What Happened in 1983 (Part 4)

Historical Events

Events 301 - 400 of 762

  • Jun 5 37th Tony Awards: Torch Song Trilogy & Cats win
  • Jun 5 Alice Miller wins West Virginia LPGA Golf Classic

Sport awardTennis Open

Jun 5 82nd Men's French Open: Yannick Noah beats Mats Wilander (6-2, 7-5, 7-6)

Tennis Player and French Open Champion Yannick Noah
Tennis Player and French Open Champion
Yannick Noah
Tennis Player and Seven-Time Major Champion Mats Wilander
Tennis Player and Seven-Time Major Champion
Mats Wilander

Sport awardTennis Open

Jun 5 82nd Women's French Open: Chris Evert beats Mima Jausovec (6-1, 6-2)

Tennis Legend Chris Evert
Tennis Legend
Chris Evert
Tennis Player and French Open Champion Mima Jausovec
Tennis Player and French Open Champion
Mima Jausovec
  • Jun 6 17th Music City News Country Awards: Marty Robbins & Roy Acuff
  • Jun 6 Bottle with note of June 9, 1910 found in Queensland
  • Jun 6 Emmy 10th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 4th time

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 6 Li Xiannian becomes pres/Deng Xiaoping supreme commander of China PR

Chinese Communist Party Leader Deng Xiaoping
Chinese Communist Party Leader
Deng Xiaoping
  • Jun 6 Nicaragua expels 3 US diplomats
  • Jun 6 Twins draft pitcher Tim Belcher #1
  • Jun 6 "Octopussy", 13th James Bond film, starring Roger Moore, Maud Adams and Louis Jourdan premieres in London

Film tv awardsTelevision Awards

Jun 6 Betty White becomes 1st woman to win Outstanding Game Show Host at Daytime Emmy Awards for NBC's "Just Men"

Actress and Comedian Betty White
Actress and Comedian
Betty White

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 7 Steve Carlton temporarily passes Nolan Ryan with his 3,552 strike out

MLB Pitching Legend Nolan Ryan
MLB Pitching Legend
Nolan Ryan
  • Jun 8 "Trading Places", "Ghostbusters" & "Gremlins" premiere
  • Jun 8 Charlos Vieira begins 191 hr "nonstop" cycling in Leiria, Portugal
  • Jun 8 Marlies Gohr runs female European record 100m (10.81)
  • Jun 9 56th National Spelling Bee: Blake Giddens wins spelling purim

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

Jun 9 Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party wins British parliamentary election

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
British Prime Minister
Margaret Thatcher
  • Jun 9 Zimbabwe win their 1st one-day cricket international, v Australia
  • Jun 11 "Always Something There To Remind Me" by Naked Eyes peaks at #8
  • Jun 11 "Cool Places" by Sparks & Jane Wiedlin peaks at #49
  • Jun 11 "Faithfully" by Journey peaks at #12

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 11 "My Love" by Lionel Richie peaks at #5

  • Jun 11 "Theme From Doctor Detroit" by Devo peaks at #59
  • Jun 11 "When I'm With You" by Sheriff peaks at #61
  • Jun 11 115th Belmont: Laffit Pincay Jr aboard Caveat wins in 2:27.8
  • Jun 11 Cards outfielder Lonnie Smith checks into a drug rehab
  • Jun 11 Don Genalo needs just 3 of 5 pins to win Southern California Open bowling tournament, miscalculates his score & intentionally gutters his ball
  • Jun 11 Zhu Jianhua of China set a new world record in high jump at 7-9 14

Sport awardGolf Major

Jun 12 29th LPGA Championship won by Patty Sheehan

LPGA Golfer Patty Sheehan
LPGA Golfer
Patty Sheehan
  • Jun 12 Comet C/1983 (Sugano-Saigusa-Fujikawa) approaches 0.0628 AUs of Earth
  • Jun 12 Winston Davis takes 7-51 in Cricket World Cup match v Australia
  • Jun 13 NASA's Pioneer 10 becomes the 1st man-made object to leave the solar system
  • Jun 14 5 killed in a fire at a Ramada Inn in Fort Worth, Tx

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 15 Cards trade Keith Hernandez to Mets for Neil Allen & Rick Ownbey

MLB First Baseman Keith Hernandez
MLB First Baseman
Keith Hernandez
  • Jun 15 Supreme Court struck down state & local restrictions on abortion
  • Jun 16 Charlos Vieira completes 191 hr "nonstop" cycling in Leiria Portugal
  • Jun 16 European Space Agency launches European Comm Satellite 1, Oscar 10

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 16 Pope John Paul II visits Poland

264th Pope John Paul II
264th Pope
John Paul II
  • Jun 16 Ringo releases "Old Wave" album in West Germany
  • Jun 16 USSR party leader Yuri Andropov elected president

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 17 Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren exorcise a "werewolf demon" from Bill Ramsey, although the lack of photo or video evidence has called this claim into question

Paranormal Investigator Ed Warren
Paranormal Investigator
Ed Warren
Paranormal Investigator Lorraine Warren
Paranormal Investigator
Lorraine Warren
  • Jun 18 "Pump Boys & Dinettes" closes at Princess Theater NYC after 573 performances

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 18 7th Shuttle Mission-Challenger 2 launches Sally Ride as 1st US woman in space

1st American Woman in Space Sally Ride
1st American Woman in Space
Sally Ride
  • Jun 18 IRA's Joseph Doherty arrested in NYC
  • Jun 19 Jan Stephenson wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open

Sport awardGolf Major

Jun 20 83rd US Golf Open: Larry Nelson shoots a 280 at Oakmont CC PA

Golfer and Three-Time Major Championship Winner Larry Nelson
Golfer and Three-Time Major Championship Winner
Larry Nelson
  • Jun 20 NY Yankee Bobby Murcer retires
  • Jun 20 Iran moves into northern Iraq (casualties top 13,800 in ten days)
  • Jun 21 Stephanie Kay Ashmore, of Alabama, 18, crowned America's Junior Miss

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 21 Tennis ace Arthur Ashe undergoes double bypass heart surgery

Tennis Player Arthur Ashe
Tennis Player
Arthur Ashe
  • Jun 22 "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life," released in France
  • Jun 22 1st time a satellite is retrieved from orbit by Space Shuttle
  • Jun 22 NHL institutes a 5 minute sudden death overtime period
  • Jun 23 Syria throws out PLO leader Arafat
  • Jun 23 US Supreme Court ruled Congress could not veto presidential decisions
  • Jun 23 Solidarity leader Lech Walesa meets Pope John Paul II during papal visit to Poland
  • Jun 24 7th Space Shuttle Mission-Challenger 2 lands at Edwards AFB
  • Jun 24 Don Sutton becomes 8th pitcher to strikeout 3,000 batters
  • Jun 25 "Evita" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 1568 performances
  • Jun 25 India beat West Indies by 43 runs to win Cricket World Cup
  • Jun 25 Udo Beyer of East Germany sets record for shot put, 22.22 m
  • Jun 26 "Loving" premieres on TV
  • Jun 26 "Show Boat" closes at Uris Theater NYC after 73 performances
  • Jun 26 Ayako Okamoto wins LPGA Rochester Golf International
  • Jun 27 Highest price paid for painting by a living artist 960,200 pounds - Miro
  • Jun 27 Mariners bat out of order against White Sox in 2nd inning
  • Jun 27 NASA launches space vehicle S-205
  • Jun 27 Soyuz T-9 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 7 space station
  • Jun 28 Bridge section along I-95 in Greenwich, Ct collapsed kills 3
  • Jun 28 NASA launches Galaxy-A
  • Jun 29 Angel Cordero wins his 5,000th horse races
  • Jun 29 Challenger flies back to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly Air Force Base
  • Jul 1 Arbitrator Raymond Goetz rules 43 players who are on Disabled List during 1981 players' strike not entitled to salaries for that period

Sport awardTennis Open

Jul 2 90th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Martina Navratilova beats A Jaeger (60 63)

Tennis Player Martina Navratilova
Tennis Player
Martina Navratilova
  • Jul 3 11th du Maurier Golf Classic (Peter Jackson Classic): Hollis Stacy

Sport awardTennis Open

Jul 3 97th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: John McEnroe beats Chris Lewis (6-2 6-2 6-2)

Tennis Player John McEnroe
Tennis Player
John McEnroe
  • Jul 3 Calvin Smith of US becomes fastest man alive (9.93 for 100m)
  • Jul 3 Rangers explode for 12 runs in 15th inning of a 16-4 win over the A's

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 4 NY Yankee Dave Righetti no-hits the Red Sox

MLB Pitcher and Coach Dave Righetti
MLB Pitcher and Coach
Dave Righetti
  • Jul 5 France invades Algeria
  • Jul 5 NJ Devils purchase AHL Maine Mariners as their farm team
  • Jul 5 Woman gives birth to baby 84 days after brain death (Roanoke, VA)
  • Jul 6 54th All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 13-3 at Comiskey Park, Chicago
  • Jul 6 Supreme Court rules retirement plans can't pay women less
  • Jul 6 Fred Lynn of Angels hits All Star game 1st grand slam (AL wins 13-3)
  • Jul 7 11 year old Samantha Smith of Manchester, Maine, leaves for USSR
  • Jul 8 Rudi Koopmans retains European middleweight title
  • Jul 11 Lorraine Elizabeth Downes, 19, of NZ, crowned 32nd Miss Universe
  • Jul 12 Chad government troops reconquer Abéché
  • Jul 13 The Transvaal Attorney General announces that Eugène Terre'Blanche, leader of the far-right Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) and three associates will face terrorism charges, South Africa
  • Jul 14 Crane (Rep-R-Il) & Studds (Rep-D-Mas) admit to sex with pages
  • Jul 15 8 killed, 54 wounded, by Armenian extremists bomb at Orly, France
  • Jul 15 Linda Ronstadt debuts as Mabel in "Pirates of Penzance"
  • Jul 16 20 killed in Britain's worst helicopter accident
  • Jul 16 Sikorsky S-61 disaster: A helicopter crashes off the Isles of Scilly, causing 20 fatalities.

Sport awardGolf Major

Jul 17 112th British Golf Open: Tom Watson shoots a 275 at Royal Birkdale

Golfer Tom Watson
Tom Watson
  • Jul 17 1st USFL championship (Mich Panthers beats Philadelphia Stars 24-22)
  • Jul 17 Beth Daniel wins LPGA McDonald's Kids Golf Classic
  • Jul 18 Despite being in 1st place in NL East, Phils fire manager Pat Corrales

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 301 - 400 of 578

  • Jul 5 Zheng Jie, Chinese tennis player
  • Jul 6 Gregory Smith, Canadian actor
  • Jul 7 Justin Davies, Australian rules footballer
  • Jul 7 D. Woods, American singer (Danity Kane)
  • Jul 8 Jaroslav Janiš, Czech racing car driver
  • Jul 8 John Bowker, American baseball player
  • Jul 9 Lucia Micarelli, American musician
  • Jul 10 Kim Heechul, Korean Singer
  • Jul 11 Peter Cincotti, American singer songwriter
  • Jul 11 Kelly Poon, Singaporean singer
  • Jul 11 Evan Roberts, American radio broadcaster
  • Jul 11 Marie Serneholt, Swedish musician (A*Teens)
  • Jul 11 Kellie Shirley, British actress
  • Jul 12 Megumi Kawamura, Japanese volleyballer
  • Jul 12 Munaf Patel, Indian cricketer
  • Jul 13 Liu Xiang, Chinese hurdling athlete
  • Jul 13 Kristof Beyens, Belgian athlete
  • Jul 14 Wesley Dening, Australian TV personality
  • Jul 15 Nelson Merlo, Brazilian racing driver
  • Jul 17 Brooke Kinsella, British actress (Eastenders), born in London
  • Jul 17 Ryan Guettler, professional Australian BMX rider
  • Jul 17 Sarah Jones, American actress
  • Jul 17 Adam Lind, American baseball player
  • Jul 18 Carlos Diogo, Uruguayan footballer
  • Jul 21 Eivør Pálsdóttir, Faroese singer
  • Jul 21 Kellen Winslow II, American football player
  • Jul 22 Arsenium, Moldovan singer (O-Zone)
  • Jul 22 Steven Jackson, American football player
  • Jul 22 Sharni Vinson, Australian actress and model
  • Jul 23 Andrew Eiden, American actor
  • Jul 23 Bec Hewitt, Australian actress
  • Jul 23 Aaron Peirsol, American swimmer
  • Jul 24 Daniele De Rossi, Italian footballer
  • Jul 26 Roderick Strong, American professional wrestler
  • Jul 26 Delonte West, American basketball player
  • Jul 27 Alsou, Russian pop-star and actress
  • Jul 27 Goran Pandev, Macedonian footballer
  • Jul 29 Alexei Kaigorodov, Russian hockey player
  • Jul 30 Sean Dillon, Irish footballer
  • Aug 2 Nick Diaz, American MMA fighter
  • Aug 3 Mamie Gummer, American actress '
  • Aug 5 Dawn Richard, American singer (Danity Kane)
  • Aug 6 Robin van Persie, Dutch footballer
  • Aug 7 Tina O'Brien, British actress
  • Aug 8 Guy Burnet, British actor
  • Aug 9 Ashley Johnson, actress (Chrissy-Growing Pains)
  • Aug 9 Shane O'Brien, Canadian hockey player
  • Aug 10 Alexander Perezhogin, Russian ice hockey player
  • Aug 10 Mathieu Roy, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Aug 11 Chris Hemsworth, Australian actor (Thor, Avengers), born in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Aug 12 Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Dutch footballer
  • Aug 13 Ľubomír Michalík, Slovakian footballer
  • Aug 13 Ales Hemsky, Czech ice hockey player
  • Aug 13 Sebastian Stan, Romanian-born actor
  • Aug 14 Elena Baltacha, Ukrainian/British tennis player
  • Aug 14 Mila Kunis, Ukrainian/American actress
  • Aug 14 Leo Núñez, Dominican baseball player
  • Aug 16 Colin Griffiths, English TV presenter and DJ
  • Aug 16 Colt Brennan, NFL Quarterback, Washington Redskins
  • Aug 16 Nikos Zisis, Greek basketball player
  • Aug 17 Dustin Pedroia, American baseball player
  • Aug 18 Kris Boyd, Scottish footballer
  • Aug 18 Michael Montgomery, American football player
  • Aug 18 Mica Penniman (Mika), Lebanese-born musician
  • Aug 18 Daniel Keith Swain (Danny!), American record producer/hip-hop artist
  • Aug 19 Missy Higgins, Australian singer-songwriter
  • Aug 19 John McCargo, American football player
  • Aug 19 Tammin Sursok, Australian actress & singer
  • Aug 19 Mike Conway, British racing driver
  • Aug 21 Josh Harrington, American professional BMX rider
  • Aug 21 Chantelle Houghton, British TV personality
  • Aug 21 Brody Jenner, American actor
  • Aug 21 Scott McDonald, Australian footballer
  • Aug 22 Theo Bos, Dutch cyclist
  • Aug 22 Laura Breckenridge, American actress
  • Aug 23 Sun Ming Ming, Chinese basketball player
  • Aug 24 Marcel Goc, German ice hockey player
  • Aug 24 Christopher Parker, British actor
  • Aug 25 James Righton, English musician (Klaxons)
  • Aug 25 James Rossiter, British racing driver
  • Aug 25 Janet Chow, Canadian/Chinese beauty pageant contestant
  • Aug 26 Félix Porteiro, Spanish racing driver
  • Aug 27 Wilson Chen, Taiwanese actor
  • Aug 28 Lasith Malinga, Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Aug 28 Alfonso Herrera, Actor, and singer in the Latin pop group RBD
  • Aug 29 Jennifer Landon, actress (As the World Turns), born in Malibu, California
  • Aug 30 Jun Matsumoto, Japanese singer and actor
  • Aug 30 Jonne Aaron, Vocalist of the Finnish Band Negative
  • Aug 30 Gustavo Eberto, Argentine footballer (d. 2007)
  • Aug 31 Larry Fitzgerald, American football player
  • Sep 1 José Antonio Reyes, Spanish footballer
  • Sep 2 Mark Foster, English rugby player
  • Sep 3 Augusto Farfus, Brazilian racing driver
  • Sep 3 Nicky Hunt, English footballer
  • Sep 3 Marcus McCauley, American football player
  • Sep 3 Valdas Vasylius, Lithuanian basketball player
  • Sep 4 Yuichi Nakamaru, Japanese idol, (member of KAT-TUN)
  • Sep 4 Tareq Aziz, Bangladeshi cricketer
  • Sep 5 Eugen Bopp, Ukrainian-German footballer
  • Sep 5 Pablo Granoche, Uruguayan footballer

Famous Weddings

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Famous Divorces

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Famous Deaths

Deaths 301 - 312 of 312

  • Dec 17 Erik Christensen, NHL player
  • Dec 21 Rod Cameron, actor (Santa Fe Passage, Stampede), dies at 73
  • Dec 21 Paul de Man, Belgian-born literary critic (b. 1919)
  • Dec 23 Colin Middleton, Northern Irish artist (b. 1910)
  • Dec 25 Joan Miro, Spanish surrealist, dies at his home in Majorca at 90
  • Dec 26 Violet Carson, British actress (b. 1898)
  • Dec 27 Walter Scott, rocker, dies
  • Dec 28 Dennis Wilson, drummer/singer (Beach Boys), drowns at 39
  • Dec 28 William Demarest, actor (My 3 Sons), dies in Palm Springs at 91
  • Dec 28 Jimmy Demaret, American golfer (b. 1910)
  • Dec 31 Bill Hunt, cricketer (Test for Aust, out 0, took 0-25 & 0-14), dies
  • Dec 31 Frank Link, actor (Burns & Schreiber Comedy Show), dies at 46