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Jan 2nd - Ross Alexander, actor (Capt Blood, Boulder Dam), dies at 29
Jan 5th - Marie Booth, child of William and Catherine Booth (b. 1864)
Jan 6th - André Besette, Canadian religious figure (b. 1845)
Jan 8th - John Felix August Korling, composer, dies at 72
Jan 13th - Walter Brearley, cricketer (17 wkts in 4 Tests for Eng 1905-12), dies
Jan 14th - Jaishankar Prasad, Hindi poet, dramatist and novelist (b. 1889)
Jan 21st - Marie Prevost, Canadian actress (b. 1898)
Jan 23rd - Orso Mario Corbino, Italian physicist (b. 1876)
Jan 28th - Anastasios Metaxas, Greek architect and shooter (b. 1862)
Feb 1st - Marguerite Audoux, writer, dies
Feb 3rd - Marija Leiko, Latvian film actress (b. 1887)
Feb 5th - Lou [Andreas-]Salome, Russian/German author (Eroticism), dies at 75
Feb 7th - Elihu Root, US min of War/Foreign affairs (Nobel 1912), dies at 91
Feb 8th - Scato Gocko de Vries, Dutch paleographer/librarian, dies at 75
Feb 13th - C A Bernoulli, writer, dies
Feb 14th - Erkki Gustav Melartin, composer, dies at 62
Feb 20th - "Barlow" Carkeek, Aust cricket wicketkeeper (1912 series), dies
Feb 23rd - Claude Buckenham, cricketer (21 wkts in 4 Tests for Eng 1909-10), dies
Mar 2nd - Gustav Wohlgemuth, composer, dies at 73
Mar 6th - Frank Vosper, actor/writer (Jew Suss), dies at 37
Mar 8th - Albert Verwey, Dutch poet/literature historian (Motion), dies at 71
NHL Star Howie MorenzNHL Star Howie Morenz (Mar 8th) Mar 8th - Howie Morenz, Canadian ice hockey player, dies of a heart attack at 34
Mar 9th - Paul Elmer More, American critic and essayist (b. 1864)
Mar 10th - Yevgeny Zamyatin, Russian writer (b. 1884)
Mar 11th - Paul Scheinpflug, composer, dies at 61
Mar 11th - Joseph S. Cullinan, American oil industrialist (b. 1860)
Mar 12th - Charles-Marie-Jean-Albert Widor, French organist/composer, dies at 93
Mar 12th - Jeno Hubay, composer, dies at 78
Mar 15th - H. P. Lovecraft, American horror writer (At the Mountains of Madness, Weird Tales), dies at 46
Mar 16th - J Austen Chamberlain, English Min of For affairs (Nobel), dies at 73
Mar 19th - Horacio Quiroga, Uruguayan author/poet, commits suicide at 58
Mar 23rd - Helge Rode, Danish poet/essayist, dies at 66
Mar 25th - John Drinkwater, English poet/playwright (Bird in Hand), dies at 54
Mar 26th - Albert Relf, cricketer (13 Tests for England 1903-14), commits suicide
Mar 29th - Karol Szymanowski, Polish/Ukraine composer (Stabat Mater), dies at 54
Apr 2nd - Nathan Birnbaum, Austria philosopher (Zionism), dies at about 72
Apr 4th - Frantisek X Salda, Czech writer/critic, dies at 69
Apr 8th - Arthur William Foote, US organist/composer, dies at 84
Apr 8th - William Henry Hadow, composer (Studies in Modern Music), dies at 77
Apr 10th - Algernon Ashton, composer, dies at 77
Apr 15th - Nikolai Artzibushev, composer, dies at 79
Apr 17th - Yi Sang, Korean Poet (b. 1910)
Apr 19th - William M Conway, English historian/explorer (Spitzbergen), dies at 81
Apr 25th - Clem Sohn, air show performer dies at 26 when his chute fails to open
Apr 25th - Michał Drzymała, Polish rebel (b. 1857)
Apr 27th - Antonio Gramsci, Italian philosopher/marxist theorist, dies at 46
Apr 29th - William Gillette, American actor (b. 1853)
May 1st - Snitz Edwards, actor (Phantom of the Opera, College), dies at 75
May 2nd - Arthur Somervell, composer, dies at 73
May 4th - Noel Rosa, Brazilian songwriter (b. 1910)
May 9th - Walter Mittelholzer, Swiss aviation pioneer, dies in crash at 43
May 10th - William Tedmarsh, silent movie actor (b. 1876)
May 11th - Viliam Figus, composer, dies at 62
May 13th - Ekaterina Geladze, mother of Joseph Stalin (b. 1858)
May 15th - Phillip Snowden, British politician (b. 1864)
May 23rd - John Davison Rockfeller, industrialist, dies at 97 in Ormond Beach Fla
Oil Industrialist John D. RockefellerOil Industrialist John D. Rockefeller (May 23rd) May 23rd - John D. Rockefeller, American industrialist and philanthropist, dies at 97
May 25th - Henry O Tanner, artist, dies
May 28th - Alfred Adler, Austria psychiatrist (Individual Psychology), dies at 67
Jun 2nd - Louis Vierne, composer, dies at 66
Jun 4th - Donald Eligon, cricketer (Trinidad, nail in his cricket boot), dies
Jun 7th - Jean Harlow, actress (Bombshell), dies from gallbladder infection at 26
Jun 10th - Robert Borden, eighth Prime Minister of Canada, dies at 82
Jun 11th - R. J. (Reginald Joseph) Mitchell, British aircraft designer (b. 1895)
Jun 12th - Mikhail Tukhachevsky, Marshal of the Soviet Union (b. 1893)
Jun 18th - Gaston Doumergue, premier/president of France (1913..34), dies
8th Prime Minister of Canada Robert Borden8th Prime Minister of Canada Robert Borden (Jun 10th) Jun 19th - J. M. [James Matthew] Barrie, Scottish novelist and playwright (Peter Pan), dies at 77
Jun 25th - Colin Clive, actor (Bride of Frankenstein, Jane Eyre), dies at 39
Jun 26th - Georg A Erman, Ger egyptologist (Grammar of Ancient Egypt), dies at 82
Jun 28th - Max Adler, Austrian socialist theorist, dies at 64
Jul 2nd - Fred L Noonan, US navigator, disappeared over Pacific Ocean
Jul 9th - Oliver Law, first African-American commander of U.S. troops (b. 1899)
Jul 10th - Attilio Brugnoli, composer, dies at 56
Jul 10th - Johan[nes] B Schepers, Fries writer (Braga), dies at 71
Jul 11th - George Gershwin, American composer (An American in Paris), dies at 38
Jul 15th - Walter Gay, artist, dies
Jul 17th - Henri-Constant-Gabriel Pierne, composer, dies at 73
Jul 18th - Julian Bell, British poet (b. 1908)
Inventor and Nobel Laureate Guglielmo MarconiInventor and Nobel Laureate Guglielmo Marconi (Jul 20th) Jul 20th - Guglielmo Marconi, Italian engineer/marquis (radio, Nobel 1909), dies of a heart attack at 63
Jul 22nd - Ted McDonald, cricketer (43 wickets for Australia), dies in car crash
Jul 26th - Gerda Taro (Gerta Pohorylle), photojournalist dies covering Spanish Civil War aged 26
Jul 28th - Abdul Muslim Mahomayev, composer, dies at 51
Jul 28th - Joseph Lee, father of Playgrounds movement, dies
Jul 31st - Charles Hires, American Inventor and Manufacturer of the Hires Root Beer beverage, dies at 85
Aug 6th - Annie E F Horniman, England, theater owner (Abbey Theatre), dies at 76
Aug 6th - Ferdinand CS Schiller, British philosopher (Mind!), dies at 72
Aug 11th - Bakr Sidqi, general/dictator of Iraq, dies
Aug 11th - Edith Wharton [-Jones], US Pulitzer prize-winning author (House of Mirth), dies at 75
Pulitzer prize winning novelist Edith WhartonPulitzer prize winning novelist Edith Wharton (Aug 11th) Aug 13th - Arthur Plunkett, English civil engineer (b. 1890)
Aug 14th - Sapper, British soldier/novelist (Bull-Dog Drummond), dies at 48
Aug 22nd - David C Salas, Antillian writer (Josephina), dies
Aug 23rd - Albert Charles Paul Marie Roussel, composer, dies at 68
Aug 26th - Andrew W. Mellon, American banker, industrialist and Secretary of the Treasury (1921-32), dies at 82
Sep 2nd - Esther de Farmer-of Rich, actress (Kniertje-On hope of blessing), dies
Sep 2nd - Pierre de Coubertin, baron/revivor of Olympics, dies at 74
Sep 4th - Giovanni Salviucci, composer, dies at 29
Sep 6th - Henry Kimball Hadley, composer, dies at 65
Sep 10th - Sergei Tretyakov, Russian writer (b. 1892)
Sep 14th - Tomés G Masaryk, philosopher/pres of Czech (1918-35), dies at 87)
Sep 14th - Tomáš Masaryk, 1st President of Czechoslovakia (b. 1850)
Sep 15th - Clifford Heatherley, actress (For Love or Money, Cash), dies at 48
Banker, Industrialist and Secretary of the US Treasury Andrew W. MellonBanker, Industrialist and Secretary of the US Treasury Andrew W. Mellon (Aug 26th) Sep 21st - Henri [Lucien] Capitant, French lawyer, dies at 72
Sep 23rd - Caro Roma, composer, dies at 68
Sep 26th - Bessie Smith, singer, dies of injuries sustained in car crash at 43
Sep 29th - Ray Ewry, jumper (Olympics-10 gold-1900, 04, 06, 08), dies at 63
Oct 9th - August de Boeck, composer, dies at 72
Oct 9th - George AA Alting van Geusau, Dutch min of war (1918-20), dies at 73
Oct 15th - James Marcus, American actor (The Eagle, The Lonely Trail) dies at 70
Oct 16th - Jean de Brunhoff, French writer (b. 1899)
Oct 19th - Betty Carver, wife of English fieldmarshal Bernard Montgomery, dies
Oct 19th - Ernest Rutherford, New Zealand physicist (Nobel 1908), dies at 66
Oct 21st - Betty Carver, wife of Bernard Montgomery, buried
Oct 26th - Józef Dowbór-Muśnicki, Polish general (b. 1867)
Nov 2nd - Maude Valerie White, composer, dies at 82
Nov 4th - Rogelio del Villar, composer, dies at 61
Nov 8th - James Ramsay MacDonald, British PM (Lab, 1924, 29-35), dies at 71
Scientist Ernest RutherfordScientist Ernest Rutherford (Oct 19th) Nov 10th - Nikolai Batalov, actor (Mother), dies at 37
Nov 12th - Harry Smith, England cricket wicket-keeper (v WI 1928), dies
Nov 14th - Jack O'Connor, American baseball player (b. 1869)
Nov 17th - Jack Worrall, cricketer (Australian batsman 1885-99, 11 Tests), dies
Nov 23rd - Louis Victor Saar, composer, dies at 68
Nov 23rd - Jagdish Chandra Bose, Indian physicist (b. 1858)
Nov 23rd - George Albert Boulenger, Belgian naturalist (b. 1858)
Dec 3rd - Prosper Poullet, Belgian mayor, dies
Dec 9th - Nils Gustaf Dalén, Swedish physicist, Nobel laureate (b. 1869)
Dec 12th - Alfred Abel, actor (Dr Mabuse, Metropolis), dies at 57
Dec 17th - Gerard Vissering, banker/president of Dutch Bank, dies at 72
Dec 18th - S S Schultz, cricketer (one Test England v Australia 1879), dies
Dec 20th - Erich Ludendorff, German general (WW I), dies at 72
Dec 21st - Frank Kellogg, US Secretary of State and Nobel laureate, dies at 80
US Secretary of State Frank KelloggUS Secretary of State Frank Kellogg (Dec 21st) Dec 22nd - Daito Kokushi, Zen founder of Daitokuji, dies in Kyoto at 55
Dec 26th - Ivor Gurney, composer, dies at 47
Dec 28th - Maurice J Ravel, Swiss/French composer (Bolero), dies in Paris at 62
Dec 29th - Don Marquis, American author (b. 1878)

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