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Historical Events

Events 1 - 65 of 65

1st - Lennox Lewis TKOs Frank Bruno in 7 for heavyweight boxing title
3rd - "White Liars/Black Comedy" closes at Criterion NYC after 38 perfs
3rd - Battle at TV station Ostankino/Moscow townhall, about 25 killed
3rd - Boris Yeltsin declares state of emergency in Moscow
3rd - Harry Belafonte performs in Tivoli Copenhagen
3rd - Indians play their last game at Cleve Stadium, Chicago wins 4-0
3rd - Somali General Aidids arm forces kill 18 US Rangers
3rd - Giants need to beat Dodgers to force a playoff game with Braves for NL West title, but Dodgers destroy Giants 12-1, Giants end year 103-59
3rd - Battle of Mogadishu: In an attempt to capture officials of warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid's organisation in Mogadishu, Somalia, 18 US Soldiers and about 1,000 Somalis are killed in heavy fighting.
4th - Troops of pres Yelsin occupy Russian White House (parliament)
5th - China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor, PRC
5th - Last honor guard at Lenin's mausoleum
5th - Pope John Paul II publishes encyclical Veritatis splendor
6th - Sydney Australia Stock Market index above 2000, for 1st time
7th - "Les Miserables," opens at Meralco Theatre, Philippines
264th Pope John Paul II264th Pope John Paul II 7th - "She Loves Me" opens at Atkinson Theater NYC for 294 performances
7th - Massive Muslim demonstrate in Xining China PR, 12 killed
7th - Nobel prize for literature awarded to Toni Morrison
8th - Howard Stern releases his 1st book "Private Parts"
8th - UN lifts remaining economic sanctions against South Africa
10th - Browns Najee Mustafaa sets club rec for longest interception (97 yds)
10th - Ferry boat leaves for west coast of South Korea, 120 killed
11th - Norwegian Rushdie publisher William Nygaard injured in attack
11th - US warship Harlan County anchors off Port-au-Prince Haiti
12th - "Mixed Emotions" opens at John Golden Theater NYC for 48 performances
12th - MLB American League Championship: Toronto Blue Jays beat Chicago White Sox, 4 games to 2
13th - Greek government of Papandreou forms
Radio shock jock Howard SternRadio shock jock Howard Stern 13th - Mighty Ducks win their 1st NHL game
13th - Nobel prize for chemistry awarded to Kary Mullis & Michael Smith
13th - Nobel prize for physics awarded to Russel Hulse & Joseph Taylor
13th - Captured American Pilot Mike Durant is filmed in an interview in captivity by a CNN camera crew.
13th - MLB National League Championship: Philadelphia Phillies beat Atlanta Braves, 4 games to 2
15th - Amstel brewery on Curacao produces 1,000,000,000th bottle
15th - Nelson Mandela & South Africa president F W de Klerk awarded Nobel Peace Prize
16th - General Omar al-Bashir appointed Sudan president
16th - IRA bomb attack on fish & chips restaurant in Belfast, 10 killed
16th - Anti-Nazi riot breaks out in Welling in Kent, after police stop protesters approaching British National Party headquarters
Anti-apartheid activist and South African President Nelson MandelaAnti-apartheid activist and South African President Nelson Mandela 17th - Dottie Mochrie wins LPGA World Championship of Women's Golf
18th - STS-58 (Columbia) launches into orbit
19th - UN authorizes arms, military & police supply embargo against Haiti
20th - Highest scoring World Series game Blue Jays 15, Phillies 14 in 4h14m
21st - "Twilight of the Golds" opens at Booth Theater NYC for 29 performances
21st - Gary Kasparov defeats Nigel Short for chess championship
21st - Military coup by Burundi President Ndadaye; 525,000 Hutus flee
22nd - Cosmonaut Aleksandr Serebrov makes record 9th space walk
23rd - Seven people killed by IRA bomb attack in Belfast
23rd - Paramilitia kills 22 demonstrators at Bijbihara in Indian-controlled Kashmir
23rd - Tor Blue Jays beat Philadelphia Phillies, 4 games to 2, in 89th World Series
23rd - Joe Carter (Toronto Blue Jays) hits a World Series winning walk-off home run against the Philadelphia Phillies
MLB Outfielder Joe CarterMLB Outfielder Joe Carter 24th - "Wonderful Tennessee" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 9 performances
25th - Airbus A310 of Air Nigeria hijacked, 1 dead
25th - Canada Liberal Party/Bloc Québécois wins parliamentary election
25th - Daryll Cullinan hits 337* for Transvaal, SAf 1st-class cricket record
26th - NFL announces new expansion team, Carolina Panthers in Charlotte
26th - NJ Devils lose 2-0 to Montreal, after winning 1st 7 games of 1993
27th - Howard Stern's radio show begins broadcasting in El Paso Texas
28th - Cleveland Metroparks lease Brookside Park from Cleveland for 99-years
28th - Dutch Antilles government of Liberia-Peters resigns
29th - Dow Jones index reaches record 3687.86
30th - Toronto Maple Leafs lose 1st game of season after going 10-0-0
31st - "Wonderful Tennessee" closes at Plymouth Theater NYC after 9 perfs
31st - 25 people killed during Ghana-Ivory Coast soccer match
31st - Germany unemployment hits country record of 3.5 million
Rap Musician and Actor Tupac ShakurRap Musician and Actor Tupac Shakur 31st - Rapper Tupac Shakur charged with aggravated assault
31st - US wins Nichirei International LPGA Golf Tournament

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 4 of 4

2nd - Tara Lynne Barr, American actress
3rd - Lindsay Fabes, actor (Charlie Winthrop-Another World)
8th - Angus T. Jones, American actor (Two and a Half Men)
13th - Tiffany Trump, daughter of Donald Trump & Marla Maples

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 6 of 6

Director Spike LeeDirector Spike Lee (2nd) 2nd - Spike Lee weds Tonya Lewis
3rd - Evangelist Tammy Faye Bakker (52) weds Roe Messner (58)
8th - Queen Elizabeth's nephew Viscount Linley (32) weds Serena Stanhope (24)
10th - Ted Kennedy Jr (32) weds psychiatrist Katherine Gershman (34)
16th - NFL coach Don Shula (28) weds second wife Mary Anne Stephens at St Joseph's Catholic Church in Miami Beach
22nd - Actor James Coburn (65) weds Paula Murad (37)

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 2 of 2

15th - Guardian Angel Lisa Evers Sliwa files for divorce from Curtis Sliwa
Baseball Player Darryl StrawberryBaseball Player Darryl Strawberry (15th) 15th - Baseball player Darryl Strawberry (31) divorces Lisa Andrews after more than 8 years of marriage

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 74 of 74

1st - Reizl Bozyk, Polish/US actress (Crossing Delancey), dies at 79
1st - Janine Darcey, French actress (Priez pour nous), dies at 75
1st - Joseph Warren, actor (Gift of Love, Urban Warriors), dies at 77
2nd - Henry Ringling North, circus owner (Ringling Bros Circus), dies at 83
3rd - JH Scheps, Dutch MP (Social Democratic), dies at 93
3rd - Sgt. First Class Randy Shughart, Medal of Honor recipient (b. 1958)
3rd - Master Sgt. Gary Gordon, Medal of Honor recipient (b. 1960)
4th - Fran Carlon, dies of cancer at 80
4th - Jim Holton, Scottish footballer (b. 1951)
5th - Jane Nigh, actress (Big Town, Blue Blood, Rawhide), dies at about 67
5th - Karl G Henize, astronaut (STS 51-F), dies of heart failure at 66
6th - Agnes de Mille, US dancer/choreographer (Oklahoma!), dies at 88
6th - Larry Walters, American "lawn chair" pilot (b. 1949)
7th - Agnes de Mille, choreographer (Oklahoma!, Rodeo), dies at 88
7th - Cyril Cusack, actor (Fahrenheit 451), dies of neuron disease at 82
7th - Kenneth Nelson, US/English actor (Boys in the Band), dies at 63
8th - Manke Nelis, [Cornelis Pieters], singer (Aunt Saar), dies at 73
9th - C R Rangachari, cricketer (4 Tests for India), dies
9th - Geert de Vlaeminck, Belgian champion cyclist, dies at 26
10th - Catherine Collard, French pianist (Debussy, Haydn), dies at 46
10th - Djillali Belkhenchir, Algerian doctor, murdered at 52
11th - Jess Thomas, American tenor (b. 1927)
12th - Leon Ames, actor (Father of the Bride), dies at 91 of stroke
12th - Tofik Bakhramov, Russian footballer (b. 1926)
13th - Gwen Wells, actress (Nashville), dies of cancer at 42
13th - Leon Ames, US actor (Mr Ed, Peggy Sue got Married), dies at 90
14th - Bertie Clarke, cricketer (6 wkts for WI in 1939), dies
14th - Guy Malary, Haitian lawyer/minister of Justice, murdered at 50
14th - Mustafa Abada, Algerian TV director, murdered
14th - Walter Brown Newman, US screenwriter (Cat Ballou), dies at 77
15th - Ken E Jones, musician (New Amsterdam Symph Orch), dies of AIDS at 34
16th - John Bowles, president (Rexall Drugs), dies at 76
17th - Frank J Del Giudice, US industrial designer (Boeing 747), dies at 77
17th - Helmut Gollwitzer, German theologist/antifascist, dies at 84
17th - Wim van Dooren, theologist/humanist/philosopher, dies
17th - Criss Oliva, American musician (Savatage) (b. 1963)
18th - Dionisio Herrero, Spanish air force general, murdered at 63
18th - Lois Kibbee, American actress (Edge of Night), dies of a brain tumor at 71
18th - Smail Yefsah, Algerian TV journalist, murdered at 31
19th - Bert Schoofs, table tennis star, dies at 48
19th - Dionisio Herrero, Spanish air force general, murdered
19th - Roy Armstrong, English historian (Traditional buildings), dies at 91
20th - Maurice Dolbier, US actor/writer (Nowhere near Everest), dies at 81
20th - Sugiyama Yasushi, Japanese painter (b. 1909)
21st - Assad Saftawi, Palestinian co-founder of al-Fatah, murdered at 58
21st - Irving Torgoff, US baseball player (Detroit Tigers), dies at 75
21st - Melchior Ndadaye, banker/1st Hutu pres of Burundi (1993), murder at 40
21st - Sam Zolotow, US theater critic (NY Times), dies at 94
21st - Scott Heiser, US photographer (Interview), dies at 44
21st - James Leo Herlihy, American novelist (Midnight Cowboy), commits suicide at 66
22nd - Elie A Cohen, physician (held in Auschwitz), dies at 84
22nd - Fred C Shapiro, US journalist (Tiananmen-square 1989), dies at 62
22nd - Jiri Hajek, Czech lawyer/minister of Foreign affairs, dies at 80
24th - Ben Scholtens, historian (Gaama Duumi), murdered at 39
24th - Desmond Nuttall, English theorist, dies at 49
24th - Tonino Nardi, Italian cinematographer (Porte Manifest), dies at 54
25th - Francisco Velis, El Salvador guerilla leader (FMLN), murdered
25th - Mary C Lawton, jurist (CIA's Agency Seal Medallion), dies at 58
25th - Philip P Cohen, Doctor (Nobel), dies at 85
25th - Vincent Price, actor (Raven, Fly), dies of lung cancer at 82
25th - Vladimir Yevgenyevich Preobrazhensky, Russian cosmonaut, dies at 54
26th - Absolutely Nobody, [David Powers], Wash lt-gov candidate, dies at 37
26th - H Hardenberg, writer, dies
28th - Carmino Baelen, Belgian sleder, dies at 22
28th - Doris Duke, heiress (American Tobacco Co), dies at 80
29th - George Pope, cricketer (one Test for England, 8 runs not out), dies
29th - Raymond Lockhart, TV director (Huntley Brinkley Report), dies at 65
29th - Roger Turner, American figure skater (7x US National Champion), dies at 92
30th - Hernan Heleno Castro, El Salvadorian guerilla leader, murdered
30th - Paul Grégoire, Archbishop of Montreal (b. 1911)
31st - Adriaan Venema, Dutch journalist/art dealer, commits suicide at 52
31st - Edwin A Walker, US Maj-Gen, dies of lung cancer at 84
Film director, Scriptwriter Federico FelliniFilm director, Scriptwriter Federico Fellini (31st) 31st - Federico Fellini, director (La Dolce Vita), dies of stroke at 73
31st - River Phoenix, actor (Stand By Me), dies of drug overdose at 23

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