What Happened on November 28

Significant Events

  • 1520 Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan begins crossing the Pacific Ocean
  • 1814 The Times of London first printed by automatic, steam powered presses built by German inventors Friedrich Koenig and Andreas Friedrich Bauer - makes newspapers available to a mass audience
  • 1893 Women vote in a national election for the first time, in the New Zealand general election
  • 1919 US-born Lady Astor elected first female member of British House of Commons
  • 1967 1st radio pulsars detected by British postgraduate Jocelyn Burnell and her supervisor Antony Hewish at Cambridge University
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Did You Know?

In Haverhill, Massachusetts, scrap-metal dealer Louis B. Mayer opens his first movie theater.

On November 28, 1907

Famous Weddings

  • 1582 Playwright & poet William Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway
  • 1936 Paleoanthropologist Raymond Arthur Dart (43) weds librarian Marjorie Gordon Frew
  • 1938 Chinese politician Mao Zedong (44) weds Jiang Qing (24) in a small private ceremony
  • 1962 Artist and peace activist Yoko Ono (30) weds film producer Anthony Cox
  • 1986 NBC's Ahmad Rashad marriage proposal is accepted by Phylicia Ayers-Allen during halftime of Det Lions-NY Jets football game
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