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Historical Events

Events 301 - 400 of 889

May 4th - Tammie Green wins LPGA Sprint Titlehoders Championship
May 5th - "Married With Children" final episode on Fox TV
May 5th - Iridium-1 Delta 2 Launch, Successful
May 6th - Army Staff Sgt Delmar Simpson gets 25-year sentence for rape
May 6th - Michael Jackson & Bee Gees inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
May 6th - NHL Hartford Whalers become Carolina Hurricanes
May 6th - Rick Pitino becomes coach of Boston Celtics
May 6th - The Bank of England is given independence from political control, the most significant change in the bank's 300-year history.
May 7th - Expos scores 13 in 6th at Giants
May 7th - Galileo, 4th Ganymede Flyby (Orbit 8)
May 9th - 1st US ambassador since Saigon fell arrives in Vietnam
May 9th - San Diego Padres retire #35 worn by pitcher Randy Jones
May 10th - Chicago Cubs turn baseballs 68th triple play (vs SF Giants)
May 11th - "Play On!" closes at Brooks Atkinson Theater NYC after 61 performances
King of Pop Michael JacksonKing of Pop Michael Jackson May 11th - NY Mets C Everett & Butch Huskey are 9th to hit consecutive pinch HRs
May 11th - Paine Webber Senior Golf Invitational
May 11th - Sara Lee LPGA Classic
May 11th - Scott McCarron wins Bellsouth Golf Classic
May 11th - Terry-Jo Myers wins LPGA Sara Lee Classic
May 11th - Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov 3.5-2.5 in chess
May 12th - 14 North Koreans defect to South Korea
May 12th - Angels scores 13 in 7th vs White Sox
May 12th - Russia & Chechnya sign peace deal after 400 years of conflict
May 12th - Susie Maroney, 22, of Australia, is 1st to swim from Cuba to Florida
May 12th - Tornado narrowly misses downtown Miami
May 13th - Eddie Murray is 6th baseball player to play in 3,000 games
New York Yankees Owner George SteinbrennerNew York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner May 14th - Baseball's Executive Council suspends NY Yank owner George Steinbrenner
May 14th - FC Barcelona of Spain win 37th European Cup Winner's Cup against Paris Saint-Germain of France 1-0 in Rotterdam
May 15th - ABC News & Starwave Corp launch
May 15th - STS 84 (Atlantis 19), launches, 6th Shuttle-Mir Mission
May 16th - Atlanta Braves beat St Louis Cardinals, 1-0 in 13 innings
May 16th - Brandi Sherwood (Idaho) replaces Brook Lee (Miss Univ) as Miss USA
May 16th - Brook Mehealani Lee, 26, of US crowned 46th Miss Universe
May 16th - Expos trailing SF Giants by 9 runs comeback to win 14-13
May 16th - St Louis Cards Gary Gaetti records his 2,000th hits
May 16th - A final agreement creating the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) is signed by project participants, inc. Russia, Kazakhstan, Chevron Corp and others
May 17th - 122nd Preakness: Gary Stevens aboard Silver Charm wins in 1:54
May 17th - WIBC Bowling Queens won by Sandra Jo Shiery-Odom
May 17th - Troops of Laurent Kabila march into Kinshasa.
May 18th - "King David" opens at New Amsterdam Theater NYC
LPGA Golfer Christa JohnsonLPGA Golfer Christa Johnson May 18th - 43rd McDonald's LPGA Championship won by Christa Johnson
May 18th - Cadillac NFL Senior Golf Classic
May 18th - Tiger Woods wins Byron Nelson Golf Classic
May 18th - 50th Cannes Film Festival: "Taste of Cherry" directed by Abbas Kiarostami and "Unagi" directed by Shohei Imamura jointly awarded the Palme d'Or
May 19th - "The Lost World: Jurassic Park", directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Moore, premieres in the US
May 20th - Cosmos Zenit-2 Launch (Russia), Failed
May 20th - Thor-2A Delta 2 Launch (Norway/USA), Successful
May 20th - White Sox Frank Thomas reaches base safely for 15th straight time
May 20th - US President Clinton signs an executive order barring new US investment in Burma (also known as Myanmar), effective May 21 and renewable annually
May 21st - Emmy 24th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 17th time
42nd US President Bill Clinton42nd US President Bill Clinton May 22nd - Kelly Flinn, US Air Force's first female bomber pilot certified for combat, accepts a general discharge in order to avoid a court martial.
May 23rd - "King David" closes at New Amsterdam Theater NYC
May 23rd - Mel Karmazin replaces Peter Lund as CEO of CBS TV
May 24th - Actor Tim Allen arrested for drunk driving in Mich
May 24th - STS 84 (Atlantis 19), lands
May 24th - Telstar-5 Proton Launch, Successful
May 25th - Bell Atlantic Senior Golf Classic
May 25th - David Frost wins Golf's Colonial Final in Fort Worth Texas
May 25th - Minnesota Twins retire Kirby Puckett's uniform #
May 25th - Rosie Jones wins LPGA Corning Classic
May 25th - Todd & Mel Stottlemyre become 1st father & son to win 100 games
May 25th - A military coup in Sierra Leone replaces President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah with Major Johnny Paul Koromah.
MLB Center Fielder Kirby PuckettMLB Center Fielder Kirby Puckett May 25th - NHL Eastern Conference Final: Philadelphia Flyers beat New York Rangers, 4 games to 1
May 26th - Sammy Sosa (Cubs) & Tony Womack (Pirates) hit inside the park HRs
May 26th - NHL Western Conference Final: Detroit Red Wings beat Colorado Avalanche, 4 games to 2
May 27th - 1st all female (20 British women) team reaches North Pole
May 27th - Indianapolis 500: Arie Luyendyk wins his 2nd Indy 500
May 27th - Judge finds Pamela Lee not guilty of breaking a contract
May 27th - Major league revenue sharing begins, NY Yanks pay out most $28M
May 27th - Marv Albert pleads innocent to charges of sexual assault
May 27th - Russian Pres Boris Yeltsin signs a historic treaty with NATO
May 28th - Bob Dylan hospitalized in England with histoplasmosis
May 28th - Linda Finch completes Amelia Earhart attempted around-the-world flight
Singer-Songwriter Bob DylanSinger-Songwriter Bob Dylan May 28th - Tornado in Jarrell Texas kills at least 28
May 28th - Wallace Berg, 42, is 4th American to scale Mt Everest for 3rd time
May 28th - 5th UEFA Champions League Final: Borussia Dortmund beats Juventus 3-1 at Munich
May 29th - 70th National Spelling Bee: Rebecca Sealfon wins spelling euonym
May 29th - Jesse Timmedequas found guilty of rape/murder of Megan Kanka, 7
May 29th - Span scientists announce new human species in 780,000 year old fossil
May 30th - Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X, set on fire by 12-year old grandson
May 30th - Ken Dryden becomes president of NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs
May 31st - "Once Upon a Matress" closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 187 perf
NHL Goalie and Canadian Politician Ken DrydenNHL Goalie and Canadian Politician Ken Dryden May 31st - Donovan Bailey beats Michael Johnson in 150m race
May 31st - The Confederation Bridge opens, linking Prince Edward Island with mainland New Brunswick.
Jun 1st - 10th Children's Miracle Network Telethon raises $5,400,186
Jun 1st - 1st NY Women Film Festival opens
Jun 1st - 51st Tony Awards: Titanic & Last Night of Ballyhoo win
Jun 1st - Ameritech Senior Golf Open
Jun 1st - Annika Sorenstam wins LPGA Michelob Light Classic
Jun 1st - Donovan Bailey beats Michael Johnson in 150m race
Jun 1st - Heartland LPGA Classic
Jun 1st - LA Dodger Wilton Guerrero's bat breaks, revealing it is corked
Jun 1st - Vijay Singh wins Golf Memorial at Muirfield Village CC, 14 under par
Jun 1st - Hugo Banzer wins the Presidential elections in Bolivia.
Jun 2nd - Albert Belle's Chicago White Sox tying 27-game hitting streak ends
Jun 2nd - Liberals beat Conservatives in France
Jun 2nd - Timothy McVeigh found guilty of 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, killing 168
Jun 4th - UN Security renews its "oilforfood" initiative whereby Iraq may sell $2 billion worth of oil to buy food, medicine and other necessities to alleviate civilian suffering under the sanctions imposed when it invaded Kuwait in 1990
Jun 7th - 129th Belmont: Chris McCarron aboard Touch Gold wins in 2:28.8
Jun 7th - Cosmos 2344 Proton-K Launch (Russia), Failed

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Famous Deaths

Deaths 301 - 400 of 531

Aug 10th - Jean-Claude Lauzon, director/writer (Leola), dies in air crash at 43
Aug 10th - Conlon Nancarrow, American composer (b. 1912)
Aug 12th - Luther Allison, blues performer (Motown), dies of cancer at 57
Aug 16th - Gerard McLarnon, actor/writer, dies at 82
Aug 16th - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Pakistani musician (b. 1948)
Aug 20th - Norris Bradbury, American physicist (b. 1909)
Aug 21st - Misael Pastrana Borrero, Pres of Colombia (1970-74), dies
Aug 21st - Yuri Nikulin, Russian clown and actor (b. 1921)
Aug 22nd - Mary Louise Smith, chairman (Rep), dies at 82
Aug 23rd - Eric Gairy, first PM of Grenada (1974-79), dies at 75
Aug 24th - Phillip Humphrey Vellacott, classicist, dies at 90
Aug 25th - Clodomiro Almeyda Medina, Chilean external minister (1970-73), dies
Aug 25th - James Dewar, journalist/documentary film-maker, dies at 70
Aug 25th - Robert Pinget, novelist/Playwright, dies at 78
Aug 27th - Brandon Tartikoff, TV exec (NBC), dies at 48
Aug 27th - Jeep Swenson, actor (Batman & Robin), dies of heart failure at 40
Princess of Wales Diana SpencerPrincess of Wales Diana Spencer (Aug 31st) Aug 31st - Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, dies in car crash in Paris at 36
Sep 2nd - Rudolf Bing, opera manager (NY Met Opera), dies at 95
Sep 2nd - Viktor Frankl, psychotherapist (Man's Search for Meaning), dies at 92
Sep 4th - Belle Stewart, singer, dies at 91
Sep 4th - Aldo Rossi, Italian architect (b. 1931)
Sep 5th - Georg Solti, conductor, dead, dies at 84
Sep 5th - Leon Edel, biographer, dies at 89
Sep 5th - Mother Teresa, Nobel (1979), dies of cardiac arrest at 87
Sep 6th - Philippe Rossillon, administrator, dies at 66
Sep 6th - P. H. Newby, British author and BBC radio director (b. 1918)
Sep 7th - Alex Macintosh, broadcaster/actor (Hell Fight), dies at 72
Sep 7th - Derek Taylor, Beatles publicist, dies of cancer at 65
Sep 7th - Mobutu Sese Seko, President of Zaire (1965-97), dies at 66
Sep 9th - Myra McCulloch, teacher academic/administrator, dies at 48
President of Zaire Mobutu Sese SekoPresident of Zaire Mobutu Sese Seko (Sep 7th) Sep 9th - Richie Ashburn, HOF baseball player (Phillies, Mets), dies at 70
Sep 9th - Burgess Meredith, actor (Penguin-Batman, Rocky), dies at 88
Sep 10th - Jack Adkisson, professional wrestler (b. 1929)
Sep 11th - Camille Henry, National Hockey League player (b. 1933)
Sep 11th - Hannah Weiner American experimental poet (b. 1928)
Sep 12th - Janet Leach, potter, dies at 79
Sep 12th - Judith Merril [Grossman], science fiction writer, dies at 74
Sep 12th - Stikkan Stig Anderson, music entrepreneur (Polar), dies at 66
Sep 16th - Antony Kearey, television producer, dies at 77
Sep 17th - Jan Peder Syse, PM of Norway (1989-90), dies
Sep 17th - John Seldon Whale, theologian, dies at 100
Sep 17th - Red Skelton, comedian (Red Skelton Show), dies at 84
Sep 18th - Harry Brian Boyne, journalist, dies at 87
Sep 18th - Jimmy Witherspoon, singer, dies at 65
Actor Burgess MeredithActor Burgess Meredith (Sep 9th) Sep 19th - Clive Brain, educationalist, dies at 57
Sep 19th - Kathy Keeton Guccione, CEO (General Media Intl), dies at 58
Sep 19th - Malcolm Hughes, artist, dies at 77
Sep 19th - Rich Mullins, American singer (b. 1955)
Sep 20th - Edmund Falkiner, jazz saxophinist/probation officer, dies at 59
Sep 21st - Tommy Cecil, ferryman, dies at 51
Sep 21st - Jennifer Holt, American actress (b. 1920)
Sep 22nd - Bryan Woods, soldier/clerk, dies at 76
Sep 22nd - Eric William Hunter Christie, barrister, dies at 77
Sep 22nd - George Bryan Ingham, artist, dies at 61
Sep 22nd - Ruth Picardie, journalist, dies at 33
Sep 22nd - Shoichi Yokoi, Jap WW II fighter (surrendered in 1972), dies at 82
Sep 23rd - Abe Gibron, head coach (Chicago Bears), dies at 72
Sep 23rd - Murray Burnett, writer (Everybody Goes to Rick-Casablanca), dies at 86
Sep 23rd - Shirley Clarke, actress (Cool World), dies at 78
Sep 24th - Jonathon Silver, entrepreneur/arts patron, dies at 47
Sep 25th - Sayed Mutawli ad Imam scholar/broadcaster-Darsh, dies at 66
Sep 25th - Jean Françaix, French composer (b. 1912)
Sep 25th - Hélène Baillargeon, Quebec singer and folklorist (b. 1916)
Sep 27th - Walter Trampler, American violist (b. 1915)
Sep 29th - Milner Connorton Gray, designer, dies at 97
Sep 29th - Robert Arthur Thornbury Campbell, journalist/musician, dies at 55
Sep 29th - Roy Lichtenstein, pop artist, dies of pneumonia at 73
Sep 30th - Male alligator, largest in Florida (14 feet), killed at about 65
Oct 1st - Gul Mohammed, world's shortest man (22.1"/56.16 cm), dies at 36
Oct 1st - Jerome H. Lemelson, American inventor (b. 1923)
Oct 3rd - Alfred Leslie Rowse, historian, dies at 93
Oct 5th - Andrew Keir, actor (Rob Roy, Absolution, Blood Hunt), dies at 71
Oct 5th - Dave Marr, golfer/commentator, dies at 63
Oct 5th - Brian Pillman, American professional wrestler (b. 1962)
Oct 6th - Johnny Vander Meer, pitched consecutive no-hitters, dies at 82
Oct 8th - Brown Meggs, CEO (Capitol Records), dies of a brain hemorrhage at 66
Oct 8th - Bertrand Goldberg, American architect (b. 1913)
Oct 9th - Arthur Tracy, radio personality (Street Singer), dies at 98
Country Singer John DenverCountry Singer John Denver (Oct 12th) Oct 12th - John Denver, American country music star (Country Boy), dies in a plane crash at 53
Oct 13th - Adil Carcani, prime minister of Albania (1982-91), dies
Oct 14th - Harold Robbins, salacious novelist, dies at 81
Oct 16th - Audra Lindley, actress (Helen Roper-3's Company, Ropers), dies at 79
Oct 16th - James Mitchner, author (Hawaii), dies of kidney failure at 90
Oct 16th - James Michener, American writer (b. 1907)
Oct 17th - Paul Edwin Zimmer, sci-fi writer, dies of heart attack at 54
Oct 18th - Bill Rotsler, cartoonist/writer, dies of cancer at 62
Oct 18th - Nancy Dickerson, 1st female news correspondent (CBS), dies at 70
Oct 18th - Roberto C Goizueta, CEO (Coca-Cola), dies of lung cancer at 65
Oct 19th - Glen Buxton, guitarist (Alice Cooper), dies of pneumonia at 49
Oct 21st - Dolph Camilli, Bkln Dodger/MVP (1941), dies at 90
Oct 22nd - Leonid Amalrik, Russian animator (b. 1905)
Oct 23rd - Bert Haanstra, Dutch filmmaker (b. 1916)
Oct 23rd - Luther George Simjian, Turkish-American Inventor (teleprompter and first self-posing portrait camera), dies at 92
Oct 24th - Don Messick, cartoon voice (Astro-Jetsons, Bamm Bamm), dies at 62
Oct 28th - Toni Carabillo, writer (Feminist Chronicles), dies of lymphoma at 71
Oct 28th - Paul Jarrico, American screenwriter (b. 1915)
Oct 29th - Anton LaVey, American founder of the Church of Satan, dies at 67
Oct 30th - Sam Fuller, director/writer (Big Red One), dies at 86
Oct 31st - Wilfrid Ewart Oulton, airman, dies at 86
Nov 2nd - G Harry Stine, writer, dies at 69

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