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Historical Events

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1st - "Good Times" (spinoff from "Maude") premieres on CBS TV
1st - Kuala Lumpur is declared a Federal Territory.
2nd - Barbra Striesand's 1st #1 hit, "The Way We Were"
2nd - Pope Paul VI encyclical "To Honor Mary"
2nd - Smallest crowd at Cleveland Arena (Cavs vs Golden State-1,641)
2nd - The F-16 Fighting Falcon flies for the first time.
2nd - 10th British Commonwealth Games close in Christchurch, New Zealand
3rd - "Pajama Game" closes at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC after 65 perfs
3rd - Sandra Palmer wins LPGA Burdine's Golf Invitational
4th - Chimpanzee Nim Chimsky signs his 1st word, at 2½ months
4th - Petroleum rationing ends in Netherlands
4th - Patricia Hearst (19), daughter of publisher Randolph Hearst, kidnapped by Symbionese Liberation Army
4th - Provisional Irish Republican Army bomb explodes on a bus in West Yorkshire, England, carrying British Army soldiers and some of their family members
5th - British mine strike
5th - Mats Wermelin, Sweden, scores all points in 272-0 basketball win
5th - Maximum speed on Autobahn reduced to 100 kph
5th - US Mariner 10 returns 1st close-up photos of Venus' cloud structure
5th - John Murtha becomes the first Vietnam War veteran elected to the Congress of the United States.
5th - Randolph Hearst’s 19-year-old daughter, Patty Hearst, is kidnapped from their home in California
6th - 3rd time Rangers shut-out Islanders 6-0
6th - Dutch speed limit set at 100km due to oil crisis
6th - US House of Reps begins determining grounds for impeachment of Nixon
7th - Grenada gains independence from Britain (National Day)
Actor & Director Mel BrooksActor & Director Mel Brooks 7th - Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles" opens in movie theaters starring Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder
7th - UK Prime Minister Edward Heath calls for a general 'snap' election in the midst of a protracted miners strike
7th - The Symbionese Liberation Army claim responsibility for the for kidnapping of Patty Hearst, daughter of Randolph Hearst
8th - "Good Times" debuts on CBS TV
8th - Ringo releases "You're 16"
8th - Skylab 4's astronauts land
8th - Soap opera "Secret Storm" ends a 20 year run
8th - 3 US astronauts return to Earth after a 85 days in the US space station, Skylab
9th - "Daddy What If" by Bobby Bare peaks at #41
9th - "The Americans (A Canadian's Opinion)" by Gordon Sinclair peaks at #24
9th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Dorothy Hamill
9th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Gordon McKellen Jr
10th - "Gigi" closes at Uris Theater NYC after 103 performances
10th - Gail Denenber wins LPGA Sears Women's Golf Classic
10th - Iran/Iraqi border fight breaks out
10th - Judy Ikenberry wins 1st Us women's marathon (2:55:17)
10th - Silver futures hit record $4.81½ an ounce in London
11th - Dick Woodson is 1st of 48 to invoke baseball's new arbitration rule
11th - Titan-Centaur rocket test launch fails
11th - 1st baseball arbitration Twins pitcher Dick Woodson seeking $29,000 wins, Twins offered $23,000
Politician, statesman Henry KissingerPolitician, statesman Henry Kissinger 11th - Henry Kissinger unveils Nixon Administration's seven-point "Project Independence" plan to make the U.S. energy independent
11th - Libya nationalizes three US oil companies that had not agreed to 51 percent nationalization in September
12th - Heads of state of Algeria, Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia discuss oil strategy in view of the progress in Arab-Israeli disengagement
13th - "Rainbow Jones" opens & closes at Music Box Theater NYC
13th - Dissident Nobel writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn expelled from USSR
13th - James 'Cool Papa' Bell is named to baseball's Hall of Fame
13th - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist and historian, is deported from the Soviet Union to Frankfurt, West Germany and stripped of his Soviet citizenship
17th - 49 die in stampede for seats at soccer match, Cairo, Egypt
17th - Carol Mann wins LPGA Naples Lely Golf Classic
Writer and Nobel Laureate Aleksandr SolzhenitsynWriter and Nobel Laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 17th - Robert K. Preston, a disgruntled U.S. Army private, buzzes the White House with a stolen helicopter.
17th - 16th Daytona 500: Richard Petty wins (140.894 MPH)
18th - NASA launches Italian satellite San Marcos C-2 (235/843 km)
18th - US ambassador to India Daniel Moynihan present $2,046,700,000 check
19th - 1st American Music Awards: Helen Reddy & Jim Croce win
20th - Cher files for separation from husband Sonny Bono
20th - Gordie Howe comes out of retirement for $1M from Houston Aeros, WHA
21st - Israeli forces leave western Suez
21st - Silver hits record $5.96½ an ounce in London
21st - Yugoslavia adopts constitution
22nd - Ethiopian police shoot at demonstrators
23rd - Teri Garr appears on Bob Newhart Show in "Confessions of an Orthodontist"
Ice Hockey Legend Gordie HoweIce Hockey Legend Gordie Howe 24th - Atje Keulen-Deelstra becomes world champ all-round skater
24th - Pakistan officially recognizes Bangladesh
25th - Veronica & Colin Scargill (England) begin tandem bicycle ride a record 18,020 miles around the world, completed on August 27, 1975
26th - Gold hits record $188 an ounce in Paris
27th - "People" magazine begins sales
27th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
28th - Ethiopian government of Makonnen forms
28th - British parliamentary elections result in a hung parliament
28th - Taiwan police shoots into crowd
28th - US & Egypt re-form diplomatic relations after 7 years

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 100

1st - Jennifer Lien, actress (Hannah Moore-Another World)
1st - Lisa Marie Scott, Pensacola FL, playmate (Feb, 1994)
1st - Walter McCarty, NBA forward (Boston Celtics)
1st - Roberto Heras, Spanish cyclist, born in Béjar, Spain
1st - David Meca, Spanish long distance swimmer
2nd - David Buck, kayak (alt-Olympics-96), born in Honolulu, Hawaii
2nd - J R Conrad, offensive tackle/guard (NY Jets)
2nd - Jeff Cassar, soccer goalkeeper (Olympics-gold-96)
3rd - Konrad Gałka, Polish swimmer
4th - Brandon Convery, Kingston, NHL center (Toronto Maple Leafs)
4th - Chris Ward, defensive end (Baltimore Ravens)
4th - Mijntje Donners, Dutch hockey international
5th - Adrienne Johnson, WNBA guard (Cleveland Rockers)
6th - Nathan Davis, defensive tackle (Atlanta Falcons)
6th - Olaf Lindenbergh, soccer player (Ajax, De Graafschap)
7th - Ryan Phillips, linebacker (NY Giants)
Basketball Player Steve NashBasketball Player Steve Nash (7th) 7th - Steve Nash, Johannesburg South Africa, Canadian NBA guard (Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, LA Lakers)
7th - Emma McLaughlin, American novelist
8th - Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, French disc jockey (Daft Punk)
8th - Ulises de la Cruz, Ecuadorian footballer
8th - Seth Green, American actor and producer (Family Guy, Austin Powers), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8th - Kimbo Slice, American mixed martial artist
9th - Amber Valletta, Phoenix, Arizona, American actress and model (Hitch, Revenge)
9th - Brad Maynard, punter (NY Giants)
9th - John Wallace, NBA forward (Toronto Raptors)
9th - Orlando Bobo, guard (Minnesota Vikings)
10th - Andrew English, CFL receiver (BC Lions)
10th - Lea Ghirardi-Rubbi, Colombes France, tennis star (1994 Futures NC)
10th - Ty Law, NFL cornerback (NE Patriots)
10th - Ivri Lider, Israeli singer
10th - Tanoai Reed, American stunt performer
Actress Elizabeth BanksActress Elizabeth Banks (10th) 10th - Elizabeth Banks, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, American actress (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Man on a Ledge)
11th - Brian Newman, guard (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
11th - Ronnie Ward, linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
11th - Wally Richardson, quarterback (Baltimore Ravens)
11th - D'Angelo, American singer
11th - Alex Jones, American radio host
11th - Zain Verjee, American newsreporter
12th - Ian Mcintyre, NHL left wing (Vancouver Canucks), born in Montreal, Quebec
12th - Toranosuke Takagi, Japanese race car driver
12th - Fonzworth Bentley, American hip-hop artist
13th - Anthony Mortas, hockey forward (Team France 1998)
13th - Gus Hansen, Danish professional poker player
Singer Robbie WilliamsSinger Robbie Williams (13th) 13th - Robbie Williams, English singer
13th - Jeff Duran, American radio personality
14th - Michael Lowery, NFL linebacker (Chicago Bears)
14th - Rob Jahrling, Australian rower (Olympics-96)
14th - Filippa Giordano, Italian singer
14th - Philippe Léonard, Belgian footballer
15th - Erik Schulz, Port Huron Mich, pairs skater (& Ilana Goldfogel)
15th - Jodie McMullen, Miss Universe-Australia/Miss Congeniality (1996)
15th - Tim Hall, running back (Oakland Raiders)
15th - Ugueth Urbina, Venezuelan pitcher (Montreal Expos), born in Caracas
15th - Miranda July, American performance artist
15th - Tomi Putaansuu, Finnish singer (Lordi)
15th - Seattle Slew, American racehorse (d. 2002)
15th - Alexander Wurz, Austrian race car driver
16th - Jevon Langford, defensive end (Cincinnati Bengals)
16th - Kathy McCormack, ice hockey forward (Canada, Oly-Silver-98)
16th - Kimberly Dawn Whipany, Oklahoma, rocker (PC Quest-Can You See)
16th - Fanis Katergiannakis, Greek footballer
17th - Jerry O'Connell, actor (Scream 2, Andrew-My Secret Identity), born in NYC, New York
17th - Valeria Mazza, Rosario Argentina, model (Cosmo-July 1995)
17th - Kaoru, Japanese musician
17th - Bryan White, American singer
18th - Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Russia, tennis star
18th - Jamey Carroll, American baseball player
18th - Ruby Dhalla, Canadian politician
19th - Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Sochi Russia, tennis star (1995 doubles-Hamburg)
19th - Danny Doring, American professional wrestler
20th - Katerina Kroupova, Olomouc Czech, tennis star (1994 Futures-Sofia-BUL)
20th - Ophelie Winter, French actress
21st - Alexei Lojkin, NHL forward (Belarus, Oly-98)
21st - Rohsaan Griffin, Texas City Texas, 200m runner
21st - Iván Campo, Spanish footballer
21st - Wish Bone, American rapper, (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
22nd - Aaron Gavey, Sudbury, NHL center (Tampa Bay Lightning)
22nd - Kyoko Nagatsuka, Shizuoka Prefecture Japan, tennis star (1996 Hobart)
22nd - James Blunt, English musician
22nd - Chris Moyles, English DJ
23rd - Herschelle Gibbs, cricketer (South African Test batsman 1996)
23rd - Kenyon Cotton, full back (Baltimore Ravens)
23rd - Jaime Villarreal, Mexican musician
23rd - Leko, American DJ
24th - Jeremy Laster, Fullerton California, water polo driver (Olympics-96)
24th - Simeon Rice, defensive end (Arizona Cardinals)
24th - Chad Hugo, American musician and producer (The Neptunes)
24th - Mike Lowell, Puerto Rican baseball player
24th - Bonnie Somerville, American actress and singer
25th - Detron Smith, NFL running back (Denver Broncos-Super Bowl 32)
25th - Tamarick Vanover, NFL wide receiver (KC Chiefs)
26th - Ron Fox, soccer player (Willem II)
26th - Sébastien Loeb, French rally driver
27th - Chris Dishman, guard (Arizona Cardinals)
27th - Jim Maher, cricketer (Queensland lefty batsman victorious 1995 side)
28th - Katie Allen, Australian field hockey full back/half back (Olympics-96)
28th - Kevin Abrams, cornerback (Detroit Lions)
28th - Michael Manasseri, actor (License to Drive)
28th - Michael Swift, WLAF CB (Rhein Fire)
28th - Lee Carsley, Irish footballer

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 2 of 2

NBA Legend Julius ErvingNBA Legend Julius Erving (10th) 10th - NBA player Julius Erving (23) weds model Turquoise Brown at Waldorf
16th - MLB player Mike Schmidt (24) weds Donna Wightman

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 1 of 1

Boxing Champ George ForemanBoxing Champ George Foreman (13th) 13th - Professional boxer George Foreman (25) divorces Adrienne Calhoun after almost 3 years of marriage

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 19 of 19

1st - Lynda Ann Healy, 1st Bundy murder victim, abducted in Seattle
2nd - Jean Absil, Belgian composer (Benedictions), dies at 80
4th - Mihail Andricu, composer, dies at 79
4th - Satyendra Nath Bose, Indian physicist (b. 1894)
7th - Arline Judge, actress (Age of Consent), dies at 61
8th - Fern Andra, dies at 80
8th - Fritz Zwicky, Swiss/US astronomer (supernova, dark matter), dies at 75
9th - Cees de Lange, Dutch conferencier, dies at 60
11th - Anna Q Nilsson, actress (Toll Gate, Sorrell & Son), dies at 85
14th - C S Dempster, cricketer (10 Tests for NZ, 723 runs), dies
15th - Kurt Magnus Atterberg, composer, dies at 86
16th - John Garand, Canadian rifle engineer and manufacturer (b. 1888)
20th - David Monrad Johansen, composer, dies at 85
NHL Star and Businessman Tim HortonNHL Star and Businessman Tim Horton (21st) 21st - Tim Horton, Canadian hockey player and co-founder of Tim Hortons, dies in a car crash at 44
22nd - Samuel Byck, American attempted assassin of Richard Nixon (b. 1930)
23rd - Florence Rice, actress (Girl in 1313, Carnival), dies at 63
23rd - Harry Ruby, American composer and writer (b. 1895)
27th - Pat Brady, Toledo Ohio, actor (Roy Rodgers Show), dies at 59
28th - Mees Toxopeus, Dutch rescue-vessel captain, dies at 89

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