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Jan 2nd - James Longstreet, Confederate general, dies at 82
Jan 5th - Karl A von Zittel, German geologist/paleontologist (Libya), dies at 64
Jan 9th - Alfred Richard, cricketer (6 & 0 in only Test for S Af 1895-96), dies
Jan 10th - Jean-Léon Gérôme, French painter and sculptor (b. 1824)
Jan 15th - Eduard Lassen, composer, dies at 73
Jan 24th - Franz Coenen, composer, dies at 77
Jan 26th - John P R Tak, Dutch liberal politician, dies at 64
Jan 26th - Whitaker Wright, English mining tycoon (b. 1846)
Jan 27th - Adam Minchejmer, composer, dies at 73
Feb 1st - Peter PM Alberdingk Thijm, Dutch historian/writer, dies at 76
Feb 2nd - William C. Whitney, American financier (b. 1841)
Feb 10th - John A. Roche, Mayor of Chicago (b. 1844)
Feb 20th - Gustav Adolf Heinze, composer, dies at 83
Feb 22nd - Leslie Stephen, English writer and critic (b. 1832)
Mar 5th - Alfred von Waldersee, Prussian field marshal/chief-staff, dies at 71
Mar 7th - Ferdinand André Fouqué, French geologist (b. 1828)
Confederate General James LongstreetConfederate General James Longstreet (Jan 2nd) Apr 9th - Isabella II, Queen of Spain (1833-68), dies at 73
Apr 13th - Vasili Vereshtshagin, Russian painter (War & Peace), dies
Apr 16th - Maximilian Kronberger, German poet (b. 1888)
Apr 16th - Samuel Smiles, Scottish writer and reformer (b. 1812)
Apr 24th - Friedrich Siemens, German industrial, dies at 77
May 1st - Antonín Dvořák, Czech composer (Slavic Dancing), dies at 62
May 6th - Franz von Lenbach, German painter, dies at 67
May 7th - Peter Hille, writer, dies
May 8th - Eadweard Muybridge, English photographer (horse trot), dies
May 10th - Henry Morton Stanley, Welsh journalist and African explorer (discovered source of the Nile), dies aged 63
May 13th - Jan Boissevain, ship owner/politician, dies
May 14th - Richard Hol, Dutch composer/organist/conductor, dies at 78
May 16th - N I Bobrikov, Russian governor-general in Finland, dies
May 19th - Auguste Molinier, French historian (b. 1851)
May 26th - Georges Gilles de la Tourette, French neurologist (b. 1857)
Jun 3rd - Vincent Tancred, cricket (Bernard & Louis bro, Test for S A), suicide
Jun 12th - Camille de Renesse, Belgian Count (b. 1836)
Jun 13th - Nikiphoros Lytras, Greek painter (b. 1832)
Jun 30th - Thomas Emmett, cricketer (English Test bowler of the sostenuter), dies
Jul 3rd - Theodor Herzl, Austrian journalist/Zionist, dies
Jul 3rd - Edouard Beaupré, Canadian giant and strongman (b. 1881)
Jul 5th - Abai Kunanbaiuli, Kazakh poet (b. 1845)
Jul 14th - President Paul Kruger, the face of Boer resistance against the British during the South African or Second Boer War (1899–1902), heart failure at 78
Author and Playwright Anton ChekhovAuthor and Playwright Anton Chekhov (Jul 15th) Jul 15th - Anton Chekhov, Russian writer (Uncle Vanya), dies at 44
Jul 22nd - Wilson Barrett, English actor (b. 1846)
Jul 23rd - John Simon, public health pioneer, dies
Jul 28th - Plehve, Russian foreign minister (bomb under carriage), dies
Aug 4th - Arnold Krug, composer, dies at 54
Aug 6th - Eduard Hanslick, Austrian music critic (b. 1825)
Aug 9th - Friedrich Ratzel, German social-geographer (Lebensraum), dies at 59
Aug 10th - Pierre M Waldeck-Rousseau, French foreign minister (Dreyfus), dies
Aug 25th - William Hall, Canadian Royal Naval sailor (b. 1827)
Aug 29th - Murad V, sultan of Turkey (1876), dies
Aug 30th - Kate Fanny Loder, composer, dies at 79
Sep 13th - Raden Ayu Kartini, Indonesian national heroine (b. 1879)
Sep 18th - Herbert von Bismarck, German politician/son of Otto, dies
Sep 21st - Chief Joseph, US indian chief (Nez Perces), dies
Sep 26th - Lafcadio Hearn, author (Soul of the Great Ball), dies at 54
Sep 26th - John F. Stairs, Canadian businessman and statesman (b. 1848)
Sep 29th - Niels Ryberg Finnen, Danish physician (Nobel 1903), dies
Sep 30th - Sigurd Lie, composer, dies at 33
Oct 1st - William GGVV Harcourt, historian/English Sect of State, dies at 76
Sculptor Frederic Auguste BartholdiSculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (Oct 4th) Oct 4th - Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, designer of the Statue of Liberty, dies of tuberculosis at 70
Oct 4th - Frederic Auguste Bertholdi, French sculptor (Statue of Liberty), dies
Oct 4th - Karl Bayer, Austrian chemist (b. 1847)
Oct 8th - Gustav Ratzenhofer, Austria sociologist/philosopher, dies at 62
Oct 13th - Pavlos Melas, Greek officer who organized and participated in the Greek Struggle for Macedonia (b. 1870)
Oct 17th - Nikolai Amani, composer, dies at 32
Oct 20th - Henry Hiles, composer, dies at 77
Oct 21st - Isabelle Eberhardt, Swiss explorer and writer (b. 1877)
Oct 25th - Teresa Milanollo, composer, dies at 77
Nov 3rd - Gaston Henri Charles Antoine Serpette, composer, dies at 57
Nov 4th - Jack Brown, cricketer (8 Tests for England 1894-99), dies
Nov 18th - Justus van Maurik, cigar manufacturer/author/head of Red Guard, dies
Nov 22nd - Theophile E A de Bock, painter/etcher, dies
Nov 30th - Aldine Sillman Kieffer, composer, dies at 64
Dec 10th - James Cranston, cricketer (scored 16 & 15 in Test for England), dies
Dec 24th - Juliaan Dillens, Flemish sculptor, dies at 55
Dec 25th - Per Jonas Fredrik Vilhelm Svedbom, composer, dies at 61

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