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Historical Events

Events 1 - 44 of 44

2nd - 30th Country Music Association Award: Brooks & Dunn win
3rd - Thunderdome in Tampa Bay renamed Tropicana Field
4th - BPAA US Bowling Open by Dave Husted
4th - BPAA US Women's Bowling Open won by Liz Johnson
4th - Shahid Afridi scores century in 37 balls for Pakistan v Sri Lanka
5th - Caroline Pierce wins LPGA JAL Big Apple Golf Classic
5th - Cleve Indians strike out 23 Balt Orioles in 12 inn playoff game
5th - NY Yankee Bernie Williams switch hits HRs in a post season game
6th - Bob Dole and President Bill Clinton meet in their 1st debate
6th - Caroline Pierce wins JAL Big Apple Golf Classic
6th - Lois & Clark (fictional characters) wed
6th - NY Jet Nick Lowrey ties Jan Stenerud with 373 NFL field goals
9th - Howard Stern's book "Miss America" released in paperback
10th - "Sex & Longing" opens at Cort Theater NYC
10th - Cornerstone dedication for Holocaust Museum in NYC
11th - Ford buys rights to named Detroit domed stadium for $40 million
13th - "Big" closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 193 performances
42nd US President Bill Clinton42nd US President Bill Clinton 13th - Annika Sorenstam wins Betsy King LPGA Golf Classic
13th - NY Jet Nick Lowrey breaks Jan Stenerud NFL field goal record at 374
13th - Yanks (3) & Orioles (3) combine to tie play off record of 6 HRs
13th - 47th Formula One WDC: Damon Hil wins by 19 points
13th - MLB American League Championship: New York Yankees beat Baltimore Orioles, 4 games to 1
14th - Braves blow out St Louis, 14-0 in an NLCS game
14th - Dow Jones closes over 6,000 for 1st time (6,010)
14th - Packer Chris Jacke kicks longest field goal to end overtime (53 yds)
16th - Eighty-four people are killed and more than 180 injured as 47,000 football fans attempt to squeeze into the 36,000-seat Estadio Mateo Flores in Guatemala City.
17th - "Taking Sides," opens at Atkinson Theater NYC
17th - MLB National League Championship: Atlanta Braves beat St. Louis Cardinals, 4 games to 3
19th - Braves beat NY Yanks by record tying 11 runs, 12-1 in a World Series
20th - "Summer & Smoke" closes at Criterion Theater NYC
20th - Annika Sorenstam wins LPGA Samsung World Championship of Women's Golf
20th - Braves Andruw Jones is youngest player to homer in World Series
20th - Wasim Akram & Saqlain Mushtaq gets cricket Test record 313 for 8th wkt
20th - Wasim Akram scores cricket 257 v Zimbabwe at Sheikhupura, 12 sixes
22nd - NY Yankee Bernie Williams hits record tying 7th post season HR, as Yanks tie record of 6th straight post season road win (en route to 8)
23rd - NY Yankees set record by coming back from 6-0 in World Series game to beat Atlanta Braves 8-6, also set record of 7th straight road win
24th - Hasan Raza makes Test Cricket debut for Pakistan age 14 yrs 238 days
24th - Last game at Atlanta County Fulton Stadium. Yanks win record 8th straight road post season win (with no loses)
25th - Frank, brother of Yank manager Joe Torre, receives a heart transplant
26th - Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Lit de Justice, Storm Song, Jewel Princess, Da Hass, Boston Harbor, Pilsudski, Alphabet Soup at Woodbine
27th - US beats Japan, 21½-14½, at Nichirei International Golf Tournament
28th - Goa upset Karnataka to win their 1st Ranji Cricket Trophy game ever
30th - Exxon confirms that it is in talks with state-owned Qatar General Petroleum Corporation concerning the application of new technology to convert natural gas to petroleum products
31st - Transportes Aéreos Regionais (TAM) Flight 402, a Fokker F100, crashes into several houses in São Paulo, Brazil killing 98 including 2 on the ground.

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 5 of 5

3rd - Adair Tishler, American child actress
14th - Lourdes Marie Ciccone Leon, daughter of singer Madonna
26th - Pasaye, Palatine Ill, twin born 92 days before his brother (Jan 26)
28th - Naelee Rae, American actress
28th - Jasmine Jessica Anthony, American actress

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 5 of 5

Boxer Evander HolyfieldBoxer Evander Holyfield (4th) 4th - Former undisputed boxing heavyweight world champion Evander Holyfield (34) weds Janice Itson (34) at Glynn Wedding Chapel in nearby Fayetteville
6th - American country singer Faith Hill (44) weds singer and actor Tim McGraw (45) in Rayville, Louisiana
19th - "Rescue Me" actor-comedian Lenny Clarke (43) weds former TV producer Jennifer Miller (31) at Martha's Vineyard in Cambridge, Massachusetts
23rd - American caricaturist Al Hirshfeld (93) weds Louise Kerz
25th - Singer-dancer Paula Abdul (33) weds sportswear designer Brad Beckerman (30) at Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 103

1st - Joonas Kokkonen, composer, dies at 74
1st - Patrick McGeown, politician, dies at 40
2nd - Andrey Lukanov, PM of Bulgaria (1990), assassinated at 58
2nd - Frideswide Frances Emma Knight, musician/socialist, dies at 85
2nd - Ivan Mark Waller, mountaineer, dies at 89
2nd - Robert Bourassa, PM of province of Quebec (1970-76, 85-93), dies at 63
2nd - Ronald John Bilsland Colville, businessman, dies at 79
2nd - Sybil Marion Rosenfeld, theatre historian, dies at 93
3rd - Denis Frank Owen, Natural historian, dies at 65
3rd - Eustace Wenworth Roskill, law lord, dies at 85
3rd - Tom ap Rees, botanist, dies at 65
3rd - Tony Parker, oral historian, dies at 73
4th - Martyn Harris, journalist, dies at 43
4th - Silvio Piola, footballer, dies at 83
4th - Tim N Gidal Gidalewitsch, photojournalist, dies at 87
5th - Catherine Elizabeth Pennington, personal assistant, dies at 77
5th - Seymour Cray, computer designer, dies in auto accident at 71
6th - Martyn Taylor, teacher/campaigner, dies at 57
6th - Ted Bessell, director/actor (That Girl), dies of an aneurism at 61
7th - Charles Wegg Solicitor-Prosser, dies at 86
8th - Geoffrey Finsberg, politician, dies at 70
8th - Harold Watkins Shaw, musicologist, dies at 85
8th - Joseph Roy George Ralston, pilot, dies at 81
8th - Susan Gautier TV producer-Smith, dies at 33
8th - William Prince, actor (Ken Baxter-Another World), dies at 83
9th - Alan Charles Downes, cameraman, dies at 58
9th - Harvey Vernon, actor (Jasper-Carter Country), dies at 69
9th - Nigel Thomas Loveridge Fisher, politician, dies at 83
9th - Richard Clarkson, aerodynamicist, dies at 94
10th - Dick Pickering, trade unionist, dies at 54
10th - Hugh Stirling Mackenzie, submariner, dies at 83
10th - John Hillaby, writer/traveller, dies at 79
10th - Peter Aldersley, actor/disc jockey, dies at 72
10th - Siddig El Nigoumi, ceramicist, dies at 65
11th - Arthur Walter Lucas, picture restorer, dies at 80
11th - Edith Tilton Penrose, economist, dies at 81
11th - Johnny Costa, jazz pianist (Mr Rogers), dies at 74
11th - Keith Boyce, cricketer (West Indies all-rounder 1969-76), dies of chronic cirrhosis of the liver at 53
11th - Terry Patchett, politician, dies at 56
11th - William Vickrey, economist, dies at 82
11th - Lars Ahlfors, Finnish mathematician (b. 1907)
12th - David Gilroy Bevan, politician, dies at 86
12th - Jack Robertson, cricketer (Midsex & Eng open bat 11 Tests), dies at 79
12th - Pavel Alexandrovich Solovyov, aero-engine designer, dies at 79
12th - Trevor Illtyd williams, scientific writer, dies at 75
12th - Vernon Elliott, musician/composer, dies at 84
13th - Albert Hughes Williams, teacher/historian, dies at 89
13th - Beryl Reid, actress (Yellowbeard, Psychomania), dies at 76
13th - Henri Nannen, journalist, dies at 82
13th - Rene Lacoste, tennis player, dies at 92
14th - Laura La Plante, screen actress (Show Boat, Scandal), dies at 91
14th - William John Raff Hooper, cartoonist, dies at 80
15th - Bernard Frank, oriental scholar/writer, dies at 69
16th - Anthony Griffin, sailor, dies at 75
16th - Eric Lawson Malpass, writer, dies at 85
16th - Ismond Rosen, psychoanalyst/artist, dies at 82
16th - James Wild, music teacher, dies at 68
16th - Jason Bernard, actor (judge-Liar Liar), dies of heart attack at 58
17th - Berthold Goldschmidt, composer/conductor, dies at 93
17th - Christopher Acland, musician, dies at 30
18th - Guiseppe Panini, industrialist, dies at 71
18th - Hugh Willatt, solicitor/public servant, dies at 91
19th - Frank Neville Hosband Robinson, physicist, dies at 71
19th - Oliver Charles Anderson, novelist, dies at 84
20th - Alfred William Bill Bedford, test Pilot, dies at 75
20th - Mary Tuck, social researcher/civil servant, dies at 68
21st - Abdelhamid Benhadugah, novelist, dies at 71
21st - Eric Halsall, sheepdog trial commentator, dies at 76
21st - George Houston, land economist, dies at 74
21st - Georgios Zoitakis, leader of Greece (1967-72), dies
21st - Robert O'Neill Crossman, politician, dies at 49
21st - Wang Li, politician, dies at 78
22nd - Charles Edward Pevensey Tennant, aristocrat, dies at 39
22nd - John Bauldie, music journalist/Dylanologist, dies at 47
22nd - Matthew Harding, businessman/football supporter, dies at 42
23rd - Alexander Kelly, pianist/teacher, dies at 67
23rd - Diana Trilling, writer, dies at 91
23rd - Lin Onus, artist, dies at 47
23rd - Ronald Alfred Gardyne "Rags" Butler, sailor, dies at 68
24th - Arthur Axmann, head of Hitler Youths in (1940-45), dies at 83
24th - Bruce Matthews, newspaper executive, dies at 71
24th - Hubert Miles Gladwyn Jebb, diplomat, dies at 96
24th - Roderick Barclay, diplomat, dies at 87
24th - Sid Pye, drummer, dies at 55
24th - Eugene Polyakov, Russian balletmaster (Paris Opera Ballet), dies at 53
26th - Gordon Scarrott, engineer, dies at 80
26th - Hans Walter Kosterliz, biochemist, dies at 93
26th - Sylvia Mary Paget Chancellor, philanthropist, dies at 95
27th - Belinda Quirey, dance historian/teacher, dies at 84
27th - James Aubrey Turner, scientist, dies at 57
27th - John Gregory, dancer, dies at 82
28th - Jack Tinker, drama critic, dies at 58
28th - Morey Amsterdam, comedian (Dick Van Dyke Show), dies at 87
28th - William Downie Forrest, journalist, dies at 94
29th - Patricia Ticia Anne Ingrams, broadcaster, dies at 50
29th - Patrick Johnson, physicist, dies at 92
30th - Alexander d'Arbeloff, entrepreneur, dies at 101
30th - Leon Lewis, US radio talk show host (WMCA, 1970-80), dies at 81
30th - Rohan Butler, historian, dies at 79
31st - Andrew Hutchings, teachers' leader, dies at 88

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