Famous Deaths in June 1864

  • Jun 1 Solomon George Washington Dill, poor white ally of African Americans, assassinated in his home by white terrorists in SC
  • Jun 1 Hong Xiuquan, Chinese rebel (b. 1812)
  • Jun 2 George Pierce Doles, US businessman/Confed brig-general, dies at 34
  • Jun 3 James P McMahon, US Union colonel (164th NY), dies in battle
  • Jun 3 Peter A Porter, US Union colonel (8th NY), dies in battle
  • Jun 5 William Edmonson "Grumble" Jones, Confederate brigadier general, dies in battle at 39
  • Jun 14 Leonidas Polk, general, killed in action in Battle of Pine Mt
  • Jun 19 George Lincoln Prescott, US Union brig-gen, dies of injuries
  • Jun 27 Charles Garrison Harker, US Union-brig-general, dies in battle at 26