What Happened on October 28th

Historical Events

  • 306 Mark Aurelius Valerius Maxentius proclaimed emperor of Rome
  • 1492 Christopher Columbus discovers Cuba and claims it for Spain
  • 1538 The first university in the New World, the Universidad Santo Tom├ís de Aquino, is established on Hispaniola
  • 1746 Peruvian cities of Lima & Callao demolished by earthquake, 18,000 die
  • 1886 Statue of Liberty dedicated by US President Grover Cleveland, celebrated by first confetti (ticker tape) parade in New York City
  • 1904 St Louis police try a new investigation method - fingerprints
  • 1924 M.de Bruin, a quarry man and miner, discovers an infant fossil skull in a lime quarry in Taung, South Africa. Popularly known as the Taung child, Paleoanthropologist Raymond Dart identifies the fossil as a new hominin species called Australopithecus africanus (The Southern Africa Ape).
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Did You Know?

Volstead Act passed by US Congress, establishing prohibition, despite President Wilson's veto

On October 28, 1919

Famous Weddings

  • 1533 Prince Henry of France (later Henry II) (14) marries Florentine noblewoman Catherine de' Medici (14)
  • 1863 Painter Edouard Manet (31) weds Suzanne Leenhoff (34)
  • 1869 Sarawak's head of state Charles Brooke (40) weds Margaret Alice Lili de Windt (20) at Highworth, Wiltshire
  • 1981 Film director David Lean (73) weds fifth wife Sandra Hotz
  • 2004 Economist Joseph E. Stiglitz (61) weds professor Anya Schiffrin (41) at the Municipal Building in New York
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