What Happened on April 29

Significant Events

  • 1862 New Orleans falls to Union forces during US Civil War
  • 1864 Battle of Gate Pa (Pukehinahina): 1,700 British troops suffer their worst defeat of the New Zealand Wars at the hands of 230 entrenched Maori warriors in Tauranga
  • 1916 Irish republicans abandon the post office in Dublin and surrender unconditionally, marking the end of the Easter Rising
  • 1945 US Army liberates 31,601 in Nazi concentration camp in Dachau, Germany
  • 1975 Vietnam War: US begins to evacuate it's citizens from Saigon in Operation Frequent Wind in response to advancing North Vietnamese forces, bringing an end to US involvement in the war
  • 1990 Wrecking cranes began tearing down the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate
  • 1997 The Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993 comes into force, outlaws production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons among its signatories.
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Did You Know?

1st edition of Peter Roget's Thesaurus published

On April 29, 1852

Famous Weddings

  • 1885 Novelist Edith Wharton (23) weds Edward Robbins Wharton (35)
  • 1945 Adolf Hitler (56) marries Eva Braun (33) in the Führerbunker, Berlin
  • 1964 Princess Irene marries Spanish prince Carel Hugo de Bourbon Parma
  • 1988 "60 Minutes" newscaster Diane Sawyer weds Mike Nichols
  • 1988 Burt Reynolds & Loni Anderson marry
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