What Happened on September 25

Significant Events

  • 1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge; English army under King Harold Godwinson defeat invading Norwegians led by King Harald Hardrada and Harold's brother Tostig, who were both killed
  • 1513 Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa croses the Panama Isthmus becoming first European to see the Pacific Ocean
  • 1789 US Congress proposes the Bill of Rights
  • 1906 Leonardo Torres Quevedo successfully demonstrates the Telekino at Bilbao before a great crowd, guiding a boat from the shore, considered the birth of the remote control
  • 1956 First transatlantic telephone cable goes into operation from Newfoundland to Oban
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Did You Know?

Andorra and Germany sign a treaty ending WW I, as Versailles Peace Treaty forgot to include Andorra

On September 25, 1939

Famous Weddings

  • 1845 Confederate army Nathan Bedford Forrest (24) weds Presbyterian minister's daughter Mary Ann Montgomery (18) in Hernando, Mississippi
  • 1873 Frontiersman and gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok supposedly marries Calamity Jane according to the later's daughter (disputed)
  • 1889 Prime Minister of Canada Robert Borden (34) weds Laura Bond
  • 1926 Outlaw Bonnie Parker (15) weds Roy Thornton
  • 1940 "Sullivan's Travels" actress Veronica Lake (18) weds American motion picture art director and set designer John S. Detlie (31)
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Would You Believe?

British physician Dr. Charles Drysdale warns against the use of tobacco in a letter to The Times newspaper in one of the earliest public health announcements on the dangers of smoking

On September 25, 1878