What Happened in 1972 (Part 2)

Historical Events

Events 101 - 200 of 843

  • Feb 4 Senator Strom Thurmond suggests John Lennon be deported
  • Feb 5 "Another Puff" by Jerry Reed peaks at #65
  • Feb 5 Bob Douglas is 1st African American elected to Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Feb 5 US airlines begin mandatory inspection of passengers & baggage
  • Feb 5 Two IRA members are killed when a bomb they were planting exploded prematurely
  • Feb 6 A Civil Rights march is held in Newry, County Down; there is a very large turn-out for the march with many people attending to protest at the killings in Derry the previous Sunday

Film tv awardsFilm and TV Awards

Feb 6 29th Golden Globes: The French Connection, Gene Hackman, & Jane Fonda win

Actress Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda
Actor Gene Hackman
Gene Hackman
  • Feb 8 Josh Gibson & Buck Leonard selected to Hall of Fame
  • Feb 9 British government declares state of emergency after month-long coal miners' strike
  • Feb 9 William Craig, who had been Northern Ireland Minister for Home Affairs, launches 'Ulster Vanguard' as an umbrella movement for the right-ring of Unionism
  • Feb 10 BBC bans "Give Ireland Back to the Irish" by Wings
  • Feb 10 Ras al Khaima joins United Arab Emirates
  • Feb 10 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Feb 10 Two British soldiers are killed in a land mine attack near Cullyhanna, County Armagh; an IRA member is shot dead during an exchange of gunfire with RUC officers
  • Feb 13 "1776" closes at 46th St Theater NYC after 1,217 performances
  • Feb 13 The Musical "Grease" 1st opens on Broadway
  • Feb 13 11th Winter Olympic games close at Sapporo, Japan

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 14 John Lennon and Yoko Ono co-host "Mike Douglas Show" for entire week

Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
Artist & Musician Yoko Ono
Artist & Musician
Yoko Ono
  • Feb 14 Luna 20 (Russia) launched to orbit & soft landing on Moon
  • Feb 14 CBS "Late Movie" premieres
  • Feb 14 Lord Widgery arrives in Coleraine, where the 'Bloody Sunday' (30 January 1972) Tribunal was to be based, and holds a preliminary hearing
  • Feb 15 Bill Torrey becomes 1st Islander General Manager
  • Feb 15 Dimitrios Papadopoulos becomes metropolitan of Imbros/Tenedos
  • Feb 15 Pres Velasco Ibarra of Ecuador deposed for 4th time
  • Feb 15 Sound recordings are granted U.S. federal copyright protection for the first time.
  • Feb 16 German mass murderers "Three of Breda" freed
  • Feb 16 Test Cricket debut of Lawrence Rowe WI v NZ Kingston, 214 & 100

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 16 Wilt Chamberlain hit 30,000 point mark during a game with Phoenix Suns

NBA Legend Wilt Chamberlain
NBA Legend
Wilt Chamberlain
  • Feb 17 British Parliament votes to join European Common Market

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 17 US President Richard Nixon leaves Washington, D.C. for China

37th US President Richard Nixon
37th US President
Richard Nixon
  • Feb 17 Sales of the Volkswagen Beetle model exceed those of Ford Model T
  • Feb 18 California Supreme Court abolishes death penalty
  • Feb 18 Giulio Andreotti sworn in as premier of Italy for the 1st time
  • Feb 18 John Lennon and Yoko Ono end a week of co-hosting Mike Douglas Show
  • Feb 19 Glenn Turner carries his bat for 223* v WI at Kingston
  • Feb 19 The Asama-Sanso hostage standoff begins in Japan.
  • Feb 20 1st time Cleveland Cavaliers beat NY Knicks (111-109)
  • Feb 20 Ard Schenk wins world championship for speed skating
  • Feb 20 Sicco Mansholt becomes chairman of European Committee
  • Feb 20 14th Daytona 500: A.J. Foyt wins (161.55 MPH)
  • Feb 21 Michael Weller's "Moonchildren" premieres in NYC
  • Feb 21 Richard Nixon becomes 1st US president to visit China
  • Feb 21 The first session of the Widgery Tribunal, investigating the events of 'Bloody Sunday' (30 January 1972), is held in Coleraine, County Derry
  • Feb 22 Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani becomes Emir & Prime Minister of Qatar
  • Feb 22 US President Richard Nixon, meets with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai in Beijing
  • Feb 22 The Official IRA bombs Aldershot military barracks, the headquarters of the British Parachute Regiment, killing seven people; thought to be in retaliation for Bloody Sunday.
  • Feb 25 Lopsided trade, Cards trade Steve Carlton to Phillies for Rick Wise

Music releaseMusic Single

Feb 25 Paul McCartney releases "Give Ireland back to the Irish" single

Musician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartney
Musician & member of the Beatles
Paul McCartney
  • Feb 25 Attempted assassination of Irish Minister of State for Home Affairs John Taylor who is shot a number of times (the Official Irish Republican Army later claimed responsibility)
  • Feb 26 Slag heap dam collapses above Buffalo Creek West Virginia, kills 125

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 27 US President Richard Nixon & Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai issued Shanghai Communique

Premier of the People's Republic of China Zhou Enlai
Premier of the People's Republic of China
Zhou Enlai
37th US President Richard Nixon
37th US President
Richard Nixon

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 28 George Harrison is involved in a minor car accident

Singer-Songwriter George Harrison
George Harrison

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 29 Hank Aaron becomes 1st baseball player to sign for $200,000 a year

Baseball Player Hank Aaron
Baseball Player
Hank Aaron
  • Feb 29 Jack Anderson discloses Dita Beard (ITT) memo indicating antitrust charges were dropped for $400,000 contribution to Republican Party
  • Mar 1 Club of Rome publishes report "Boundaries on the Growth"
  • Mar 1 David Rabe's "Sticks & Bones" premieres in NYC
  • Mar 1 KHMA TV channel 11 in Houma, LA (IND) begins broadcasting
  • Mar 1 Wilt Chamberlain is 1st NBA player to score 30,000 points
  • Mar 1 Two Catholic teenagers shot dead by the Royal Ulster Constabulary while 'joy riding' in a stolen car in Belfast
  • Mar 2 Jean-Bédell Bokassa appoints himself pres for life of Cent African Rep
  • Mar 2 NASA launches its Pioneer 10 space probe to Jupiter

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 3 Sculpted figures of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, & Stonewall Jackson are completed at Stone Mountain Georgia

Confederate General Stonewall Jackson
Confederate General
Stonewall Jackson
  • Mar 4 Erhard Keller (Germany) skates world record 1000m (1:18.5)
  • Mar 4 Last train run between Penrith to Keswick UK
  • Mar 4 Libya & USSR signs cooperation treaty
  • Mar 4 Abercorn Restaurant bombing: a bomb explodes in a crowded restaurant in Belfast, killing two civilians and wounding 130
  • Mar 5 Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis leaves communist party

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 6 Jack Nicklaus, passes Arnold Palmer as golf's all-time money winner

  • Mar 6 Keswick to Penrith railway officially closes
  • Mar 8 1st airship flown over Britain in 20 years (Europa)
  • Mar 8 1st flight of the Goodyear blimp
  • Mar 9 Players on White Sox vote 31-0 in favor of a strike, if necessary
  • Mar 9 Four members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) die in a premature explosion at a house in Clonard Street, Lower Falls, Belfast
  • Mar 10 1st black US political convention opens (Gary Indiana)
  • Mar 10 Gen Lon Nol becomes pres & prince Sirik Matak premier of Cambodia
  • Mar 10 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Mar 11 "Inner City" closes at Barrymore Theater NYC after 97 performances
  • Mar 11 OPEC threatens "appropriate sanctions" against companies that "fail to comply with . . . any action taken by a Member Country in accordance with [OPEC] decisions."
  • Mar 11 19th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: North Carolina beats Maryland, 73-64
  • Mar 12 Judy Rankin wins LPGA Lady Eve Golf Open

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 12 NHL great Gordie Howe retires after 26 seasons

Ice Hockey Legend Gordie Howe
Ice Hockey Legend
Gordie Howe

Music awardsMusic Awards

Mar 13 7th Academy of Country Music Awards: Freddie Hart and Loretta Lynn win

Singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn
Loretta Lynn
  • Mar 14 NBA's Cincinnati Royals announce they are moving to KC
  • Mar 14 Two IRA members shot dead by British soldiers in the Bogside area of Derry
  • Mar 15 Danish airliner hit mountain in Sheikdom of Oman killing 112
  • Mar 15 NASA selects 3 part configuration for Space Shuttle

Film release premierFilm Premier

Mar 15 "The Godfather", based on the book by Mario Puzo, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, premieres in NYC (Best Picture 1973)

Actor Al Pacino
Al Pacino
Actor Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando
Novelist Mario Puzo
Mario Puzo
  • Mar 15 Two British soldiers killed when attempting to defuse a bomb in Belfast; an RUC officer iskilled in an IRA attack in Coalisland, County Tyrone
  • Mar 16 John Lennon and Yoko Ono are served with deportation papers
  • Mar 17 Ringo releases "Back off Bugaloo" in UK
  • Mar 18 AIAW 1st basketball champs, Immaculata beats West Chester State 52-48
  • Mar 18 China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor, PRC
  • Mar 18 Cornell NCAA hockey team shut out for 1st time in 225 games (Boston U)
  • Mar 18 Memphis' Larry Miller sets ABA record of 67 pts in a game
  • Mar 18 Ulster Vanguard hold a rally of 60,000 people in Belfast; William Craig tells the crowd: "if and when the politicians fail us, it may be our job to liquidate the enemy"
  • Mar 19 "To Live Another Summer" closes at Helen Hayes NYC after 173 performances
  • Mar 19 Carol Mann wins LPGA Orange Blossom Golf Classic
  • Mar 19 India & Bangladesh sign friendship treaty

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 101 - 200 of 1,409

  • Jan 26 Harrison Houston, NFL wide receiver (Chicago Bears)
  • Jan 27 Chad Askew, NFL wide receiver (NY Jets)
  • Jan 27 Mark Lawrence, Burlington, NHL right wing (Dallas Stars)
  • Jan 27 Bryant Young, American football defensive tackle (San Francisco 49ers), born in Chicago Heights, Illinois
  • Jan 27 Guillermo, Mexican-born American TV personality
  • Jan 27 Mark Owen, English pop singer
  • Jan 27 Janine Ilitch, Australian netballer
  • Jan 28 Carey Bender, NFL running back (Buffalo Bills)
  • Jan 28 Elena Baranova, WNBA center (Utah Starzz)
  • Jan 28 Frank Garcia, NFL center (GB Packers, Carolina Panthers)
  • Jan 28 Nicky Southall, English footballer
  • Jan 29 Hessley Hempstead, NFL guard (Detroit Lions)
  • Jan 29 Scott Davis, Great Falls Mont, figure skater (Olympics-1994)
  • Jan 29 Simon Cook, cricketer (Victorian pace bowler joined NSW 1995-96)
  • Jan 30 Burt Thornton, CFL receiver (Hamilton Tiger Cats)
  • Jan 30 Chris Simon, Wawa, NHL left wing (Colorado Avalanche)
  • Jan 30 Jill McGill, LPGA golfer (1995 British Open-2nd), born in Denver, Colorado
  • Jan 31 Ben Cavil, guard (Baltimore Ravens)
  • Jan 31 Fritz Fequiere, WLAF guard (Barcelona Dragons, London Monarchs)
  • Jan 31 Marvin Coleman, CFL defensive back (Calgary Stampeders)
  • Jan 31 Pulu Poumele, guard (San Diego Chargers)
  • Jan 31 Reinier Robbemond, Dutch soccer player (Dordrecht '90)
  • Feb 1 Geoff Sanderson, Hay River, NHL left wing (Hartford Whalers)
  • Feb 1 Richard Becker, Aurora IL, outfielder (Minnesota Twins)
  • Feb 1 [Thomas] Carlton Bruner, US, 1500m freestyle swimmer (Olympics-96)
  • Feb 1 Yoshi DeHerrera, American TV personality
  • Feb 1 Kami (musician), drummer of Japanese visual kei band Malice Mizer (d. 1999)
  • Feb 2 Charlie Williams, NFL safety (Dallas Cowboys)
  • Feb 2 Ivan Droppa, Liptovsky Mikulas CZE, NHL defenseman (Chicago)
  • Feb 2 Lance Brown, NFL defensive back (Arizona Cardinals)
  • Feb 2 Dana International, Israeli singer
  • Feb 2 Tego Calderón, nominated reggaeton singer/rapper.
  • Feb 3 Jermaine Smith, NFL defensive tackle (Green Bay Packers-Super Bowl 31)
  • Feb 3 Keith Elias, NFL running back (NY Giants)
  • Feb 3 Tyrone Poole, NFL cornerback (Carolina Panthers)
  • Feb 3 Mart Poom, Estonian football player
  • Feb 4 Kelvin Anderson, CFL running back (Calgary Stampeders)
  • Feb 4 Giovanni Silva De Oliveira, Brazilian footballer
  • Feb 5 Chris Bailey, ice hockey defenseman (USA, Oly-98)
  • Feb 5 Erin Phillips, Mexico Missouri, Miss America-Missouri (1996)
  • Feb 5 Tony Johnson, tight end (New Orleans Saints)
  • Feb 5 Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark
  • Feb 5 Koriki Chōshū, Japanese comedian
  • Feb 6 David Binn, NFL safety (San Diego Chargers)
  • Feb 6 Mark Labbrook, Australian 200m/400m runner (Olympics-96)
  • Feb 6 Shawn Respert, NBA guard (Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors)
  • Feb 7 Aftab Habib, cricketer (Leicestershire righty batsman 1996)
  • Feb 7 John Slaney, St John's, NHL defenseman (LA Kings)
  • Feb 7 Essence Atkins, American actress
  • Feb 7 Alex Bassi, American race car driver
  • Feb 7 Robyn Lively, American actress
  • Feb 8 Adrian Rollins, cricketer (Derbyshire batsman, bro of Robert of Essex)
  • Feb 8 Marcus Pollard, NFL tight end (Indianapolis Colts)
  • Feb 9 Jason George, actor (Michael Bourre-Sunset Beach)
  • Feb 9 Norbert Rosza, Hungarian swimmer (100m freestyle record)
  • Feb 9 Crispin Freeman, American voice actor
  • Feb 9 Darren Ferguson, Scottish footballer
  • Feb 10 Michael Kasprowicz, cricketer (Australian Test fast bowler v WI 1996)
  • Feb 10 Nancy Christian, Scottsdale Az, WPVA volleyballer (US Open-17th-1995)
  • Feb 10 Sara Simmons, Belmont Mass, rower (Olympics-96)
  • Feb 10 Torey Hunter, NFL cornerback (Houston Oilers)
  • Feb 11 Dennis Iliohan, Dutch soccer player (FC Lisse, ADO Den Haag)
  • Feb 11 Steve Mcmanaman, English footballer
  • Feb 11 Kelly Slater, American surfer
  • Feb 12 Andrew Cassesse, actor (Revenge of Nerds II, TV 101)
  • Feb 12 Dulip Samaraweera, cricketer (Sri Lankan Test opening batsman 1993-)
  • Feb 13 Charlie Garner, NFL running back (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Feb 13 Juha Ylonen, Helsinki FIN, NHL forward (Oly-Bronze-1998, Phoenix)
  • Feb 14 Bruno Heppell, CFL full back (Montreal Alouettes)
  • Feb 14 Drew Bledsoe, NFL quarterback (NE Patriots)
  • Feb 14 Erika Rachael Schwarz, Folsom La, Miss America (Louisiana-2nd-1997)
  • Feb 14 Mayne One, rocker (Young Nation)
  • Feb 14 Raymond Beerens, Dutch soccer player (PSV, FC Groningen)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 14 Rob Thomas, lead singer of pop band Matchbox Twenty

Rocker Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas
  • Feb 14 Big Daddy V, American professional wrestler
  • Feb 14 Hiroshi, Japanese comedian
  • Feb 14 Najwa Nimri, Spanish actress
  • Feb 15 Jaromir Jagr, Kladno Cze, NHL right wing (Penguins, Czech Oly-G-1998)
  • Feb 15 Lance Scott, NFL offensive linesman (Arizona Cardinals)
  • Feb 16 Jerome Bettis, running back (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 17 Billie Joe Armstrong, singer/musician (Green Day), born in Oakland, California

  • Feb 17 Lloy Ball, Ft Wayne Ind, volleyball setter (Olympics-96)
  • Feb 17 Richard MacQuire, Australian canoeist (Olympics-96), born in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Feb 17 Stephen Robinson, Arlington Va, rower (Olympics-1996)
  • Feb 17 Tony Lawson, NSA Australia, diver (Olympics-96)
  • Feb 17 Vladimir Vujtek, NHL forward (Team Czech Oly-Gold-1998, Tampa Bay)
  • Feb 17 William Floyd, full back (San Francisco 49ers)
  • Feb 17 Taylor Hawkins, American musician (Foo Fighters)
  • Feb 17 Valeria Mazza, Argentinian model
  • Feb 17 Yuki Isoya, Japanese singer (formerly Judy and Mary)
  • Feb 18 Lubomir Rybovic, Kosice CZE, hockey forward (Team Slovakia)
  • Feb 18 Marc Lillibridge, WLAF linebacker (Amsterdam Admirals)
  • Feb 18 Shani Lynn Nielsen, New Albany IN, Miss America (Indiana-Top 10-1997)
  • Feb 19 Andrey Pchelyakov, hockey forward (Team Kazakhstan Oly-1998)
  • Feb 19 Francine, American professional wrestler
  • Feb 20 Corinna Harney, Bremerhaven Germany, playmate (Aug, 1991)
  • Feb 20 K-OS, Canadian musician/rapper
  • Feb 21 Karl DeWolf, hockey defenseman (Team France 1998)
  • Feb 21 Seo Taiji, Korean musician
  • Feb 22 Christin Didier, Miss USA-Montana (1997)

Famous Weddings

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Famous Divorces

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Famous Deaths

Deaths 101 - 200 of 273

  • Apr 30 Ntare V, king of Burundi, murdered
  • May 1 Fernand Ansseau, Belgian operator (Orfeo), dies at 82
  • May 2 Hugo Hartung, writer, dies at 69

Person of interestPerson of Interest

May 2 J. Edgar Hoover, first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1924-72) dies at 77

First Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover
First Director of the FBI
J. Edgar Hoover
  • May 3 Bruce Cabot, actor (Diamonds are Forever), dies at 68
  • May 3 Les Harvey, rocker, dies
  • May 4 Edward Calvin Kendall, American chemist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1886)
  • May 5 Rev Gary David, vocalist, dies at 76
  • May 6 Deniz Gezmiş, Turkish Left-wing Political Activist (b. 1947)
  • May 13 Dan Blocker, American actor (Hoss-Bonanza), dies at 43
  • May 15 Nigel Green, actor (Skull, Tobruk, Ipcress File), dies at 47
  • May 16 Maxime Dumoulin, composer, dies at 79
  • May 18 Eero Aukusti Sipila, composer, dies at 53
  • May 20 Cornelis J van der Klauw, Dutch biologist/zoologist, dies at 78
  • May 20 Walter Winchell, columnist/narrator (Untouchables), dies at 75
  • May 22 Margaret Rutherford, English actress (Murder Ahoy, VIP's), dies at 80
  • May 22 Cecil Day-Lewis, Irish poet (British Poet Laureate 1968-72) and detective writer (Nicholas Blake), dies of cancer at 68
  • May 24 Asta Nielsen, actress (Joyless Street), dies at 88
  • May 24 Gavin Muir, actor (Hollister-Betty Hutton Show), dies at 64
  • May 24 Ismail Yasin, Egyptian comedian and actor (b. 1915)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

May 28 Edward VIII, King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Empire and Emperor of India (Jan 20th, 1936 until his abdication on Dec 11th, 1936), dies at 77

King of Great Britain Edward VIII
King of Great Britain
Edward VIII
  • May 29 Moe Berg, American baseball player and spy (b. 1902)
  • May 29 Stephen Timoshenko, Ukrainian-born mechanical engineer (b. 1878)
  • May 30 Margaret Ruthven Lang, composer, dies at 104
  • May 31 Walter Freeman, American physician (developer and practitioner of psychiatric surgery transorbital lobotomy), dies
  • Jun 2 Franz Philipp, composer, dies at 81
  • Jun 4 Godfried Devreese, composer, dies at 79
  • Jun 8 Jimmy Rushing, US blues singer, dies at 68
  • Jun 12 Edmund Wilson, US writer (To the Finland station), dies at 79
  • Jun 12 Saul David Alinsky, radical writer (John L Lewis), dies at 63
  • Jun 13 Clyde L Mcphatter, US singer (Drifters-Without Love), dies at 39
  • Jun 13 Dündar Taşer, Turkish nationalist (b. 1925)
  • Jun 20 Horst Salomon, writer, dies
  • Jun 20 Howard Johnson, US restaurant/hotel founder, dies at 75
  • Jun 21 Seth Bingham, composer, dies at 90
  • Jun 23 Elton Britt, country singer (Sat Night Jamboree), dies at 54
  • Jun 26 David Lichine, [Lichtenstein], Russian/US choreographer, dies at 61
  • Jul 2 Joseph F Smith Jr, leader US mormon chuch, dies at 95
  • Jul 3 Mississippi Fred McDowell, jazz artist, dies at 68
  • Jul 6 Brandon De Wilde, actor (Jamie), dies at 30 in a car crash
  • Jul 6 Sam de Grasse, dies at 97
  • Jul 6 Vincent Valentine, WI cricket pace bowler (England 1933), dies
  • Jul 7 Athenagoras, 268th patriarch of Constantinople, dies
  • Jul 7 King Talal of Jordan (b. 1909)
  • Jul 9 Robert Weede, American baritone (b. 1903)
  • Jul 10 Lovie Austin, American jazz pianist (b. 1887)
  • Jul 16 Giorgio Nataletti, composer, dies at 65
  • Jul 16 Max Zehnder, Swiss composer, dies at 70
  • Jul 19 Hezekiah M. Washburn, missionary (b. 1884)
  • Jul 21 Jigme Dori Wangchuck, King of Bhutan, dies
  • Jul 21 Ralph Craig, American athlete (b. 1889)
  • Jul 22 Hugo Kauder, Austrian composer, dies at 84
  • Jul 22 Pavel Borkovek, composer, dies at 78
  • Jul 24 Bobby Ramirez, drummer (White Trash), killed at 23 in bar brawl
  • Jul 28 Helen Traubel, American soprano, dies at 73
  • Jul 28 Charu Majumdar, Indian revolutionary leader (b. 1918)
  • Jul 31 Paul-Henri Spaak, Belgian premier/sect-gen (NATO, 1957-61), dies at 73
  • Aug 2 Brian Cole, vocalist/bassist (Association), dies of overdose at 29
  • Aug 2 Paul Goodman, US social critic/writer, dies at 60
  • Aug 2 Rudolph Ganz, Swiss-born American composer, dies at 95
  • Aug 2 Helen Hoyt, American poet (b. 1887)
  • Aug 5 Frederic Tozere, actor (Mr Phillips-Stanley), dies at 71
  • Aug 5 Harry Hylton-Foster, Speaker of the British House of Commons (b. 1905)
  • Aug 7 Joi Lansing, actress (Bob Cummings Show), dies at 44 of cancer
  • Aug 8 Andrea Feldman, American actor (b. 1948)
  • Aug 9 Bill Berns, commentator (Television Screen Magazine), dies at 53
  • Aug 9 Richard Elsasser, composer, dies at 45
  • Aug 11 Max Theiler, South African and American virologist who developed vaccine for Yellow Fever (Nobel Prize 1951), dies at 73
  • Aug 11 Rose Schneiderman, American socialist, feminist, trade union leader and secretary of labor for New York State (1937-44), dies at 90
  • Aug 13 George Wiess, General Manager (NY Yankees), dies at 78
  • Aug 14 Jules Romains, French novelist (Death of Nobody), dies at 86
  • Aug 14 Oscar Levant, actor (An American in Paris, Dance of Life), dies at 65
  • Aug 14 Pierre Brasseur, French actor (Quai des Brumes), dies at 66
  • Aug 15 Alf Thorbald Hurum, composer, dies at 89
  • Aug 16 John Barnes Chance, composer, dies at 39
  • Aug 17 Raymond Brulez, Flemish author (Schoone slaapster), dies at 76
  • Aug 17 Wampilow, writer, dies
  • Aug 23 Balis Dvarionas, composer, dies at 68
  • Aug 24 Carlos Wesley "Don" Byas, US jazz saxophonist, dies at 59
  • Aug 25 Juan Carlos Paz, composer, dies at 71
  • Aug 25 Robert Denzler, composer, dies at 80
  • Aug 26 Jacques Gans, Dutch author/journalist, dies at 63
  • Aug 28 William HAF, Engl prince/grandson of George V, dies in accident at 29
  • Aug 29 Lale [Liselotte H] Anderson, Ger night club performer/singer, dies
  • Aug 29 Rene Leibowitz, composer, dies at 59
  • Sep 1 May Aufderheide, composer, dies at 84
  • Sep 4 Alan Kippax, cricketer (1st-class batting average 67), dies
  • Sep 5 Josef Romano, Israeli olympian, murdered
  • Sep 5 Mosje Weinberg, Israeli olympic wrestling coach, murdered
  • Sep 7 Jacques Pirenne, Belgian historian, dies at 81
  • Sep 10 Sidney Pegler, South African cricket leg spinner (16 Tests), dies at 84
  • Sep 11 Max Fleischer, American animator (b. 1883)
  • Sep 12 William Boyd, cowboy (Hopalong Cassidy), dies at 77
  • Sep 14 Kornelis Posthumus, chemist, dies at 70
  • Sep 15 Ulvi Cemal Erkin, composer, dies at 66
  • Sep 15 Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury (b. 1887)
  • Sep 17 Akim Tamiroff, actor (Hotel Paradisio, Lord Jim), dies at 72
  • Sep 19 Robert Casadesus, French pianist (b. 1899)
  • Sep 21 Henry M de Montherlant, French author (Port Royal), dies at 76
  • Sep 22 Robert KJE Antonissen, South African literary, dies at 53