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Jan 2nd - Leon P Teisserenc de Bort, Fr meteorologist (stratosphere), dies at 57
Jan 4th - Alfred von Schlieffen, Prussian general-field marshal, dies at 79
Jan 6th - Frederick Hitch, English Victoria Cross Winner (b. 1856)
Jan 7th - Jack Boyle, American baseball player (b. 1866)
Jan 13th - Thomas P Krag, Norw author/novelist (Jon Graeff, Ulf Ran), dies at 44
Jan 17th - Carl Baermann, composer, dies at 73
Jan 18th - Edmond R H Regout, Dutch industrialist/politician, dies at 49
Jan 19th - David Emlyn Evans, composer, dies at 69
Jan 22nd - Ferdinand van der Haeghen, Flemish librarian/bibliographer, dies at 82
Jan 23rd - Nazim Pasha, Turkey's PM, assassinated
Jan 24th - Gustav Luders, composer, dies at 47
Feb 22nd - Ferdinand Mongin de Saussure, Swiss linguist, dies at 55
Feb 22nd - Francisco Indalecio Madero, Mex pres, assassinated in milt coup at 39
Feb 22nd - Suarez, Mexican vice pres, assassinated in a miltary coup
Feb 23rd - Jimmy Sinclair, cricketer (3 centuries in 25 Test S Afr career), dies
Feb 26th - Felix Draeseke, composer, dies at 77
Feb 27th - Adam Sedgwick, English zoologist (Peripatus), dies at 58
Feb 28th - Elephant seal, 6.8-m, 4000-kg, killed in S Georgia (South Atlantic)
Mar 7th - Emily Pauline Johnson, Native Canadian poet
Mar 9th - Eberhard Nestle, German biblical scholar, dies at 61
Abolitionist Harriet TubmanAbolitionist Harriet Tubman (Mar 10th) Mar 10th - Harriet Tubman, abolitionist, conductor on Underground RR, dies in NY at about 93
Mar 12th - Joseph Bayer, composer, dies at 61
Mar 18th - George I, king of Greece (1861-1913), assassinated by Schinas at 67
Mar 19th - John Thomas, composer, dies at 87
Mar 20th - Christian Barnekow, composer, dies at 75
Mar 20th - Song Jiao-ren, leader Chinese Guomindang-Party, dies
Mar 22nd - Sung Chiao-jen, Chinese Nationalist (b. 1882)
Mar 31st - John Pierpont Morgan, US banker/CEO (US Steel Corp), dies at 75
Apr 6th - Jose Marraco y Ferrer, composer, dies on 78th birthday
Apr 14th - Karl Hagenbeck, German animal trainer (Von Tieren), dies at 68
May 1st - John Barclay Armstrong, Texas Ranger and U.S. Marshal (b. 1850)
May 16th - Louis Perrier, member of the Swiss Federal Council (b. 1849)
May 18th - Otto Reubke, composer, dies at 70
May 28th - Lord Avebury, [John Lubbock], British banker/politician, dies
Jun 3rd - Josef Richard Rozkosny, composer, dies at 79
Jun 5th - Chris von der Ahe, baseball pioneer (b. 1851)
Jun 8th - Emily Wilding Davison, suffragette, trampled to death by a horse
Jun 11th - Machmud Shevket Pasha, Turks grand vizier, murdered
Jun 21st - Stefan O Iosif, Romanian poet (Beautiful Irine), dies at 37
Jun 24th - Frank Lynes, composer, dies at 55
Jun 28th - Manoel Ferraz de Campos Salles, President of Brazil (b. 1841)
Jul 5th - Alfred Lyttelton, cricketer (Eng wk 1880-84 demon lob bowler), dies
Jul 7th - Edward Burd Grubb, American Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General (b.1841)
Jul 8th - Louis Hémon, French-born writer (b. 1880)
Jul 19th - Clímaco Calderón, President of Colombia (b. 1852)
Jul 29th - Tobias MC Asser, lawyer (Nobel 1911), dies
Jul 31st - John Milne, British Geologist, Seismologist, and Anthropologist who developed the first modern seismograph, dies of Bright's disease at 62
Aug 7th - David Popper, composer, dies at 70
Aug 13th - F August Bebel, German social-democrat, dies
Sep 9th - Count Paul J Smet de Naeyer, Belgian politician, dies
Sep 12th - Major R B Stewart, cricketer (scored 4 & 9 in S Afr's 1st Test), dies
Sep 13th - Alfred Gaul, composer, dies at 76
Sep 29th - Rudolph C K Diesel, German constructer (Diesel Motor), dies at 55
Oct 1st - Eugene O'Keefe, Canadian businessman and philanthropist (b. 1827)
Oct 5th - Hans von Bartels, German painter (b. 1856)
Oct 10th - Katsura Taro, Prime Minister of Japan (b. 1848)
Oct 10th - Adolphus Busch, American brewer (Anheuser-Busch) (b. 1839)
Oct 20th - Leander Schlegel, composer, dies at 69
Oct 23rd - Edwin Klebs, German Physician and Bacteriologist (bacterial theory of infection, diphtheria bacillus), dies at 79
Oct 31st - William Evans-Gordon, British politician (b. 1857)
Nov 3rd - Hans Bronsart von Schellendorf, composer, dies at 83
Naturalist, biologist, and explorer Alfred Russel WallaceNaturalist, biologist, and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace (Nov 7th) Nov 7th - Alfred Russel Wallace, British naturalist and biologist (b. 1823)
Nov 25th - Robert S Ball, Irish mathematician/astronomer (Ball Screw), dies
Dec 7th - Luigi Oreglia di Santo Stefano, Italian Catholic churchman and last surviving cardinal of Pius IX (b. 1828)
Dec 12th - Emperor Menelek II of Ethiopia (b. 1844)
Dec 17th - Stefano Gobatti, composer, dies at 61
Dec 22nd - Menelik II, King of Ethiopia (1896-1913), dies at 69
Dec 23rd - James Middleton, cricketer (24 wkt of lefty pace S Af 1895-1903), dies

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