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Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 100

1st - Deep Rover 1-man research submarine unveiled at Crater Lake, Oregon
1st - Rush Limbaugh begins his national radio show.
2nd - Raymond Acevedo is retired from singing group Menudo
2nd - System Enhancement Association settles case with PKware (ARC vs PKARC)
3rd - Skip Storch swims 246 km of Hudson River from Albany to NYC
4th - Congress votes $20,000 to each Japanese-American interned in WW II
4th - Hertz car rental will pay out $23 million in consumer fraud case
4th - 21st San Diego Comic-Con International opens at Omni Hotel
5th - Mario Biaggi (Rep-D-NY) convicted of racketeering resigns seat
6th - Oakland A's Jose Canseco becomes 11th to hit 30 HRs & steal 30 bases
6th - Rich Gossage 300th career save (beats Phillies)
6th - The Tompkins Square Park Police Riot in New York City spurs reform of the NYPD, who were responsible for the melee that transpired the night of August 6-7.
7th - Martha Nause wins Planters Pat Bradley International Golf Tournament
7th - Writers guild ends its 6 months strike
7th - Rioting in New York City's Tompkins Square Park.
7th - Angola, Cuba and South Africa allegedly signed a cease fire treaty
8th - -11] Army in Rangoon shoots on students, 5-10,000 killed
Golfer Gary PlayerGolfer Gary Player 8th - 9th U.S. Senior Golf Open: Gary Player
8th - Angola, Cuba & South Africa sign cease fire treaty
8th - Discovery of most distant galaxy (15 * 10 ^ 12 light yrs) announced
8th - Duchess of York gives birth to 6 lb 12 oz baby girl
8th - Goose Gossage registers career save #300
8th - Jennifer Levin's parents file $25M suit against Dorrian Red Hand Bar
8th - Jose Canseco becomes 11th to get 30 HRs & 30 steals in a season
8th - Matt Biondi swims US record 200m freestyle (1:47.72)
8th - Minnesota Twins pull 2nd triple-play of year & beat Cleve 6-2
8th - Renovated Central Park Zoo reopens after 4 years
8th - Russian troops begin pull out of Afghanistan after 9 year war
8th - US Secretary of State Shultz narrowly escapes assassin attempt in Bolivia
8th - South Africa declares cease-fire in Angola
8th - Temperature hits high of 88 deg F on 8/8/88 in NYC
8th - Cubs & Phillies attempt to play 1st night game ever at Wrigley Field but are rained out in 4th inning with Chicago leading, 3-1
8th - Cease fire between Iran & Iraq takes effect after 8 years of war
8th - The "8888 Uprising" occurs in Burma.
9th - Cubs beat Mets 6-4 in their 1st official night game at Wrigley Field
Ice Hockey Great Wayne GretzkyIce Hockey Great Wayne Gretzky 9th - Edmonton Oilers trade Wayne Gretzky to LA Kings for $15-$20 millions
9th - Just 1 day after 8/8/88 NY's daily number is 888
10th - Matt Biondi swims world record 100m free style (48.42 sec)
10th - Rodrigo Borja installed as president of Ecuador
10th - UN estimates Asia's population hits 3 billion
11th - 225 at bats after #299, Met Gary Carter is 59th to hit 300th HR
11th - Charlotte Colisieum in Charlotte NC opens
11th - Meir Kahane renounced US citizenship to stay in Israeli Parliament
11th - Al-Qaeda formed
12th - Movie "Last Temptation of Christ" is released
12th - Nelson Mandela is treated for tuberculosis at hospital
12th - Boston Red Sox beat Tigers 9-4 for AL record 23rd consecutive win at home
12th - Richard Thornburgh becomes US Attorney General
Anti-apartheid activist and South African President Nelson MandelaAnti-apartheid activist and South African President Nelson Mandela 13th - Boston Red Sox win AL record 24 straight home games
13th - Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit opens
13th - US beats Jamacia 5-1 in 2nd round of 1990 world soccer cup
13th - Ronald J Dossenbach sets world record for pedaling across Canada from Vancouver, BC to Halifax, NS in 13 days, 15 hr, 4 min
14th - 70th PGA Championship: Jeff Sluman shoots a 272 at Oak Tree GC Edmond
14th - Detroit beats Sox, 18-6, at Fenway, ends Boston winning streak at 24
15th - "Ain't Misbehavin'" opens at Ambassador Theater NYC for 176 perfs
15th - At 4PM LILCO consumers used a record 3,813 megawatts
15th - NYC begins $70 million program to rebuild 900 Bronx apartments
16th - Butch Reynolds runs world record 400 m (43.29)
16th - IBM introduces software for artificial intelligence
16th - Mayor Koch says he plans to wipe out street-corner windshield washers
17th - Butch Reynolds runs world record 400m (43.29)
17th - LIRR says Penn station will get air conditioning in 1991
17th - NYC 1st case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (9 year old Bronx boy)
17th - US Republicans nominate George W H Bush for President
17th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
17th - Pakistani President Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and U.S. Ambassador Arnold Raphel are killed in a plane crash.
18th - FDA approves Minoxidil as a hair loss treatment
18th - Largest house (130 rooms) on Long Island sold for $22 million
18th - Republican Convention in New Orleans select Bush-Quayle ticket
19th - Iran-Iraq begin a cease-fire in their 8-year-old war (11 PM EDT)
19th - Muang Muang succeeds Gen Sein Lwin as president of Burma
19th - NY Rangers sign ex-Canadien great Guy LaFluer
20th - 6.5 earthquake strikes India/Nepal, 1,000s killed
20th - Yordanka Donkova of Bulgaria sets 100m hurdle woman's record (12.21)
20th - "Black Saturday" of the Yellowstone fire in Yellowstone National Park
20th - Peru becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
21st - Juli Inkster wins LPGA Atlantic City Golf Classic
22nd - Australia unveils 1st platinum coin (Koala)
22nd - NBC premieres "Later" with Bob Costas (1st guest Linda Ellerbee)
22nd - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike TysonHeavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson 23rd - Mike Tyson & Mitch Green brawl at 4 A.M. in Harlem
25th - Challenger Center opens its classroom doors in Houston
25th - Serious fire destroys historic center of Lisbon
25th - Iran & Iraq begin talks to end their 8 year war
25th - NASA launches space vehicle S-214
26th - Mehran Karimi Nasseri arrives at Charles de Gaulle International Airport.
27th - Dodger Tommy Lasorda wins 1,000th game as manager tops Philadelphia, 4-2
28th - 40th Emmy Awards: 30something, Wonder Years & Richard Kiley win
28th - 70 killed in crash of three Italian air force fighters at air show at Ramstein, Germany
28th - 88th US Golf Amateur Championship won by Eric Meeks
28th - Patty Jordan wins LPGA Ocean State Golf Open
28th - Rosie Jones wins LPGA Nestle World Golf Championship
29th - Macy's Tap-o-Mania sets Guiness record
29th - USSR launches 3 cosmonauts (Valery Polyakav, 1 Afghan) to station Mir
29th - 45th Venice Film Festival: "The Legend of the Holy Drinker" directed by Ermanno Olmi wins Golden Lion
30th - France performs nuclear test
30th - Kent Tekulve is 2nd pitcher in majors to appear in 1,000 games
31st - 5-day power blackout of downtown Seattle begins
31st - Arbitrator George Nicolau rules owners conspired against free agents
31st - Bomb attack on office of South Africa Council of Churches

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 25 of 25

2nd - Brittany Hargest, American singer (Jump5)
5th - Federica Pellegrini, Italian swimmer
7th - Melody Oliveria, American internet blogger
8th - Beatrice E M, Duchess of York gives birth to 6 lb 12 oz baby girl
8th - Danilo Gallinari, Italian basketball player
11th - Patrick Mills, Australian basketball player
12th - Tyson Fury, British heavyweight professional boxer, born in Manchester
14th - Shahd Barmada, Syrian singer
16th - Rumer Willis, child of Bruce Willis & Demi Moore
16th - Kevin Schmidt, American actor
17th - Brady Corbet, American actor
17th - Erika Toda, Japanese actress
19th - Travis Tedford, American actor
21st - Louise Setara, English singer-songwriter
21st - Paris Bennett, American singer and finalist on American Idol (season 5)
23rd - Daniel Schwaab, German footballer
Actor Rupert GrintActor Rupert Grint (24th) 24th - Rupert Grint, Hertfordshire England, English actor (Harry Potter)
25th - Angela Park, Brazilian/American golfer
25th - Raymond Quinn, English singer
26th - Princess Maria Laura of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este
26th - Danielle Savre, American actress
26th - Evan Ross, American actor
27th - Alexa Vega, American actress
28th - Ray Jones, English footballer (d. 2007)
30th - Ernests Gulbis, Latvian tennis player

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 4 of 4

4th - Kevin Bacon marries Kyra Sedgwick
Country Singer John DenverCountry Singer John Denver (12th) 12th - Country singer John Denver (44) weds actress Cassandra Delaney
13th - Musician Robert Smith (29) weds Mary Poole in UK
30th - Tennis star Chris Everett weds skier Andy Mills

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 1 of 1

30th - Julianne Philips files for divorce from Bruce Springsteen

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 40 of 40

1st - Florence Eldridge, Broadway actress (The Swan), dies at 86
1st - John Cardinal Dearden, US cardinal, dies at 80
1st - Trindad Silva, actor (Hill St Blues), dies at 38 in an auto accident
2nd - Raymond Carver, poet/short story writer (Furious Season), dies at 50
2nd - Roger Vuataz, composer, dies at 90
2nd - Joe Carcione, American consumer advocate (b. 1914)
6th - Anatoli S Levchenko, cosmonaut (TM-4), dies of brain tumor at 47
6th - J Skelly Wright, US judge (anti-segregationist), dies at 77
8th - Alan Napier, actor (Alfred-Batman), dies at 85
8th - Ramón Valdés, Mexican actor (b. 1923)
9th - Alan Napier, (Alfred the Butler-Batman), dies at 85
9th - Giacinto Scelsi, Italian composer (b. 1905)
10th - Adela Rogers St John, journalist (Free Soul, Honeycomb), dies at 94
10th - Arias Arnulfo, 3 time president of Panama, dies at 86
11th - Anne Ramsey, actress (Throw Mama From Train), dies of cancer at 59
11th - Jean-Pierre Ponnele, opera director (Carmina Burana), dies at 56
11th - Pauline Lafont, daughter of Bernadette, dies in hiking accident at 25
12th - Jean-Michel Basquiat, US musician/graffiti painter (Gray, SAMO), dies
13th - Otto E Passman, (Rep-D-La, 1947-77), dies at 88
14th - Enzo Ferrari, Italy, sportscar manufacturer (Ferrari), dies at 90
14th - Roy Buchanan, American blues guitarist, dies at 48
15th - Barry Bingham Sr, US daily newspaper publisher, dies at 82
15th - Mohammed Zia ul-Haq, President of Pakistan, killed in plane crash
16th - Milton Adolphus, composer, dies at 75
17th - Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr, (Rep-D-NY, 1949-55), dies on 74th birthday
17th - Mohammad Zia Ul-Haq, pres of Pakistan (1978-88), dies in plane crash at 64
17th - Victoria Shaw, actress (Alvarez Kelly, Westworld), dies
18th - Alexandr V Shchukin, Russian cosmonaut, dies in SU-26 crash at 42
Choreographer Frederick AshtonChoreographer Frederick Ashton (18th) 18th - Frederick Ashton, British choreographer (Cinderella), dies at 83
21st - Hans Gunther Adler, German writer, dies at 78
21st - Ray Eames, American designer, artist and architect (b. 1912)
24th - Leonard Frey, actor (Tattoo, Magic Christian), dies of AIDS at 49
24th - Max Shulman, author (Dobie Gillis, Tender Trap), dies at 69
25th - Price Daniel, (Gov/Sen-D-Texas), dies at 77
26th - Paul Francis Lloyd, entertainer, dies
26th - Carlos Paião, Portuguese singer (b. 1957)
27th - Mario Montenegro, Filipino actor (b. 1928)
28th - Hazel Dawn, US singer/actress (Under Clover, Margie), dies at 98
28th - Paul Whitelaw, cricketer (2 Tests NZ v England 1933), dies
30th - Albert F. Frey-Wyssling, Swiss Botanist, dies at 87

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