What Happened in 1990 (Part 5)

Historical Events

Events 401 - 500 of 1,004

  • Jun 3 Cathy Gerring wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
  • Jun 4 24th Music City News Country Awards: R Van Shelton & Patty Loveless
  • Jun 4 Greyhound Bus files bankruptcy
  • Jun 4 LA Dodger Ramon Martinez strikes out 18 Atlanta Braves
  • Jun 4 NY Telephone company announces that it wants Bronx area code 917
  • Jun 4 Dr Jack Kevorkian assisted an Oregon woman to commit suicide, beginning a national debate over the right to die

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 5 South African troops plunder Nelson Mandela's home

Anti-apartheid activist and South African President Nelson Mandela
Anti-apartheid activist and South African President
Nelson Mandela
  • Jun 6 2nd International Rock Awards
  • Jun 6 For 2nd time this season, Cecil Fielder belts 3 home runs in a game
  • Jun 6 Stump Merrill replaces Bucky Dent as NY Yankee manager

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 7 Michael Jackson hospitalized for chest pains

King of Pop Michael Jackson
King of Pop
Michael Jackson
  • Jun 7 South Africa president F W de Klerk lifts 4 year olf state of emergency
  • Jun 8 "It's Garry Shandling's Show" last airs on Fox-TV
  • Jun 8 Phil Bradley hits 18th inside-the-park HR in Oriole history
  • Jun 9 122nd Belmont: Michael Kinane aboard Go & Go wins in 2:27.2
  • Jun 9 FIFA World Cup: Czechoslovakia beats USA 5-1 in World Cup match

Sports record brokenBaseball Record

Jun 9 Dodger Eddie Murray ties Mickey Mantle with baseball's switch hit HRs in 10 games

MLB First Baseman Eddie Murray
MLB First Baseman
Eddie Murray
Baseball Legend Mickey Mantle
Baseball Legend
Mickey Mantle
  • Jun 9 Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Robert) & Andrew Coumo (Mario's son) wed
  • Jun 9 Michael Jackson is hospitalized with inflamed rib cartilage
  • Jun 10 "Accomplice" closes at Richard Rodgers Theater NYC after 52 performances
  • Jun 10 "Meet Me in St Louis" closes at Gershwin Theater NYC after 253 performances

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 10 8th Seniors Players Golf Championship: Jack Nicklaus

  • Jun 10 Burger King begins using Newman's Own Salad Dressing
  • Jun 10 Detroit Pistons beat Trailblazers for 1st time since 1974 in Portland
  • Jun 10 Patty Sheehan wins LPGA McDonald's Golf Championship
  • Jun 10 Rap group 2 Live crew members arrested in Fla for obscenity

Sport awardTennis Open

Jun 10 89th Men's French Open: Andres Gomez beats Andre Agassi (6-3, 2-6, 6-4, 6-4)

Tennis Legend Andre Agassi
Tennis Legend
Andre Agassi

Sport awardTennis Open

Jun 10 89th Women's French Open: Monica Seles beats Steffi Graf (7-6, 6-4)

Tennis Player and Nine-Time Major Champion Monica Seles
Tennis Player and Nine-Time Major Champion
Monica Seles
Tennis Player Steffi Graf
Tennis Player
Steffi Graf
  • Jun 11 Supreme Court says law prohibiting desecration of US flag unconstitutional

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 11 UN appoints Olivia Newton-John environmental ambassador

  • Jun 11 Federal judge sentenced former national security adviser John M Poindexter to 6 months for making false statements to Congress

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 11 Nolan Ryan pitches his 6th no-hitter beating Oakland, in 9th he retires Ken Phelps, Rickey Henderson & Willie Randolph (all ex Yanks)

MLB Pitching Legend Nolan Ryan
MLB Pitching Legend
Nolan Ryan
MLB Outfielder Rickey Henderson
MLB Outfielder
Rickey Henderson
MLB Second Baseman and Manager Willie Randolph
MLB Second Baseman and Manager
Willie Randolph
  • Jun 12 Egypt (500-1 longshot) ties favorite the Netherlands 1-1 in World Cup game

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 12 NY Yankee reliever Dave Righetti becomes 9th to record 200 saves

MLB Pitcher and Coach Dave Righetti
MLB Pitcher and Coach
Dave Righetti

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 12 Oakland A's Rickey Henderson becomes 2nd to steal 900 bases

MLB Outfielder Rickey Henderson
MLB Outfielder
Rickey Henderson

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 12 Orioles Cal Ripken plays in his 1,308th consecutive game to move past Everett Scott into 2nd place on the all-time list

MLB Legend Cal Ripken Jr
MLB Legend
Cal Ripken Jr
  • Jun 12 NY Mets beat Chicago Cubs 19-8 at Wrigley Field, Cubs outfielder Doug Dazcenzo pitched a scoreless 9th inning
  • Jun 13 "Les Miserables" opens at S Alberta Jubilee Centre, Calgary
  • Jun 13 Boeing 767 sets nonstop commercial flight, Seattle to Narobi Kenya
  • Jun 13 Nelson & Winnie Mandela welcomed in NYC
  • Jun 13 Wash DC mayor Marion Barry announces he will not seek a 4th term
  • Jun 14 44th NBA Championship: Det Pistons beat Por Trailblazers, 4 games to 1
  • Jun 14 Date of the events in the movie Mr Destiny
  • Jun 14 NL announces plans to expand from 12 to 14 teams for 1993 season
  • Jun 14 Supreme Court rules police check for drunk drivers constitutional
  • Jun 15 "Dick Tracy" with Warren Beatty & Madonna premieres
  • Jun 16 "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer peaks at #8
  • Jun 16 Nelson & Winnie Mandela visit Leidseplein, Amsterdam
  • Jun 17 "Some Americans Abroad" closes at Vivian Beaumont NYC after 62 performances
  • Jun 17 "Zoya's Apartment" closes at Circle in Sq Theater NYC after 45 performances
  • Jun 17 90th US Golf Open: Hale Irwin shoots a 280 at Medinah CC in Medinah Il
  • Jun 17 Christa Johnson wins LPGA Atlantic City Golf Classic
  • Jun 18 After being undefeated in the 1982 FIFA World Cup Cameroon suffer their 1st loss. Soviet Union wins 4-0.
  • Jun 18 1st sudden death US Open Golf Championship is won by Hale Irwin
  • Jun 19 Gary Carter catches his 1,862nd career game breaks Al Lopez's NL mark
  • Jun 20 40,000-50,000 die in a (7.6) earthquake in Iran
  • Jun 20 Nelson Mandela lands in NYC to begin a tour of US
  • Jun 20 Asteroid Eureka is discovered.
  • Jun 21 7.7 Manjil-Rudbar Earthquake with hundreds of aftershocks hits Iran; killing about 50,000
  • Jun 21 Little Richard gets a star on Hollywood's walk of fame
  • Jun 21 NYC's Zodiac killer shoots 4th victim, Larry Parham
  • Jun 21 Parliaments of W & E Germany recognize Oder-Neissegrens
  • Jun 21 US House of Representatives votes 254-177 to stop US flag burning, doesn't pass
  • Jun 21 At Yankee Stadium rally, Nelson Mandela dons a NY Yankee baseball cap & proclaims "I am a Yankee!"

Music concertMusic Concert

Jun 22 Billy Joel performs a concert at Yankee Stadium

Pianist, songwriter, and composer Billy Joel
Pianist, songwriter, and composer
Billy Joel
  • Jun 22 Braves replace manager Russ Nixon with GM Bobby Cox
  • Jun 22 Florida passes a law which prohibits wearing a thong bathing suit
  • Jun 22 Longest game in Toronto, Yanks beat Blue Jays 8-7 in 15 inns
  • Jun 22 Nelson Mandela addresses the United Nations Special Committee against Apartheid in New York, saying that nothing, which has happened in South Africa, calls for a revision of the position that the Organisation has taken in its struggle against apartheid; he adds that a democratic, non-racial SA is within reach

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 22 Adam Sandler joins "Saturday Night Live"

  • Jun 23 A rally to save Alien Nation from cancellation held at Statue of Liberty
  • Jun 23 Moldavia declares independence
  • Jun 23 Police find marijuana at Chuck Berry's home
  • Jun 23 TV Guide selects Arsenio Hall as TV personality of year
  • Jun 23 Zimbabwe beat the Netherlands by 6 wickets to win ICC Trophy
  • Jun 23 African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela, on a US tour, receives a tumultuous welcome in Boston.
  • Jun 24 Patty Sheehan wins LPGA Rochester Golf International
  • Jun 25 "Dave Thomas Comedy Show" last airs on CBS-TV
  • Jun 25 120°F in Phoenix Arizona
  • Jun 25 NBC decides to air episodes of "Quantum Leap" for 5 straight days
  • Jun 25 Supreme Court rules family members cannot end lives of comatose relatives unless those relatives previously made their wishes known
  • Jun 25 Anti-government riots break out in Lusaka, Zambia
  • Jun 25 African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela meets with President George H. W. Bush at the White House
  • Jun 26 122°F in Phoenix Arizona
  • Jun 26 8 KS & OK radio stations boycott k d lang, due to her anti-meat ad
  • Jun 26 New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg release from hospital after fall
  • Jun 27 Jose Canseco signs record $4,700,000 per year Oak A's contract
  • Jun 27 Salman Rushdie, condemned to death by Iran, contributes $8600 to help their earthquake victims
  • Jun 28 Emmy 17th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 11th time
  • Jun 29 Marla Maples father sues National Enquirer for $12M
  • Jun 29 NY Mets tie their team career high 11 game win streak
  • Jun 29 A's Dave Stewart no-hits Blue Jays & Dodger's Fernando Valenzuela no-hits St Louis 6-0, 1st time no-hitters in both leagues
  • Jun 29 World's first female diocesan Anglican bishop, Dr Penny Jamieson, appointed in New Zealand
  • Jun 30 East & West Germany merge their economies
  • Jul 1 11th U.S. Senior Golf Open: Lee Trevino
  • Jul 1 18th du Maurier Golf Classic: Cathy Johnston
  • Jul 1 1st Zen winter session in Sydney Zen Center's Gorrick's Run Zendo
  • Jul 1 Despite Andy Hawkins no-hitting White Sox, Yankees lose 4-0
  • Jul 1 Dordrecht '90 soccer team forms in Dordrecht
  • Jul 1 FC Swells soccer team forms in Swells

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Famous Deaths

Deaths 401 - 485 of 485

  • Nov 7 Josephine Wilson, actress (We Dive at Dawn), dies at 86
  • Nov 7 Lawrence Durrell, Indian/English author (Alexandria Quartet, Mount Olive), dies at 78
  • Nov 8 Anya Seton, US author, dies
  • Nov 8 Grampy Davis, dies of heart attack at 87
  • Nov 10 Lisa Kirk, US Broadway-singer, dies
  • Nov 10 Ronnie Dyson, US singer (Salvation-I Don't Wanna Cry), dies at 40
  • Nov 10 Mário Schenberg, Brazilian physicist (b. 1914)
  • Nov 11 Attilio Demaría, Argentinian footballer (b. 1909)
  • Nov 11 Alexis Minotis, Greek actor (b. 1898)
  • Nov 12 Dave Willock, actor (Queen of Outer Space), dies at 81
  • Nov 12 Eve Arden, American actress (Our Miss Brooks), dies at 82
  • Nov 12 Nico Haak, Dutch singer (Foxy Foxtrot), dies
  • Nov 12 Rifaat El-Maghub, Egyptian MP leader, murdered
  • Nov 12 Yannis Ritsos, Greek poet and political activist, dies at 81
  • Nov 13 Charlie Carpenter, dies at 77
  • Nov 14 K L Poll, journalist/author, dies
  • Nov 14 Malcolm Muggeridge, WW II spy for Britain, dies at 87
  • Nov 14 Robert Mariano, entertainer, dies at 21
  • Nov 15 Bill E Herndon, actor (Rivals), dies at 54
  • Nov 15 Alydar, American racehorse (b. 1975)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Nov 17 Robert Hofstadter, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1915)

  • Nov 18 Peter Schilperoort, saxophonist/clarinetist, dies
  • Nov 19 Sun Li-jen, Chinese general (b. 1900)
  • Nov 19 Georgy Nikolaevich Flerov, Russian Physicist (nuclear fission), dies at 77
  • Nov 21 Dean Hart, Canadian professional wrestler (b. 1954)
  • Nov 23 Bo Diaz, catcher, crushed to death by a satellite dish at 37
  • Nov 23 Nguyen Van Tam, PM of Vietnam (1952-53), dies
  • Nov 23 Renate Rubinstein, author/columnist (Tamar), dies

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Nov 23 Roald Dahl, British author (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG), dies at 74

Author Roald Dahl
Roald Dahl
  • Nov 24 Bulent Arel, Turkish-born electronic composer, dies at 72
  • Nov 24 Nistani Keiji, philosopher, dies in Kyoto Japan
  • Nov 24 Dodie Smith, English novelist and playwright (b. 1896)
  • Nov 24 Juan Manuel Bordeu, Argentine racing driver (b. 1934)
  • Nov 24 Marion Post Wolcott, American photographer of the depression, dies at 80
  • Nov 25 Bill Vukovich, Indie 500 driver, dies in crash at 27
  • Nov 26 David White, actor (Bewitched), dies of heart attack at 74
  • Nov 27 David White, actor (Larry Tate-Bewitched), dies at 74
  • Nov 28 Tamara De Treaux, actress (ET), dies at 31
  • Nov 30 Hilde Spiel, Austrian writer, dies at 78
  • Nov 30 Horst Bienek, German author, dies
  • Nov 30 Norman Cousins, editor (Saturday Review), dies at 75
  • Dec 1 Jan H de Groot, Dutch co-founder (Vrij Nederland), dies

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 1 Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, Indian diplomat and politician, dies at 90

Indian Politician and Diplomat Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
Indian Politician and Diplomat
Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 2 Aaron Copland, American composer (Billy the Kid, Fanfare for Common Man), dies at 90

Composer Aaron Copland
Aaron Copland
  • Dec 2 Robert Cummings, actor (Love that Bob), dies of kidney failure at 82
  • Dec 3 Gavin Reed, actor (Body Beneath), dies at 59
  • Dec 4 Edward Binns, US actor (12 Angry One), dies of heart attack at 74
  • Dec 5 Steven Shaw, dies at 25

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 6 Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's founding father, 1st Prime Minister of Malaya (1957-63) and Malaysia (1963-70), dies at 87

Malaysia's Founding Father Tunku Abdul Rahman
Malaysia's Founding Father
Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • Dec 7 Delecta "Dee" Clark, US singer (Raindrops), dies at 52
  • Dec 7 Horst Bienek, writer, dies at 60
  • Dec 7 Joan Bennett, US actress (House Across the Bay), dies at 80
  • Dec 7 Jean Paul Lemieux, Quebec painter (b. 1904)
  • Dec 7 Peter Mieg, Swiss composer, dies at 84
  • Dec 8 Martin Ritt, US, director/actor (Norma Rae), dies at 70
  • Dec 8 Pony Sherrell Metcalf, NY, singer, dies of heart attack
  • Dec 9 Mike Mazurski, wrestler/actor (Centerfold Girls), dies at 80
  • Dec 10 Armand Hammer, CEO (Occidental Petroleum), dies at 92
  • Dec 11 Fernand J Collin, Belgian economist/banker, dies at 92

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 13 Alice Marble, California, tennis star, dies at 77

Tennis Champion Alice Marble
Tennis Champion
Alice Marble
  • Dec 13 Friedrich Dörrenmatt, Swiss writer (Besuch der alten Dame), dies at 69
  • Dec 14 Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Swiss writer, dies of heart failure at 69
  • Dec 14 Hope Sansberry, actress (Rats are Coming), dies at 94
  • Dec 14 Johannes von Thurn und Taxis, prince in Germany, dies at 64
  • Dec 15 Betty Warren actress (Passport to Pimlico), dies
  • Dec 15 Jean Paige, actress (Capt Blood, Black Beauty), dies
  • Dec 16 Douglas Campbell, American pilot (b. 1896)
  • Dec 17 Don Draper, actor (Pepper Agent 00X), dies of AIDS at 61
  • Dec 17 Mieke Verstraete, Belgian/Neth actress (Pleasant Settled), dies at 79
  • Dec 18 Anne Revere, actress (National Velvet), dies of pneumonia at 87
  • Dec 18 Paul Tortelier, composer, dies at 76
  • Dec 19 Basil Henson, actor (Change Partners), dies of stroke at 71
  • Dec 21 Clarence "Kelly" Johnson, American aeronautical engineer (Lockheed Skunk Works; b. 1910)
  • Dec 22 Cecil Effinger, composer, dies at 76
  • Dec 22 Helene Stanley, actress (Carnival Story, Roar of the Crowd), dies
  • Dec 23 Frank King, cricketer (WI fast bowler played 14 Tests 1953-56), dies
  • Dec 24 Thorbjørn Egner, Norwegian author (b. 1922)
  • Dec 25 Marguerite N Wittenberg, entertainer, dies of cancer at 77
  • Dec 26 Nancy Cruznan, accident victim/right-to-die case, dies at 33
  • Dec 28 Ed van der Elsken, Dutch photographer (Sweet Life), dies at 65
  • Dec 28 Kiel Martin, actor (Det LaRue-Hill Street Blues), dies of cancer at 46
  • Dec 28 Lucas Polhaupessy, Moluccan leader, dies
  • Dec 31 Dalton Cathey, dies of AIDS at 44
  • Dec 31 George Allen, US football coach (LA Rams, Wash Redskins), dies
  • Dec 31 Vasily Grigoryevich Lazarev, cosmonaut (Soyuz 12, 18A), dies at 62