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Historical Events

Events 1 - 61 of 61

1st - 58th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Kentucky beats Syracuse 76-67
1st - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Boston MA on WBCN 104.1 FM (morn)
1st - The Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia is created.
2nd - Tigers slugger Cecil Fielder steals 1st base in 1,097th career game
2nd - Sri Lanka 9-349 in 50 overs beat Pakistan 315 all out, Singapore Jayasuriya hits ton in 48 balls, world ODI record at Singapore
3rd - South Australia grab exciting draw vs W A to win Sheffield Shield
3rd - St Francis Fighting Saints scores college baseball run record 71-1
4th - "Inherit the Wind" opens at Royale Theater NYC for 45 performances
4th - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Austin TX on KJFK 98.9 FM
5th - John Bobbitt is put under house arrest in Las Vegas for 120 days
5th - Marlon Brando makes anti-semetic remarks about hollywood on Larry King
6th - Albert Belle shows off his arm by hitting Sports Illustrated photographer Tony Tomsic in the hand prior to a game
7th - 8th Seniors Golf Tradition: Jack Nicklaus
Actor Marlon BrandoActor Marlon Brando 7th - Jayasuriya hits fastest ODI fifty off 17 balls v Pak, Singapore
7th - Kelly Robbins wins Sacramento 12 Bridges LPGA Golf Classic
7th - Pakistan beat Sri Lanka to win Singer Cup in Singapore
8th - Bruce Seldon TKOs Tony Tucker in 7 to win vacated WBA boxing title
10th - Fastest wind speed ever recorded (not a tornado) 408 km/h (220 kn; 253 mph; 113 m/s) during tropical cyclone Olivia on Barrow Island, Australia
11th - "King & I" premieres at Neil Simon Theater in NYC for 781 perform
11th - Detroit Red Wings become 2nd NHL team to win 60 games in a season
13th - En route to NHL record 62 victories Detroit Red Wings win #61
13th - Ottawa Senators eliminate Stanley Cup Champs NJ Devils from playoff
14th - "Apple Doesn't Fall" opens at Lyceum Theater NYC for 1 performance
14th - 60th Masters Golf Tournament: Nick Faldo wins, shooting a 276
14th - Detroit Red Wings win NHL record 62 games
Golfer and Six-Time Major Championship Winner Nick FaldoGolfer and Six-Time Major Championship Winner Nick Faldo 15th - "Apple Doesn't Fall" closes at Lyceum Theater NYC after 1 performance
15th - 100th Boston Marathon: Moses Tanui of Kenya 1st man in 2:09:15.9 and Uta Pippig of Germany 1st woman in 2:27:12
15th - 25th Boston Women's Marathon won by Uta Pippig of Germany in 2:27:12.6
18th - "Funny Thing Happened" opens at St James Theater NYC for 715 perfs
18th - In Lebanon, at least 106 civilians are killed when the Israel Defense Forces accidentally shell the UN compound at Quana.
19th - Rangers scores 16 in 8th vs Orioles
19th - South Africa defeat Pakistan to win the Pepsi Cup in Sharjah
20th - Chicago Bulls win record 72 games in a season
20th - 1996 NFL Draft: Keyshawn Johnson from USC first pick by New York Jets
21st - "Delicate Balance" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC
21st - 57th PGA Seniors Golf Championship: Hale Irwin
21st - Barb Mucha wins LPGA Chick-fil-A Charity Golf Championship
21st - Chicago Bulls win NBA record 72 games (72-8)
21st - Matabeleland beat Mashonaland Country Dist to win Logan Cup
21st - Wayne James scores 99 & 99 & ct 11 stp 2 in Logan Cup Final
23rd - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Reno NV on KRZQ 96.5 FM
23rd - Sotherby begins 4 day auction of Jackie O stuff-take in $34.5 million
23rd - 49th British Film and Television Awards (BAFTAS): "Sense and Sensibility" Best Film, Michael Radford Best Director
23rd - 42nd British Academy Television Awards: "Father Ted" Best Comedy, "Cracker" Best Drama
24th - "Jack-Night on Town with John Barrymore" opens at Belasco for 12 perf
Singer Shania TwainSinger Shania Twain 24th - 31st Academy of Country Music Awards: Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, and Patty Loveless win
24th - Highest scoring baseball game in 17 years - Twins 24, Tigers 11
24th - The UNand Iraq end a third round of negotiations over Iraq's possible sale of $1 billion of oil for 90 days for a 180-day trial period
25th - "Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk" opens at Ambassador Theater NYC
26th - Shaun Pollock takes 4 wkts in 4 balls for Warwickshire in B&H
26th - Sotherby ends 4 day auction of Jackie O stuff-take in $34.5 million
27th - Brunswick World Tournament of Champions won by Dave D'Entremont
28th - "Big" opens at Shubert Theater NYC for 193 performances
28th - Martin Bryant shoots & kills 35 in Port Arthur Tasmania
28th - Meg Mallon wins LPGA Sara Lee Golf Classic
29th - "Rent", starring Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs, opens at Nederlander Theater NYC
Actress/Singer Idina MenzelActress/Singer Idina Menzel 29th - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Fresno CA on KFRR 104.1 FM
30th - "Buried Child" opens at Atkinson Theater NYC for 77 performances
30th - Dutch/Itallian Beppo-SAX launches from Cape Canaveral
30th - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Grand Rapids MI on WKLQ 94.5 FM
30th - US President Clinton approves the sale of $227 million of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve; US gas prices are at their highest levels in 5 years

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 4 of 4

14th - Abigail Breslin, American child actress
17th - Dee Dee Davis, American actress
18th - Alexey Zhigalkovich, Belarusian Singer
25th - Allisyn Ashley Arm, American child actress

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 6 of 6

Actor Hugh JackmanActor Hugh Jackman (11th) 11th - Actor Hugh Jackman (27) weds actress Deborra-Lee Furness (41) at St. John's in Toorak, Victoria
12th - Actor and filmmaker Dennis Hopper (60) weds actress Victoria Duffy (29) at Boston's Old South Church
16th - Singer Judy Collins (57) weds industrial designer Louis Nelson (59) at Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City
27th - Soap opera actor Lorenzo Lamas (38) weds Playboy model and actress Shauna Sand (24) in Rockland County, New York
27th - Romanian gymnast and three-time Olympic gold medalist Nadia Comaneci (35) weds gymnast champion Bart Conner (38) in Bucharest, Romania
27th - Actress Robin Wright Penn (30) weds actor Sean Penn (35) in Santa Monica, California

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 102

1st - Alfredo Nobre Coast, PM of Portugal (1978), dies
1st - Edwin H "Buddy" Morris, music publisher, dies at 89
1st - John Alwyne Kitching, zoologist, dies at 87
1st - John McSheery, dies of heart attack while umpiring a game, at 51
1st - Mario Viegas, actor (The Jew, Divine Comedy), dies at 47
1st - Florence Buchsbaum, French theater director (b. 1926)
1st - John McSherry, American baseball umpire (b. 1944)
3rd - Carl Stokes, 1st African American mayor of a major US city (Cleve), dies
3rd - Christopher John Seward, aid worker, dies at 45
3rd - Ron Brown, American Secretary of Commerce, dies in an air accident aged 54
3rd - Ronald Harmon Brown, politician, dies at 54
3rd - Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes, bluesman, dies at 59
4th - Carl Burton Stokes, politician, dies at 68
4th - David Keylsey, actor/director, dies at 63
4th - David Whitton, campaigner, dies at 44
4th - Frederick Denison Maurice Hocking, pathologist, dies at 97
4th - Joy Newton, dancer, dies at 82
4th - Larry Laprise, songwriter, dies at 83
4th - Seamas NacNeill, piper, dies at 79
4th - Barney Ewell, American athlete (b. 1918)
5th - Peter Nailor, civil servant/historian, dies at 67
6th - Greer Garson, actress (Goodbye Mr Chips), dies at 92
7th - Ian Spurling, ballet designer, dies at 59
8th - Basil Hembry, farmer/campaigner, dies at 80
8th - Ben Johnson, cowboy actor (Tex, Dillinger), dies of heart attack at 77
8th - Charles Donald Adams, singer, dies at 67
8th - Ben Johnson, American actor (b. 1918)
9th - James William Rouse, US builder (shopping malls), dies at 81
9th - Maisie Fitter, editor/conservationist, dies at 83
9th - Richard Thomas Condon, author, dies at 81
9th - Sandy Becker, NYC Kiddie TV Show host (Sandy Becker Show), dies at 74
10th - Jessica Dubroff, attempting to be youngest pilot, dies in crash at 7
11th - Daniel Wolf, journalist, dies at 80
11th - Edwin Clarke, historian/neurologist, dies at 76
11th - Jessica Dubroff, hoped to be youngest to fly across US, crashed at 7
11th - Louis Osman, artist/goldsmith/craftsman, dies at 82
11th - Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, advertising magnate, dies at 89
12th - Marthe Robert, essayist/translator, dies at 82
12th - Nancy Sheehan, writer, dies at 69
12th - William Wilkinson, businessman/conservationist, dies at 63
13th - Denis Sargan, econometrician, dies at 71
13th - George Mackey Brown, poet, dies at 74
13th - James "Jimmy the Gent" Burke, criminal, dies at 64
14th - Benjamin "Zik" Azikiwe Nnamdi, politician, dies at 91
14th - Gaylord Birch, drummer (Pointer Sisters, Herbie Hancock), dies at 50
14th - Manuel A "Manny" Greenhill, record producer, dies at 80
14th - Mervyn Levy, artist/critic, dies at 81
14th - William K Everson, film historian, dies at 67
16th - Lucille Bremer, dancer/actress (Ziegfeld Follies), dies at 73
16th - Madeleine Bourdouxhe, writer, dies at 89
16th - Raymond Earl Hill, saxophonist, dies at 62
16th - Stavros Spyros Niarchos, Greek shipowner, dies at 86
17th - Eva Jones, poet/novelist, dies at 82
17th - Jose Luis Lopez Aranguren, philosopher, dies at 86
17th - Michele Carew, daughter of baseball great Rod, dies of Leukemia at 18
18th - Kalim Siddiqui, islamic campaigner, dies at 62
18th - Michael Leander Farr, record producer, dies at 55
18th - Piet Hein, architect/poet/mathematician/inventor, dies at 80
18th - Robert William Paine, architect, dies at 88
19th - Bernard Edwards, bass player, dies at 44
19th - Norman Oldfield, cricketer (scored 99 runs in Test for England), dies
19th - Peg Ridge, peace campaigner, dies at 72
20th - Cecilia Grace Hunt Reeves Gillie, bBC Executive, dies at 88
20th - Christopher Robin Milne, bookseller, dies at 75
20th - Tran Van Tra, soldier, dies at 77
21st - A H Kardar, cricketer (3 Tests for India & 23 for Pak 1946-58), dies
21st - Dzhokhar Dudayev, separatist leader and President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (1991), dies at 52
21st - Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder, oddsmaker/sportscaster (CBS), dies at 76
21st - Robert Hersant, press baron, dies at 76
21st - Rodney Meredith Thomas, architect/painter, dies at 93
21st - Zora Arkus-Duntov, engineer, dies at 86
22nd - David Shipman, film historian, dies at 63
22nd - Erma Bombeck, humorist (Grass is Greener), dies at 69
22nd - Hiteshwar Saikia, PM of Indian state of Assam (1991-96), dies
22nd - Harold "Jug" McSpaden, American professional golfer (b. 1908)
23rd - Leonard Kuntstat, blues discographer, dies at 70
23rd - Pamela Lyndon Travers, writer (Mary Poppins), dies at 96
23rd - Jean-Victor Allard, Canadian military officer (b. 1913)
24th - Donald Cammell, film director, dies at 62
24th - Erma Bombeck, columnist (Septic Tank is Always Greener), dies
24th - Preston Lockwood, English actor (House of Windsor, Black Candle), dies at 83
25th - John Eustace Theodore Brancker, lawyer/parliamentarian, dies at 87
25th - John Lorne Campbell, folklorist, dies at 90
25th - Saul Bass, designer, dies at 74
26th - Burton Stein, historian, dies at 69
26th - John Norrie McArthur, malariologist/microscopist, dies at 94
26th - Stirling Silliphant, screenwriter, dies at 78
27th - Joan Sterndale Bennett, actress (Elizabeth-Dark Shadows), dies at 86
27th - William Egan Colby, cIA Director, dies at 76
28th - Giles Grangier, film director, dies at 84
28th - Henry Clarke, fashion photographer, dies at 75
28th - Julio Cesar Mendez Montenegro, politician, dies at 80
28th - William E Colby, director of CIA (1973-76), dies
29th - David William Eric Davis, broadcaster, dies at 87
29th - Jaime Garcia Terre, poet/essayist, dies at 71
29th - Siti Hartinah Suharto, wife of President Suharto of Indonesia, dies at 72
29th - Tony Hymphris, political activist, dies at 45
30th - David Michael Ifshin, British political campaign organiser, dies at 46
30th - David Opatoshu, actor (Torn Curtian, Raid on Entebbe), dies at 78
30th - Frank Henry Copplestone, TV executive, dies at 71

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