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Historical Events

Events 1 - 63 of 63

2nd - After 14 wins, Roger Clemens suffer his 1st loss of year
2nd - General strike against Pinochet regime in Chile
2nd - US Supreme Court upholds affirmative action in 2 rulings
3rd - Kuwait's National Assembly (Majlis al Umma) dissolves
3rd - President Reagan presided over relighting of renovated Statue of Liberty
5th - 93rd Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Martina Navratilova beats H Mandlikova (76 63)
5th - Ingrid Kristiansen of Norway sets 10K woman's record (30:13.74)
5th - Nancy Reagan cuts red, white & blue ribbon, reopening Statue of Liberty after refurbishment
6th - 100th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Boris Becker beats Ivan Lendl (64 63 75)
6th - Amy Alcott wins LPGA Mazda Hall of Fame Golf Championship
6th - Bob Horner becomes 11th player to hit 4 home runs in a game
6th - Ex-minister Arturo Tolentino failed coup in Philippines
6th - Premier Nakasones Liberal Democr Party wins Japan's election
7th - IBM-PC DOS Version 3.2 (updated) released
Tennis Legend Boris BeckerTennis Legend Boris Becker 7th - It is reported that Boy George is being treated for heroin addiction
7th - Jordan government shuts al-Fatah offices
7th - Supreme Court struck down Gramm-Rudman deficit-reduction law
8th - Farthest thrown object-an "Aerobie" flying ring, 383 m (1,257')
8th - NASA establishes Safety, Reliability Maintain & Quality Assurance
8th - Zimbabwe beats Netherlands by 25 runs to win ICC Trophy
9th - Atlanta's Dale Murphy doesn't play ending consecutive streak at 740
9th - Attorney General's Commission on pornography links hard-core porn to sex crimes
9th - Padres trade pitcher Tim Stoddard to Yankees for pitcher Ed Whitson
9th - The New Zealand parliament passes the Homosexual Law Reform Bill legalising consensual sex between men aged 16 and older
11th - Ingrid Kristiansen of Norway runs 10,000 m in world record 30:13.74
11th - Maricica Puica of Romania runs 2,000 m in 5:28.69 (record for women)
11th - Mary Beth Whitehead christens surrogate Baby M, Sara
13th - Zola Budd and Annette Cowley are banned from the Commonwealth Games, a direct consequence of Britain's refusal to support economic sanctions against the apartheid government of South Africa
14th - 10 killed & 60 injured at ETA-bomb attack in Madrid
14th - 2nd government of Lubbers sworn in
LPGA Golfer Jane GeddesLPGA Golfer Jane Geddes 14th - 41st US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Jane Geddes
14th - Motley Crue's Vince Neil begins 30 day sentence for vehicular homicide
14th - NASA's plan to implement recommendations of Rogers commission
14th - Paul McCartney releases "Press"
14th - Richard W Miller became 1st FBI agent convicted of espionage
14th - Shalamar's Howard Hewett acquitted in Miami of drug charges
15th - 57th All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 3-2 at Astrodome, Houston
15th - All star MVP: Roger Clemens (Boston Red Sox)
17th - Emmy 13th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 7th time
18th - 115th British Golf Open: Greg Norman shoots a 280 at Turnberry Scotld
18th - Royals announce that manager Dick Howser, 50, has a brain tumor
18th - Videotapes released showing Titanic's sunken remains
19th - Indian pitcher Phil Niekro wins his 307th game tying him with
Boxer Frank BrunoBoxer Frank Bruno 19th - Tim Witherspoon KOs Frank Bruno in 11 for heavyweight boxing title
20th - Jane Geddes wins LPGA Boston Five Golf Classic
21st - Barbara Palacios Teyde, 22, of Venezuela, crowned 35th Miss Universe
21st - Pleasure Island plans unveiled
22nd - House of Reps impeaches Judge Harry E Claiborne on tax evasion
23rd - King Hassan II meets with Israeli premier Simon Peres
24th - SF Federal jury convicts navy radioman Jerry Whitworth of espionage
24th - 13th Commonwealth Games open in Edinburgh, Scotland
25th - Sikhs extremist kill 16 hindus in Muhktsar India
26th - Lebanese kidnappers released Rev Lawrence Martin Jenco
27th - 14th du Maurier Golf Classic: Pat Bradley
27th - 24th Tennis Fed Cup: USA beats Czechoslovakia in Prague Czech (3-0)
27th - Iraqi jets attack central Iranian city of Arak; Iran threatens missile attack of gulf states supporting Iraq
LPGA Golfer Pat BradleyLPGA Golfer Pat Bradley 27th - 73rd Tour de France won by Greg LeMond of USA
28th - Bomb attack in East Beirut, 25 killed
28th - NASA releases transcript from doomed Challenger, pilot Michael Smith could be heard saying, "Uh-oh!" as spacecraft disintegrated
29th - Bomb attack in West-Beirut, 30 killed
29th - Dennis Amiss scores his 100th 100, Warwickshire v Lancashire
29th - NY jury rules NFL violated antitrust laws, awards USFL $1 in damages
31st - 19th San Diego Comic-Con International opens at Hotel San Diego

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 21 of 21

2nd - Lindsay Lohan, American actress (Alli Fowler-Another World), born in NYC, New York
4th - Takahisa Masuda, Japanese singer
6th - Derrick Williams, American football player
8th - Renata Costa, Brazilian footballer
9th - Dominic Cervi, American footballer
9th - Kiely Williams, American singer and actress
11th - Yoann Gourcuff, French footballer
11th - Ryan Jarvis, English footballer
12th - JP Pietersen, South African rugby union footballer
12th - Krystal Forscutt, Australian model/reality TV contestant
16th - Calum Gittins, New Zealand actor
Actress Lindsay LohanActress Lindsay Lohan (2nd) 17th - Dana, Korean singer and actress (TSZX)
23rd - Ayaka Komatsu, Japanese model and actress
23rd - Nelson Philippe, French racing driver
23rd - Reece Ritchie, English actor
24th - Andrei Lutai, Russian figure skater
24th - Megan Park, Canadian actress
27th - Courtney Kupets, American gymnast
27th - Ryan Griffen, Australian rules footballer
28th - Alexandra Chando, American actress
31st - Evgeni Malkin, Russian hockey player

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 5 of 5

7th - US actress Deborah Hunter marries actor Michael Tylo
19th - Caroline Kennedy (28) weds Edwin Schlossberg (41) at the Church of Our Lady of Victory in Centerville, Massachusetts
23rd - Britain's Prince Andrew (26) weds Sarah Ferguson (26) at Westminster Abbey in London, England
Tennis Player and Four-Time Major Champion Hana MandlikovaTennis Player and Four-Time Major Champion Hana Mandlikova (25th) 25th - Four-time tennis player champ Hana Mandlikova (24) weds restaurateur Jan Sedlak at Prague's old town hall
27th - "Say Anything" director Cameron Crowe (29) weds "Heart" guitarist Nancy Wilson (32)

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 29 of 29

1st - Roy Poole, actor (Winds of War), dies at 62
2nd - Peanuts Lowrey, baseball player (b. 1917)
3rd - Rudy Vallee, singer (Vagabond Dreams), dies at 84
4th - Flor Peeters, Flemish baron/organist/composer, dies at 83
4th - Oscar Zariski, Russian mathematician (b. 1899)
6th - Jagjivan Ram, Indian politician (b. 1908)
8th - Skeeter Webb, American baseball player (b. 1909)
9th - Karl-Heinz Beckurts, West german Siemens manager, murdered
9th - Le Duan, Vietnamese politician, dies at 78
14th - Raymond Loewy, US industrial designer, dies at 92
15th - Benny Rubin, actor/comedian (Benny Rubin Show), dies at 87
15th - Florence Halop, actress (Florence-Night Court), dies at 63
15th - Billy Haughton, American harness driver and trainer (b. 1923)
18th - Stanley Rous, British soccer official, dies at 91
20th - Helen Craig, actress (Rich Man Poor Man), dies at 74
21st - Paulo Correia, Guinee-Bissaus colonel/putschist, executed
21st - Virginia Hewitt, actress (Carol-Space Patrol), dies at 60
21st - Ernest Maas, American screenwriter (b. 1892)
23rd - Jouko Paavo Kalervo Tolonen, composer, dies at 73
24th - Fritz A Lipman, discoverer (co-enzymes, Nobel 1953), dies at 87
24th - Laurie Nash, cricketer (two Tests for Australia 1932-36), dies
25th - Theodore H "Ted" Lyons, pitcher (Chicago White Sox), dies at 85
25th - Vincente Minnelli, American director (Gigi, Goodbye Charlie), dies in LA at 76
26th - Averell Harriman, statesman, dies in Yorktown Heights, NY at 94
27th - Leroy Holmes, orchestra leader (Tonight Show, 1956-57), dies at 72
28th - Charles Aubroeck, Belgian painter/sculptor (Iron Tower), dies at 91
28th - Syd Curnow, South African cricketer (168 runs in 7 Tests), dies
31st - Theodore "Teddy" Wilson, US jazz pianist/arranger, dies at 73
31st - Chiune Sugihara, Japanese diplomat (b. 1900)

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