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Jan 6th - George P Baker, US playwright (Dramatic Technique), dies at 68
Jan 7th - Alfred Ewing, Scottish Physicist, dies at 79
Jan 10th - Charlie McGahey, cricket (MCC tour of Aus 1901-02 cured his TB), dies
Jan 10th - Teddy Flack [Edwin], Australian athlete, double Olympic gold medallist in 1896, dies at 61
Jan 16th - Richard Wetz, composer, dies at 59
Jan 16th - Ma Barker, American criminal (b. 1871)
Jan 28th - Mikhail Mikhaylovich Ippolitov-Ivanov, Russian composer, dies at 75
Feb 3rd - Hugo Junkers, German engineer (b. 1859)
Feb 8th - Max Liebermann, Ger impressionist painter/graphic artist, dies at 87
Feb 9th - Karl Nef, Swiss musicologist, dies at 61
Feb 12th - Auguste Escoffier, French chef (b. 1846)
Feb 13th - Violet Paget, British author (Gospels of Anarchy), dies at 78
Feb 23rd - Jan Duiker, Dutch architect (Hotel Gooiland), dies at 44
Feb 28th - Alexander W F Idenburg, gov-gen of Neth Indies (1909-16), dies at 73
Olympic Runner Teddy FlackOlympic Runner Teddy Flack (Jan 10th) Feb 28th - Chiquinha Gonzaga, Brazilian composer (b. 1847).
Mar 3rd - Neville Knox, cricketer (bowled in 2 Tests for England 1907), dies
Mar 6th - Fridolf Rhudin Swedish actor and comedian (b. 1895)
Mar 6th - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, American jurist, dies of pneumonia at 93
Mar 10th - Barend Barendse, actor/director (Broken Lives), dies at 82
Mar 16th - John J R Macleod, Scot/Canadian physiologist (Nobel 1923), dies at 58
Mar 16th - Aron Nimzowitsch, Latvian-born chess player (b. 1886)
Mar 23rd - Florence Moore, American actress (b. 1886)
Mar 30th - Romanos Hovakimi Melik'yan, composer, dies at 51
Apr 5th - Emil Mlynarski, composer, dies at 64
Apr 6th - Edward Arlington Robinson, US poet, dies
Apr 8th - Edwin Cannan, economist, dies
Apr 14th - Amalie Emmy Noether, German mathematician (b. 1882)
Jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes JrJurist Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr (Mar 6th) Apr 18th - Ignazio Guidi, Italian orientalist/archaeologist, dies at 90
Apr 18th - Panait Istrati, Romanian writer (b. 1884)
Apr 20th - Juliaan de Vriendt, Flemish painter, dies at 92
Apr 24th - Paul Klengel, composer, dies at 80
Apr 28th - Alexander Campbell Mackenzie, Scotish composer, dies at 87
Apr 29th - Leroy Carr, rocker, dies=
May 1st - Henri Pélissier, French cyclist (b. 1889)
May 11th - Edward H Thompson, US archaeologist (Mayan civilization), dies at 78
May 12th - Józef Pilsudski, Polish statesman and Chief Marshall (1918-22), dies at 67
May 15th - Kazimir Malevich, Polish/Ukrainian artist (b. 1878)
May 17th - Paul Dukas, French composer (b. 1865)
May 19th - Charles Martin Tornow Loeffler, French composer, dies at 74
May 19th - T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia), dies at 46, in a motorcycle accident in Dorset, England
Soldier and Writer T. E. LawrenceSoldier and Writer T. E. Lawrence (May 19th) May 20th - Ivans, [Jacob van Schevichaven], lawyer/detective writer, dies at 68
May 21st - Hugo de Vries, botanist Gruppenweise Artbildung, dies at 87
May 21st - Jane Addams, a founder of ACLU (Nobel 1973), dies at 65
May 25th - Sir Frank Watson Dyson, English astronomer (b. 1868)
May 29th - Josef Suk, Czech violinist/composer, dies at 61
May 30th - Lothar Windsperger, composer, dies at 49
Jun 1st - Alberto Cametti, composer, dies at 64
Jun 6th - Jacques Urlus, tenor (Opera of Leipzig, Song of the Earth), dies at 68
Jun 6th - Julian Byng, British army officer (b. 1862)
Jun 7th - Ivan V Mitsjoerin, Russian botanist, dies
Jun 18th - August Reusner, composer, dies at 64
Jun 22nd - Szymon Askenazy, Polish historian, diplomat and politician (b. 1866)
Jun 24th - Carlos Gardel, Argentine singer and the most prominent figure in the history of tango, dies in a plane crash at 44
Singer Carlos GardelSinger Carlos Gardel (Jun 24th) Jun 27th - Eugene Augustin Lauste, French inventor (b. 1857)
Jun 29th - Jack O'Neill, American baseball player (b. 1873)
Jun 30th - William Brockwell, cricket (Brit all-rounder in 7 Tests 1893-99), dies
Jul 2nd - Alfred Dreyfus, french colonel, dies
Jul 3rd - André Citroën, French automobile pioneer (b. 1878)
Jul 5th - Daniel Plooy, Dutch new testament expert, dies at 58
Jul 12th - Alfred Dreyfus, French officier (Dreyfus Affair), dies
Jul 15th - Alfred Archer, cricketer (England batsman in one Test 1899), dies
Jul 15th - Pieter WA Cort van de Linden, Dutch premier (1913-18), dies at 89
Jul 17th - George William Russell, Irish nationalist, poet and artist (b. 1867)
Jul 26th - Winsor McCay, American cartoonist (b. 1871)
Aug 6th - Alexander Gustav Adolfovich Winkler, composer, dies at 70
Aug 11th - William Watson, British poet (Purple East), dies
Aug 12th - Friedrich Schottky, German mathematician (b. 1851)
Aug 15th - Gerard Brucken Fock, composer, dies at 75
Aug 15th - Wiley Post, aviation pioneer, killed in plane crash in Alaska at 36
Humorist Will RogersHumorist Will Rogers (Aug 15th) Aug 15th - Will Rogers, humorist, killed in plane crash in Alaska at 55
Aug 17th - Charlotte Perkins Gilman, American feminist, writer and lecturer for social reform, dies at 75
Aug 20th - Otakar Ostrcil, composer, dies at 56
Aug 21st - Josef Cyril Sychra, composer, dies at 76
Aug 21st - John Hartley, English tennis player, double winner of Wimbledon (b. 1849)
Aug 29th - Astrid S L T Bernadotte, Queen of Belgium/Princess of Sweden, dies
Aug 29th - Charles Lee Williams, composer, dies at 82
Aug 30th - Henri Barbusse, French writer (Le feu), dies at 62
Aug 31st - Abraham Isaac Kook, rabbi/author (Hokhmat Ha-kodesh), dies
Sep 3rd - Johannes Aengenent, bishop of Haarlem (1928-35), dies at 62
Sep 8th - Carl Austin Weiss, murderer of Sen Huey Long, shot down
Sep 8th - Huey P Long, (Sen-La) assassinated at Baton Rouge Capitol building
Oil Tycoon Edward L. DohenyOil Tycoon Edward L. Doheny (Sep 8th) Sep 8th - Edward L. Doheny, American oil tycoon, dies of natural causes at 79
Sep 19th - Jules M Cambron, French gov-gen to Algeria/ambassador, dies
Sep 19th - Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, Russian rocket scientist (b. 1857)
Sep 22nd - Karl Schroder, composer, dies at 86
Sep 26th - Andy Adams, US writer (Cattle fire), dies at 76
Sep 27th - Alan Gray, composer, dies at 79
Sep 28th - W.K. Dickson, Scottish inventor (b. 1860)
Oct 4th - Jean Béraud, French painter (b. 1849)
Oct 4th - Marie Gutheil-Schoder, German soprano (b. 1874)
Oct 6th - Frederic Hymen Cowen, composer, dies at 83
Oct 10th - Arthur Henderson, British Labour minister (Nobel 1934), dies at 72
Oct 11th - Frank Mitchell, cricketer (2 Tests for Eng then 3 for South Africa), dies
Oct 11th - Steele Rudd, Australian author (b. 1868)
Oct 22nd - Komitas, Armenian composer (b. 1869)
Oct 23rd - Abe Landau, US gangster, murdered
Oct 23rd - Dutch Schultz [Arthur Flegenheimer], US gangster, murdered at 33
Oct 23rd - Otto "Aba Daba" Berman, US gangster, murdered
Oct 26th - Akos Buttykai, composer, dies at 64
Oct 27th - E. A. D. Eldridge, British racing driver (b. 1897)
Nov 2nd - H B "Jock" Cameron, South African cricket captain (v England 1935, age 30), dies
Nov 4th - Miklos Radnai, composer, dies at 43
Nov 5th - Mina Dilis-Beersmans, Flemish actress/wife of John Dilis, dies at 71
Nov 7th - Lidj Jasu, emperor of Ethiopia, dies at 39
Nov 9th - Paolo Orsi, Italian Archaeologist, dies at 76
Nov 14th - J Wouter[us] van Dieren, biologist (Terschelling), dies
Nov 16th - Kurt Schindler, composer, dies at 53
Nov 19th - F S Gough-Calthorpe, cricketer (England captain v WI 1930), dies
British Admiral of the Fleet John Rushworth JellicoeBritish Admiral of the Fleet John Rushworth Jellicoe (Nov 20th) Nov 20th - John Rushworth Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe, British Admiral of the Fleet, Kensington, London, of pneumonia
Nov 25th - Maria H "Mina" Beersmans, Flemish actress (After 30 Years), dies at 72
Nov 28th - Erich von Hornbostel, Austrian musicologist (b. 1877)
Nov 30th - Fernando A N Pessoa, Portuguese poet (Book of Disquiet), dies at 47
Dec 1st - Bernard Schmidt, inventor (Schmidt camera), dies
Dec 2nd - Albert Kessel, 1st to die in California gas chamber
Dec 4th - Hylton Philipson, cricketer (England keeper in 5 Tests 1892-95), dies
Dec 4th - Johan Halvorsen, composer, dies at 71
Dec 5th - Frans, [MJ Francois] Erens, literary (Years Gone By), dies at 78
Dec 9th - Walter Liggett, American crusading newspaper editor and muckraker (b. 1886)
Dec 10th - John H Aberson, 1st rector of Landbouw high school, dies at 78
Dec 13th - John Nicolson, cricketer (South African lefty batsman 1926-27), dies
Dec 14th - Stanley G Weinbaum, US, sci-fi writer (Martian Odyssey), dies
Dec 16th - Thelma Todd, actress (Horse Feathers, Bohemian Girl), dies of 30
Dec 18th - Juan V Gomez, general/dictator of Venezuela (1908-35), dies
Dec 20th - Martin O'Meara, Australian soldier (b. 1882)
Dec 21st - Kurt Tucholsky, Ger journalist/writer (Panter, Tiger & Co), dies at 45
Dec 24th - Alban Maria Johannes Berg, composer, dies at 50
Dec 25th - Paul Bourget, French novelist and critic (b. 1852)
Dec 28th - Clarence Day, writer (Life with Father), dies

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