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Jan 2nd - Erich Wichman[n], Dutch fascist painter/sculptor, dies at 38
Jan 6th - Nicolas Nikolayevitch, grand-duke of Russia, dies at 72
Jan 7th - Henry Arthur Jones, English playwright (Silver King), dies at 77
Jan 9th - Heiner Muller, writer, dies
Jan 11th - Julio Antonio Mella, Cuban revolutionary, murdered at about 28
Jan 13th - Wyatt Earp, US marshall (OK Corral), dies at 80
Jan 13th - H. B. Higgins, Australian politician and judge (b. 1851)
Jan 14th - Cornelis W Lely, Dutch Governor of Suriname (1902-05), dies at 74
Jan 19th - Liang Qichao, Chinese scholar (b. 1873)
Jan 24th - Willem Royaards, theater directeor (Adam in Ballingschap), dies
Jan 30th - La Goulue, French Cancan dancer (b. 1866)
Feb 1st - August Otto Halm, composer, dies at 59
Feb 3rd - Agner Krarup Erlang, Danish scientist (b. 1878)
Feb 5th - Siegfried Ochs, composer, dies at 70
Feb 8th - Maria Christina, Queen Regent of Spain (b. 1858)
Feb 12th - Freiherr Albert von Schrenk-Notzing, Ger para-psychologist, dies at 66
Feb 12th - Lillie Langtry, British singer and actress (b. 1853)
Feb 14th - Tom Burke, American runner (b. 1875)
OK Corral Sheriff Wyatt EarpOK Corral Sheriff Wyatt Earp (Jan 13th) Feb 17th - John Read, cricketer (batted in 17 Tests for Eng for 463 runs), dies
Feb 24th - Andre-Charles-Prosper Messager, composer, dies at 75
Feb 27th - Manuel Manrique de Lara y Berry, composer, dies at 65
Feb 28th - Clemens Freiherr von Pirquet, Austrian artist (React of P), dies at 54
Feb 28th - John Ebenezer West, composer, dies at 65
Mar 1st - Royal H. Weller, American politician (b. 1881)
Mar 5th - David Dunbar Buick, Scottish-born American automobile pioneer (b. 1854)
Mar 12th - Asa Griggs Candler, American businessman (b. 1851)
Mar 15th - Pine-Top Smith, jazz pianist (Boogie Woogie Piano), dies at 24
Mar 20th - Ferdinand Foch, Marshal of France (WW I), dies at 77
Mar 22nd - Anton Beer-Walbrun, composer, dies at 64
Mar 26th - Katharine Lee Bates, American poet (b. 1859)
Mar 27th - Samuil Shatunovsky, Ukrainian mathematician, dies at 70
Mar 28th - Lomer Gouin, Quebec politician (b. 1861)
Apr 4th - Karl Friedrich Benz, automobile engineer (Mercedes), dies at 84
Apr 10th - Edmond Thieffry, Belgium, WW I pilot, dies at 36
Apr 15th - Antonio Smareglia, composer, dies at 74
Apr 16th - Abraham van Stolk Jzn, art collector, dies at 57
Apr 22nd - Odon Peter Jozsef de Mihalovich, composer, dies at 86
Apr 22nd - Henry Lerolle, French painter (b. 1848)
Apr 23rd - Rudolf W Nilsen, Norwegian poet (Hverdagen), dies at 28
May 4th - Henry Morton Dunham, composer, dies at 75
May 7th - Albert Anselmi, US gangster, murdered by Al Capone
May 7th - John Scalise, US gangster, murdered by Al Capone
May 7th - Joseph "Top Toad" Giunta, US gangster, murdered by Al Capone
May 11th - Jozef Murgaš, Slovak inventor (b. 1864)
May 16th - Lilli Lehmann, soprano, dies
May 21st - V P F A Royle, cricketer (one Test England v Australia 1879), dies
Jun 2nd - Charles Coventry, cricketer (13 runs in 2 Tests Eng v S Af 1889), dies
Jun 4th - Harry Frazee, Boston Red Sox owner from 1916-1923 (b. 1881)
Jun 7th - J E P McMaster, cricketer (Eng v S Af Test 1889 (out for 0), dies
Jun 8th - Bliss Carman, Canadian poet, dies at 68
Jun 9th - Lewis Bennison, dies
Jun 11th - Gyula Andressy Jr, Hungarian minister of Foreign affairs, dies at 68
Jun 16th - Bramwell Booth, the 2nd General of The Salvation Army (b. 1856)
Jun 25th - Georges Courteline [Moineaux], French playwright, dies
Jun 28th - Edward Carpenter, English poet (b. 1844)
Jul 2nd - Gladys Brockwell, actress (Oliver Twist), dies at 34
Jul 4th - Otto Taubmann, composer, dies at 70
Jul 5th - Henry Lincoln Johnson, Member of 369th regiment (aka Harlem Hell Fighters), first American to receive the Croix de guerre (b. 1897)
Jul 11th - Billy Mosforth, English footballer (b. 1857)
Jul 12th - Robert Henri, US painter (The Eight), dies at 63
Jul 15th - Hugo Von Hofmannsthal, playwright/poet, dies
Jul 22nd - Bror Beckman, composer, dies at 63
Jul 22nd - Edouard baron Empain, Belgian builder (Heliopolis), dies at 76
Jul 27th - Raoul Pictet, Swiss physicist who invented liquid nitrogen and was a pioneer of cryogenics, dies at 83
Aug 1st - Syd Gregory, cricketer (Australian captain pre-WWI), dies
Aug 2nd - Mae Costello, American actress (b. 1882)
Aug 3rd - Thorstein Veblen, American economist (b. 1857)
Aug 3rd - Emil Berliner, German-born telephone and recording pioneer (b. 1851)
Aug 5th - Millicent Fawcett, British suffragist (b. 1847)
Aug 9th - Heinrich Zille, German cartoonist (Simplicissimus), dies at 71
Aug 10th - Aletta Henriette Jacobs, 1st Dutch female doctor/feminist, dies at 75
Aug 10th - Pierre Fatou, French mathematician (b. 1878)
Aug 16th - Frank Valentine Van der Stucken, composer, dies at 70
Aug 19th - Sergei P Diaghilev, Russia, dance master (Imperial Ballet), dies at 57
Aug 22nd - Otto Liman von Sanders, German general in Turkey (WW I), dies at 74
Aug 23rd - Charles Van de Woestijne, Flemish writer/poet (God on Sea), dies
Aug 25th - Frederick Burton, cricketer (Australian wicketkeeper 1886-87), dies
Aug 27th - Herman Potočnik Noordung, Slovenian rocket scientist (b. 1892)
Sep 12th - Rainis, Latvian poet and playwright (b. 1865)
Sep 15th - Sara Amsel, Indon/Dutch actress/wife of Carel van Hoisted, dies at 58
Sep 18th - Hermann Gradener, composer, dies at 85
Sep 23rd - Richard A Zsigmondy, Austria chemist (Nobel 1925), dies at 64
Sep 25th - Miller Huggins, manager (NY Yankees), dies from blood poisoning at 49
Sep 29th - Giitji Tanaka, Japanese baron/general/premier (1927-29), dies at 66
Sep 30th - Charles E Bonin, French explorer/diplomat (China), dies
Oct 1st - Antoine Bourdelle, French sculptor (b. 1861)
Oct 3rd - Gustav Stresemann, German chancellor (Nobel 1926), dies at 51
Oct 3rd - Jeanne Eagels, actress (The Letter), dies at 35
Oct 4th - John Metzelaar, Dutch/US writer (Report on the Fishes), dies at 37
Inventor Elijah McCoyInventor Elijah McCoy (Oct 10th) Oct 10th - Elijah McCoy, Canadian-American inventor (57 patents), dies at 86
Oct 12th - Max Ettlinger, German philosopher/theorist, dies at 52
Oct 20th - Rudolf Kittel, German theologist, dies at 76
Oct 21st - Owen Dunell, cricketer (two Tests for South Africa in 1889), dies
Oct 23rd - Thomas F Tout, historian (Manch school of historiography), dies at 74
Oct 24th - Peter J Blok, Dutch historian, dies at 74
Oct 25th - James Lillywhite Jr, cricketer (two Tests for England 1877), dies
Oct 26th - Arno Holz, writer, dies at 66
Oct 28th - Hermann Ungar, writer, dies at 36
Oct 28th - Bernhard von Bülow, Chancellor of Germany (b. 1849)
Oct 31st - António José de Almeida, Portuguese politician and 6th President of Portugal (b. 1866)
Nov 3rd - Olav Aukrust, Norwegian poet (b. 1883)
Nov 6th - Max von Bathe, German prince/Chancellor (1910-11, 18), dies at 62
Nov 9th - Nicolaas Theunissen, South African cricket break bowler (2nd Test 1889), dies
Nov 11th - Mieczyslaw Soltys, composer, dies at 66
Nov 14th - Joseph McGinnity, baseball pitcher (NY Giants), dies at 58
Nov 17th - A F A Lilley, cricketer (92 dismissals in 35 Tests 1896-1909), dies
Nov 17th - Herman Hollerith, German/US statistician (punch card), dies at 69
Nov 18th - Henricus Van de Wetering, archbishop Utrecht (1895-1929), dies at 78
Nov 19th - Arthur H Mann, English composer (Church of England Hymnal), dies
Nov 24th - Georges Clemenceau, French journalist/premier (1917-20), dies at 88
Nov 26th - Michele Esposito, composer, dies at 74
Dec 9th - Willis Cuttell, cricketer (two Tests England v South Africa 1899), dies
Dec 12th - Charles Goodnight, American cattle baron (b. 1836)
Dec 13th - Knut Algot Hakanson, composer, dies at 42
Dec 20th - Emile Loubet, French premier (1892)/president (1899-1906), dies at 90
Dec 29th - Wilhelm Maybach, German automobile designer (b. 1846)

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