What Happened on January 29

Significant Events

  • 1595 William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet is thought to have been first performed. Officially published early 1597.
  • 1886 1st successful gasoline powered car patented by Karl Benz in Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 1892 The Coca-Cola Company, is incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1896 Emile Grubbe is the first doctor to use radiation treatment for breast cancer
  • 2002 US President George W. Bush in his State of the Union address describes "regimes that sponsor terror" an "Axis of Evil", which includes Iraq, Iran and North Korea
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Did You Know?

Victoria Cross established to acknowledge valour in the face of the enemy (United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries)

On January 29, 1856

Famous Weddings

  • 1839 English Naturalist and author of Origin of the Species author Charles Darwin marries Emma Wedgwood
  • 1917 Sculptor Auguste Rodin (76) weds Rose Beuret
  • 1923 President of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (41) weds highly-educated woman Latife Hanim
  • 1945 Actress Gloria Swanson (45) weds William N. Davey
  • 1958 Academy Award-winning actor Paul Newman (33) weds "The Three Faces of Eve" actress Joanne Woodward (27) at the El Rancho hotel-casino in Las Vegas

Famous Divorces

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