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Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 765

Jan 1st - Britain, Ireland & Denmark become 7th-9th members of Common Market
Jan 1st - West African Economic Community formed (Benin, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Upper Volta)
Jan 1st - 61st Men's Australian Open: John Newcombe beats Onny Parun (6-3, 6-7, 7-5, 6-1)
Jan 1st - 61st Women's Australian Open: Margaret Court beats Evonne Goolagong Cawley (6-4, 7-5)
Jan 1st - 59th Rose Bowl: #1 Southern California beats #3 Ohio State, 42-17
Jan 1st - 39th Orange Bowl: #9 Nebraska beats #12 Notre Dame, 40-6
Jan 3rd - George Steinbrenner III buys Yankees from CBS for $12 million
Jan 5th - Mali & Niger break diplomatic relations with Israel
Jan 5th - Netherlands recognizes German DR
Jan 6th - "Schoolhouse Rock," premieres on ABC-TV with Multiplication Rock
Jan 7th - "Purlie" closes at Billy Rose Theater NYC after 14 performances
Jan 7th - British Darts Organisation founded in North London
New York Yankees Owner George SteinbrennerNew York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Jan 7th - Jo Ann Prentice wins LPGA Burdine's Golf Invitational
Jan 7th - Johnny Watkins bowls six overs 0-21 v Pakistan Never again
Jan 7th - US poet James Merrill wins Bollingen Prize
Jan 7th - WNPB TV channel 13 in Marquette, MI (PBS) begins broadcasting
Jan 8th - "Tricks" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 8 performances
Jan 8th - Greg Chappell's best Test bowling, 5-61 v Pakistan at SCG
Jan 8th - Secret peace talks between US & North Vietnam resumed near Paris
Jan 8th - USSR launches Luna 21 for Moon landing
Jan 9th - Luna 21 launched, to Moon
Jan 10th - Gas tank on Staten Island explodes, 40 die
Jan 10th - For the first time graduates studying from home with 'the Open University' receive their degrees
Jan 11th - American League adopts designated hitter rule
Jan 11th - Famous victory at the SCG Pakistan chasing 158 all out 106
Jan 11th - Trial of Watergate burglars begins in Washington, D.C.
Jan 13th - "Tricks" closes at Alvin Theater NYC after 8 performances
Jan 13th - Lasse Daniel Efskind skates world record 1000m (1:17.6)
Jan 14th - Grateful Dead bass player, Phil Lesh, busted on drugs in Calif
Jan 14th - Super Bowl VII: Miami Dolphins beat Wash Red Skins, 14-7 in LA, MVP: Jake Scott, Miami, S
Jan 14th - Dancer Roy Castle measured at 1,440 taps/min on BBC TV
Jan 14th - 2 Royal Ulster Constabulary officers are killed in Derry by a booby-trap bomb attached to their car by the Irish Republican Army
Jan 15th - 4 Watergate burglars plead guilty in federal court
Jan 15th - Gene Shalit joins Today Show panel
Jan 15th - Pope Paul VI holds an audience with Golda Meir at Vatican
Jan 15th - Pres Nixon suspends all US offensive action in N Vietnam
Jan 16th - NBC presents 440th & final showing of "Bonanza"
Jan 16th - USSR's Lunakhod 2 begins radio-controlled exploration of Moon
Jan 17th - City of Amsterdam decides to support Hanoi
Jan 17th - New Philippine constitution names Marcos president for life
Jan 18th - Boston Red Sox sign Orlando Cepeda as 1st player signed as a DH
Jan 18th - Islanders break 12 game losing streak, 20 game road winless streak
Actor, Comedian John CleeseActor, Comedian John Cleese Jan 18th - John Cleese's final episode on "Monty Python's Flying Circus," on BBC
Jan 20th - A car bomb explodes in Sackville Place, Dublin, Republic of Ireland, killing 1 person and injuring 17 (no organisation claimed responsibility)
Jan 21st - NFL Pro Bowl: AFC beats NFC 33-28
Jan 21st - Leslie Nielson appears on M*A*S*H in "Ringbanger"
Jan 22nd - George Foreman TKOs Joe Frazier in 2 for heavyweight boxing title
Jan 22nd - Roe vs Wade: US Supreme Court legalizes most abortions
Jan 22nd - US, North & South Vietnam & Vietcong sign boundary accord
Jan 23rd - 23rd NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 104-84 at Chicago
Jan 23rd - Helgafell, island of Heimaey Iceland erupts for 1st time in 7,000 yrs
Jan 23rd - Jordan Air crash at Kano, Nigeria kills 176 Muslim pilgrims
Boxing Champ George ForemanBoxing Champ George Foreman Jan 23rd - US President Nixon announces an accord has been reached to end Vietnam War
Jan 23rd - Shah of Iran announces that the 1954 operating agreement between a consortium of oil companies and Iran will not be renewed when it expires in 1979
Jan 24th - Warren Spahn is elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
Jan 26th - Belgium government of Leburton forms
Jan 27th - UCLA's basketball team wins 61st consecutive game (NCAA record)
Jan 27th - US & North Vietnam's William Rogers & Nguyen Duy Trinh sign cease-fire, ending longest US war and miltary draft
Jan 27th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Janet Lynn
Jan 27th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Gordon McKellen Jr
Jan 28th - "Barnaby Jones" premieres on CBS TV
Jan 28th - Henry Boucha, Detroit Red Wings, scores 6 sec into a game vs Mont
Jan 28th - Mickey Welch, George Kelly & Billy Evans elected to Hall of Fame
Jan 28th - Ron Howard appears on M*A*S*H in "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet"
Jan 28th - In the run up to the first anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday' there is serious rioting in Derry, North Ireland
Actor Marlon BrandoActor Marlon Brando Jan 28th - 30th Golden Globes: The Godfather, Marlon Brandon, & Liv Ullmann win
Jan 30th - 26th NHL All-Star Game: East beat West 5-4 at NY Rangers
Jan 30th - Jury finds Watergate defendants Liddy & McCord guilty on all counts
Jan 30th - KISS plays their 1st show (Coventry Club in Queens NY)
Jan 30th - 1973 NFL Draft: John Matuszak from University of Tampa first pick by Houston Oilers
Feb 1st - Monte Irvin elected to baseball Hall of Fame
Feb 2nd - "Midnight Special" rock music show debuts on NBC-TV
Feb 2nd - Richard Helms, ends term as 8th director of CIA; succeeded by James R Schlesinger (until July)
Feb 2nd - Test Cricket debut of Richard John Hadlee, NZ v Pakistan, Wellington
Feb 3rd - Dr Hook's "Cover of "Rolling Stone"" enters Top 40 & peaks at #6
Feb 4th - "No, No Nanette" closes at 46th St Theater NYC after 861 performances
Feb 4th - Islanders & Sabres had a penalty free game
Feb 4th - Manfred Kokot runs world record 50m indoor (5.61 sec)
Feb 4th - Reshef, Israel's missile boat, unveiled
Feb 4th - British Army snipers shoot dead a Provisional Irish Republican Army volunteer and three civilians at the junction in Belfast during the 'Troubles' in N Ireland
Feb 4th - An International inspection team is sent to Vietnam to observe progress on the Paris truce agreement
Feb 5th - Comic strip "Hagar The Horrible" debuted
Feb 5th - Funeral for LC William Nolde, last US soldier killed in Vietnam War
Feb 5th - Juan Corona sentenced to 25 consecutive life terms for 25 murders
Feb 6th - "Shelter" opens at John Golden Theater NYC for 31 performances
Feb 6th - 40,000 civil servants demonstrate against higher pension contribution
Feb 6th - 6th ABA All-Star Game: West 123 beats East 111 at Utah
Feb 6th - Bernice Fekete skips her curling rink to 2nd straight 8-ender, Edm
Feb 7th - 1st time Rangers shut-out Islanders 6-0
Feb 7th - Senate createse Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities
Feb 7th - The United Loyalist Council hold a one-day strike to "re-establish some sort of Protestant or loyalist control over the affairs of the province"; loyalist paramilitaries forcibly tried to stop many people going to work and to close any businesses that had opened, North Ireland
Feb 8th - Jean Kerrs "Finishing Touches" premieres in NYC
Feb 8th - Mushtaq & Asif Iqbal make 350 stand for 4th wicket v NZ
Feb 8th - Senate names 7 members to investigate Watergate scandal
Feb 9th - Biju Patnaik of the Pragati Legislature Party elected leader of opposition in the state assembly in Orissa, India.
Feb 10th - 2nd time Rangers shut-out Islanders 6-0
Feb 10th - 83m wide gas tank on Staten Island explodes, 40 die
Feb 10th - Mushtaq Mohammad follows up 201 to take 5-49 v NZ Dunedin
Feb 11th - 1st one-day international for Pakistan & NZ
Feb 11th - 1st sub 17-min 1,500m female free style swim (Shane Gould 16m56.9s)

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 1,250

Jan 1st - Clyde Wijnhard, soccer player (Ajax, RKC)
Jan 1st - Fang Li, Hunan China, tennis star (1991 Futures-Bilbao-ESP)
Jan 1st - Justin Armour, NFL wide receiver (Buffalo Bills)
Jan 1st - Mercury Hayes, wide receiver (Atlanta Falcons)
Jan 1st - Anwar Mansoor Mangrio, Sindhi poet & research scholar.
Jan 2nd - Abu Wilson, running back (Indianapolis Colts)
Jan 2nd - Chris Woodruff, Knoxville Tenn, tennis star (1993 NCAA Division I)
Jan 2nd - Fredric Ford, WLAF CB (Scotland Claymores)/NFL cornerback (Eagles)
Jan 2nd - Sarah Schwald, Bellingham Wash, 1.5k runner
Jan 2nd - Lucy Davis, British actress
Jan 2nd - Will Kirby, American actor
Jan 3rd - Paula Knoll, Moorhead Minnesota, Miss America-Minnesota (1996)
Jan 3rd - Tyrone Brown, NFL wide receiver (Atlanta Falcons)
Jan 4th - Lamont Warren, NFL running back (Indianapolis Colts)
Jan 4th - Ray Mickens, cornerback (NY Jets)
Jan 4th - Todd Sauerbrun, NFL punter/kicker (Chicago Bears)
Jan 4th - Frank Høj, Danish cyclist
Jan 4th - Harmony Korine, American film director and artist
Jan 5th - Phil Joel, Australian bassist (Newsboys)
Jan 6th - Sairaj Bahatule, cricketer (promising Bombay leg-spin all-rounder)
Jan 7th - Bobby Engram, wide receiver (Chicago Bears)
Jan 7th - Brian Milne, fullback (Cincinnati Bengals)
Jan 7th - Ricky Wood, Van Nuys California, diver (Olympics-96)
Jan 7th - Robert Dunn, Glenn Cove NY, team handball left wing (Olympics-1996)
Jan 7th - Jonna Tervomaa, Finnish singer
Jan 8th - Mark Knight, English sound designer
Jan 9th - Aaron Holbert, US baseball infielder (St Louis Cardinals)
Jan 9th - Ronald Hamming, soccer player (FC Groningen, Fortuna Sittard)
Jan 9th - Sean Paul, Kingston Jamaica, reggae singer
Jan 10th - Berry Radstraat, Dutch soccer player (NEC, SCH)
Jan 10th - Glenn Robinson, NBA forward (Milw, Olympics-gold-96), born in Gary, Indiana
Jan 10th - Travis Davis, NFL strong safety (NO Saints, Jacksonville Jaguars)
Jan 10th - Ryan Drummond, American voice actor
Jan 11th - Dave Dickenson, CFL quarterback (Calgary Stampeders)
Jan 11th - Rahul Dravid, cricket batter (prolific Karnataka, Tests for India 96)
Jan 11th - Joanna Brodzik, Polish actress
Jan 11th - Rockmond Dunbar, American actor
Jan 12th - Greg Morton, Milwaukee Wisc, actor (Scarecrow & Mrs King)
Jan 12th - Dan Haseltine, American singer (Jars of Clay)
Jan 12th - Matt Wong, American musician (Reel Big Fish)
Jan 12th - Hande Yener, Turkish singer
Jan 13th - Nikolai Khabibulin, Sverdlovsk Russia, NHL goalie (Winnipeg Jets)
Jan 13th - Gloria Yip, Hong Kong actor
Jan 14th - Ed Howard, NFL wide receiver (Atlanta Falcons)
Jan 14th - Lethon Flowers, NFL defensive back (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Jan 14th - Rod Myers, Conroe TX, outfielder (KC Royals)
Jan 14th - Giancarlo Fisichella, Italian race car driver
Jan 15th - Daniel Nijhof, Dutch soccer player (FC Twente)
Jan 15th - Randy Srochenski, CFL linebacker (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
Jan 15th - Essam El-Hadary, Egyptian footballer
Jan 16th - Josie Davis, actress (Sarah-Charles in Charge) [or Jun 19], born in Los Angeles, California
Jan 16th - Mario Bates, NFL-running back (New Orleans Saints)
Jan 16th - Willie Whitehead, CFL defensive end (Hamilton Tiger Cats)
Jan 17th - Amanda Elizabeth Spivey, Spartanburg SC, Miss America-SC (1996)
Jan 17th - Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Mexican footballer
Jan 17th - Liz Ellis, Australian netball captain
Jan 18th - Crispian Mills, vocalist/guitarist (Kula Shaker), born in London, England
Jan 18th - Edward Jasper, defensive tackle (Philadelphia Eagles)
Jan 18th - Junior Burrough, NBA forward (Boston Celtics)
Jan 18th - Regilio Vreede, soccer player (Blue White, RKC)
Jan 19th - Chris Stynes, infielder (KC Royals), born in Queens, New York
Jan 19th - Antero Manninen, Finnish Cellist
Jan 19th - Aaron Yonda, YouTube celebrity
Jan 20th - Eddie Kennison, wide receiver (St Louis Rams)
Jan 20th - Jalen Rose, NBA guard (Denver Nuggets)
Jan 20th - Princess Mathilde, Duchess of Brabant
Jan 21st - Bubba Miller, corner (Philadelphia Eagles)
Jan 21st - Grady Jackson, defensive tackle (Oakland Raiders)
Jan 21st - Jamal Cox, WLAF linebacker (Rhein Fire)
Jan 22nd - Deon Minor, Paris Texas, 400m runner
Jan 22nd - George Noga, CFL linebacker (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
Jan 22nd - Reggie Barlow, wide receiver (Jacksonville Jaguars)
Jan 22nd - Said Larossi, soccer player (Emmen/Vitesse)
Jan 22nd - Vincent Bradford, linebacker (San Francisco 49ers)
Jan 22nd - Rogerio Ceni, Brazilian footballer
Jan 23rd - Mark Kolesar, Minnedosa, NHL right wing (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Jan 23rd - Lanei Chapman, American actress
Jan 24th - Chris Ferraro, Port Jefferson, NHL right wing (Oly-94, NY Rangers)
Jan 24th - Erik Gervais, Valleyfield Quebec, kayaker (Olympics-96)
Jan 24th - Peter Ferraro, Port Jefferson, NHL right wing (Oly-94, NY Rangers)
Jan 24th - Richard Aimonetto, hockey forward (Team France 1998)
Jan 25th - Anthony Harris, linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
Jan 25th - Elvis Presley Jr, alleged son of Elvis Presley
Jan 25th - Marco Battaglia, tight end (Cincinnati Bengals)
Jan 25th - Rodney Young, NFL safety (NY Giants)
Jan 25th - Terrell Wade, Rembert SC, pitcher (Atlanta Braves)
Jan 25th - Scott Milanovich, Butler Pennsylvania, coach and quarterback (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Jan 25th - Geoff Johns, American comic book writer
Jan 25th - Chris Guy, American professional wrestler
Jan 26th - Mark Brook, WLAF LB (Rhein Fire)
Jan 26th - Tatsuki Katayama, hockey defenseman (Team Japan 1998)
Jan 26th - Tony Ramirez, tackle (Detroit Lions)
Jan 26th - Mayu Shinjo, Japanese mangaka
Jan 27th - Eddie Davis, CFL cornerback (Calgary Stampeders)
Jan 27th - Margot Bourgeois, Miss Universe-3rd place (Trinidad & Tobago, 1997)
Jan 28th - Bronwyn Thompson, Australian rower (Olympics-96)
Jan 28th - Jerome Allen, NBA guard (Minnesota Timberwolves)
Jan 28th - Joe Stephens, NBA forward (Houston Rockets)
Jan 28th - Robert Braknis, 100m backstroke/4 x 100 (Olympics-96), born in Montreal, Quebec
Jan 29th - Darnell Stephens, NFL linebacker (Tampa Bay Bucs)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 23 of 23

Actor Michael CaineActor Michael Caine (Jan 8th) Jan 8th - Actor Michael Caine (40) weds model Shakira Baksh (25) at Candlelight Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada
Apr 18th - American science fiction writer "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" Philip K Dick marries 5th wife Leslie (Tessa) Busby
May 26th - Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney (34) weds Mila Pivnicki (19)
Jun 16th - Talk show host Jerry Springer (29) weds Micki Velton
Jun 30th - Prime Minister of Canada Joe Clark (34) weds lawyer Maureen McTeer (21)
Jul 4th - British Army officer Andrew Parker Bowles (33) weds Camilla Rosemary Shand (26) at Guards Chapel in Birdcage Walk in London, England
Jul 6th - "The Avengers" actress Diana Rigg (35) weds Israeli painter Menachen Gueffen (43)
Jul 28th - "Charlie's Angels" actress Farah Fawcett (26) weds "The Six Million Dollar Man" actor Lee Majors (34) at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, California
Actress Farrah FawcettActress Farrah Fawcett (Jul 28th) Jul 28th - Actress Farrah Fawcett (26) weds film and voice actor Lee Majors (34) at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, California
Aug 9th - Actor Anthony Perkins (41) weds photographer Berinthia Berenson (25) in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Aug 19th - Kris Kristofferson weds Rita Coolidge
Sep 8th - Ice hockey star Bobby Orr (25) weds speech therapist Peggy Wood at a secret ceremony in Ontario, Canada
Sep 17th - "The Osmonds" lead singer and bassist Merrill Osmond (20) weds Mary Carlson
Sep 22nd - Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz (50) weds Jean Forsyth Clyde
Oct 20th - Canadian actor William Shatner (Star Trek) marries Marcy Lafferty
Oct 25th - American playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon (46) weds actress Marsha Mason (31)
Nov 10th - Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully (45) weds Sandra Hunt
Baseball Player Hank AaronBaseball Player Hank Aaron (Nov 12th) Nov 12th - MLB baseball player Hank Aaron (39) weds Billye Aaron
Nov 14th - Britain's Princess Anne marries commoner, Captain Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey
Nov 30th - Sci-fi author Issac Asimov (53) weds second wife psychoanalyst and Sci-fi author Janet Jeppson (47)
Dec 1st - NFL running back Gale Sayers (30) weds second wife Ardythe Bullard
Dec 4th - NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle (47) weds activist Carrie Cooke
Dec 31st - MLB executive Tony La Russa (29) weds Elaine Coker

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 2 of 2

Oct 9th - Elvis & Priscilla Presley divorce after 6 years
Author, Biochemistry Professor Isaac AsimovAuthor, Biochemistry Professor Isaac Asimov (Nov 16th) Nov 16th - Sci-fi author Isaac Asimov (53) divorces Gertrude Blugerman after 31 years of marriage

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 347

Jan 5th - Cornelis van Dis, Dutch MP (SGP), dies at 79
Jan 11th - Isabel Randolph, actress (Missing Corpse), dies at 83
Jan 11th - Rudolf Kubin, composer, dies a day after 64th birthday
Jan 15th - Jef Alpaerts, Flemish pianist/conductor, dies at 68
Jan 15th - Ivan Petrovsky, Russian mathematician (b. 1901)
Jan 15th - Coleman Francis, American film director (b. 1919)
Jan 16th - Ray Barrett, sportscaster (Gillette Summer Sports Reel), dies at 65
Jan 17th - Fred Essler, actor (Unsinkable Molly Brown), dies at 77
Jan 19th - Max Adrian, Irish actor (Boy Friend), dies of a heart attack at 69
Jan 20th - Amilcar L Cabral, fought for Guinea Bissau independence, murdered 51
Jan 20th - Lorenz Böhler, Austrian physician (b. 1885)
36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson (Jan 22nd) Jan 22nd - Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th US President (1963-69), dies at his Texas ranch at 64
Jan 23rd - Alexander Onassis, Greek heir of the Onassis family (b. 1948)
Jan 23rd - Kid Ory, American jazz trombonist (b. 1886)
Jan 24th - Alan Lisette, cricketer (took 3 wickets in 2 Tests for NZ 1956), dies
Jan 24th - J Carrol Naish, actor (Charlie Chan-Adv of Charlie Chan), dies at 73
Jan 24th - Masao Ohba, world champion Japanese boxer (b. 1949)
Jan 26th - Edward G Robinson, [Goldenberg], actor (Little Caesar), dies at 79
Jan 26th - Meijer Sluyser, Dutch journalist/commentator (VARA), dies at about 71
Jan 26th - Jay C. Higginbotham, American musician (b. 1906)
Jan 28th - John Banner, actor (Schultz-Hogan's Heroes), dies on 62nd birthday
Jan 29th - Johannes Paul Thilman, composer, dies at 67
Jan 29th - Ludwig Stossel, Austrian actor (Man With a Camera), dies at 89
Jan 30th - Jack McGowan, actor (On Our Selection), dies at 54
Jan 31st - Ragnar Frisch, Norwegian economist (Nobel 1969), dies at 77
Feb 2nd - Henry J Elias, Flemish historian/mayor of Gent, dies at 70
Feb 2nd - Hendrik Elias, Belgian politician (b. 1902)
Feb 3rd - Edward Lockspeiser, composer, dies at 67
Feb 5th - George Morrison, dies at 82
Feb 5th - L C William Nolde, last US soldier killed in Vietnam, funeral
Feb 6th - Ira S Bowen, US physicist/astronomer (Mt Wilson/Palomar), dies at 74
Feb 8th - Herbie Taylor, cricketer (2936 runs in 42 Tests for South Africa), dies
Feb 9th - Max Yasgur, owner Woodstock-festival farmland, dies at 53
Feb 9th - Vasiliki Maliaros, Greek actress (b. 1883)
Feb 11th - Hans D Jensen, German physicist (Nobel prize 1963), dies at 65
Feb 12th - Benjamin Frankel, composer, dies at 67
Feb 15th - Tim Holt, actor (Stagecoach, Hitler's Children), dies of cancer at 55
Feb 15th - Wally Cox, actor (Mr Peepers, Hollywood Squares), dies at 48
Feb 16th - Pieter Van der Bijl, cricketer (outstanding S Af bat in 1938-39), dies
Gangster Frank CostelloGangster Frank Costello (Feb 18th) Feb 18th - Frank Costello, American gangster, dies of a heart attack at 82
Feb 20th - Brigitte Reimann, writer, dies at 39
Feb 20th - Joseph Szigeti, Hungarian/US violinist, dies at 80
Feb 20th - Maurice Dallimore, actor (Collector), dies at 60
Feb 22nd - Elizabeth Bowen, Anglo-Irish novelist (Cat Jumps), dies in Lond at 73
Feb 22nd - Katina Paxinou, actress (For Whom the Bell Tolls, Zita), dies at 72
Feb 22nd - Winthrop Rockefeller, US governor (Arkansas), dies at 60
Feb 22nd - Jean-Jacques Bertrand, Quebec politician, Premier of Quebec (b. 1916)
Feb 23rd - Dickinson W. Richards, American physician, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1895)
Feb 24th - Art Smith, actor (Quicksand), dies of heart attack at 73
Feb 26th - Mary Finney, actress (Honestly Celeste), dies at 68
Feb 27th - Lucijan Marija Skerjanc, Yugoslav composer/conductor, dies at 72
Feb 28th - Cecil Kellaway, actor (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner), dies at 78
Feb 28th - Hope Landin, actress (I Remember Mama, Sugarfoot), dies at 79
Mar 2nd - Cleo Noel, US ambassador to Sudan, assassinated
Mar 4th - Samuel Tolansky, British scientist and expert on spectroscopy (b. 1907)
Mar 5th - Rupert Crosse, actor (Too Late Blues), dies of cancer at 45
Mar 5th - Michael Jeffery, British music manager (b. 1933)
Mar 6th - Paul Klecki/Kletzki, Polish violinist/composer/conductor, dies at 72
Mar 6th - Pearl S[ydenstricker] Buck, American author (Good Earth - Nobel Prize 1938), dies at 80
Mar 6th - Vera Fjodorova Panova, Russian author (Sputniki), dies at 67
Mar 7th - Andre de Meulemeester, Belgium WW I pilot [Eagle of Flanders], dies at 78
Mar 8th - Gordon Leggat, cricketer (9 Tests for NZ, 351 runs at 21 93), dies
Mar 8th - Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, rocker (Grateful Dead) dies at 27
Mar 10th - Richard Sharples, governor of Bermuda, assassinated
Mar 10th - Eugene 'Bull' Connor, American segregationist (b. 1897)
Mar 12th - Esther Williamson Ballou, composer, dies at 57
Mar 12th - Frankie "Fordham Flash" Frisch, baseball player, dies at 74
Mar 12th - Manuel Rojas Sepulveda, Chilean writer (Hijo de Ladron), dies at 77
Mar 13th - Stacy Harris, actor (NOPD, Doorway to Danger), dies at 54
Mar 14th - Murat B "Chic" Young, US comic strip artist (Blondie), dies at 72
Mar 14th - Rafael Godoy, Colombian composer (b. 1907)
Mar 15th - Carl Benton Reid, actor (Burke's Law), dies at 82
Mar 16th - Carl Benton Reid, actor (Trap, Underwater City), dies at 79
Mar 16th - M Revis, [Willem Fisherman), author (People that Mutiny), dies at 68
Mar 17th - Geertruida M W "Truus" Bakker, Dutch actress (2 Orphans), dies at 81
Mar 18th - Lauritz L H Melchior, Danish baritone/actor (Luxury Liner), dies at 82
Mar 21st - Antoni Szalowski, composer, dies at 65
Mar 23rd - Ken Maynard, actor (Phantom Rancher, $50,000 Reward), dies at 77
Mar 25th - Edward Steichen, pioneer of US photography, dies at 93
Mar 26th - George Sisler, hall of famer 1st baseman (257 hits-1920), dies at 80
Mar 26th - Noel Coward, English playwright (Private Letters), dies at 73
Mar 26th - Safford Cape, US/Belgian conductor/composer/musicologist, dies at 67
Mar 26th - Johnny Drake, American football player (b. 1916)
Mar 26th - Don Messer, Canadian fiddler (b. 1909)
Mar 27th - Boyan Georgiev Ikonomov, composer, dies at 72
Mar 28th - Hakuun Yasutani, Zen teacher/co-founder (Sanbo Kyodan), dies
Mar 31st - Kurt George Hugo Thomas, composer, dies at 68
Apr 1st - Arthur Wood, cricket wicket-keeper (England 1938-39), dies
Apr 2nd - Jascha Horenstein, Russian-born American conductor
Apr 5th - John Coleman, Australian rules footballer (b. 1928)
Apr 7th - Nick Stuart, bandleader, dies of cancer at 69
Painter Pablo PicassoPainter Pablo Picasso (Apr 8th) Apr 8th - Pablo (Ruiz y) Picasso, Spanish/French painter (Guernica), dies at 91
Apr 11th - Ted Decorsia, actor (Police Chief Hegedorn-Steve Canyon), dies at 69
Apr 13th - Alexandre A M Stols, publisher/typographer (Schoone Book), dies at 73
Apr 14th - Magda Janssens, Flemish actress (Nederlands in 7 Lessons), dies at 88
Apr 14th - Minna Gombell, dies in Santa Monica CA
Apr 20th - Robert Armstrong, actor (Fall Guy, Exposed), dies at 82
Apr 21st - Ursula Jeans, actress (Cavalcade, Over the Moon), dies at 66
Apr 21st - Arthur Fadden, thirteenth Prime Minister of Australia (b. 1894)
Apr 23rd - Otto Eissfeldt, German old testament scholar, dies at 85

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