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Jan 3rd - Jozef Lies, Flemish painter, dies at 43
Jan 8th - Aimé, duc de Clermont-Tonnerre, French general (b. 1779)
Jan 16th - Edmond François Valentin About, French writer (b. 1828)
Jan 19th - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, French philosopher and anarchist (b. 1809)
Feb 6th - John Pegram, US Confederate brig-gen, dies in battle at 33
Feb 7th - John Henry Winder, US Confederate brig-gen/provost marshal, dies at 64
Feb 10th - Heinrich Lenz, German physicist (b. 1804)
Feb 15th - Nicholas Wiseman, 1st Archbishop of Westminster (1850-65), dies
Feb 25th - Otto Ludwig, German writer (Zwischen Himmel und Erde), dies at 47
Mar 1st - Anna Paulowna Romanova, great monarch of Russia, dies at 70
Mar 2nd - Carl Sylvius Völkner, German missionary to New Zealand (b. 1819)
Mar 10th - William Henry "Little Billy" Chase Whiting, Confed gen-maj, dies at 48
Mar 20th - Keisuke Yamanami, Japanese samurai (b. 1833)
Mar 26th - Thomas Hancock, pioneer of rubber industry (Stoke Newington), dies
Mar 27th - Petrus Hoffman Peerlkamp, Dutch scholar (b. 1786)
Mar 28th - Albert G Bilders, Dutch landscape painter, dies at 26
Apr 1st - Giuditta Pasta, Italian soprano (b. 1797)
Apr 2nd - Ambrose Powell Hill, Confederate general, killed in action at 39
Apr 2nd - Richard Cobden, founder Anti-Corn-Law League, dies at 60
Apr 6th - John Austin Wharton, US Confederate general-major, dies at 36
Apr 6th - Reuben B Boston, US Confederate cavalery colonel, dies in battle
Apr 8th - John Park, composer, dies at 61
Apr 9th - Thomas Alfred Smyth, Irish/US Union general-major, dies at 32
US President Abraham LincolnUS President Abraham Lincoln (Apr 15th) Apr 15th - Abraham Lincoln, 16th American president, dies from gunshot wound at 56
Apr 16th - Robert C Tyler, US Confederate brig-general, dies in battle
Apr 22nd - Francis Washburn, US Union colonel/gen major, dies of injuries
Apr 23rd - James Dearing, US Confederate brig-general, dies at 24
Apr 26th - Charles J Sax, Belgium musician and father of Adolphe Sax inventor of the saxophone, dies at 74
Apr 26th - John Wilkes Booth, assassin, is shot dead near Bowling Green VA at 27
Apr 28th - Samuel Cunard, Canadian-born British shipping magnate (b. 1787)
Apr 30th - Robert Fitzroy, English admiral and meteorologist (b. 1805)
May 21st - Christian Jürgensen Thomsen, Danish Archaeologist, created Stone, Bronze, Iron age system, dies at 76
May 30th - William Clarke Quantrill, criminal/Confederate bushwhacker, dies at 27
Assassin John Wilkes BoothAssassin John Wilkes Booth (Apr 26th) Jun 2nd - John E Feisser, founder (1st Dutch baptist church), dies at 59
Jun 2nd - Ner Alexander Middleswarth, American politician (b. 1783)
Jun 3rd - Okada Izō, Japanese samurai (b. 1838)
Jun 8th - Joseph Paxton, designer (Crystal Palace), dies
Jun 13th - Cleaveland J Campbell, Union brig-general, dies at about 29
Jun 15th - Edmun Ruffin, US secessionist/writer, commits suicide
Jun 15th - Jakob Zeugheer, composer, dies at 61
Jun 21st - Frances Adeline Seward, wife of United States Secretary of State William H. Seward (b. 1824)
Jul 7th - Mary Surratt, & 3 other Lincoln conspirators, hanged
Jul 7th - Lewis Paine, Lincoln conspirator (b. 1844)
Jul 7th - David Herold, Lincoln conspirator (b. 1842)
Jul 15th - Reinier C Bakhuizen van de Brink, Dutch historian, dies at 55
Jul 24th - Johan Filip von Schantz, composer, dies at 30
Jul 25th - "James Barry", military surgeon, first womanin Great Britain to become a qualified medical doctor
Jul 30th - George Wright, US Union brig-general, dies at 61
Aug 12th - William Jackson Hooker, botanist, dies
Aug 13th - Ignaz Semmelweis, gynecologist, dies at 47
Aug 17th - Johann Nepomuk Poissl, composer, dies at 82
Aug 17th - Mosby Munroe Parsons, US Confederate gen-maj, dies in battle
Aug 26th - Johann F Encke, German astronomer (Comet Encke), dies at 73
Aug 26th - Marcellus Monroe Crocker, US attorney/Union brig-general, dies at 35
Aug 27th - Jozef Nowakowski, composer, dies at 64
Aug 29th - John Brough, US publisher/(gov-R-Ohio), dies at about 54
Sep 11th - Christophe Léon Louis Juchault de Lamoricière, French general (b. 1806)
Sep 16th - Christian Julius De Meza, Danish general (b. 1792)
Sep 20th - William H Revere Jr, US Union brig-general, dies
Sep 22nd - Heinrich Christian Pander, Russian zoologist, dies at 71
Sep 24th - Frantiszek Soltyk, composer, dies at 81
Sep 30th - Samuel David Luzzatto, Italian-Jewish scholar (b. 1800)
Oct 8th - Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst, composer, dies at 51
Oct 12th - William Vincent Wallace, composer, dies at 53
Oct 16th - Andrés Bello, Venezuelan poet, lawmaker, philosopher, and sociologist (b. 1781)
Oct 18th - Lord Henry JT Palmerston, English Minister of Foreign affairs, dies at 80
Oct 20th - Champ Ferguson, Confederate guerrilla (b. 1821)
Oct 31st - William Parson, 3rd Earl of Rosse & maker of large telescopes, dies
Nov 6th - Atale Therese Annette Wartel, composer, dies at 51
Nov 10th - Henry Wards, Confederate prison supt, executed for excessive cruelty
Nov 12th - Elizabeth Gaskell, English novelist (b. 1810)
Nov 17th - James McCune Smith, African-American doctor and abolitionist (b. 1813)
Nov 23rd - Josef Leopold Zvonar, composer, dies at 41
Nov 23rd - René E de Russy, West Indian/US brig-general, dies at about 75
Nov 25th - Heinrich Barth, German historian/geographer (Central Africa), dies
Nov 29th - Herman van Sonsbeeck, Dutch lawyer/statesman, dies at 69
Dec 1st - Constant van Crombrugghe, Flemish monastery founder, dies at 76
Dec 1st - Abraham Emanuel Fröhlich, Swiss poet (b. 1796)
Dec 6th - Sebastian de Iradier, Spanish composer (Arreglito), dies at 56
Dec 10th - King Léopold I of Belgium (b. 1790)
Dec 14th - Johan Georg Forchhammer, Danish geologist (b. 1794)
Dec 18th - Francisco Manuel da Silva, composer, dies at 70
Dec 24th - Sir Charles Lock Eastlake, British painter and writer (b. 1793)

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