What Happened on June 5

Significant Events

  • 1873 Sultan Bargash closes slave market of Zanzibar
  • 1947 US Secretary of State George Marshall outlines "Marshall Plan"
  • 1963 State of siege proclaimed in Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini arrested
  • 1967 6 day war between Israel & Arab neighbors begins
  • 1981 AIDS Epidemic officially begins when US Centers of Disease Control reports on pneumonia affecting 5 homosexual men in Los Angeles
  • 1981 World's first today in history program with editable data "TODAY", invented by Michael Butler runs for the first time on a mainframe computer
  • 1984 Indira Gandhi orders attack on Sikh's holiest site (Golden Temple)
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Did You Know?

Russian orthodox church celebrates 1,000th anniversary

On June 5, 1988

Famous Weddings

  • 1856 Industrialist Samuel Colt (41) weds philanthropist Elizabeth Hart Jarvis (29)
  • 1930 Actress Agnes Moorehead (29) weds actor Jack G. Lee (28)
  • 1941 NBA coach Red Auerbach (23) weds Dorothy Lewis
  • 1974 "Sly and the Family Stone" frontman Sly Stone (31) weds model-actress Kathy Silva at Madison Square Garden
  • 1979 Blues musician Muddy Waters (64) weds Marva Jean Brooks (25) in Chicago

Famous Divorces

  • 2009 "Lost" actress Emilie de Ravin (27) divorces actor Josh Janowicz (27) after three years of marriage
  • 2012 NBC musical drama series "Smash" actress Debra Messing (43) divorces actor and producer Daniel Zelman (44) by their mutual decision after 10 years of marriage
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