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Jan 4th - Anselm Feuerbach, German painter, dies
Jan 8th - Joshua Abraham Norton, [Emperor Norton] Self-proclaimed US Emperor/Protector of Mexico, dies at 60
Jan 27th - Edward Middleton Barry, English architect (b. 1830)
Feb 4th - James Donnelly, patriarch of the "Black Donnellys", murdered in the Black Donnelly massacre at 63
Feb 29th - Sir James Wilson, Premier of Tasmania (b. 1812, also on 29 February)
Mar 2nd - Sir John MacNeill, Irish civil engineer (b. 1790)
Mar 15th - Jan K J de Jonge, Dutch historian, dies at 51
Mar 23rd - Gustav Adolf Mankell, composer, dies at 67
Mar 25th - Joseph Rummel, composer, dies at 61
Mar 25th - Ludmilla Assing, writer, dies
Mar 26th - Mariano Soriano Fuertes y Piqueras, composer, dies at 62
Mar 28th - Achille Peri, composer, dies at 67
Mar 29th - Jakob Axel Josephson, composer, dies at 62
Mar 31st - Henryk Wieniawski, Polish violist/composer, dies at 44
Apr 7th - Diederich Krug, composer, dies at 58
Squatter James DonnellySquatter James Donnelly (Feb 4th) Apr 13th - Robert Fortune, Scottish botanist (b. 1813)
Apr 23rd - Guess Saleh, [Sarief Bastaman], Javanese painter, dies
May 3rd - Jonathan Homer Lane, American astronomer who mathmatically analyzed the Sun as a gaseous body, dies at 60
May 4th - Edward Clark, Governor of Texas (b. 1815)
May 8th - Gustave Flaubert, French novelist (b. 1821)
May 9th - Johann Hermann Berens, composer, dies at 54
May 10th - John Goss, composer/organist, dies at 79
May 16th - Karl August Krebs, composer, dies at 76
May 20th - Eugene LFC prince the Ligne, Belgian prince of Ambise, dies at 76
May 22nd - Heinrich WA Freiherr von Gagern, German liberal politician, dies at 80
May 26th - John Curwen, composer, dies at 63
May 31st - Hippolyte Mège-Mouriés, French chemist and inventor of margarine, dies at 62
Jun 4th - Eugen Adam, painter, dies
Jun 5th - Jacobus J Cremer, painter/author (Betuwsche Novellen), dies at 52
Jun 16th - James Southerton, cricketer (appeared in England's 1st 2 Tests), dies
Jun 18th - John Sutter, US colonist (gold discovered on his land), dies at 77
Jun 28th - Texas Jack Omohundro, American frontier scout, actor, and cowboy (b. 1846)
Jun 29th - George W Vreede, lawyer/politician, dies
Jul 9th - Paul Broca, French physician and anatomist (b. 1824)
Jul 21st - Hiram Walden, American politician (b. 1800)
Jul 22nd - Anna Caroline Oury, composer, dies at 72
Aug 5th - Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra, Austrian physician (b. 1816)
Aug 15th - Adelaide Neilson, English Actress (b. 1848)
Aug 17th - Ole Bull, Norwegian violinist and composer (b. 1810)
Sep 1st - Antoon Jurgens, margarine maker, dies at 75
Sep 15th - William Hauser, composer, dies at 67
Sep 22nd - G F Grace, cricketer (one Test v Australia), dies
Oct 4th - William Lassell, English astronomer (1st moon of Neptune), dies
Oct 5th - Jacques Offenbach, German-born composer (b. 1819)
Oct 6th - Benjamin Pierce, US mathematician/astronomer, dies
Oct 14th - Victorio, Apache chief/murderer, killed by Mexican army
Oct 16th - Edward Wolff, composer, dies at 64
Nov 7th - Carl Friedrich Weitzmann, composer, dies at 72
Nov 8th - Jacob Edvard Gille, composer, dies at 66
Nov 11th - Lucretia Mott, US quaker (1st Woman's Rights Convention), dies
Leader of the Kelly gang Ned KellyLeader of the Kelly gang Ned Kelly (Nov 11th) Nov 11th - Ned Kelly, Australian outlaw and bushranger, executed at 25
Nov 19th - Bernard de Hair, vicar/poet/church historian, dies at 74
Nov 24th - Hanri Reber, composer, dies at 73
Nov 26th - Guilherme Antonio Cossoul, composer, dies at 52
Nov 28th - Aires de Ornelas e Vasconcelos, (Portuguese) Archbishop of Goa (b. 1837)
Dec 2nd - Josephine Lang, composer, dies at 65
Dec 11th - Oliver Fisher Winchester, American businessman and politician (b. 1810)
Dec 12th - Michel Chasles, French mathematician (geometry), dies at 83
Dec 15th - Carlo Boncompagni di Mombello, Ital minister of Justice, dies at 76
Dec 22nd - George Eliot [Mary Anne Evans], Victorian novelist (Adam Bede), dies on 61st birthday
Dec 25th - Fridolin Anderwert, Swiss Federal Councillor (b. 1828)
Dec 27th - Alessandro Nini, composer, dies at 75

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