What Happened on November 8

Significant Events

  • 392 Roman Emperor Theodosius declares Christian religion the state religion
  • 1519 1st meeting of Moctezuma II & Hernán Cortés in Tenochtitlan, Mexico
  • 1701 William Penn presents Charter of Priviliges
  • 1734 Vincent la Chapelle, master cook to various nobility and royalty, forms Free Masons Lodge in Netherlands
  • 1895 German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen produces and detects electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range today known as X-rays or Röntgen rays
  • 2002 Iraq disarmament crisis: UN Security Council under Resolution 1441 unanimously approves a resolution on Iraq, forcing Saddam Hussein to disarm or face "serious consequences"
  • 2016 Republican Donald Trump is elected President of The United States of America, defeating democrat Hillary Clinton despite Clinton receiving 2.9 million more votes
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Did You Know?

The Bodleian Library at Oxford University is opened

On November 8, 1602

Famous Weddings

  • 1766 Future Prime Minister William Cavendish-Bentinck (28) weds Dorothy Cavendish (16)
  • 1975 NBA legend Larry Bird (18) weds highschool sweetheart Janet Condra
  • 1985 Author Ken Follett (36) weds politician Barbara Hubbard (42)
  • 2006 Malaysian actress Sazzy Falak (25) weds co-founder of LVG Consultants and LVG MoneySkool Nazril Idrus
  • 2009 "The Practice" actress Marla Sokoloff (29) weds composer Alec Puro (34) at Il Cielo restaurant

Famous Divorces

  • 1968 Cynthia Lennon is granted a divorce from Beatle member John
  • 1970 "Easy Rider" director and actor Dennis Hopper (34) divorces singer Michelle Phillips (26) only 8 days after getting married
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