Vocalist
Robert Plant
Musician John Paul Jones
John Paul Jones
Rock Star Jimmy Page
Rock Star
Jimmy Page
  • Mar 6 Test Cricket debut of Sunil Gavaskar, v West Indies at Port-of-Spain
  • Mar 7 Egypt refuses to renew the Suez cease fire

Sport defeatBoxing Title Fight

Mar 8 Joe Frazier beats Muhammad Ali in 15, retains heavyweight boxing title at Madison Sq Garden

Heavyweight Boxing Champion Joe Frazier
Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Joe Frazier
Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali
Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Muhammad Ali
  • Mar 8 Milwaukee Bucks win their 20th straight NBA game (team record)
  • Mar 8 Radio Hanoi broadcasts Jimi Hendrix's "Star Spangled Banner"
  • Mar 8 Gun battle between Official Irish Republican Army and Provisional IRA leave 1 man was killed; the feud between the two wings of the IRA had been developing since the split in 1970
  • Mar 9 J M Noreiga takes 9-95 WI v India at Port-of-Spain
  • Mar 9 Three off-duty Scottish soldiers are killed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army; 4000 shipyard workers take to the streets to demand internment in response
  • Mar 10 US Senate approves amendment lowering voting age to 18
  • Mar 10 Three members of the Royal Highland Fusiliers (a regiment of the British Army) are killed by members of the Irish Republican Army
  • Mar 12 Syrian premier Hafez Assad elected president
  • Mar 12 Turkish Government of Demirel forced to resign by Army
  • Mar 12 Thousands of Belfast shipyard workers march demanding the introduction of Internment for members of the Irish Republican Army
  • Mar 13 Live at Fillmore East recorded
  • Mar 13 18th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: South Carolina beats North Carolina, 52-51

Appears on tv showTV Show Appearance

Mar 14 Barbra Streisand appears on "The Burt Bacharach Special" on CBS TV

Singer-songwriter & Actress Barbra Streisand
Singer-songwriter & Actress
Barbra Streisand
  • Mar 14 South Vietnamese troops flee Laos
  • Mar 14 The Rolling Stones leave England for France to escape taxes

Sport awardTennis Open

Mar 14 59th Men's Australian Open: Ken Rosewall beats Arthur Ashe (6-1, 7-5, 6-3)

Tennis Player and Eight-Time Major Champion Ken Rosewall
Tennis Player and Eight-Time Major Champion
Ken Rosewall
Tennis Player Arthur Ashe
Tennis Player
Arthur Ashe
  • Mar 14 59th Women's Australian Open: Margaret Court beats Evonne Goolagong (2-6, 7-6, 7-5)
  • Mar 15 Chatrooms make their debut on the Internet
  • Mar 16 13th Grammy Awards: Bridge over Troubled Water, Carpenters win
  • Mar 16 KDCD TV channel 18 in Midland, TX (IND) suspends broadcasting

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 16 Muddy Waters wins his first Grammy Award, Hollywood

Blues Musician Muddy Waters
Blues Musician
Muddy Waters
  • Mar 16 Northern Ireland Prime Minister Chichester-Clark meets with British PM Heath to disucss the security situation in Northern Ireland
  • Mar 17 Government of Trygve Bratteli takes office in Norway
  • Mar 18 200 die in landslide into Lake Yanahuani, Chungar Peru
  • Mar 19 Philadelphia 76ers outscore Cincinnati Royals 90-8 in 1 half
  • Mar 20 Boston Bruins win 13th straight NHL game
  • Mar 20 Northern Ireland Prime Minister James Chichester-Clark resigns in protest at what he views as a limited security response by the British government
  • Mar 21 Gavaskar scores 1st of his 34 Test Cricket tons, 116 at Georgetown
  • Mar 21 Jan Ferraris wins LPGA Orange Blossom Golf Classic
  • Mar 21 Vermont seasonal snowfall totals 132.2"
  • Mar 21 WCPB TV channel 28 in Salisbury, MD (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Mar 22 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Mar 22 Brian Faulkner becomes the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland

Music awardsMusic Awards

Mar 22 6th Academy of Country Music Awards: Merle Haggard and Lynn Anderson win

Country Music Singer and Songwriter Merle Haggard
Country Music Singer and Songwriter
Merle Haggard
  • Mar 23 USSR performs underground nuclear test
  • Mar 23 Dutch 2nd Chamber accept simplified divorce
  • Mar 25 Boston Patriots become New England Patriots
  • Mar 25 European council accepts Mansholt plan laying off 5 million farmers

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 25 Tom Jones' "She's a Lady" goes gold

Singer Tom Jones
Tom Jones
  • Mar 25 James Callaghan speaks at a rally of the Northern Ireland labour movement, but rejects calls for the Labour Party to open membership to those living in N. Ireland
  • Mar 26 "Benny Hill Show" tops TV ratings
  • Mar 26 "Cannon" with William Conrad premieres on CBS-TV
  • Mar 26 Bangladesh (East Pakistan) declares its independence
  • Mar 27 33rd NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: UCLA beats Villanova 68-62 UCLA wins their 5th consecutive NCAA basketball title
  • Mar 27 The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland (APNI) holds its first Annual Conference in the Ulster Hall in Belfast
  • Mar 28 25th Tony Awards: Sleuth & Company win
  • Mar 29 1st Lt William L Calley Jr found guilty in My Lai (Vietnam) massacre
  • Mar 29 Chile president Allende nationalizes banks/copper mines
  • Mar 29 Conrad Van Emde Boas becomes West Europe's 1st sexology professor
  • Mar 29 Development of a serum hepatitis vaccine for children announced
  • Mar 29 WSVN (now WSBN) TV channel 47 in Norton, VA (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Mar 31 South Africa national debt hits 5.45 billion

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 101 - 200 of 1,522

  • Jan 20 Gary Barlow, English singer (Take That)
  • Jan 20 Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson, American drummer (The Roots)
  • Jan 20 Brian Giles, American baseball player
  • Jan 21 Doug Edwards, NBA forward (Vancouver Grizzlies)
  • Jan 21 Doug Weight, Warren MI, NHL center (Edmonton Oilers, Team USA 98)
  • Jan 21 Tommy Puett, actor (Tyler-Life Goes On, America's Top 10), born in Gary, Indiana
  • Jan 21 Alan McManus, Scottish snooker player
  • Jan 22 Bucky Brooks, wide receiver (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Jan 22 Jennifer Christine Joseph, Wendover Nev, Miss America-Nevada (1996)
  • Jan 22 Stan Collymore, English footballer
  • Jan 23 Adam Parore, cricket wicket-keeper (NZ, 1st Maori Test centurion)
  • Jan 23 James Logan, WLAF linebacker (Scotland Claymores)
  • Jan 23 Julie Foudy, SD California, soccer midfielder (Olympics-96)
  • Jan 23 Kevin Mawae, NFL center/guard (Seattle Seahawks)
  • Jan 23 Mark Grimmette, doubles luger (Olympics-1994), born in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Jan 23 Lorne Spicer, British TV presenter
  • Jan 23 Marc Nelson, American R&B singer and lyricist
  • Jan 24 Cory Bailey, US baseball pitcher (Boston Red Sox)
  • Jan 24 Joe Panos, NFL guard/center (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Jan 24 John Reece, WLAF/NFL cornerback (Amsterdam Admirals, Dallas Cowboys)
  • Jan 24 Saalman Raelyn, Fostoria Ohio, actress (Attack of 60' Centerfold)
  • Jan 24 Tonya Crowe, actress (Olivia-Knots Landing), born in Long Beach, California
  • Jan 24 Andrea Mackris, American television producer
  • Jan 25 Herman Smith, NFL/WLAF defensive end (Tampa Bay Bucs, London Monarchs)
  • Jan 25 Jordan Young, Thunder Bay Ont, Canadian Tour golfer (1992 Purdue)
  • Jan 25 Kerry Taylor, US baseball pitcher (San Diego Padres)
  • Jan 25 Kevin Williams, receiver/kick returner (Az Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys)
  • Jan 25 Konstantin Matoussevich, Israel, Men's high jump (Oly-7th-1996)
  • Jan 25 Tommie Jones, WLAF cornerback (Amsterdam Admirals)
  • Jan 25 Vincent Brisby, NFL wide receiver (New England Patriots)
  • Jan 25 Luca Badoer, Italian race car driver
  • Jan 25 China Kantner, American actress and daughter of Grace Slick, born in San Francisco, California
  • Jan 25 Ana Ortiz, American actress and singer
  • Jan 26 Jon Heidenreich, WLAF G (Frankfurt Galaxy)
  • Jan 26 Lamar Mills, WLAF DE (Amsterdam Admirals)
  • Jan 26 Lee Naylor, Australian 400m runner (Olympics-96)
  • Jan 26 Min Tang, Hunan China, tennis star (1995 Futures-Canberra AUS)
  • Jan 26 Bryan Callen, American actor
  • Jan 26 Dorian Gregory, American actor
  • Jan 27 Mark Noordlander, soccer player (Sparta)
  • Jan 27 Patrice Brisebois, NHL defenseman (Montreal Canadiens), born in Montreal, Quebec
  • Jan 29 Chris Vargas, CFL quarterback (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
  • Jan 29 Jamal Fountaine, NFL defensive end (SF 49ers, Atlanta Falcons)
  • Jan 30 Brent Moss, WLAF running back (Amsterdam Admirals)
  • Jan 30 Chris Slade, NFL outside linebacker (New England Patriots)
  • Jan 30 Derek Allen, NFL/WLAF offensive linebacker (NY Giants, Rhein Fire)
  • Jan 30 Kevin Knox, WLAF receiver (Rhein Fire)
  • Jan 30 Kimo Von Oelhoffen, NFL defensive tackle (Cin Bengals)
  • Jan 30 Milko Pieren, Dutch soccer player (Sparta)
  • Jan 30 Quentin Neujahr, NFL center (Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns)
  • Jan 30 Takeshi Yamanaka, hockey defenseman (Team Japan 1998)
  • Jan 30 Trent Klatt, Robbinsdale, NHL right wing (Philadelphia Flyers)
  • Jan 30 Darren Boyd, British actor
  • Jan 31 Brandi Sherwood, Miss USA-Idaho (1997, 2nd)
  • Jan 31 Corey Holliday, NFL wide receiver (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Jan 31 Dimitris Markos, Greek footballer
  • Jan 31 Lee Young Ae, South Korean actress
  • Jan 31 Patrick Kielty, Northern Irish comedian
  • Feb 1 Ajay Jadeja, cricketer (Indian opening batsman)
  • Feb 1 Derek Byrd, NFL cornerback (NO Saints)
  • Feb 1 Robert O'Neal, WLAF safety (Amsterdam Admirals)
  • Feb 1 Tommy Salo, Surahammar SWE, NHL goalie (Team Sweden, NY Islanders)
  • Feb 1 Zlatko Zahovič, Slovenian footballer
  • Feb 1 Ron Welty, American musician
  • Feb 2 Ken Dilger, NFL tight end (Indianapolis Colts)
  • Feb 2 Tony Miller, Mount Pleasant Texas, 400m runner
  • Feb 3 Eric Owens, Danville VA, outfielder (Cincinnati Reds)
  • Feb 3 Marcus Buckley, NFL linebacker (NY Giants)
  • Feb 3 Roman Cechmanek, NHL goaltender (Team Czech Oly-Gold-1998)
  • Feb 3 Sean Dawkins, NFL wide receiver (Indianapolis Colts)
  • Feb 3 Elisa Donovan, American actress
  • Feb 3 Sarah Kane, English playwright (d. 1999)
  • Feb 3 Hong Seok-cheon, South Korean actor
  • Feb 4 Kevin Farkas, NFL tackle (Carolina Panthers)
  • Feb 4 Maarten Atmodikoro, soccer player (Dordrecht '90, NAC)
  • Feb 4 Pete Pierson, NFL tackle (Tampa Bay Bucs)
  • Feb 4 Sterling Palmer, NFL defensive end (Washington Redskins)
  • Feb 4 Michael Goorjian, American actor (Party Of Five, SLC Punk!), born in San Francisco, California
  • Feb 4 Rob Corddry, American actor and comedian
  • Feb 5 Dianne Norman, Sault Ste Marie Ontario, basketball forward (Oly-96)
  • Feb 5 Marcus Redman, actor (Raymond-Doogie Howser)
  • Feb 5 Peter "Chip" Cipollone, Ardmore Pa, rower (Olympics-1996)
  • Feb 5 Sara Evans, American singer
  • Feb 6 Brad Hogg, cricketer (WA chinaman all-rounder, Australia v India 1996)
  • Feb 6 Carlos Rogers, NBA forward/center (Toronto Raptors)
  • Feb 6 Lance Bade, US double trap (Olympics-bronze-1996), born in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Feb 6 Mana Endo, tennis star (1996 3rd round Aust Open), born in Hiroshima, Japan
  • Feb 6 Peter Tchernyshev, St Petersburg Russia, dance skater (& Naomi Lang)
  • Feb 6 Dana Eskelson, American actress
  • Feb 6 Brian Stepanek, American actor
  • Feb 7 Andrew Currey, Australian javelin thrower (Olympics-96)
  • Feb 7 Marvin Graves, CFL quarterback (Montreal Alouettes)
  • Feb 8 Heidi Mark, playmate (Jul, 1995), born in Columbus, Ohio
  • Feb 9 Gonzalo Floyd, CFL defensive end (Hamilton Tiger Cats)
  • Feb 9 Jason Mathews, NFL tackle (Indianapolis Colts)
  • Feb 9 Jim Miller, NFL quarterback (Pittsburgh Steelers, Atl Falcons, Jaguars)
  • Feb 9 Ken Felder, US baseball outfielder (Milwaukee Brewers)
  • Feb 9 Pat O'Neill, NFL punter/place kicker (NE Patriots)
  • Feb 9 Sharon Case, Det Mich, actress (Sharon Collins-Young & Restless)
  • Feb 9 Johan Mjällby, Swedish footballer

Famous Weddings

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Famous Divorces

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Famous Deaths

Deaths 101 - 200 of 312

  • May 7 Willem Banning, Dutch theologist/sociologist (Karl Marx), dies at 83
  • May 10 Mihail Jora, Romanian composer, dies at 79
  • May 10 Shukichi Mitsukuri, composer, dies at 75
  • May 12 J M Taylor, cricketer (20 Tests 1920-26, 997 runs), dies
  • May 12 Heinie Manush, American baseball player (b. 1901)
  • May 13 Valerian Mikhaylovich Bogdanov-Berezovsky, composer, dies 67
  • May 15 Tyrone Guthrie, English director, producer, and writer (b. 1900)
  • May 19 Bernard Wagenaar, Neth/US composer, dies at 76
  • May 19 Ogden Nash, poet/TV panelist (Masquerade Party), dies at 68
  • May 20 Waldo Williams, Welsh poet (b. 1904)
  • May 21 Dennis King, actor (Devil's Brother), dies of heart ailment at 73
  • May 25 Jo Etha Collier, young African American woman killed by 3 whites in Drew Miss
  • May 25 Mark Brunswick, composer, dies at 69
  • May 25 Terence De Marney, actor (Case Thomas-Johnny Ringo), dies at 62
  • May 26 John Longden, actor (Man From Interpol), dies at 70
  • May 27 Chips Rafferty, actor (Kona Coast, Walk into Hell), dies at 62
  • May 28 Audie Murphy, American actor (Whispering Smiths), dies of plane crash at 45
  • May 28 Jean Vilar, French actor (b. 1912)
  • May 29 Max Trapp, German composer, dies at 83
  • May 30 Audie Murphy, most decorated American WW II hero/actor (Sierra), killed in plane crash at 46
  • May 30 Rodd Redwing, actor (Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory), dies at 66
  • May 30 Marcel Dupré, French organist and composer (b. 1886)
  • May 31 Dainty Ironmonger, cricketer (74 wkts in 14 Tests after age 46), dies
  • May 31 Massimo Campigli, Italian painter/illustrator, dies at 75

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jun 1 Reinhold Niebuhr, American theologist (Nature & Destiny of Man), dies at 78

Theologian, Ethicist, Magazine Editor Reinhold Niebuhr
Theologian, Ethicist, Magazine Editor
Reinhold Niebuhr
  • Jun 2 Charles de Keukeleire, Belgian director (Evil Eye), dies at 66
  • Jun 3 Heinz Hopf, German mathematician (b. 1894)
  • Jun 4 Georg Lukács, Hungarian philosopher (b. 1885)
  • Jun 6 Arnold Elston, composer, dies at 63
  • Jun 9 Harold Lloyd Jr, actor (Frankenstein's Daughter), dies at 40
  • Jun 10 Michael Rennie, actor (Day the Earth Stood Still), dies at 61
  • Jun 10 Virginia Eames, entertainer, dies of heart attack at 82
  • Jun 15 Wendell Meredith Stanley, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1904)
  • Jun 16 Lord Reith, British broadcast executive (b. 1889)
  • Jun 17 C Christopher Morris, cricketer (brilliant batsman for Philadelphia), dies
  • Jun 18 Thomas Gomez, American actor (b. 1905)
  • Jun 18 Paul Karrer, Swiss chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1889)
  • Jun 23 George Blagoi, entertainer, dies
  • Jun 23 Walter Schulthess, composer, dies at 76
  • Jun 24 Jack Good, actor (Father Goose), dies
  • Jun 24 John Dunning, cricketer (4 Tests for NZ 1933-37), dies
  • Jun 25 Charles Vildrac, Paris France, poet/playwright, dies at 88
  • Jun 25 John Boyd Orr, Scottish physician, Nobel laureate (b. 1880)
  • Jun 26 Guillermo Uribe Holguin, composer, dies at 91
  • Jun 26 Inia Te Wiata, opera singer, dies
  • Jun 26 Juan Manen, composer, dies at 88
  • Jun 28 Henri Puvrez, Belgian sculptor (Serenity), dies at 78
  • Jun 28 Joseph Colombo, mobster, shot dead at 48
  • Jun 28 Franz Stangl, Austrian commandant of concentration camps (b. 1908)
  • Jun 29 Viktor Patsayev, cosmonaut (Soyuz 11-landing accident), dies at 38
  • Jun 29 Vladimir Volkov, cosmonaut (Soyuz 11-landing accident), dies at 35
  • Jun 30 Georgi T Dobrovolsky, Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz 11-land accident), dies at 43
  • Jun 30 Vladislav Nikolayevich Volkov, cosmonaut (Soyuz 7, 11), dies at 35
  • Jun 30 Herbert Biberman, Jewish American screenwriter and film director (b. 1900)
  • Jul 1 Lord Learie Constantine, WI cricketer (all-rounder & fielder), dies
  • Jul 2 Edward Ballantine, composer, dies at 84

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jul 3 Jim Morrison, rock singer (Doors), dies of heart failure at 27

Rocker Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison
  • Jul 3 Renie Riano, English-born American actress dies after long illness at 71
  • Jul 4 Don McPherson, American R&B singer (The Main Ingredient) dies of leukemia at 29
  • Jul 4 Joe Cox, cricketer (4 wickets in 3 Tests for South Africa), dies
  • Jul 4 Thomas C Hart, US admiral/commander (Pacific Fleet), dies at 94
  • Jul 4 August Derleth, American writer and editor (b. 1909)
  • Jul 6 Horst Lange, German writer (The Long Lament), dies at 66
  • Jul 6 Thomas C Heart, US admiral/commander (Asiatic fleet), dies

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jul 6 Louis Armstrong, American jazz trumpeter and singer (Hello Dolly), dies of a heart attack at 69

Jazz Musician Louis Armstrong
Jazz Musician
Louis Armstrong
  • Jul 7 Claude Gauvreau, Canadian writer (b. 1925)
  • Jul 7 Ub Iwerks, American artist, director, and cartoonist (b1901)
  • Jul 8 Charlie Shavers, American jazz trumpet player (b. 1920)
  • Jul 10 Harry M O'Connor, dies of pneumonia at 98
  • Jul 10 Mohamed Madbouh, Moroccan general/putschist, shot to death
  • Jul 11 Carleton Young, actor (Court of Last Resorts), dies at 64
  • Jul 11 John W Campbell, US, sci-fi writer (Space Beyond), dies at 61
  • Jul 11 Pedro Rodríguez, Mexican racing driver (b. 1940)
  • Jul 12 Yvon Robert, French Canadian professional wrestler (b. 1914)
  • Jul 15 Guy Wilkerson, dies of cancer at 71
  • Jul 16 H T Tsiang, dies at 65
  • Jul 17 Cliff Edwards, "Ukulele Ike", singer (54th Street Revue), dies at 76
  • Jul 23 Van Heflin, actor (Great Adventure), dies at 60
  • Jul 24 Alan Rawsthorne, composer, dies at 66
  • Jul 25 Leroy Robertson, composer, dies at 74
  • Jul 27 Bernhard Paumgartner, Austrian conductor/composer, dies at 83
  • Jul 28 Diane Arbus, [Nemerov], photographer (Vogue), commits suicide at 48
  • Jul 28 Myril Hoag, American baseball player (b. 1908)
  • Jul 28 Charles E. Pont, American artist (b. 1898)
  • Jul 30 Kenneth Slessor, Australian poet (b. 1901)
  • Aug 2 Ludwig Marcuse, German philosopher, dies at 77
  • Aug 5 Josef Stanislav, composer, dies at 74
  • Aug 13 King Curtis, [Curtis Ousley], US musician, murdered at 37
  • Aug 14 Georg von Opel, German auto manufacturer, dies at 59
  • Aug 15 Paul Lukas, actor (Kim, Berlin Express), dies of heart failure at 76
  • Aug 16 Elsie Baker, actress (Ghosts of Hanley House), dies at 78
  • Aug 17 Horace McMahon, actor (Martin Kane Private Eye), dies at 64
  • Aug 17 Wilhelm List, German field marshal (b. 1880)
  • Aug 19 Walther Victor, writer, dies
  • Aug 20 Rashid Minhas, Pakistani Air Force pilot (b. 1951)
  • Aug 21 George Jackson, US prisoner, shot to death at 29
  • Aug 23 Gisela Hernandez Gonzalo, composer, dies at 58
  • Aug 23 Oliver F McGowan, actor (Banning, Stagecoach), dies at 64
  • Aug 23 The original Shamu, Sea World orca
  • Aug 25 Ted Lewis [Theodore Leopold Friedman], American entertainer, bandleader and musician (Is Everybody Happy?), dies of lung failure at 81