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Historical Events

Events 1 - 95 of 95

1st - 11th U.S. Senior Golf Open: Lee Trevino
1st - 18th du Maurier Golf Classic: Cathy Johnston
1st - 1st Zen winter session in Sydney Zen Center's Gorrick's Run Zendo
1st - Despite Andy Hawkins no-hitting White Sox, Yankees lose 4-0
1st - Dordrecht '90 soccer team forms in Dordrecht
1st - FC Swells soccer team forms in Swells
1st - German Democratic Republic accepts Deutsche Mark as its currency
1st - In Victoria, Australia, helmetless bike riding becomes illegal
1st - NY Yankee Andy Hawkins throws no-hitter in Comiskey Park, losing 4-0
2nd - Imelda Marcos & Adnan Khashoggi found not guilty of racketeering
2nd - Panic in tunnel of Mecca: 1,426 pilgrims trampled to death
3rd - Members of 2 Live Crew formally charged with obscenity in Florida
3rd - Liberian President, Samuel Kanyon Doe offers to resign in response to rebel incursions in his country; he will later be kidnapped and executed
4th - 400 New Kids on the Block fans treated for heat exhaustion in Minn
4th - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
4th - Wrestler Brutus Beefcake injured during para-sailing
First Lady and Politican Imelda MarcosFirst Lady and Politican Imelda Marcos 4th - 2 Live Crew release "Banned in the USA" the lyrics quote Star Spangled Banner & Gettysburg Address
5th - Zina Garrison upsets Steffi Graf in Wimbledon semi-finals
6th - "Jetson's the Movie" with Tiffany, premieres
6th - After pitching a no-hitter lose, NY Yankee Andy Hawkins pitches a complete 12 inn game & loses 2-0
7th - 97th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Martina Navratilova beats Z Garrison (64 61)
7th - NJ Devils sign Russians Viacheslav Fetisov & Sergei Starikov
7th - FIFA World Cup: Italy beats England 2-1 in football's World Cup Third Place game
8th - 12:34:56 on 7/8/90 (1234567890)
8th - Brewers beat Angels 20-7, including 13 in 5th inning
8th - FIFA World Cup: Germany beats Argentina 1-0 for football's 14th World Cup in Rome
Tennis Player Martina NavratilovaTennis Player Martina Navratilova 8th - Tina Purtzer wins LPGA Jamie Farr Toledo Golf Classic
8th - Trailing 7-0, Brewers tie Angels & then score 13 in 5th to win 20-7
9th - 104th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Stefan Edberg beats Boris Becker (6-2 6-2 3-6 3-6 6-4)
9th - Richard Hadlee takes 5-53 to end his Test Cricket career with 431 wkts
10th - 61st All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 2-0 at Wrigley Field, Chicago
10th - All star MVP: Julio Franco (Texas Rangers)
10th - Andrew Dice Clay cries on Arsenio Hall Show
10th - Last day of Test Cricket for Richard Hadlee
11th - NYC police arrest "Dartman" (stabbed over 50 women with darts)
11th - Oka Crisis: First Nations land dispute in Quebec, Canada begins.
12th - "Les Miserables," opens at National Theatre, Washington
12th - Boris Yeltsin quits Soviet Communist Party
12th - Chicago White Sox Melido Perez no-hits Yankees 8-0 in a rain shortened 6 inning game at Yankee Stadium (7th no-hitter of 1990)
Russian President Boris YeltsinRussian President Boris Yeltsin 12th - In Soweto, South Africa, Shanty town women strip to the waist and confront bulldozers sent by authorities to demolish their homes
14th - "Howard Stern's Summer Show" premieres on WWOR-TV (NYC)
14th - Sara Martin, of Illinois, crowned America's Junior Miss
15th - 45th US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Betsy King
16th - 400 die in a (7.7) earthquake in Philippines
16th - Bridgette LeAnn Wilson, 17, of Oregon, 8th crowned Miss Teen USA
16th - Civil trial by parents of Suicide victims against Judas Priest begins
16th - NYC's Empire State Building catches fire-No fatalities
16th - Rick Dee's "Into the Night," premieres on ABC-TV
16th - Ukraine declares independence
16th - The ANC send a report on police violence to President F. W. de Klerk and demanded an end to "the shocking inhumanity" of police action in rural areas of South Africa
LPGA Golfer Betsy KingLPGA Golfer Betsy King 17th - Hussein's Revolutionary Day speech claims Kuwait stole oil from Iraq
17th - NY Yankee Deion Sanders hits an inside park homer
17th - Minnesota Twins become 1st team to turn 2 triple plays in a game but lose to Boston Red Sox 1-0
19th - BASF plant in Cincinnati explodes in flames, 1 dies
19th - Cincinnati Red Pete Rose is sentence to 5 months for tax evasion
19th - Richard Nixon library opens in Yorba Linda, Calif
19th - Dave Raghetti pitches in his 499th game as a NY Yankee, passing Whitey Ford in most appearances as a NY Yankee
20th - Justice William Brennan resigns from Supreme Court after 36 years
21st - Goodwill Games opens in Seattle Wash
21st - Pink Floyds' "Wall" is performed where Berlin Wall once stood
22nd - 119th British Golf Open: Nick Faldo shoots 270 at St Andrews Scotland
Golfer and Five-Time Major Championship Winner Phil MickelsonGolfer and Five-Time Major Championship Winner Phil Mickelson 22nd - 90th US Golf Amateur Championship won by Phil Mickelson
22nd - Beth Daniel wins LPGA Phar-Mor in Youngstown Golf Tournament
22nd - 77th Tour de France won by Greg LeMond of USA
23rd - Rosie Jones (St Louis), 26, crowned 22nd Miss Black America
23rd - South Africa workers' union leader Billy Nair arrested
24th - Ms. Magazine hits newstands again after an 8 month hiatus
24th - US warships in Persian Gulf placed on alert after Iraq masses nearly 30,000 troops near its border with Kuwait
25th - "Les Miserables" opens at Princess Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver
25th - KC Royal George Brett hits for the cycle
25th - Nadezhda Ryashkina of USSR sets 10K walk woman's record (41:56.23)
25th - Roseanne Barr sings National Anthem at Cincinnati Reds-San Diego Padres game
25th - US Ambassador tells Iraq, US won't take sides in Iraq-Kuwait dispute
25th - US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
Comedienne and Actress Roseanne BarrComedienne and Actress Roseanne Barr 26th - General Hospital records its 7,000th episode
26th - President Bush signs Americans With Disabilities Act
26th - US beats Soviet Union 17-0 in baseball at Goodwill Games
27th - Graham Gooch scores 333 v India at Lord's
27th - Tom Moody scores 100 in 26 mins in county cricket, world record
27th - White-Russia declares independence
27th - Zsa Zsa Gabor begins a 3 day jail sentence for slapping a cop
28th - Alberto Fujimoro installed as president of Peru
28th - Blackout hits Chicago
29th - 26th Curtis Cup: US wins 14-4
29th - 28th Tennis Fed Cup: USA beats USSR in Atlanta Georgia (2-1)
29th - 36th Mazda LPGA Championship won by Beth Daniel
29th - Boston Red Sox set major league record with 12 doubles in a game
29th - South Africa Communist Party begins 1st legal conference
LPGA Golfer Beth DanielLPGA Golfer Beth Daniel 30th - Five Bank of Credit & Commerce members found guilty of money laundering
30th - Graham Gooch scores 123 v India to follow up 1st innings 333
30th - Soldiers opens fire on worshippers in Monrovian church, 200-600 die
30th - George Steinbrenner is forced by Commissioner Fay Vincent to resign as prinicipal partner of NY Yankees
30th - The first Saturn automobile rolls off the assembly line.
31st - Bosnia-Hercegovina declares independence
31st - Nolan Ryan becomes 20th major league pitcher to win 300 games

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 13 of 13

9th - Fábio and Rafael da Silva, Brazilian footballers
11th - Connor Paolo, American actor
11th - Caroline Wozniacki, Danish tennis player
13th - Matt Weinberg, American actor
19th - Steven Anthony Lawrence, American actor
24th - Evan James Springsteen, American rocker and Bruce Springsteen's son, born in Los Angeles, California
24th - Daveigh Chase, American actress
27th - Cheyenne Kimball, American musician
27th - Nick Hogan, American reality TV star
27th - Indiana Evans, Australian actress
28th - Soulja Boy, American rapper
28th - Shana Swash, English actress
31st - Olga Galchenko, Russian juggler

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 5 of 5

Country Music Singer and Songwriter Hank Williams JrCountry Music Singer and Songwriter Hank Williams Jr (1st) 1st - Country singer-songwriter Hank Williams Jr (41) weds model Mary Jane Thomas at a Congregational church near his ranch in Missoula, Montana
17th - PLO-leader Jasser Arrafat marries Soha Tawil in Tunis
17th - Record producer Berry Gordy (60) weds Grace Easton
17th - Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (56) weds Suha Tawil (27)
27th - NBA star Patrick Ewing (27) weds Rita Williams

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 65 of 65

1st - Anna Palk, actress (Play it Cool, Frozen Dead), dies of cancer at 48
1st - Jurriaan Schrofer, graphic designer, dies
2nd - Muntu Myeza, S Afr anti-apartheid activist, dies in auto at 39
2nd - Snooky Lanson, singer, dies at 76
3rd - Ludi Claire Hugo, entertainer, dies at 70
3rd - Maurice Girodias, French publisher, dies at 71
5th - Mitch Snyder, homeless advocate, commits suicide by hanging at 46
6th - Jim Samuels, comedian, dies of spinal meningitis at 41
6th - Paul Wynne, KGO-TV SF reporter, dies of AIDS at 46
6th - Nathaniel Wyeth, American chemist and inventor (created PET plastic beverage bottle), dies at 78
7th - Bill Cullen, game show host (Price is Right), dies at 70 of cancer
7th - Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle, Jes priest/apprentice Zen teacher, dies at 92
7th - Cazuza, Brazilian poet, singer and composer (b. 1958)
8th - Howard Duff, actor (Heist, Knots Landing), dies of heart attack at 72
8th - Malcolm Hilton, English cricket slow left-arm (4 Tests), dies
9th - Brigitte D'Ortschy, Zen teacher Sanbo Kyodan line, dies in Japan at 69
9th - Howard Duff, actor (Kramer vs Kramer), dies at 76 of a heart attack
10th - Hans Faverey, poet, dies
10th - Irene Champlin, dies after long illness at 59
11th - Onno Molenkamp, Dutch actor (Ciske the Rat, Lifespan), dies at 67
12th - Richard R Briggs, dies after short illness at 71
12th - João Saldanha, Brazilian journalist and football manager (b. 1917)
13th - Lois Moran Young, dies of cancer at 81
14th - Dallas Alinder, dies
14th - Philip Leacock, dies of collapsed lungs at 73
15th - Alison Leggatt, actress (Day of Triffids, Cows), dies at 86
15th - Margaret Mary Lockwood, actress (Man in Grey, Wicked Lady), dies at 73
15th - Troy Dixon, rapper (Trouble T-Roy of Heavy D), dies at 22 of a fall
16th - Robert Blackburn, Irish educationist (b. 1927)
16th - Sidney Torch, English composer, conductor and organist (b. 1908)
17th - Bernard Cowan, TV announcer, dies of kidney disease at 68
18th - Georges Dargaud, French publisher (Asterix, Kuifje), dies at 78
18th - Karl Menninger, psychatrist (Menninger Clinic), dies at 96 of cancer
18th - Yoon Boseon, President of South Korea (b. 1897)
18th - Gerry Boulet, Quebec rock singer (b. 1946)
19th - Eddie Quillan, actor (Brigadoon, Summer Magic), dies of cancer at 83
19th - Herbert Nelson, actor (Guilding Light), dies of a stroke at 76
19th - Johnny Wayne, comedian (Wayne & Shuster), dies of cancer at 72
20th - Sara Heyblom, Dutch actress (Obsessions, Pygmalion), dies
20th - Herbert Jenkins, Atlanta's longest serving police chief (b. 1907)
21st - Manuel Puig, Argentine writer (Buenos Aires Affair), dies at 57
21st - Sacha Piteoff, dies of heart failure at 70
21st - Stanley Shapiro, dies of leukemia at 65
22nd - George Wood, dies of diabetes complications at 56
22nd - Preben Neergaard, Danish actor (Mordskab), dies of cancer at 70
23rd - Georges Flamant, actor (La Chienne), dies in Paris at 86
23rd - Joe Turner, jazz pianist, dies of cardiac arrest at 82
23rd - Robert Sommer, singer, dies of liver failure at 42
23rd - Kenjiro Takayanagi, Japanese development of television (b. 1899)
24th - Alan Clarke, director (Elephant, Road, Scum, Firm), dies at 54
26th - Brent Mydland, rock keyboardist/vocalist (Grass Roots), dies at 38
27th - Bobby Day, rocker (Rockin' Robin), dies of cancer at 58
27th - Elizabeth Allan, actress (Tale of 2 Cities, Camille, Java Head), dies
27th - Kim Thomas-Friedland, news anchor (FNN), dies at 32
27th - Nick Pippins, actor (Simon), dies of AIDS at 35
27th - Bobby Day, American singer (b. 1928)
27th - Salim Ali, Indian Ornithologist (Birdman of India), dies at 90
28th - Armando Frid, of Argentina (Born May 24, 1866 Guin rec), dies at 124
28th - Jill Esmond, actress (13 Women, My Pal Wolfe, FP 1), dies at 82
28th - Maurice Braddell, actor (Things to Come), dies
29th - Bruno Kreisky, union chancellor Austria, dies
30th - Ian Gow, British Conservative parliament leader, murdered
30th - Karl Weber, dies of heart failure at 74
31st - Fernando Sancho, dies after operation for malignant tumor at 72
31st - Albert Leduc, French Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1902)

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