On This Day for 2nd February

Historical Events

  • 1653 New Amsterdam becomes a city (later renamed New York)
  • 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends Mexican War; US acquires Texas California, New Mexico & Arizona for $15 million
  • 1901 Queen Victoria's funeral takes place.
  • 1922 James Joyce's "Ulysses" published in Paris (1,000 copies)
  • 1943 German 6th Army surrenders after Battle of Stalingrad, turning point in Europe during WW II
  • 1971 Idi Amin ousts Milton Obote to become dictator of Uganda

Did You Know?

British sailor Alexander Selkirk is rescued after being marooned on a desert island for 5 years, his story inspires "Robinson Crusoe"

On February 2nd, 1709

Famous Weddings

  • 1870 American writer (Huckleberry Finn) Samuel Langhorne Clemens, pen name Mark Twain, (34) marries Olivia Langdon (24) in Elmira, NY
  • 1904 US blues singer Gertrude Pridgett marries comic William Rainey
  • 1936 Physicist Emilio G. Segrè (31) weds jewish woman Elfriede Spiro at the Great Synagogue of Rome in Italy
  • 1957 Actress Elizabeth Taylor (24) marries for the 3rd time to producer Mike Todd (47)
  • 1963 Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola (23) weds documentary filmmaker Eleanor Jessie Neil (26) in Las Vegas, Nevada