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Historical Events

Events 1 - 85 of 85

1st - "Little Hotel on the Side" closes at Belasco NYC after 41 perfs
1st - "Visit" closes at Criterion Theater NYC after 45 performances
1st - Jenny Thompson swims 100m freestyle world record (1:01.40)
1st - Nelson Diebel swims 100m freestyle US record (54.48 secs)
2nd - Anita Hall swims female world record 200m freestyle (2:25.35)
2nd - Moldova joins the United Nations.
3rd - Gas explodes in coal mine at Zonguldak Turkey, 263 die
3rd - Mike Bossy's #22 is 2nd # retired by NY Islanders
3rd - US President George Bush apologizes for raising taxes after pledging not to
3rd - Charges are filed in Florida against NY Mets Darryl Boston, Vince Coleman & Dwight Gooden of rape (dropped in April)
3rd - Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina established.
5th - Ethic committee votes to reveal congressmen who bounced checks
6th - Yankee pitcher Pascual Perez suspended for 1 year due to cocaine
6th - The Michelangelo computer virus begins to affect computers.
6th - Founding of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.
US President George H. W. BushUS President George H. W. Bush 7th - Nicole Stevenson swims world record 200m backstroke (2:06.78)
8th - Judy Dickinson wins LPGA Inamori Golf Classic
10th - 6th Soul Train Music Awards: Natalie Cole, Color Me Badd win
10th - Sandra Seuser/Katrin Schreiter/Annet Hesselbarth/Grit Breuer walk female indoor world record 4x400m (3:27.22)
12th - Mauritius becomes a republic while remaining a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.
13th - FCC rules companies can own 30 AM & 30 FM stations (formerly 12)
13th - Martina Navratilova & Judy Nelson settle their galamony suit
13th - An earthquake registering 6.8 on the Richter scale kills over 500 in Erzincan, eastern Turkey.
14th - Farm Aid V
14th - NY Met Daryl Boston, Vince Coleman & Dwight Gooden accused of rape
14th - Soviet newspaper "Pravda" suspends publication
Tennis Player Martina NavratilovaTennis Player Martina Navratilova 15th - Brandie Burton wins LPGA Ping/Welch's Golf Championship
15th - UN officially embarks on its largest peacekeeping operation
15th - 39th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: #1 Duke beats #20 North Carolina, 94-74
15th - 33rd SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Kentucky beats Alabama, 80-54
15th - 13th Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: Syracuse beats Georgetown, 56-54
16th - Matt Keough, in the dugout, is hit flush in the head by a batted ball
17th - "Death & the Maiden" opens at Brooks Atkinson NYC for 159 perfs
17th - 18th People's Choice Awards: Kevin Costner & Julia Roberts win (Dramatic Motion Picture) and Bill Cosby & Candice Bergen win (TV)
17th - 28 killed in truck bombing of Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Arg
17th - De Klerk wins a white only referendum
17th - Islamic Jihad truck bombs Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires killing 29
Actress Julia RobertsActress Julia Roberts 17th - Russian manned space craft TM-14, launches into orbit
18th - "4 Baboons Adoring the Sun" opens at Beaumont Theater NYC for 38 perf
18th - Donna Summer gets a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame
18th - Leona Helmsley sentence to 4 years for tax evasion
18th - Zimbabwe beat England by 9 runs in World Cup at Albury
19th - "Master Builder" opens at Belasco Theater NYC for 45 performances
19th - Britain's Prince Andrew & Sarah, Duchess of York, announce separation
20th - Janice Pennington is awarded $1.3M for accident on Price is Right set
20th - Noriega's wife Felicidad arrested for stealing buttons from dresses
21st - 2nd WLAF season begins
21st - Pakistan scores 6-264 to overhaul NZ in exciting World Cup semi
22nd - "Private Lives" closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 37 performances
22nd - Danielle Ammaccapane wins Standard Register Ping Golf Championship
Singer Donna SummerSinger Donna Summer 22nd - England beat South Africa in rain-ruined cricket World Cup semi final
22nd - Joseph A Molloy elected NY Yankee general partner
22nd - US Air NY to Cleveland crashes on take off at LaGuardia, 27 die
23rd - Florida Marlins begin selling tickets
24th - "Jake's Women" opens at Neil Simon Theater NYC for 245 performances
24th - Space Shuttle STS-45 (Atlantis 11) launches into space
24th - Sudanese Boeing 707 crashes on mountain Hymettos at Athens: 5-6 die
24th - 1st Belgium in the space, Dirk Frimout on Atlantis Space Shuttle STS-45 (Atlantis 11) launches into space
25th - British scientists find new largest perfect # (2 756839 -1 * 2 756839)
25th - Imran Khan scores 72 & takes 1-43 off 6 2 overs in last ODI
25th - Pakistan defeats England by 22 runs to win World Cup
25th - Russian manned space craft TM-14, lands
Playwright and screenwriter Neil SimonPlaywright and screenwriter Neil Simon 25th - Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev returns to Earth after a 10-month stay aboard the Mir space station.
26th - Mike Tyson sentenced to 10 years in rape of Desiree Washington
26th - NHL NY Rangers clinch 1st NHL regular season championship in 50 years
27th - Bruce Springsteen releases "Human Touch" & "Lucky Town"
28th - 6th American Comedy Award: Cathy Ladman, Judy Watkins, Billy Crystal
28th - Ann Transon runs female world record 50k (3:35:31)
28th - PBA National Championship Won by Eric Forkel
29th - "Conversations with My Father" opens at Royale NYC for 462 perfs
29th - 12th Golden Raspberry Awards: Hudson Hawk wins
29th - 21st Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Dottie Mochrie
29th - Herb Gardner's "Conversations With My Father" premieres in NYC
29th - Ice Dance Championship at Oakland won by Klimova & Ponomarenko (CIS)
29th - Ice Pairs Championship at Oakland won by Mishuktienok & Dmitriev (CIS)
Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike TysonHeavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson 29th - Ladies Fig Skating Championship in Oak won by Kristi Yamaguchi (USA)
29th - Men's Fig Skating Championship in Oakland won by Viktor Petrenko (CIS)
29th - NCAA Basketball Women's Championship at Kemper Arena, KC
30th - 64th Academy Awards - "The Silence of the Lambs", Anthony Hopkins & Jodie Foster win
30th - CBS TV premieres overnight news program "Up To The Minute"
30th - Man accidentally backs in A's Jose Canseco's $225,000 Lamborghini
30th - P J Patterson, resigns as 6th PM of Jamaica
30th - WNSR-FM (105.1) changes callsign to WMXV-FM (NYC)
31st - Delhi beat Tamil Nadu on 1st innings to win cricket Ranji Trophy
31st - UN Security Council voted to ban flights & arms sales to Libya

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 8 of 8

4th - Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, daughter of Albert II, Prince of Monaco
6th - Momoko Tsugunaga, Japanese singer
7th - Bel Powley, English Actress
8th - Charlie Ray, American actress
10th - Emily Osment, American actress and singer
19th - Henry & Angus Bernsen, twin sons of Corbin Bernsen & Amanda Pays
22nd - Luke Freeman, English footballer
24th - Thomas Law, English actor

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 2 of 2

Actress Annette BeningActress Annette Bening (12th) 12th - Actress Annette Bening (33) weds actor Warren Beatty (54)
22nd - Record producer Lou Adler weds Paige Hannah (Daryl's sister)

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 66 of 66

3rd - Robert Beatty, actor (Odd Man Out), dies at 82
3rd - Sandy Dennis, actress (Up the Down Staircase), dies of cancer at 54
3rd - Ted Liss, actor (Child's Play), dies of heart attack at 72
4th - Arthur Babbitt, animator (Mr Magoo, Goofy), die at 84 of heart failure
4th - C Meijer, Dutch editor in chief (Typhoon), dies
4th - Christian K Nelson, inventor (Eskimo Pie), dies at 98
4th - Mary Osborne, jazz guitarist, dies at 70 of liver cancer
4th - Nestor Almendros, Spanish/US cameraman (Kramer vs Kramer), dies at 61
5th - Andrew Samuel, child actor (Our Gang), dies at 82
5th - Yevgeny Yevstigneev, Russian actor (Welcome Kosta), dies at 65
6th - Elvia Allman, actress (Night at Earl Carroll's), dies of pneumonia
6th - Emmy Huf, Dutch cabaret performer/writer (I Want Warm Meat), dies
6th - Maria Vieira da Silva, Portuguese painter (Mirror Palace), dies at 83
8th - Red Callender, US jazz bassist (Unfinished dream), dies at 76
9th - Felipe Turich, actor (Lawless), dies
9th - Jack McEdward, asst dir (Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell), dies at 94
9th - James Brooks, US mural painter (Flight, La Guardia NY), dies at 85
Israeli Prime Minister Menachem BeginIsraeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin (9th) 9th - Menachem Begin, PM Israel (1977-80, 81-83, Nobel 1979), dies at 85
10th - Roy Holmer Wallack, dies of pneumonia at 64
10th - Giorgos Zampetas, Greek composer and musician (b. 1925)
11th - David Carroll, actor (Grand Hotel), dies of pulmonary embolism at 41
11th - Manuel De Dios Unanue, US anti-drug journalist, murdered at 48
11th - Richard Brooks, director (Blackboard Jungle, Key Largo), dies at 79
12th - Barbara Morrison, actress (Proj Moonbase), dies of heart failure at 84
12th - Hans G Kresse, Dutch cartoonist (Eric the Viking), dies at 70
12th - Ida Oosterbaan, Dutch founder (Women Action Committee), dies
12th - Karel Poons, father of Paul Deen, dies
12th - Philippe Soupault, writer, dies
12th - Salvo Lima, mayor (Palermo)/MP (chr-dem), murdered
13th - Clarence Wright, singer, dies at 84
13th - Hans Redeker, Dutch art critic (Algemeen Handelsblad), dies
14th - C V Wood Jr, theme park developer (Disneyland), dies of cancer at 71
14th - Jean Poiret, French actor/writer (La Cage aux Folles), dies at 65
14th - Ralph James, actor (Orson-Mork & Mindy), dies at 67
14th - Steven Brian Pennell, 1st execution in Delaware in 45 years at 34
15th - Helen Deutsch, screenwriter, dies of natural causes
15th - Jack Washburn, actor (Black Orchid), dies after long illness at 64
15th - Vanessa Lee, actress (Split), dies at 71
16th - Renzhong Weangn, China politician (1934-45), dies
16th - Yves Rocard, French physicist (b. 1903)
17th - Charles Rea, British actor (Ipcress File), dies at 69
17th - George Lovi, US columnist (Sky & Telescope's "Ramblings"), dies
17th - Grace Stafford Lantz, cartoon voice (Woody Woodpecker), dies at 87
17th - Jack Arnold, actor/dir (Sid Caeser Special, Emmy 1967), dies at 75
18th - Cornelis B Vaandrager, [C Vaan], poet (Giant of Rotterdam), dies at 56
19th - Cesare Danova, actor (Tentacles, Viva Las Vegas), dies at 66
20th - Avonne Taylor, actress (My Best Girl, Honor Among Lovers), dies at 93
20th - Frank Westbrook, dancer/choreographer, dies at 82
20th - Georges Delerue, French composer (Hiroshima, My Love), dies at 67
21st - John Ireland, actor (Rawhide), dies of leukemia at 78
21st - Natalie Sleeth, American composer (b. 1930)
23rd - Friedrich A von Hayek, British economist (Road to Serfdom), dies at 92
25th - Nancy Walker, American actress (Ida Morgenstern-Rhoda), dies of cancer at 69
26th - Barbara Frum, Canadian journalist (b. 1937)
27th - Anita Colby, US model/actress/author (Pepsi Coke), dies at 77
27th - Easley Blackwood, expert bridge player, dies at 89
27th - Gerry Duggan, dies at 82
27th - James E Webb, head of NASA (1961-68), dies at 84
27th - Martin Engelman, Dutch cartoonist/painter/graphic artist, dies
28th - Wendell Mayes, writer, dies of cancer at 72
29th - Earl Spencer, father of Lady Diana, dies at 68
Actor Paul HenreidActor Paul Henreid (29th) 29th - Paul [G J von] Henreid, Austrian actor (Laszlo-Casablanca), dies at 84
30th - Art Hannes, announcer, dies of a respiratory ailment at 72
30th - Luigi De Laurentiis, Italian producer (Toto, Macaroni), dies
30th - Manolis Andronikos, Greek archeologist, professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (b. 1919)
30th - Manolis Andronicos, Greek archaeologist who discovered ancient royal Macedonian tombs in northern Greece, dies at 72

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