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Jan 2nd - Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, Ger chancellor/PM (Prussia), dies at 64
Jan 7th - Benno Erdmann, German philosopher (Logik I), dies at 69
Jan 8th - Luis Villalba Munoz, composer, dies at 48
Jan 12th - Gervase Elwes, English tenor (b. 1866)
Jan 18th - Adolf von Hildebrand, German sculptor, dies at 73
Jan 22nd - Captain George Streeter, American riverboat captain and circus owner (b. 1837)
Jan 23rd - Wlasyslaw Zelenski, composer, dies at 83
Jan 25th - Mykola Dmytrovich Leontovych, composer, dies at 43
Jan 27th - Maurice Vincent Buckley, Australian soldier (b. 1891)
Jan 29th - Billy Gunn, English cricketer (11 test matches) and footballer, dies at 62
Feb 2nd - Luigi Mancinelli, composer, dies at 72
Feb 3rd - Max Wilhelm Zach, composer, dies at 56
Feb 4th - Xavier Mellery, Belgian painter/illustrator, dies at 75
Feb 7th - Peter Kropotkin, Russ Prince/geologist/revolut anarchist, dies at 78
Feb 8th - Pjotr A Kropotkin, Russian ruler/anarchist, dies at 78
Feb 8th - George Formby (Senior), English entertainer (b. 1876)
Feb 12th - Charles Leslie, cricketer (4 Tests England v Australia 1882-83), dies
Feb 13th - Willem P C Knuttel, Dutch bibliography/librarian, dies at 67
Feb 15th - Hans Haym, composer, dies at 60
Feb 22nd - Salim Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, Emir of Kuwait (b. 1864)
Feb 26th - Carl Menger, Austrian economist, dies at 81
Feb 27th - Schofield Haigh, cricketer (Eng all-rounder 11 Tests 1898-1912), dies
Mar 1st - Nicholas Petrovic Njegos, King of Montenegro (1910-18), dies at 79
Mar 2nd - Champ Clark, American politician (b. 1850)
Mar 3rd - Petrus Cuypers, architect (Amsterdam museum), dies at 93
Mar 11th - Sherburne W Burnham, US astronomer (binary stars), dies at 83
Mar 21st - "Big Jim" Colisimo, US gangster, murdered by Al Capone
Mar 24th - Deodat de Severac, composer, dies at 48
Mar 24th - Larry McLean, Canadian baseball player (b. 1881)
Apr 5th - Alphonsus J M Diepenbrock, Dutch composer (Missa), dies at 58
Apr 8th - Earnest von Possart, German actor/stage manager, dies
Apr 11th - Augusta Victoria, Queen of Prussia/wife of Emperor Wilhelm II, dies
Apr 18th - Earnest [Bachigaloupi] Tourniaire, actor (Inkwartiering), dies at 70
Apr 29th - Arthur Mold, Brit cricket bowler (1893, banished for throwing), dies
May 1st - Louis Campbell-Tipton, composer, dies at 43
May 3rd - Théodore Pilette, Belgian racing driver (b. 1883)
May 5th - Alfred H Fried, Austrian/German pacifist (Nobel 1911), dies
May 12th - Emilia Pardo Bazan, Spanish writer (La sirena negra), dies
May 13th - Jean Aicard, French poet and novelist (b. 1848)
May 22nd - Marie E Wilton, writer, dies
May 28th - Geo Mestdagh, Belgian aviation pioneer, dies
Jun 4th - Heinrich E Albers-Schoenberg, German x-ray experimenter, dies at 56
Jun 5th - Georges Feydeau, French playwright (Chat and Poche), dies at 58
Jun 18th - Eduardo Acevedo Diaz, Uruguay writer (Nativa, Lanza y Sable), dies
Jun 18th - Herman Baccaert, Flemish philological/writer (Kantkennis), dies at 37
Jun 19th - Ramon Lopez Velarde, Mexican poet (La Sangre Devota), dies at 33
Jun 29th - Otto Seeck German classical historian (b. 1850)
Jul 2nd - Edwin Evans, cricketer (6 Tests for Australia), dies
Jul 11th - Gabriel Lippmann, French physicist, dies at 75
Jul 27th - Engelbert Humperdinck, composer, dies at 66
Aug 2nd - Enrico Caruso, Italian opera singer, dies at 48
Aug 7th - Alexander A Block, Russian poet (Dvenatsat), dies at 40
Aug 8th - Juhani Aho, Fins journalist/writer (Panu, Tuomio), dies at 59
Aug 10th - John M Martin, last confederate congress member, dies
Aug 16th - Peter I Karadjordjevic, king of Serbia/Yugoslavia, dies [or 8/26]
Aug 24th - Nikolay Gumilyov, Russian poet (b. 1886)
Aug 26th - Ludwig Thoma, writer, dies
Aug 26th - Matthias Erzberger, German min of Finance, murdered at 45
Aug 26th - Peter I Karadjordjevic, King of Serbia/Yugoslavia (1903-21), dies
Aug 29th - Joel Asaph Allen, US zoologist (rule of Allen), dies at 83
Sep 2nd - Henry Austin Dobson, English poet (b. 1840)
Sep 2nd - Anthony Francis Lucas Croatian-born oil pioneer (b. 1855)
Sep 7th - Alfred William Rich, watercolor painter (b. 1856)
Sep 11th - Subramanya Bharathy, Tamil poet (b. 1882)
Sep 13th - Italo Svevo, writer, dies at 59
Sep 13th - Ludwig-Alexander von Battenberg [Mountbatten], adm (WW I), dies at 67
Sep 15th - Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, Russ baron/general, dies
Sep 27th - Engelbert Humperdinck, Ger opera composer (Schneewittchen), dies at 67
Sep 30th - Oskar Panizza, writer, dies at 77
Oct 17th - Katherine Griffith, actress (Pollyanna), dies at 45
Oct 18th - King Ludwig III of Bavaria (b. 1845)
Oct 19th - Antonio Granjo, premier (Portugal), murdered
Oct 23rd - John B Dunlop, Scottish inventor air tire (Dunlop Rubber), dies at 81
Nov 4th - Takasji Hara, premier of Japan, murdered
Nov 8th - Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav, Slovak poet (b. 1849)
Nov 12th - Fernand Khnopff, Belgian painter/sculptor, dies at 63
Nov 17th - John McLaren, cricketer (one Test Aust v Eng 1912), dies
Nov 17th - Pa Chay Vue, Hmong Nationalist
Nov 27th - Douglas Colin Cameron, Canadian politician]] (b. 1854)
Nov 28th - `Abdu'l-Bahá, Persian leader of the Bahá'í Faith (b. 1844)
Nov 29th - Ivan Caryll, composer (Pink Lady), dies at 60
Dec 10th - Viktor Jacobi, composer, dies at 38
Dec 12th - Henrietta Leavitt, cepheid period-luminosity relation discover, dies
Dec 13th - Frederick Martin, cricketer (14 wkts in 2 Tests for Eng 1890-92), dies
Dec 16th - Charles Camille Saint-Saens, French composer, dies at 86
Dec 20th - Hans Hartwig von Beseler, German general (b. 1850)
Dec 21st - P B S Pinchback, major Reconstruction politician, dies at 84
Dec 25th - Hans Huber, composer, dies at 69
Dec 25th - Korolenko, writer, dies
Dec 31st - Boies Penrose, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (b. 1860)

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