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Historical Events

Events 1 - 70 of 70

1st - 10,000 Uganda RPF rebels move into Rwanda
1st - Meteorite explode above Pacific Ocean
1st - US President Bush at UN, condemns Iraq's takeover of Kuwait
1st - Serbs in Croatia proclaim autonomy
1st - Saddam Hussein says he may be willing to negotiate the occupation of Kuwait and would consider foreign participation in negotiations
2nd - "Michael Feinstein in Concert" opens at Golden NYC for 30 perfs
2nd - Allies cede any remaining rights as occupiers of Germany
2nd - Chinese plane explodes, about 100 die
2nd - US Senate votes 90-9 to confirm David Souter's appointment to Supreme Court
2nd - Radio Berlin International's final transmission (links to Deutsche Welles of West Germany); final song is "The End" by Doors
3rd - Reunification of East & West Germany. West German flag raised above Brandenburg Gate on the stroke of midnight
3rd - George Brett becomes 1st to lead league in batting in 3 decades
3rd - Tiger Cecil Fielder becomes 11th, to hit 50 HRs (& 51st)
3rd - Florida record store owner Charles Freeman is found guilty of obsenity, for selling 2 Live Crew rap records
MLB Third Baseman George BrettMLB Third Baseman George Brett 4th - "Stand Up Tragedy" opens at Criterion Theater NYC for 13 performances
4th - Regional elections held, in what is East Germany
4th - U.S. premiere of Fox TV's "Beverly Hills, 90210"
5th - Cincinnati jury acquits art gallery of obsentity (Mappelthorpe photos)
6th - US 67th manned space mission STS 41 (Discovery 11) launches into orbit
6th - Solar Polar Orbiter 'Ulysses' launched
7th - Beth Daniel wins LPGA Centel Golf Classic
7th - Israel begins handing out gas masks to its citizens
8th - 24th Country Music Association Award: George Strait wins
8th - Israeli police kill 17 Palestinian rioters
8th - US doctors Joseph E Murray & E Donnall Thomas win Nobel Prize
9th - David Hackett Souter, sworn in as Supreme Court Justice
9th - Radio stations around world play "Imagine" honoring John Lennon
9th - Saddam Hussein threatens to hit Israel with a new missile
Iraqi President Saddam HusseinIraqi President Saddam Hussein 9th - Fear of war and long-term supply disruptions as Hussein threatens Israel
10th - US 67th manned space mission STS 41 (Discovery 11) returns from space
10th - American Petroleum Institute (API) reports crude inventories dropped by more than 4 MMB in the last week
10th - MLB American League Championship: Oakland Athletics beat Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 0
11th - "Miser" opens at Circle in Sq Theater NYC for 93 performances
11th - Center for Urban archaeology opens in NYC South Street Seaport Museum
11th - Octavio Paz wins Nobel Prize for literature
11th - Oil hits a record $40.42 per barrel
11th - Libya's Qadhafi says Israel must be eliminated
11th - UK Foreign Secretary Hurd says force would be used if Iraq does not withdrawal from Kuwait
12th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
12th - MLB National League Championship: Cincinnati Reds beat Pittsburgh Pirates, 4 games to 2
13th - First Russian Orthodox service in over 70 years held in St Basil's Cathedral, in Red Square, Moscow
13th - Target Center in Minneapolis opens
14th - Cathy Gerring wins LPGA Trophee Urban World Golf Championship
NFL Quarterback Joe MontanaNFL Quarterback Joe Montana 14th - SF 49er Joe Montana passes for 6 touchdowns vs Atlanta (45-35)
15th - Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev wins Nobel Peace Prize
16th - "Stand Up Tragedy" closes at Criterion Theater NYC after 13 perfs
16th - Reds Eric Davis is 22nd player to homer in his 1st World Series at bat
16th - Reds beat A's 7-0, ending Oakland's 10-game post-season winning streak
16th - US forces reach 200,000 in Persian Gulf
17th - "Jackie Mason - Brand New" opens at Neil Simon NYC for 216 perfs
17th - "Les Miserables," opens at Imperial Theatre, NY & His Majesty's Theatre, Perth
17th - Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong drops out of school to pursue a career in music
18th - "Once on this Island" opens at Booth Theater NYC for 469 performances
19th - HCA, Helsinki Citizens Assembly, forms in Prague
Actor Kevin CostnerActor Kevin Costner 19th - "Dances with Wolves" directed by Kevin Costner and starring Kevin Costner and Mary McDonnell premieres in Washington, D.C. (Best Picture 1991)
20th - 3 members of 2 Live Crew acquitted on obsenity charges in Florida
20th - Antiwar protest marches begin in 20 US cities (US-Iraq)
20th - Cincinnati Reds sweep Oakland A's in 86th World Series
21st - Esther Canseco calls Oakland A's manager Tony La Russa a "punk" for not starting husband Jose in the World Series
21st - The first Apple Day, is held in Covent Garden, London.
23rd - Iraq announces release of 330 French hostages
24th - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
25th - Evander Holyfield KOs Buster Douglas in 3 for heavyweight boxing title
25th - NY Daily News goes on strike (lasts through March, 1991)
27th - "Michael Feinstein in Concert" closes at Golden NYC after 30 perfs
Boxer Evander HolyfieldBoxer Evander Holyfield 27th - Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Bayakoa, Fly So Free, In The Wings, Meadow Star, Royal Academy, Safely Kept, Unbridled
27th - Supreme Soviet of Kirghiz SSR chooses Askar Akayev as republic's first president.
29th - 30 die in a (5.7) earthquake in Algeria
30th - Britain and France complete the "Chunnel" under the English Channel
31st - Pakistan make 3-0 drubbing of NZ, Waqar Younis 29 series wkts

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 11 of 11

1st - Charlie McDonnell, British YouTube Personality
2nd - Dean Bouzanis, Australian soccer player
3rd - Rhian Denise Ramos, Filipino actress
5th - Myles Jeffrey, American actor
12th - Henri Lansbury, English footballer
18th - Carly Schroeder, American actress
21st - Ricky Rubio, Spanish basketball player
22nd - Jonathan William Lipnicki, actor (Jeff Foxworthy Show, Jerry McGuirre)
23rd - Stevie Brock, American singer
29th - Carlson Young, American actress
31st - James Charles Lewis aka Lil' JJ, American actor/singer

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 1 of 1

United States Senator Rand PaulUnited States Senator Rand Paul (20th) 20th - US Senator Rand Paul (27) weds freelance writer Kelley Ashby

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 1 of 1

14th - Jeff Goldblum & wife Geena Davis file for divorce after nearly 2 years of marriage

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 41 of 41

1st - Christine Forrest, actress (Martin), dies
1st - Curtis E LeMay, USAF General/VP candidate, dies at 83
3rd - Stefano Casiraghi, Princess Caroline of Monaco husband, dies at 30
3rd - Eleanor Steber, eminent American soprano dies in Langhorne, PA
4th - Avis Bunnage, actor (Loneliness of Long Distance Runner), dies at 67
4th - Jill Bennett, actress (Skull, Hawks), dies of undisclosed causes at 58
5th - Meir Kahane, founder of Jewish defense league, assassinated at 58
7th - J Teengs Gerritsen, resistance fighter, dies
7th - John "Cat" Thompson, basketball hall of famer, dies at 84
7th - Juan Jose Arevalo, president of Guatemala (1945-51), dies
8th - B.J. Wilson, English musician (Procol Harum) (b. 1947)
9th - Richard Murdoch, actor (Lilli Marlene), dies of heart attack at 83
10th - Carlos Thompson, actor (Mistress of the World), dies at 67
10th - Dick Jorgensen, NFL referee, dies at 56
10th - Michael A Salcido, dies at 39
10th - Tom Murton, American penologist (b. 1928)
11th - Douglas Edwards, WW II correspondent, dies of cancer at 73
11th - Robert Tessier, actor (Nightwish, Future Force), dies at 56
12th - Max Tailleur, adjunct prince Bernhard/Jewish humorist, dies
12th - Rifaat Maghub, president Egyptian MP, murdered
13th - Hans Freudenthal, mathematician/director OW&OC (F Institution), dies
13th - Lê Ðức Thọ, Vietnamese revolutionary general, politician and negotiator in Paris (1975), dies at 78
14th - Leonard Bernstein, composer, dies of heart attack at 72
15th - Delphine Seyrig, dies of lung disease at 58
16th - Art Blakey, jazz drummer (Jazz Messengers), dies of cancer at 71
16th - Jorge Bolet, Cuban-American classical pianist (b. 1914)
17th - Ralph Abernathy, civil rights activist, dies at 64
20th - Joel McCrea, actor (Ramrod), dies of pulmonary complications at 84
20th - Bridget Bate Tichenor (born Bridget Pamela Arkwright Bate), Mexican surrealist painter dies at 72
23rd - Louis Althusser, French philosopher, dies
26th - William Paley, CEO (CBS), dies of a heart attack at 89
27th - Elliott Roosevelt, son of FDR, dies at 80
27th - Ugo Tognazzi actor/director (La Cage Aux Folles), dies at 68
27th - Xavier Cugart, bandlander, dies of heart failure at 90
27th - Xavier Cugat, Spanish-born musician (b. 1900)
27th - Princess Sophie von Hohenberg, daughter of assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (b. 1901)
29th - William French Smith, attorney general (1980), dies at 73 of cancer
30th - Craig Russell, female impersonator, dies of an AIDS-stroke at 42
30th - Henry Lauter, actor (Tarzan's Fight), dies
31st - Graig Russel, Canadian travel expert/transvestite, dies
31st - Hugh McPhillips, dies at 70

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